Not Guilty
Not Guilty
Summary: Greje visits Leo in the Brig.
Date: 113 ACH - 03/06/09
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Main Brig Genesis - Deck 14
113 ACH 23777 Souls

The Main Brig is for the enlisted personnel that are in lock-up. A guard and a desk is here along with three cells. Each cell has steel bars across the front. There is a single bunk, a toilet and a light above. Security camera's are also in place here and the guard rotates out every four hours.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Leoban Brig Status Security Camera

Exits: [O] Corridor

Special: +detail - Details available
Greje comes in from Corridor 14A.

A lone guard sits at the desc here. When the Priestess arrives, he stands up and nods, "How can I help you today, sir?"

Greje smiles her usual frail, cheerful smile for the guard. "Just here to offer service to the imprisoned. I read about the explosions on the Hiri-matu. I would have come sooner, but I've been laid up in sickbay a while." She pauses, then in explanation, "Whatever's going around the Carina. I hope someone can come up with a solution to the problem soon. It's not a pleasant illness to bear up through."

A face appears from the shadowed part of a cell.

The guard flips the clipboard around and points to the sign in sheet, "Sign in there, sir. Thirty minutes." He then sits back down.

The sound of a disembodied voice reaches from the last cell on the end, "A visitor. Hello, Greje."

Greje leans over the clipboard to sign in, "Thank you," she tells the guard, sounding more grateful than most people do when using those far-too-formulaic words. She stands again and heads down the row of cells, leaning away from the cells and craning her head to look to the face there, mouth open a little in surprise. But she draws her mouth into a surprised sort of smile, at least, "Have we met?" she asks him quietly as she comes to stand before the cell, "You'll have to forgive me, I don't recall. Please remind me."

The figure moves again, turning his back to the mesh across the bars. "We all meet at one time or another." He stops in the center and looks up, then down. The flickering light there, has dimmed again. "They should fix that soon. I would think."

"I'll be sure to ask the guard to see that it gets tended to," Greje agrees, her arms loosely folded behind her back as she leans to one side, finding it awkward to be speaking to the back of someone's head. But she goes on, quite pleasantly. It's not her job to be judge, here, and as far as she's concerned he's innocent of anything until proven guilty. "I'm sorry that I don't remember our meeting. As it is you've got me at a disadvantage. May I know your name?" she asks of him.

Leoban turns his head and then the rest of his body as he stands under the flicker of light. "My name is Leo. You are the first one who has come to see me since they put me here. It seems to me, your Security is lax on their job. Why do you think that is, Greje?" He steps forward then, "Unless you are the guinea pig," his eyes lift to camera, "They are watching."

Greje blinks a few times as the strange flickering light does make her eyes feel rather strange, looking on the fellow who keeps appearing in various shades of light and dark. She gives a subtle laugh at the question, "I, uh… I don't interfere with the MPs' business and they don't interfere with mine, it's a fine sort of truce that I wouldn't like to upset," she answers him pleasantly. "It's nice to meet you again, Leo. Besides the light being seen to… is there anything else you need? I'm afraid more substantive meals aren't available, right now… we're all on pretty strict rationing. But aside from that, just tell me and I'll see what I can do for you."

Leo knows the light affects the oddness, which is fine with him. He continues to stand there within the dim circle it creates. "Food. Yes, that is a problem isn't it? God always provides though. He provides the good and the evil. Each have a balance, don't you agree?"

Greje's smile brightens at his words, her inner theology dork being much pleased by them as she steps forward toward the mesh and the bars, "… you're a monotheist," she asks, though it's not really a question, "I've always had a soft spot for that particular heresy," she adds. "The one Zeus, balanced on the scales, equal parts Apollo and Dionysus, equal parts Aphrodite and Artemis, equal parts Demeter and Hades, equal parts Hermes and Hephaestus, equal parts Athena and Ares," she geeks out, sounding almost giddy to be able to prattle on about the topic. "Balance in providing all things light and dark, wanton and chaste, fertile and sterile, movable and stable, logical and emotional, male and female. Yes," she adds, in answer to his last question, as if that weren't perfectly clear already.

Leo smiles. His steps take him forward now, reaching the mesh separating them. "Heresy." There is a simple nod from the man. "It is hard for you to think that there is only one. You have so many to look after. For a priestess, it must be a hardship to bear all your life. But, you know these things already. Your life is dedicated to things that don't exist. Except in your mind, which is the most powerful thing in the universe. The mind can do many wonderful or terrible things," he pauses, "Which one of these.." his hand moves up as he indicates the air beside him, "Deities do you follow so blindly?"

Greje returns the smile, a little cheekily, "The Gemenese labeled it a heresy. We use the term for its convenience. I don't believe it's a heresy if there's support for it in the text. And there is. The duality of Zeus in the Gospel of Rage, our earliest gospel, is quite clear. One Zeus, paired, Masculine, against the Feminine in Hera… Sky against Earth, as it were. And one Zeus, totally different, lurking behind the pages, encompassing all things in one God. It's there, if you look. I don't follow anything blindly, Leo. That's not how I was raised. We were given keen intellect, of which we'd be remiss not to make use."

"I would imagine you are quite interesting in class. Telling all this and some looking to you as if you are crazy. Others wondering if they are." Leo reaches a hand up, his fingers curving around the wired mesh areas, "But none of you stand a chance. Even now your food, your resources are depleted. Your people are becoming agitated. Your command structure is splintered. Yet, you all go about your merry way as if nothing is wrong. Even the bodies that show up, it is nothing. The children that lie sick in their beds. It is nothing. The elderly that have died. It is nothing. Little by little, you are being carved away and yet, none of you seem to see it. I could almost pity your meager existances."

Oh. Reality. Greje would gladly talk on issues theological for hours, but the stark picture of the reality of the fleet brings her back down from what giddy height of Olympus she'd been scaling and plants her feet firmly on the deck. "You're right," she tells him softly. "We all thought we were so fortunate to have been spared once that Zeus must have spread his hands over us himself to ward off death forever. But in reality we're facing a most dire situation." She pauses a moment, brow furrowing faintly as she moves closer, a hand moving from behind her back to rest on a bar her side of the mesh. "What about the explosion on the Hiri-matu?" she asks quietly, gently bringing the subject up, "Was that part of this carving away?"

"Did you know I was only standing there and they blamed it on me? I've had no counsel, nothing. Is this how everything operates? You just toss people in here and leave them?" Leo smiles again. "I think you are only allowed to keep me a few days, without a real conviction. I would like to be released."

"I think it is, now," Greje replies. "I had to tell a man he was going to be executed without a trial, and gave him the condemned man's last rites without his even having been out of confinement since the incident in which he was arrested." She doesn't sound particularly pleased— more numbed to the situation. "I'll tell them," she adds, "But it's not my place to make that sort of decision," she takes a short breath. "I don't suppose as a monotheist you'd like any rites or service that I could bring you. But if you ever want to speak with me, or need anything, day or night… you can have the guards send for me, alright?"

"Rites? I don't think you can offer me rites, Greje. I've not been convicted of anything. So, you go tell them, I do have rights of being in here." Leo explains. "The military may have their slowness, but, they can't hold someone who isn't guilty." He turns then and goes back to his cot, settling down on it again. It seems he is done.

"I don't mean the last rites," Greje smiles softly. "Apollo's cleansing rites, or Athena's. I could perform Zeus' theoxeny for you, or Dionysus', or…" she looks toward the guard's station, "I'm not sure if they'd allow Aphrodite's rites to be performed in here, but I would at least ask them about it," she adds. "But in any case. I'll tell them what you've said. And please, if you need anything, don't be afraid to have them send for me, alright?" she lets a little bit of worry creep into her features as she watches him sit.

"Yes, you go tell Zeus," there is only laughter from the cot now. Then a creaking as he lies down and stretches out. Silence remains.

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