Office Space
Office Space
Summary: Reed drops by Zaharis' office to talk about liquor, old relationships, and what a teacher is. Gaelan makes a cameo.
Date: 30 ACH
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Sickbay Genesis - Deck 13
30 ACH 6735 Souls

The medical facility is large enough to hold a few dozen beds. Each bed is set with a curtain for privacy, a chair near the bed and any monitoring or medical aids needed. A nurses desk sits at the front near the hatch and a surgery area, Medical Officers area and supplies are on the far wall behind the desk. Nurses, doctors and medics man this area at any time day or night. Visiting hours are usually kept to the day and evening schedules, unless stated otherwise by medical staff.

Reed is walking in, in off duty fatigues, with a shoulder satchel slung on his left side, moving to the duty nurse and nodding to her.

The nurse, a confident-looking woman in her forties who looks like she could probably subdue Reed one-handed if she had to, smiles pleasantly at the PAS's CO and salutes him. "Major. Can I help you?"

Reed returns the salute casually, smiling, "Yes, I need to throw small objects at the boss, is he around and available for abuse?" He asks lightly. "As you may intuit, the matter is not severely important."

The nurse looks somehow less than concerned about what Reed might do to her boss. She glances at the satchel and then turns her chair, glancing at the door to the CMO's office. When her eyes meet Reed's again, she smiles. "It's ajar, that means visiting hours are on. Go on in, just knock."

Reed nods, "Alright, thank you." He moves around the desk, just like any other person, now that he's given permission to do so. "Keep up the good work. Duty shift can't last forever." He advises her and moves to the door, knocking on the opened door, moving it a couple inches.

His words get a bright smile from the nurse before she turns back to her pile o' work.

Chief Medical Officers Office Genesis - Deck 13
30 ACH 6735 Souls

The office of the Chief Medical Officer is a small room, used mostly for consultations and review of sensitive patient materials than the paperwork of the Medical department, which goes through the Naval Administrative offices. Still somehow it has file cabinets along one wall stuffed full of papers, two chairs in front of a desk behind which a large leather chair is set. On the desk sits a computer terminal.

Reed comes in from Sickbay.
Reed has arrived.

Inside the office, Zaharis is standing by the left wall, the one with the backlit panelling. Several X-ray films of someone's chest are stuck on it. Along with two suction-cup darts with feathers on the ends of them. The CMO has just unstuck a third one from the wall with a soft pop, sticking it back into the plastic gun in his hand. "Yeah," he calls out at the knock.

Reed comes in with his satchel bag, closing the door behind him. Looking at the CMO, he tsks, "That's not how sidearm training works, you need the actual range to do it properly." He moves to a chair.

"It's not a sidearm, it's diagnostic equipment." Zaharis pulls back the little cocking mechanism on the 'gun' with a soft click. "If I want to pop a cap in bacterial pneumonia's ass, live rounds would be a bit counterproductive."

Reed nods, "Ahh, I see, well this is where my medical knowledge completely fails. I never even knew bacteria pneumonia /had/ an ass." He settles down, "No, I'm more of a chemist right at this moment, thanks to your girlfriend."

"Very, very small asses." Zaharis confirms. He sets the dartgun down on his desk and pulls his chair out, bracing his left hand on the chair arm as he sits. "What, are you getting into the moonshine trade?"

Reed smiles, "Well, the PAS is the place to make booze. Frak, with the Botanical labs, we could make all kinds of things." He unzips the bag, and opens it, "but not needed yet, remember, I'm the CO of the station that has the Taproom."

Zaharis picks up his cigarette pack, sliding out a white stick while Reed talks. "Uh huh." He looks at the satchel, suspiciously. "This isn't about to be one of those 'close your eyes and open your mouth' moments, is it? Cause last time I ever did that it left me pretty scarred."

Reed chuckles, "Um, no, sorry." He pulls out an octagional bottle, full sealed, "Aerelons Best whiskey, it's been waiting for this moment to shine for twenty five years, so give it a chance." He slides the bottle back down, pulling another, "Apollos Choice gin." He slides it down, pulling another bottle, "Scyllas Folly Rum. Rather nice rum." He then reaches closer to the bottom, "And some smaller bottle of cherry brandy, mixers, some hard grain, even have some chocolate, and the like, some snack foods."

Zaharis lets Reed parade his liquors, an amused expression turning up the corners of both eyes and mouth. He lights his cigarette, leaning forward to glance into the bottom of the satchel when Reed mentions the rest. "Good lords. You must be awful excited about this if you came over to show it all before the party."

Reed pulls out a smaller bottle of brandy and points the neck of the bottle at the doctor, "Hey, grim up, you. I'm showing you the poisons, you're bringing the antidotes so we're not dead tomorrow." He squints at Zaharis, "I believe in preperation, and I have the means to prepare some of the things." He puts the bottle almost into the satchel, before lifting it, "This brandy is a cure for Muskegs smell." He slides the bottle away, then slides the bag to the floor.

Gaelan comes in from Sickbay.
Gaelan has arrived.

Zaharis laughs, blowing smoke up towards the powerful vent in the ceiling. "Must be twice as good when there's no Muskeg smell to deal with, then. Alright, alright, I'll sacrifice some painkillers to take along for your lightweight little heads. Guess if there's one good thing can be said about all this, it's 'frak designated drivers'." He and Reed are sitting in the office, a loaded satchel on the floor by Reed's foot.

Gaelan doesn't really waste much time with the knocking pleasantries as he pushes the door open. Stepping into the office he pushes the door shut. Eyes dart between the company present and the Major flatly states in a rasped tone, "I swear to frakkin' god you better have a damn airborne sedative I can start pumping into Marine Country or I am going to start frakkin' shooting people." Eyes lock with Zaharis. Reed is there and the countdown begins for his witty retort to impart wisdom.

Reed nods to Zaharis, "It's pretty good, actually. And yeah, I'm glad we have shuttle pilots for this." He settles back, "Alright, something to help the recovery. This being Adeles first-" He stops, and turns in the chair, looking at Gaelan, blinking, "I think sedative dart rifles would be more approperate."

Zaharis reaches over and taps his cigarette against the tray. "Morning to you too, Pieter. Much as I'd like to help, we're on conservation status when it comes to the anaesthesia. Have you tried PT'ing them to exhaustion? Seemed to work back on the bases, if I remember."

Gaelan nods as he slides into one of the chairs and looks between the two, "Oh that's coming." Reaching his hands up he rubs his face slowly and leans back on the chair and nods to them both, "Sorry for barging in, but it's pretty sad when you have to go to the Brig to debrief most of your Marines. Figured there would be more pilots in there by now. Of course I do get transferred the frakked up Sheriff to totally throw a wrench in that effort."

Reed spreads his hands, "Well, your second Sheriff seems to be holding the peace pretty well, all things considered. But with everything that's going on, I think you have a pretty mixed bunch of men and women. It's the whole spectrum."

Zaharis sits back in his chair, leaving the cigarette to smoulder. At the mention of the old Sheriff his brown eyes flicker, but he doesn't say what he was thinking. "Yeah, I'd agree with Reed there. You've got a couple problems in there but on the whole they don't seem too bad. There's always going to be a few, you know that."

Gaelan smirks slightly as he looks between the two and comments, "On the personal matter, I want you to talk with your head doc to schedule a time with all the Marines returning from Leonis and recent combat. I need to make sure their heads are up to Colonial Navy minimal standards. Tensions are much higher and the lack of any formidable shore leave is going to make them start needing an outlet. That will quickly be Pilots and other personnel. I guarantee it." Looking over to Reed, "So how are your little future explosions going?"

Reed shrugs, "I haven't blown up anyone. Been mostly using my station to help take care of long term problems, and keep them abated for the foreseeable future. Haven't had too much time to work on making things go boom. I kind of gave up demolitions when I ran out of mailboxes."

"You know, Pieter," Zaharis folds his hands behind his head. "A trip to the shrink doesn't solve someone's aggression issues with the snap of a finger. She's here to help but she's not here to be everyone's outlet, all the time. Physical and emotional tension can't just be 'talked out', psychology doesn't work like that. The practice is about helping people channel negative emotions into something, not to squash them. If you want your boys and girls to simmer down you're going to have to help us out. Set up some physical outlets of your own. And we'll steer them that way instead of at the pilots or at themselves."

[Intercom] Pass the word. Major Gaelan, report to the Ward room.

Gaelan eyes slide to Zaharis as he retorts, "I am very well aware of how to handle their physical outlets, Doc. But unless you want a Marine having a twitch because I redeployed him too fast and shooting one of your Medical tag-a-longs then that's fine by me. My men are getting pushed hard and we are running very aggressive and difficult missions. I can wear them out physically…" Looking up to the Intercom as it flickers to life, eyes narrow at the speaker of ominous doom. Looking back to Zaharis he picks right back up, "I just was extending a courtesy and request to make sure we are kililng the right people." Standing slowly he looks between the two, "If you two will excuse me, it sounds like my Marines are getting another mission."

Reed nods to Gaelan, "Okay, man, I Think the old man might be asking about the pictures being taped up since the last MArine mission. The ones with a young Commander Regas wearing the garb of the Tick King from Leonis. Someone had to get ahold of those doccuments and bring them back."

"Don't get bitchy," Zaharis replies to Gaelan, lightly. "I'm telling you what combination of effort will be best for your men. Listen or don't listen, it's up to you. Go ahead and pass us a roster for evaluations." He glances up as well at the intercom, just his eyes moving. "Good luck."

Gaelan passing a quick nod to the Majors he just lets the remaining comments linger as he heads out to the good old Ward Room'O'Fun

Gaelan leaves for Sickbay [o].
Gaelan has left.

Reed scratches one eyebrow, smirking, "Oh, he's really getting it from all sides. Still, he seems to be handling it."

Zaharis half-smiles. "If we could dredge up another acceptable female to even out the numbers, I'd say he'd be welcome to come along tonight." He picks his cigarette back up, the orange light at the end flaring as he pulls a drag from it. "Anyway, who knows what Regas is up to. A summons to the ward room isn't always doom and gloom."

Reed nods, "I doubt it's another mission, unless it's dredging for the cylon pieces on Muskeg, and yeah, he needs time laughing with a woman." He pauses, "In related news, I.. kind of introduced Rhea to Kelly the other night. Found some old photos in storage and she dived right in, looking at them. Silly pictures from back in the day."

It's almost tangible how Zaharis' mode shifts from talk to listen as he sits back. He nods once, ashing the cigarette. "How do you feel about her having seen them?"

Reed smirks, "Little embarassed, honestly, but mostly good. Kind of like I introduced them, that's how it felt, really. Rhea wanted Kelly and I and her and Ehpram to all go out drinking. She seemed confident we'd all get along. I was more worried about the state of civilization the morning after."

"Yeah, it's weird how people do that," Zaharis muses with a slight smile. "Spend time thinking about how you would've gotten along with a dead person. Everyone does it, I guess. You don't need to feel embarassed about wanting to share a memory with someone."

Reed snorts, "But I can frakking well feel embarassed about photos taken of me after a bacchanal, or at 0300 in a diner on Picon after a music festival." He points at Zaharis, "That, doctor, is perfectly valid an excuse for being embarassed."

It's subtle, but Zaharis' body seems to flinch back from the pointing motion. His expression doesn't change though, as he chuckles. "Maybe. I'd have to see them myself to be absolutely sure."

Reed squints one eye, waggling the finger, "I knew you'd say that." He then sits back in the chair, pulling out his handheld, "Yes, I stole the idea from you." He taps the screen a few times, "Only digitized a couple of pictures, and only one got on my handheld. None of the good ones, though."

"Apollo help us all." Zaharis smirks, stubbing out the cigarette. He sits up and rests his elbows down, gently pattering his fingers on the desktop. "Drumrollll…."

Reed smirks, handing over the handheld, "Relax, it's not me." He sits back letting Zaharis look at the image under the MISC tab on Reeds character page tab files, "That's Kelly."

Zaharis takes the little computer and spends a few seconds looking over the picture. "Kelly. She was pretty. Two of you looked nice together, I'm very sure."

Reed nods, "She was. she was the one who kept pulling me out here and there, bringing me out of the lab and taught me to dance."

Zaharis gives the picture another while of attention before he hands the computer back over. "Was it an opposites attract sort of thing?"

Reed takes back the computer, shutting it down, "always looked that way from the outside, you know? But when we were together, it was us, it worked. Even our arguements never really got to the point of nastiness. Usually one of us would give.

Zaharis settles back again, pulling one ankle up over the other knee. "How long did you have with her?"

Reed smiles, "Three years." He sighs, "Three great years." He shrugs, "That was eleven years ago, and I've had girlfriends, but no one as close as that."

Zaharis nods once. "Can be hard to let people go. Maybe everyone in some way ends up comparing everything in the future to that one special person, if they've had one."

Reed shrugs, "There's always comparison in the back of the mind. That's just how we work. Sooner or later, there will be those thoughts, but they're not for basing judgements on."

"What thoughts?" Zaharis asks.

Reed shrugs, "Oh, 'What would she think of this?' 'How would she react?' crap like that. They creep up from time to time, then settle back down."

Zaharis smiles a little. "Have they been creeping up lately?"

Reed smiles, "Well, they kind of had to when I was showing Rhea Kellys pictures and we were talking about her. But in general, it's kind of like silt, I think. stir them up and they linger for a while before settling back down."

"Have to forgive me, I'm not a simile sort of guy." Zaharis smiles a little. "Does it bother you, thinking of what Kelly might've thought of it?"

Reed smiles, "Bother me? Naah, not really. I guess I'm lucky, I know what her biggest gripe with what I did with the time since she died would be. Not finding someone to commit with like I did with her. Me being in the Military, we had a talk about if one of us died. Keep living, Be happy. I always thought I'd die first. Just because I was in the military, and she was a dancer, for fraks sake."

Zaharis smirks slightly. "Don't know, that field can be pretty hazardous from what I've heard. What kind of dancing did she do? I know that's probably not the cultured way to ask that."

Reed grins, "She was an accomplished Dancer graduating in the top fifth of the Caprican academy of Dance. Background in musical theater. She enjoyed classic ballroom, jazz, everything. She could cut a swath through a nightclub dance floor, and make priests weep in a temple celebration with equal ease."

Zaharis nods, thoughtfully. "Where'd you meet her?"

Reed smirks, "At a reception. I was a Lieutenant on the rise for finding a reason for an outbreak of Flourescent poisoning on a Marine base, and she was part of a group trying to earn extra money performing for the reception. She couldn't get her glitter to hold properly." He looks to Zaharis, "Her stage makeup was old, and had broken down. I added some new Resin gum to her mixture and it worked. From there, we just took off."

Zaharis looks a little amused. "Rhea hasn't been lending you her softcore books, has she?"

Reed smirks, "No, she hasn't. That's how it happened. I'm a chemist, you know, it was simple, and it got me talking with her, and we just clicked." He makes a face at the CMO

Zaharis raises both hands in surrender, smiling. "Just had to check, man." His fingers drop to rest on the chair arms again. "Your family like her?"

Reed snorts, "Oh frak yes. Someone who might bare grandchildren? Oh they adored her to pieces, and she got along with them fairly well, too, was a little iffy about them, concerned about her being just 'Reeds girlfriend who might breed' Which was valid. but she came to wave off them as I did."

Zaharis laughs under his breath, nodding. He falls silent a few seconds, thinking about everything before he speaks again. "Did you ever think you wanted kids?"

Reed nods, "with her, yes, definately. dispite my parents deep desire for grandkids that put me off, with Kelly, I got over that. and she wanted them too. We were going to wait for a while, but they were in the plans."

"How many?" Zaharis asks, shifting in his chair. "The lone one to spoil or did you see yourself having a house full?"

Reed smirks, "Boy and girl, one of each." He grins, "That was the plan. when we were ready, we'd try, but she was all set to be my wife first, see about becoming a Navy wife, getting into the rhythm of it."

"It sucks, that's what the rhythm is." Zaharis shrugs. "Everyone thinks it'll be fine in the beginning. Think they're so in love and so special that nothing could change that. Then some people make it…some don't."

Reed looks at Zaharis, "Perhaps, but we were ready to try. We'd been together for three years, and were going to take all the steps to ensure we were going to make it, from priests to councilors, The Navy has programs for couples to attend to make sure.. or.. they had them."

"Like I said." Zaharis smiles slightly. "Everyone goes in thinking they can do it. Or went in, anyway."

Reed nods, "Yes, they do, of course, no one goes in thinking they're going to hate their spouse, and end up fighting for time with the kids. No one goes into it thinking that. but sometimes, they're right and it works."

Zaharis makes a small 'have it your way' motion and rests his head back against the chair. "Anyway. I'm glad you showed Rhea."

Reed nods, "So am I really. I think she got a sense of what Kelly was like. I think it did some good."

"In what way?" Zaharis asks, using his foot to idly turn his chair on its pivot.

Reed tilts his head, "Sometimes it's good to know that other people have laid dearly loved ghosts to peaceful rest." He says, looking across the office, "Shows them an example of what they can do themselves."

"Yeah," Zaharis replies, with a neutrality in his tone that sounds very practiced. "I'm sure it will."

Reed snorts, "Cynic. So is that coffee pot for decoration, or what?"

"No, it actually has real live coffee, shockingly." Zaharis sits up and pulls his desk drawer open, pulling up two clean mugs. "And I'm not a cynic. If I were that would have been much more sarcastic."

Reed nods, "Mmm, yes, I'm sure it would have." He says smoothly. "so, anything weird and wonderful happening over here in sickbayville?"

Zaharis ignores Reed's answers and pulls another cigarette from his pack. "Weird and wonderful. Not really. Pilots and Marines resting comfortably, restocking the Pandora. Teaching classes here and there, researching getting our operating rooms down into conservation mode. Life goes on."

Reed nods, "Seems stable enough then. Guess I've been missing you at the Range." He thinks, "What are you teaching? I mean I know about the anatomy course on the PAS, any other plans from the Dean of Zaharis U?"

Zaharis smirks. "I've come to the conclusion that I'll never be able to hit the broadside of a barn. Skipped the other stages of grief and went straight to acceptance on that one." He picks up his lighter. "Well, the College of Oh Shit He's Bleeding is going to be running some first aid courses, beginning and advanced. College of Moooom They Don't Listen To Meeee will be conducting some leadership training for our newer officers and some advanced things for several that I have my eye on to promote. There may be offerings from the School of Frak Was That His Artery and the branch campus of Is That Typhoid or Diptheria. We've got some emergency recognition and procedure things lined up." He pauses to light up the smoke. "And if there's time I think some classes in teaching itself might be prudent. Now that all we have is each other."

Reed nods, pointing, "Now, that, is a class I'd be interested in. I'd like to enroll in the school of Please, Listen While I Explain This Shit To You. I think it would be worthwhile to get those skills down."

"Yeah?" Zaharis turns his head to exhale. "And here I was afraid there'd be no interest."

Reed shakes his head, "Not for that, I'm interested. I know that being really good at something doesn't mean squat for imparting it to others."

Zaharis chuckles. "Yeah, it took me a couple bombs to figure that out, myself. I'll warn you that I've taught plenty of things in the last couple of years but I haven't yet tried to teach what I've learned about teaching."

Reed grins, nodding, "Understandable, but I'll take my chances there. What would you say are the core things to remember when trying to teach someone?"

Zaharis takes a drag off the cigarette. "Well. There are a hundred theories about teaching and learning, so standard disclaimer that your mileage may vary. I find that the soul of teaching is in how the teacher views both the students and the act of teaching itself. Ineffective teachers, in my opinion, tend to view teaching as simply taking knowledge and placing it into the student, unchanged. They see it like a commodity, something they have that makes them important, and which the student draws from them. Like a bank." A slight shake of his head. "Whereas I think what's taken for granted, and damagingly so, is that teachers need to learn how the students understand the world so that we understand how the student can learn. It's a teacher's responsibility — often neglected — to teach in a way that's both relevant to the student and encourages the student to think critically rather than just memorise and accept."

Reed nods, "Instead of memorizing and accepting then applying the information, it's given in a way that the application of the knowledge is at least as important as the knowledge itself then?"

"Yes," Zaharis nods once. "But it goes deeper than that. Anyone can say 'Okay, here's the procedure, now go apply it'. Not everyone can get a student to discover the procedure for themselves through critical thinking."

Reed nods, sitting back, thinking about that for a moment. "So taking the student through critical thinking to lead them to the applications while you're imparting the knowledge. LEt them understand it on their own terms when applied through situational analysis?"

"In essence, yes." Zaharis nods. "Teaching is less about directly imparting than guiding a student through the process of making their own links and discoveries. If you know they're wrong, challenge their conclusion through guided questioning rather than infodumping the 'right answer'. Even if they're right, I believe a teacher has a responsibility to help them understand why they're right. Not to simply say 'Yes'."

Reed nods, "Makes sense for a lot of things. Knowledges and the like, though I think there are skills where the learning is pretty hardlined. Studying how to shoot is all well and good, but there's a muscle memory portion of it that just takes practice. I've understood a lot about shooting, but only shown marked improvement in my scores after spending a lot of time and a lot of training ammo."

Zaharis smiles. "I couldn't teach firearms worth a frak, so I couldn't even offer an opinion on that one."

Reed lifts a finger, "Ah, but you're a doctor and a teacher, so let me offer this idea. What you're talking about is knowledge, academics and the like, while shooting and such are more instinctive, reflexive. Perhaps that's the line. Understanding how to impart the purely mental connections is one thing, while imparting the reflexive skills would take more practice and training the body.." He smiles, "the differance between teaching and training, perhaps?"

"Could be." Zaharis nods to that. "Though hazarding a conclusion from the crappy lessons I've had in firearms, even physical training has a critical thinking element. Knowing how to analyse your stance, your balance, your grip, everything else. It becomes muscle memory eventually, but before you get to that stage you have to understand your own body and the processes both it and your mind go through. I think that being trained to listen to your body is the segue into it becoming reflex."

Reed nods, "Yeah, I'll go along with that. That's the first lesson Ramiro and I had, setting my stance, grip and the like, and it all worked just fine there, then it became shooting ten thousand times to get it down. I think the most important part is putting them on the right path with the thinking, and for shooting, perhaps letting them go and get used to it so it's muscle memory." he thinks, "That seems right."

"Again, could be." Zaharis gives Reed a mild grin. "I could be talking out of my ass. That's the whole critical thinking thing."

Reed shakes his head, "Well one of us needs to not be talking out of his ass here." He smirks, "and I'm just reaching for theories."

"Well there you have mine, in nutshell version," Zaharis stretches his arms up, lacing his fingers. "I'm a dirty praxis lover."

Reed nods, smirking, "Fair enough, dirty praxis lover, that's funny." He considers a moment, then asks, "You seen Rhea lately, yourself?"

Zaharis rests his laced hands down on the top of his head. "Saw her in berthings, briefly. Adele was with her a couple hours last night, said they girltalked the evening away. I didn't even think about crashing that one."

Reed nods, pulling out his handheld, "So you seen her latest then or not?" He starts tapping his computer, doing something.

Zaharis shakes his head. "Think Adele's would have been the latest sighting."

Reed nods, his handheld beeping, "Okay, guess then this evening will be the proper unveiling then." He puts the handheld away.

"Unveiling of what?" Zaharis asks, amused. "The Great Wall of Booze?"

Reed shakes his head, "Nooo, nono, that's the Taproom. Four people should be nicely toasted with the Satchel of Drunkenness. No, this is for Rhea to unveil, really.

Zaharis is quite lost, so all he can really offer is a vague, "Okaaay."

Reed smiles, "Don't worry, it's going to be fiiine." He says in a reassuring way. "Might see about getting some more food for the gathering. Something.. I don't know to have with the booze beyond chocolate and snack food. Wonder if they have any portable eel dishes yet. Foot long eels on a bun or something.

Zaharis picks up his cigarette for a drag as Reed talks. "Mmm-mmm. Like being at a ball game from hell."

Reed grins, shrugging, "Something like that, I just think that some food will help prevent us from getting too drunk too fast."

Zaharis smirks at that. "Who's /us/, lightweight?"

Reed grins, "Okay, so maybe I'm not as in practice as you are. Fine, I'll just eat before hand."

"I have a liver of steel," Zaharis replies, overdramatically. "But, well. I guess we should invest in some food for the womenfolk. I'll take care of it, I have an idea."

Reed nods, "Okay then. You and your liver of steel handle the food and recovery medicine, I have the booze, Adele got the place, and Rheas bringing entertainment."

"Sounds like a recipe for disaster," Zaharis says, cheerily. "I approve."

Reed nods, "Most definately does, doesn't it? You might want to polish your liver of steel and be ready for, as Adele describes it, some silliness."

"I have the feeling I'm going to be making a concerted effort -not- to be able to remember it tomorrow." Zaharis smirks, sitting up and putting out his cigarette. "That in mind, I'm going to get back to the hunt for Streptococcus pneumoniae." He picks up the suction-cup dartgun, holding it up by his face. "The safari waits for no man."

Reed nods, leaning forward, taking his satchel, and slinging it over his shoulder as he rises, "Then I'll see you later. Enjoy your hunt, Doctor." He smiles, turning to the door.

"Tally-ho!" Zaharis stretches his arm out towards the X-rays hanging on his board and pulls the trigger. THWACK.

Reed chuckles, heading out, leaving the door as he found it.

Reed leaves for Sickbay [o].
Reed has left.

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