Summary: The CAG calls the pilots together to remind them which numbers are important and which aren't.
Date: 71 ACH
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[Intercom] This is the CAG. All pilots report to the Ready Room.

Orion falls in. No, really. He slips! Well… okay, no. He walks in like everybody else. There's a flight manual of some sort in his hand. Weapon statistics, flight characteristics, maneuvers, that sort of thing. All in some vain attempt to not get blown to atomic matter. Silly pilot. He walks in, salutes, and looks around to any other pilots for the big cue: Sit, or stand at attention.

Captain Nikos is already present, in blues. She is seated at the far end of the first row in her usual seat. She waits, legs crossed, folded hands on her lap. A small notebook is clasped in hand, closed, pen tucked into the side.

Rue is standing by the kill board with a piece of chalk in her hands. Her back is to the wall and she's not really looking at the pilots as they file in, more a space on the far wall.

Novella walks in with her duty blues on looking like every other officer on board. Though.. she seems a little distracted. But the importance of the room seems to focus her more with every passing moment. Passing into the front row, she nods to Addie. "Sir." She finds her usual seat at the front and looks towards Rue.

Bayless makes her way into the room, frowning a bit that she hasn't yet seen anyone from Ares make it in. As the CAG's occupied with the killboard, she dispenses with the greetings and simply finds herself a seat.

There's his answer. Scala takes what he's rapidly decided is 'his seat'. He has to: Nobody else is honoring that particular bit of trivia.

Tychon enters quietly and without ceremony of any sort. He makes his way to a seat in the back and settles in, silent.

Micah files in a little late. Cough. At least he's clean and dressed in navy blues, notepad and pen at the ready. He claims his usual seat in the nondescript middle row, right behind Novella. Thump. That's the toe of his boot under her chair, saying hello. His eyes are on the CAG, however.

Rue steeples her fingers together, touching her chin as she continues to stare at the far wall. It isn't until most of the pilots enter her peripheral that she relaxes her hands and let's her arms settle at her side. She's in her officer blues. Shiny pins on her collar. Wings on her chest. Chin in the air.

Jocasta enters somewhere in the middle of the pack and picks out a seat near the front, sans notepad or any notetaking materials.

Addie's hands go to the arms of her chair, and she hops out of her seat to stand. As Rue's arms drop, the Captain barks, "Attention on deck!"

Orion adjusts himself, moving his apparent, "Ace Piloting for Dummies" book under his chair, then returning to sit up.. until Addie calls attention. Up he goes. Arms straight, feet together. AttentionBoy.

Novella watches as people file in, watching Tychon for a moment and then back to the front. When Addie suddenly calls it, the Jig jumps to her feet and comes to full ramrod attention.

Bayless is seated in an aisle seat, and quickly rises to her feet at the call to attention.

Tychon gets up, then sits down, on the appropriate cues. Still silent.

Jocasta is on her feet at the call, figuring it was bound to be barked out eventually. Down. Up.

St. Germain's snapping to his feet smoothly after Addie speaks, with the rest of the pilots.

"Captain Nikos!" Rue barks out, pushing from the wall and clasping her hands behind her back, chin still in the air. "I've heard talk in the berthings, on the Hangar Deck… So, I have to ask, as your CAG, do we care about numbers?"

Captain Nikos resumes a silent attention stance once those three words snap the other pilots into action. At the question from the CAG, Nikos nods sharply, "Yes, sir." She lets a beat fall between the words, "We do." They teach projection to the little women in the academy, obviously. Volume, baby.

Novella just stands there with her eyes on the far wall. Numbers?

Orion doesn't. Move. A. Muscle. Cylons will see him or something.

Jocasta can't help but eye the 'kill board', what, with all this shouting conversation about 'numbers' being had.

Micah flicks a glance to the kill board, then back to Rue. His jaw stays firm, chin up, shoulders back. Model frakking pilot right here.

Expression tight-lipped, Rue rotates her neck to look into the crowd of pilots and asks, "What numbers, Nikos?"

Bayless stays at rigid ramrod, not visibly reacting to the words coming from the front of the room.

The Captain's response is immediate and precise. The volume is comfortable, but the back row is going to hear them just as well as the front. "The number of successful missions, sir." Beat. "The number of pilots that come back from each mission, sir." A slight smile proceeds the last, but is gone by the time she finishes the sentence, "The number of times the marines are forced to look up and say to themselves, hooah, airy fairies really know their shit. These are the numbers we care about, sir."

Tychon is still just quiet in the back. He's not supposed to be saying anything, so this is convenient.

Orion seems to be practicing Magic, because he's got Crowley totally pegged right here: As above, so below: AttentionBoy 2: The return of AttentionBoy.

Micah doesn't say a word, though there's nearly a smile when Addie speaks. Nearly.

While Bayless keeps her mouth shut for this meeting, Rue and Addie's sentiments are something she fervently agrees with.

<Trait Roll> Rue rolls Strength and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7). *CRITICAL SUCCESS*
<SkillRolls> <Trait Roll> Rue rolls Strength and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7). *CRITICAL SUCCESS*

Rue nods at Addie's answer. Then, she turns back to the killboard. Reaching up, she grips the top of the board and with one hand, wrenches the thing free of the wall. Complete with the securing bolts attached to it. The metal screeches as it pulls free. Once it's in hand, she throws it at the far wall. It doesn't make it there, hitting the floor and cracking into two pieces that skid noisily into the far bulkhead. She turns on the group and asks, "Any questions?"

"…" If one has ever wondered what 'dot dot dot' sounds like, Orion just said it. Or rather he hasn't said a thing. But he does jump a bit. Eyes as wide as saucers, he especially doesn't move a muscle. The CAG might bite his torso or tear his mother in half.

Addie remains silent, still at attention. While Orion quietly goes on an LSD trip in his metaposes.

Novella: Shocked Marble.

Bayless suppresses an urge to smile a bit. Given her pilot specialty, the kill board's been relatively meaningless for her and hers, so this is something that amuses her just a bit.

Oooh, me! In the front row — er, wait, no. Jocasta has zero questions. About whatever the frak that just was, at least. Never question a pregnant woman, kk?

Tychon remains pretty quiet. Ripping the kill board off the wall and tossing it across the room is not quiet. He blinks a few times. But still, no talkies!

Micah still doesn't move, even as Rue starts losing it with the kill board. Stony-faced and silent, he however does briefly follow the progress of those shattered bits across the floor.

"Good. Scorch. You and Jammer will be working with myself and Deck Chief Taylor to pull the thorn Genesis got in it's paw yesterday," Rue says, "Those of you not scheduled for CAP, report to the gym for PT. The berthings had better smell like the most frakkingly unholy stale corn chips I've ever smelled by the time I make my rounds, or you'll find yourselves repeating the PT. With the Marines."

Novella just stares straight ahead. Frak. Greje isn't going to be happy. And Quill. FRAK!! She sighs, looking none too happy.

Orion continues with that 'don't move' plan. He just looks straight ahead and tries not to think about the fact that Addie smells like stale corn chips all the time.

No change in Micah's expression. It's slightly sullen, but that's probably nothing to do with the PT ordered. It's pretty much his default state. He remains silent, teeth together, still facing forward.

Bayless glances in Rue's direction and nods once. "Understood, sir."

Jocasta decides to change it up and go with a stark, "Aye, sir." Duty acknowledged.

"Sir." Addie's response is simple. Affirmation in one syllable. She doesn't even look at the kill board, though she's going to have to kick one of its little magnetic markers off of her boot when dismissed.

Orion only speaks now, once someone else has gotten that particular ball rolling, "Sir, yes sir."

Micah appends a sharp 'sir' onto the end of the handful of others that pop up. He's still not moving however, yo.

Rue latches onto that sigh, even if she didn't see who it was. "Am I interrupting someone's dinner date plans?" She growls under her breath and adds, "/Dismissed/."

Novella doesn't bother waiting for any more. She's furious. The woman just turns on the balls of her feet and marches out.

Echoing a sharp 'sir, yes sir' with the rest of them is Tychon, who waits briefly before they are formally dismissed, and only then rises. Out he goes, and off to the gym, presumably.

Bayless looks to Jocasta as everyone files out. "Guess we'd better gear up."

Flick. Addie kicks the little magnet from her foot, and turns to the door. She stands, waiting for the rest of the room to file out first.

Micah waits for the 'dimissed' before daring to turn his eyes toward Cav. She's watched for a heartbeat or two, but not chased down. "Aye, sir," is repeated once more to the CAG, brisk salute given before he too marches out.

Orion turns, but not before giving the obliterated killboard another nervous look. It does not take much imagination to imagine what's going on through this man's head. He marches out as sharply and professionally as he can.

Jocasta acknowledges Bayless on the periphery, but she's at least got the presence of mind to say, "Yes, sir." before filing out with the rest of the bad kids.

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