Captain Baylee Novella
Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton as Baylee Lynn Novella
Name: Baylee Lynn Novella
Callsign: Cav
AKA: N;Cav
Age: 25
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air Wing
Position: Viper Stick, A-CAG, PFI
Rank: Captain
Ship: Hera
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Mischa Barton

Biographical Foo


"Cav" started her career aboard the Genesis as an Ensign. She had been aboard the Gen as apart of her second deployment for a little under a year as of Zero Day. Her early days aboard were marred by discipline issues and an attitude problem that probably left some people thinking she was among the cockiest pilots to ever strut herself across a flightdeck. After Zero Day, all that changed. The problems got worse before they finally hit a head and she couldn't hack it anymore. Following the guidance of the CAG and her Squad Leader, Baylee forced herself to turn around and toe the line. Finally living up to her family name and lineage of famous CAGs, she earned her pride. Since Zero Day, Cav has been promoted quickly - rising to the rank of Captain. Her discipline problems are mostly a thing of the past these days but the attitude can still linger just below the surface. The main difference now is that she has a reason to keep it on deck: Training Nuggets. She has recently been reassigned to the Hera to develop a program for folding in new recruits.


  • Flying
  • Gunnery
  • Sarcasm

Distinguishing Features

  • Flying
  • Gunnery
  • Sarcasm


  1. Mike Reno - Chasing the Angels Song. Lyrics.
  2. Dos Gringos - I'm A Pilot Song and Lyrics.

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

Her grandfather, Colonel Mikaele Novella, was a vaunted CAG during the first Cylon War, winning numerous medals and finished his career teaching Zero-G Combat Tactics at the Fleet Academy. Her father followed closely, as did her brothers, and her dad was serving as a military attache to Picon's governing council when the bombs fell. Both her older brothers went through the Academy but one washed out of flight training due to a genetic, though recessive, heart condition. She's always been a wild spirit and hard to tame, all the way through secondary school and into her time at the Academy. Only the violence and cold hard reality of service in such a brutal war has aged her past the youthful exuberance of the prior years.


Huh? All Cav has ever cared about was flying. She did alright in school but quickly forgot most of what was taught outside of her main focus. She considered her father, grandfather, and her flight instructors to be her real teachers. Everything else the professors were peddling was fluff.

Military Service

As stated prior, Cav had a rather jaded career until Zero Day. She served just under two years aboard the Galactica before some kind of incident forced her transfer - even though it was requested by her. She had been in and out of the brig a few times for various things which mostly ended with '..brawling.' Since the war kicked-off, she's been involved with almost every major action the Wing has had its hand in. She's been shot, burned, busted, broken, and just plain frakked-up more times than she cares to think about. She's had a classified aircraft shot out from under her, too, during a rescue operation on Leonis - an incident that almost killed her. A boarding op during a raid earned her a meritorious service medal when she piloted a Raptor, though damaged, through a gunfight. She also has the first kill of the Genesis Air Wing. Normally these aren't points of discussion with her. In her prior days she might have bragged about her exploits but she knows that fellow squadmates didn't survive these missions so she just counts herself as one of the few lucky and good enough to make it this far.

Novella is closest with former squadmate and Lieutenant Micah "Jailhouse" St. Germain, Gold Leader.
She is currently engaged to Lieutenant, JG Jonah Quill, a member of the Gen's Engineering Team.

On the Grid


  • 59 ACH - Babies, Micah, and Friends-ish: Novella and Eve talk in the Ready Room. Scheme against Micah's fate.
  • 46 ACH - Winged and Shoved: Novella and Micah talk about his reassignment. Heavy words exchanged.
  • 45 ACH - Oh Wingman, My Wingman: Addie shuffles some Air Wing assignments & Novella takes it like an officer.
  • 39 ACH - Gold Berthing Antics: Micah and Novella hold court for Rooks. Bring out booze. Quill visits! (HILARIOUS!)
  • 32 ACH - A Day in the Bay: Novella's various scenes through a day trapped in the Recovery Ward.
  • 27 ACH - Enemy Conact: Crow and Novella are ordered to scramble on Leonis. Marines go too. Everyone gets shotdown. Cav takes a lot of damage.
  • 25 ACH - Sniping, Honor, and Callsigns: Ramiro and Novella discuss a few things.
  • 21 ACH - Brain Sniffles?!: Novella hasn't been feeling well. Goes to the Doctors. Internally wigs out.
  • 19 ACH - Execution, Marine Style: Novella comes back from a friendly dogfight, witnesses an execution. No remorse.
  • 12 ACH - GROOONK!!!: Major Carter and Ensign Novella discuss Muskevites and obnoxious crawling fish.
  • 04 ACH - We Didn't Start the Fire...: was totally Ensign Maru.
  • 01 ACH - First Contact: Novella and Warwick become the first two slayers for the Genesis Air Wing.
  • 00 BCH - AlfaBits: Novella names a nugget.



  • "You can't fight what you can't see."
  • "Confront the enemy with your frakking sword to his face."
  • "Vipers are like alcohol: Valuable, useful, popular, and fun!"
  • "Check your belly because fifty percent of your ship is below you and you can't see any of it."
  • "No guts, no glory. If you are going to shoot him down, you've gotta risk it all and get in there and mix it up!"
  • "Its our Godsdamned code of honor to help out any comrade who is in distress..And no matter how frakking serious the consequences may seem, there is only one thing you do - you dash straight frakking in, and /at least/ lend moral support to them!!" - Uttered by ENS Novella just prior to earning her Callsign


Quill's rendition of how Novella plans strikes
Candid Vacation Shot, Picon - 1 Year BCH
Visiting Caprica, 4 Years BCH

  • Wingmen
  • Mark 7's
  • Whiskey
  • Wit
  • Jonah
  • Chocolate-coated molasses
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