Nugget Training


Nugget is a Colonial military term to describe pilot trainees. Please note that "nugget" should not be confused with "rook" or "rookie." The later term applies to a person who has completed their training and qualifications, yet is still inexperienced.

If you are interested in having your PC be a nugget, you must initially apply for your PC as a civilian, and make sure they have appropriate training in their background that would make them eligible to either be accepted should they volunteer, or somehow get recruited. Once your PC's commission is accepted, staff will then switch out the appropriate information.

Nuggets all receive their flight instruction together as an informal 'class'. This is very informal, as new nuggets can arrive at any given time, but depending on the phase of training it's quite natural for brand new nuggets to bond while more experienced nuggets or nuggets who are close to rookie status will tend to share more cammraderie with those who were recruited around the same time they were.

All nuggets enlist as normal in the navy (see Military Recruiting). Upon completion of their Navy basic training and acceptance into the nugget training program, they receive an officer's commission as an Ensign. They then report to the CAG to begin their nugget flight training. Also, nuggets do not get to choose their callsign ICly or OOCly, their callsign will be granted to them by the CAG, their flight instructor, or their fellow pilots.

Nugget Training

Nugget training is quite a bit different from that which pilots underwent pre-war. Prior to the attacks, Fleet Pilots attended the Colonial Fleet Academy, where they underwent both Officer and Pilot training over an extended period of time. Those who didn't make the grade were shown the door, and those who made it were given ranks, and assignments.

These days, things are different. After completing the recruitment process and Navy Basic Training, recruits are put through an intensive course. They are trained in all manner of military life, both physical (trained how to handle zero Gs, put through various work out sessions) as well as mental (classes for military protocol, tactics, etc.). Failure has often resulted in death, and if they survive and succeed, there is no glory. Just the probability of facing more death.

Off screen, Nuggets are expected to attend a large number of lectures and training sessions, in which they learn everything they need to in as short a time as possible. On screen is a different matter. To make sure that everyone goes through the same IC requirements, we have tried to make them as simple as possible, to benefit both the nuggets, and those expected to train them.

Nugget Requirements

Each nugget must complete the following IC requirements:

* Two logged IC training missions overseen by an approved instructor (preferably a PC instructor, but two or more nuggets may NPC one should none be on. If this last is the case, make sure to notify the CAG or another PC instructor, or barring that a staff member, so that it can be marked down after review of the log).

* Must undergo at least two months of being a nugget.

* One IC logged combat mission. This can be either an Episode, or a TP, so long as it results in your pilot getting at least one kill against a Cylon. (This mission would not be given to the nugget till the other requirements are met, though there are exceptions)

In addition, to complete the nugget training, characters must have the following skills:

All Nuggets

* Navigation: Poor
* Comms: Poor
* Pilot_Viper: Poor
* Raptor_Pilot: Poor

Raptor Pilots

* Pilot_Raptor: Fair
* Navigation: Fair

Raptor ECOs

* Comms: Fair
* Computer_Use: Fair

Viper Pilots

* Pilot_Viper: Fair
* Gunnery: Fair

These are beyond the skills obtained in basic training. It will typically take about three months to acquire all of the necessary skills if you use +practice and +train.

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