Of Trust
Of Trust
Summary: Karan goes to visit the wounded in sickbay, ends up getting a lecture about trust.
Date: 71 ACH
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Recovery Ward Genesis - Deck 13
71 ACH 23817 Souls

This is a large room holding over twenty bed stations for patients to recover after having treatment severe enough that they cannot immediately return to duty. Each station has various connections for medical equipment, a bed with collapsible railings, fold out table, adjustable positions and a privacy curtain.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-


Karan veritably creeps into the ward, like he's afraid of waking up sleeping, injured people. Once it's confirmed that the place isn't a graveyard— no pun intended— he shoulders his bag a little more firmly and takes a gander at the patients on bedrest. Those who are dozing, those who are up, and those who look like they could use some company. Quill is spotted after a few moments, and the chaplain's brow furrows as he seems to consider something.

Zaharis shifts his attention to some point on the wall, staying silent. There's no small amount of frustration in being surrounded by the injured, yet being unable to do your job and care for them.

Rhea is more focused on pain management than at Novella's tales of pilot debauchery. She snorts at them, smirking. They provide a distraction, at least. "You won't be going," she says flatly to Reece. Her 12-year-old son is sitting in a chair between her bed and the CMO. Visitor's pass around his neck. Currently, he's gawking at Novella. Surprised that he got to hear a tid-bit like that. He flushes a deeper shade of red.

Novella looks curious. Oddly-so. Why so worried?! Then he looks back towards Rhea and the Zimmerspawn. Shit. Her expression suddenly mimics Quill's. "Sorry, sir." Damnit. Well she can find him and bring the videos /there!/ So ha! But she looks away to Quill. "Well then lets get you better so we can take care of that." Another little squeeze of his hand and she looks up to Karan. Oh frak. Its him. From earlier. Awkward smile! But he's giving contemplative looks to Quill and that's.. concerning. "Love, do you know that Lieutenant?" Surprised, yes.

Reed moves around Rheas bed to the side opposite Reece, looking at Rhea more closely, "Pain?" He asks, seriously, not seeming too interested in anything else, one hand taking the call button, and holding it loosely as if ready to use it if the answer is affirmative.

"Brother Karan," Quill croaks a greeting to the priest, using his good arm to beckon him over and invite him to the powwow. Then there's a wince and a brief hiss, again with the moving being a bad idea. "Sorry I missed stopping by. Circumstances beyond my control." He seems surprised that /Novella/ knows the guy, but then looks back to Karan. "You know everyone here?" Most of them do live in the same room, except for Novella. Weird pilot Novella.

Zaharis keeps his eyes open, watching the wall and gradually disconnecting from the talking going on. His attention wanders slowly over the corner, to the edges of other beds and metal stands of the machines. Counting the number of wheels on IV stands. Things one rarely has the occasion to notice when not on this side of Sickbay's care.

There's a smile offered when Novella glances over at Karan. A dishwater, diluted sort of smile, with a sort of cautious warmth. Veering around a trolley stacked with patient charts, a tray of paper cups and folded smocks, his path takes him by Zaharis' bed on his way to Quill's. "Sir," is offered gently to the CMO as he drifts by. He'll return, probably. To the JIG who addressed him, he tosses his head. "Please don't be sorry. I still have what you asked for, if you'd like it now? Or I can come by later." A glance to Novella. Uh oh.

Novella is truely shocked. She looks at Quill as if to ask 'How the frak do you know to call him that and when did you become friends?!' She looks up to the Priest as he approaches, one hand clingingly firmly to Quills. The other lifts to waggle her fingers at Karan. Stiffly. "Hello again. Lieutenant." Ahem. This is where she falls quiet. She's interested but..nervous.

"It's quite all right, Lieutenant. He's heard worse," Rhea says dryly to Novella. Though the apology earns a short nod. She can corrupt the boy later. As for the boy, he looks up at Karan but is more focused on those in his immediate vicinity. He knows not the chaplain. He looks back Rhea. "Mom?" he asks, concerned. Rhea shakes her head, reaching up with her good arm to touch Reed's hand. To dissuade him from the call button. Though her fingers linger on his. "Just a twinge. Wouldn't be in here if I wasn't a bit battered. Nothing I need to fog myself up over."

Awkward much? Quill is in the middle of trying to decide whether his confusion is from burns, broken bones, and morpha, or whether it's just the regular variety, when he belatedly realizes Karan has said something. "What? Oh… oh. You can give it to me later, I want to talk to you about that." He pauses briefly, looks over at the Sirs to see if they're doing alright, then flicks a gaze between Brother Karan and Novella. "You know each other?"

Zaharis makes an acknowledging sound in his throat as Karan passes. At least, he thinks he does. It might not have been audible. One…two…three…four…five metal rungs in the rail of the bed across the way. One pillow. Two metal crossbeams under the bedframe.

Reed nods, slowly, looking at Rhea, "Okay." He says to Rhea gently, "But don't tough it out." He carefully, puts the button down, in close reach of where Rhea can take it at will as he looks to Reece. "You heard I got a new ship? The Hera?" He asks the youngster. Distraction J-43 engage.

"Only passingly," Jerome replies in an even-toned voice. He touches Quill's shoulder lightly, or almost does. Contact's a fleeting thing, if it's made at all. "I'll come back later," he agrees. "I'm glad you're all right. I'll pray to Asclepius for your recovery." A knowing look is given to Novella, though he isn't going to tarry; he's a perceptive little thing, and can probably tell the couple's trying to spend some time together.

Novella just offers Rhea a simple smile. Really, what else can you do to apologize to a Major. Buy her flowers? She's got paper ones! Which are, in some ways, better. But she looks back to Quill. "Uh, no. We don't." Karan corrects her, though. "In passing." Whatever Brother K-Dawg says, its what she's going with. She doesn't stop the man, though. She's more nervous about something else with the guy.

"I'm not tough. You know that," Rhea says wryly to Reed, offering him a faintly strained smile. Though she does seem to take some comfort in his presence. And the boy's. Reece eyes his mother, concerned. Though he allows himself to be distracted. "Yeah. Civilians talk about that stuff. What's it like? It is all science-y, like the PAS?" He still misses the station.

Two visible wrinkles in the blanket of the bed nearby. Four screws bolting the metal chart-holder at the foot of the next bed. Zaharis' eyes keep moving slowly, then turn up towards the ceiling. Silent.

Quill exhales a long breath and closes his eyes for a moment; a dose of pain medicine has hit and it's blessed, blessed relief. There's no response to Novella or Karan, the two are on their own and will have to deal with each other sans Quill-mediation for a few minutes.

Eight buttons from throat to waist, the top two undone (he's offduty). Boots that zip instead of lace, three links in the earring in his left ear. Maybe Zaharis notices those things, maybe he doesn't. But his bed is next on Karan's tour of duty; or more precisely, the chair that's situated next to it. The chaplain sets his bag down, and eases into the seat with a slight stiffness as he regards the Major quietly.

Novella just kinda stands there. With her beau. Distracted by the shiney stuff in Karan's ear.

Reed smiles to Reece, "It's got a lot of stuff on it. I got a lot of things to do on her, but she's really different from the PAS. No labs, nothing like that. A lot smaller, but faster and pretty good for what she's designed for." He shrugs, then looks to Rhea. "Yeah, I know. It really takes some getting used to, just staying still." He nods, "It's not fun." He looks sympathetically at Rhea and purses his lips.

Zaharis is still eyes to the ceiling, though he's not really looking at it. The CMO's in a similar state of injury as Quill, that is, burnt. Some of the burns on his body are dressed, though the ones on his face have been left to open air for now. Smaller bandages cover where the skin was cut open from flying glass and metal. The skin is a patchwork of white and red blistering that goes deep, the kind that's bound to scar later. His right arm and shoulder are held immobile with a blue elastic brace. As Karan sits down he doesn't do anything for a few seconds, then his eyes shift to regard the Lieutenant.

Rhea grunts at Reed. "I'll muddle through. I do what the medics tell me. Easiest way to get out of their hair as fast as you can." Still. Yeah. That does make it easier. She focuses on her son. "Take it easy on Adele. Take care of each other. She'll be stressed out these next few days." And Reece functions better when he's given a task to keep him occupied. He nods. "Yeah, Mom. You can count on me. Just…get better, okay?"

Moment of pretending the injuries are gone, over. Quill opens his eyes again. Oh, Karan's moved along. He'll be back later. The snipe's gaze returns to Novella, at whom he smiles. "So what's 'in passing' mean? I talked to the priest, yesterday. It didn't seem then as though he knew you."

Karan doesn't express any kind of shock, any kind of revulsion at what he sees. He's an officer in the colonial navy, not a temple-bound civilian. Nevertheless, there's got to be some filtering going on, to keep his expression so well-schooled. "Hello, sir." It's spoken finally, when the Major deigns to look at him. "I won't ask how you're feeling.." He smiles, slightly. "But is there anything I can do for you?"

"I stopped by the chapel earlier. He was there with some woman with an odd accent that I didn't recognize." She shrugs. "I felt really weird. Like I was going someplace I didn't belong. So I left. I ended up talking to Captain Karthasi, but later. She had me come by her office." Novella makes a little face. Apparently it wasn't the greatest visit. "So do you know yet if you're gonna be okay, hon?" Worry!!

Reed nods to Rhea, then looks at Reece, "Your mom's gonna be fine, man." He nods reassuringly, "All the snipes on the ship are looking out for her." He smirks, and offers Reece a fistdap.

Zaharis continues just looking at Karan for a beat or two. It's not a hostile look, just processing the extra couple of seconds that morpha forces one to take. He clears his scratchy throat before he answers. "Yes." His eyes flicker to his feet, and then back to Karan. "You can…get my chart from down there."

"You look like you were busy." Quill is either not keen to talk about the healing process, or he's not tracking the conversation well. Seems like a 50-50 possibility, but he's smiling quietly at Novella anyway. "Were you busy? Before you came here?"

It's about time for the Zimmer-spawn to be getting back to the Carina. Adele must've finished her meal by now, and a nurse has come into the room to fetch him. The boy nod, raising a fist to dap with Reed. As bros do. Then he bends down to give his mother a swift hug. Trying not to jostle her. "See you soon, Sprocket," Rhea says, tousling the lad's hair before he goes. Reece doesn't even object.

There's a soft -thump- as something else is set down alongside Karan's bag. A.. well, at least it's not a sacred phallus he's toting about, but it's certainly a familiar symbol to many in the medical profession: a rod, entwined with a serpent. Leaning over, he fetches said chart from its slot in the bed, and settles it on his lap. A questioning look is given the Major, like he's waiting for further instruction; in his condition, the priest is understandably cautious.

"Do I smell that bad?" Nov can swing with the change in topics. No problem. But she'll worry all night. Thanks, Quill. At least she's smiling for him. "The CAG pulled us into the Ready Room. She was all fire and brimstone. Ripped the killboard right off the bulkhead- including the bolts. She then proceeded to smash it on the floor. Then she yelled at us and said that we were oing to be on PT or cleaning duties until she was happy." The smile doesn't really hold much humor at this point. "I don't really understand why she was so mad, though. That wasn't explained." A pause. "I did the aft stairwell twenty-five times, though."

Reed watches as Reece bids his Mom a goodbye with a hug, smiling at them, keeping silent, just watching them for the moment.

Zaharis' left hand slides off his chest, elbow braced on the bed. His fingers open towards the Lieutenant - or rather, the chart. That's about the complete range of motion he's capable of, and he's focused on it.

Karan hesitates a moment. His eyes flick over Zaharis quietly, taking another sweep of those terrible burns, that broken arm. There's the first hint that this is affecting him: his tongue darts out to wet his lips lightly. "Yes, sir," is murmured eventually, chart settled gently into the prooffered hand.

Reece heads out when the nurse beckons, though he does swing by Zaharis' bed to say his goodbyes to the CMO. As unobtrusively as he can, with Zaharis occupied with Karan and the chart. Rhea watches her son go with a rather sad half-smile.

Reed watches Reece go and pulls up a stool next to Rheas bed, leaning closer to speak quietly with her. "Lot of reason to be proud of him." He says, little more than a whisper.

Karan spares a small smile for the boy when he drifts awkwardly past them, before turning back to the Major.

"I smell…" Quill tilts his head a fraction to one side, as though making a show of sniffing. "…oxygen tubes." And he does, intubation is part of the hotness that results from having been exposed to, well… hotness. "Not you. Don't worry." There's a visible wince at the mention of fire and brimstone — way too close to home! — and then another visible wince at the mention of the stairwells. "Sounds terrible, Bay, I don't…" Oh, there goes Reece, heading back home. Quill accordingly loses track of the conversation again. "He seems like a good kid. Check with Major Zim about that thing, though, that…" What was it? "…gun thing."

Zaharis does at least see Reece go by, moving his head in a sort of goodbye chin-lift. He can't reach up for a hug or anything. His hand tightens around the chart as he looks back down, and as his shoulder starts to move to try and heft it up it makes his teeth grit in his closed mouth. Can't lift it. "Lieutenant, could you…hold it up, please." Pride, take swift kick to the balls.

Karan reaches forward to steady the chart, and keeps his hand there until told otherwise. Pride? Pride is a sin, according to scripture. Karan is not a man of hubris, so maybe it's lost on him. "May I pray to Asclepius and Apollo for you, sir?" His expression's muted, as always, but there's a shadow of concern in his sleep-smudged eyes.

Novella watches the man beside her get distracted and she looks up to Reece, waggling her fingers once more before looking to Quill. Concerned. "What? Gun thing? What're you talking about, Jonah?" Karan's words distract her, though. Curious but she looks back to Quill. "Do you want me to go? So I'm not.. I dunno. Do you need more sleep? I can see you tomorrow." She's too worried about him to notice much else.

"Yeah. Well. I wish he didn't have to deal with crap like this. He's had more than enough. Thanks for talking to him, though. It made things easier on him, I think." Rhea lays as still as she can, though she's still doing a lot of wincing. No point in pretending it doesn't hurt like hell anymore. "Reed could you…" Her fingers go toward the call button. Morpha, please.

Quill searches his memory for a moment. "The gun camera," he concludes. "Were you talking about a gun camera?" The snipe then laughs his careful, bruised-ribs scorched-lungs laugh again. "No. Of course I don't want you to go. Sleep will take over soon enough, but… if you can see me tomorow, do." A bit of a smile, "Bring me news, tell me something I've never heard before." He follows her curious glance over towards Karan, sharing the interest in what's going on over there.

Reed moves with the speed of a striking snake, hand moving on the word, 'Could' call button goes off in the second dot in the ellipses. "Got it." He then looks over his shoulder, As a nurse looks up he gestures to Rhea and mouths 'Morpha' Then looks back to Rhea, "On the way, and of course. Anything, you know that." He says, looking at her.

Zaharis rolls his head carefully on the pillow. His half-lidded eyes start jumping back and forth across the first page. The expression on his face is difficult to read as he processes the damage done to his own body, and he presses his thumb to the bottom of the page to turn it upwards. The motion is clumsy, creasing part of the paper. "You know. Right when the lab exploded, heard this voice calling my name. Thought I was dead, maybe that was Thanatos calling out…" He pauses, looking up at Karan with a lazy grin that's clearly morpha-induced. "…but nah, it was just Craven on the intercom."

"Yeah. I mentioned gun cameras.. like.. ten or twenty minutes ago, Jonah." She lifts a hand to cup his cheek. He's stoned and tired. "I'll be by tomorrow for sure. At some point, Rue has to let us out. I'll skip lunch just to make mom angry." Novella winks at her fiance. "But I'm gonna go anyway. I'm pretty tired. Get some sleep." She leans in to kiss him on the forehead. Thats okay for Recovery Ward, right? "Can't wait to be your wife… G'night." She squeezes his hand one last time and moves for the door.

"Oh." It's a multi-purpose oh, in response to both the gun cameras thing and Novella's departure. Quill musters up a smile for her, warm despite indeed being stoned and tired, and manages a bit of a nod. "Take care of yourself, Baylee. Love you."

Novella leaves for Sickbay [o].
Novella has left.

Rhea relaxes as she's doped. It's not a large dose. The stuff doesn't grow on trees these days, after all. But it takes the edge off. She sighs, sinking back into her bed. "I'm not trying to be a hard-core idiot, y'know," she says lazily to Reed. "Just didn't terribly want to be a drugged-up zombie in front of my kid." This is worse than the kid seeing her with a Cylon bullet wound in her stomach, apparently. She blinks, eyelids getting heavy.

Karan speaks not, while Zaharis scans his own chart. It isn't for Jerome to decide, really, whether the man sees a cataloguing of his injuries. He IS the Chief Medical Officer, after all, and quite soundly outranks the Lieutenant. There's a slight tilt of his head when the man speaks, tinkling his earring quietly. Then, "All through the tangle of that desperate fray stalked slaughter and doom. The incarnate Kydoimos raved through the rolling battle; at her side paced Thanatos the ruthless, and the fearful Keres, beside them strode." He pauses a moment after reciting the scripture. "I suspect Lieutenant Craven would need to be a little more.. menacing. He is said to be winged." There's a weak smile, that was probably a joke. Sense of humour, Karan has it not.

Reed nods, "I know, love." He says quietly as the Morpha takes effect. "Text me when you're awake if you want. I'll be visiting as much as I can." He tells her, "Rest. Get sleep. We got you." He takes her hand warmly, "You're gonna be fine."

Desperate fray? Slaughter, doom? Sounds like a recent events recap. Quill swallows hard and looks away from Karan and Zaharis, searching the ceiling for cracks… nope. Zaharis got them all. Quill regards the zen of his IV bag, instead. Look at it go! Drip. Drip.

Second page being skimmed. Zaharis' eyes keep narrowing as the words fuzz in and out, his cracked lips parting. Some of the tension around his eyes returns, and as he reads over a particular line he slowly raises his hand to his left ear, gently touching it. Burn blister, and his fingers subtly jerk away again. Then touch again higher up, moving along the damaged shell of his ear, feeling out the injury written on the page. "Yeah…" he breathes out, distractedly. "Craven'll have to work on that, I guess."

Rhea tunes out Karan's praying, though it's hard to tell if it's a pointed effort or just a matter of her attention being elsewhere. And the morpha, of course. She drifts off, fingers clasping Reed's.

Reed smiles as he watches Rhea drifting off, more smiling at the peace she slips into as he reaches with his free hand to close the laptop then watches her for a bit longer, to let her feel his hand till she's well and truly asleep.

"Sir." It's a soft interjection, 'round about the time Zaharis is touching his ear. Maybe it, like his scripture, gets tuned out. He has a habit of speaking a bit quietly, but it's underscored by an attempt to— gently— grasp the Major's wrist (assuming it isn't injured). He's a scrawny thing, though maybe the morpha and the being laid up in bed like a burned out match act to even things out. "Please, you should let them heal. And rest." The chart is settled back on his lap.

IV drips don't stay interesting for long. They're more fascinating when you're drugged, sure, but even then… Quill's gaze wanders, and settles on Reed and Rhea. Rhead. A genuine smile flickers into life, watching the ChEng escape into unconsciousness, with Hera Actual watching over her.

"Dammit. Lieutenant, I'm not a child." Zaharis' voice doesn't much volume, still just a rasp from the smoke last night, but it does have intensity. His dark eyes look up at Karan, keeping focus with effort. "Let go of me. And hold up the chart. I'm not finished."

Reed leans forward, pressing his lips to Rheas forehead once again, with the same infinite tenderness from before. He then straightens, gently releasing her hand, and swallowing, finally looking to the rest of the world around the bed. He looks at Quill and smirks silently. Yeah, he saw, so what? He then focuses on Zaharis and Karan, arching a brow.

Karan's mouth turns in a slight frown. A moue of disapproval. Greje gets it a lot from him, when she says something that offends his delicate fundamentalist upbringing, and now Zaharis is the recipient of The Frown. "I think you've seen enough, sir." The wrist is set down gently and released, and Karan shifts to his feet for a moment replace that chart. Nope, probably only a direct order's going to change his mind now.

Karan does, incidentally, have a bit of a clammy grip.

"Brother," Quill lifts the volume of his own rasp, brow furrowed in confusion. "It's like taking a machine from a snipe…" Just plain wrong! "What harm is there in reading the chart?"

"/Do/ you." Zaharis' tone gains a little bit of venom as Karan gets up, his head and eyes moving. "No, Lieutenant, you do not decide what I can and can't know about my own body."

Reed moves around Rheas bed, to approach Zaharis' bed, frowning slightly. "Okay, what's going on?" He asks, looking at Karan and the chart, then Zaharis.

Karan pauses, chart recently deposited into the slot, arms pulled around himself somewhat defensively. He's still frowning a little as he looks back to Zaharis, then Quill. What is this, a double-teaming? Make that triple-teaming, as Reed approaches. "Sir, I'm trying to keep the Major from hurting himself, physically and emotionally." A beat. "I'll do as you ask, of course. Sirs." Though he doesn't look happy about it.

Quill's gaze flickers briefly to the end of the bed where his own chart lies… but nope. He's not the CMO, and is not brave enough to read it. The snipe's gaze flickers back to Karan, and he smiles, a touch apologetically. "We can face anything we can see coming, Brother, it's the lack of knowledge that's not emotionally healthy."

Not that anyone but a doctor would understand the mumbo-jumbo on a chart. Zaharis stares at Karan for a second or two. "How do you know what hurts me, Brother? Do you know me? Anything about me?" He looks down at where the chart's going, then back to the priest. "Never would a caretaker refuse to tell someone what's on their own chart. I don't want to be anxious where I don't have to be. I want to see my own chart."

Dynames comes in from Sickbay.
Dynames has arrived.

Some of that, undoubtedly, stings. Now Jerome's got a slightly wounded look, in addition to Mr. Frownyface. "No, sir. No, sir. Yes, sir." In that order. He tugs the chart back out of its slot, and settles into the chair again. It's held out in where the CMO can easily read it, and flipped to the third page.

Reed looks at Zaharis, then Quill, and then Karan. "Stop." THAT was an order to Karan. He lifts an arm, and flicks a switch by Zaharis' bed. "Lieutenant, I don't know if there's any impropriety in this, but I do know the following. This is Sickbay. Here the Doctors and Nurses rule. I am not about to do anything with anyones chart without the attending caregiver on duty knowing about it." He turns as the call switch he just hit is answered, and addresses the nurse, "Doctor Zaharis would like to see his chart."

Quill is stayin' out of this now. Yup. The singed snipe watches the conversation with concern, but has nothing further to add.

As the situation delves into protocol and who's stuffing the larger codpiece, there comes a light, almost dainty knock at the hatchway. Shortly thereafter, Dyna's head, the left side of her mouth still bruised from an unfortunate traffic tieup with a fist peeks in for a tenative 'is it cool?' look inside. Moreso for the fact that she cant just up and walk into someone's place without making sure they don't mind, first, "Hello?"

What's a nurse gonna do? She can see Karan already has the chart out. Weird situation, but Sickbay's ethics are not to withhold information so she nods to Reed to allow it. Zaharis watches the nurse and then turns his attention back to the chart in Karan's hands. "Thank you." It's impossible to tell whether that's aimed at Reed, the nurse, or Karan, since he's looking at text now.

Reed nods to the Nurse pleasently, "Thank you." He says, then looks at Karan, smiling, "There." He lifts his hands, "All the problems are solved." He then turns to the greeting and nods, "Tempo." Yes, he tends to address pilots by their callsigns, "Hello."

Karan just remains silent now. Embarassed, concerned for Zaharis clearly, and most of all chastised, he focuses on flipping pages when needed, and clarifying words that are scribbled in nurse-ese. Reed's flashed a quick, conciliatory smile, and the pilot is missed entirely; he can only multitask in so many ways at once.

"Dynames," Quill croaks a surprised, but happy greeting to the musical pilot. "I heard about the PT and cleaning Air Wing got stuck with. My condolences."

Zaharis continues reading in silence. His head rolls on the pillow so he can see his braced shoulder when he reaches that part, and at one point he wiggles his feet, carefully. When he's done his eyes finally drift closed for a couple beats, allowing him to compose himself before they reopen, slowly rolling to look at Karan. He's silent a while, then says, "Can I give you some advice, Brother? You can take it or leave it."

Dynames smiles, "Hello!" she replies more certainly, though she still doesn't enter unbidden. Instead, she takes up residence in the doorway, canting her head as she looks for someone medical to say 'come in' or 'get lost' before doing either. As Quill frogs at her, she eyes him with a sort of paternal concern and lifts a hand for a dainty fingerwave his way, then clasps her hands. Patience, patients!

Reed smiles, at Quills reaction to seeing Tempo and turns, moving off towards the doorway where she's lurking. He nods to her and gestures her in, "Come on in. The nurses will kick you out of it's needed." He pauses beside her, and turns to point at Quill. "Go up to him, and say Happy Birthday." He instructs with a smile.

Karan seems distracted by something. His mind's elsewhere while Zaharis reads what's on that chart, and the question doesn't register for a good ten or fifteen seconds. Lifting his eyes, replacing the chart on his lap after the last page has been flipped and the last of the notes read, he murmurs, "Of course, sir." Attention's firmly on the CMO then, instead of his introspective thoughts. Mention of a birthday draws his gaze only fleetingly to the snipe.

"In this profession, many of us have always struggled with the ethics of disclosure," Zaharis' voice is back to a scratchy whisper, devoid of hostility now. "Some of us feel that anything but complete disclosure is lying. That it puts…all the power into the hands of the physician. Encourages us to play Ascelpius. Breeds hubris…this idea that it's our right alone to decide what's best for someone. And there are some that think that's bullshit. That disclosing everything is unethical in how it can confuse and scare a patient that doesn't understand the real weight of conditions and risks. And there are some in the middle, that…believe there's no hard line but that a physician has to weigh empathy and integrity each time." He pauses and licks his lips. "You're a caregiver in some ways. You have to make choices like that. I can't tell you what's right or wrong. All I can tell you is…just be careful how you do it. If you have to withhold, don't ever condescend when you do it. You'll lose their trust."

"It's true," Quill confirms for Dynames, along with Reed. "If the medicos didn't want you in here, you wouldn't have gotten this far. As it stands, it's visiting hours, and open season."

Dynames smiles and bows her head to Reed with a, "Thank you, sir!" before she looks over to Quill at the birthday pronouncement. She steps over toward the snipe in question and with a brief glance to make sure there aren't any leads, padded stubs in place of digits or anything of the sort, she takes his hand for a light squeeze, "I'm glad you're still with us." And, tiptoeing up to give a look to the CMO, "And you too, sir!" she chirps in earnest good cheer. Karan is left for the moment, as it seems he has a bit on his plate. She'll tap him shortly though, don't worry.

Karan is listening quietly, because that's what he does. Listen. He's quite good at it, really, whatever else one might say about the young chaplain. There's a small nod at the end of acknowledgement, and further— aquiescence. "Yes, sir," is his only verbal response, offered softly. After a pause, "I was trained first in the rites of Ares. Apollo, Artemis." The last is spoken delicately. "The gods have never called me to healing, sir, as they have you; I am no disciple of Asclepius or Paion. But I.. understand. Of trust." His fingertips smooth at a crease in that top page, lightly, as he briefly turns to watch Dynames move through the ward. She's like a little patch of sunlight to his raincloud.

Reed smiles as Tempo moves in with a dose of good cheer. For himself, he catches the hatch as it's swinging closed and makes a ninja getaway, doesn't even need the smoke bomb this time.
You have already given dynames a cookie this week.

"Likewise," Quill agrees with Dynames, about still being around in the world of the living. "All this, it… gives you a new outlook on things." He can't help but smile at the odd dichotomy between Karan and Zaharis's conversation and Dynames' cheerful demeanor, quietly informing the pilot, "Glad you came by."

"You're not?" Zaharis finds a breath of humour in that. "I don't know. I think Ascelpius and Paion call all of us. Some of us choose to blow ten years studying medicine, but…they're with us all. Why are you here, if not to heal with solace and comfort?"

Zaharis is not good at multitasking when on morpha, unfortunately!

Dynames smiles fondly to the injured snipe and nods, "It does… if you need to talk, I'll be here for you, baby." the term of endearment rolls off the tongue easily enough and, she learns in to kiss Quill's head gently. She'll get around to brightening up the other two's univese in another few moments. She's only a little patch of sunlight, yet, and still needs time to get through the entire room.

"I am not," Jerome confirms with a tiny smile. He lowers his eyes as the question's asked, and fiddles with the chart a little more. It must be the OCD, he can't help tidying all the creases he finds, adjusting and re-adjusting the clip on the clipboard. "I offer what I can, but the fiercer humours are my providence, and my strength. Perhaps I can learn a little from you, regardless." Zaharis is watched for a long moment, and then he turns finally to replace the chart. "Is there anything else you need, sir?"

Blink. Blink. Quill seems somewhat surprised at the affection, though the surprise eventually cedes territory to a wry smile. "Not… not quite up to the talking thing yet though." A brief glance is cast to the doctor and the chaplain, then Quill returns his attention to Dynames, murmuring something quietly to her.
Quill whispers to Dynames.

"You're resisting the answer," Zaharis replies after a moment, as though making a quiet observation. A raise of his eyebrow would be more poignant if it wasn't half singed away. "I don't know why you are, but you are. If I have a prayer for you it's that one day you'll stop." He's worn himself out for the day and the morpha is failing to take the edge off the pain anymore. He turns his head on the pillow, closing his eyes. "Nothing else, thanks. Be well."

Karan doesn't speak to that. The question, or the answer, or the prayer. He's quiet as he rises, fetches the caduceus and his bag, and nods once to the CMO. "May Asclepius keep you, Major." Quill is considered for a moment, then offered a brief smile as he turns to go. That gift will have to wait until morning. Unobtrusively, the chaplain lets himself out.

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