Oh Boy (or Girl)!
Oh Boy (or Girl)!
Summary: Rue finds out that she's pregnant. The A-word is cautiously avoided, and a pilot is displeased. Bonus: The aftermath of Melia's slip of the tongue.
Date: 41 ACH
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"What if it is? What am I going to do?" Rue is asking as she leads the way into the Sickbay, rubbing at her face. "What would you do?" she asks whoever is coming in behind her, loosely crossing her arms in front of her.

"Get really drunk," Addie replies as she steps into Sick Bay behind Rue. "Really sloppy completely shitfaced drunk."

Reighner is waiting by the front desk, holding a metal-cover patient chart.

"I…" Rue turns and just stares at Addie, taking the pilot serious, before cracking a smile and shaking her head. "I'm being serious, Addison." Sighing, she turns back and spots Reighner, moving over towards the man, "Doctor. I got your message."

"So am I, Savannah," Addie says, reaching up to pull her dark hair into a tail. She follows along with Rue, crossing her arms loosely.

Reighner nods to Rue, flashing a hopefully calming smile. He glances at her escort. "Come this way, please." He gestures behind the counter and starts walking for an empty, curtain-shielded gurney.

Rue shoots Addie a look, then follows after Reighner, taking a seat on the gurney. "This is Captain Addison Nikos. Captain Nikos, this is Doctor Reighner."

"We've met," Addie notes simply, following right after Rue and Reigher, arms still crossed. She stands beside the gurney while Rue sits on it.

Melia slips into the Sickbay with her head down, demeanor somewhat subdued. There's none of her usual darting, though she IS very quietly jingling as she walks. In her hand is an empty bottle with a jaunty bow tied around it - a bottle which gets tossed in the waste bin on her way by.

"Would you mind if I invited a nurse in to observe?" Reighner asks first, after they've entered. "We like to think of this place as a teaching zone also." He's being careful with his body language.

"I… don't mind," Rue says, even as her gaze drifts up towards Addie. "You've met before?" she prompts, voice tainted with just a smidge of anxiety.

"No one was drunk, so it's not what you think," Addie replies before she moves to drop a hand onto Rue's shoulder. "He stitched up my arm. It wasn't pretty. If you need surgery, get someone else to close." Oh, levity the Nikos way.

"She was a model patient," Reighner says dryly. He ducks his head out through the curtains for a few moments. Three or four sentences are said. Then, he comes back in, trailed by Melia. "This is Petty Officer Third Class Sullivan." With that brief introduction, he opens the chart and looks down at it.

A somewhat subdued PO3 follows Reighner in, but the smile turns a little warm as she dips her head to the two in the alcove. Like a good PO, she doesn't speak - merely waits.

"Petty Officer," Rue offers, then looks first at Reighner, then down at the chart, then at her hands, then at the chart. "I don't think I've seen that scar, Ads."

Addie nods to the arrival. "Sully." Nicknames are born fast around pilots. Meanwhile, Addie's hand remains on the CAG's shoulder. "You want, I'll show you after, Sav."

Reighner closes the chart and looks up. By the tone, he seems to be delivering what he perceives to be overall good news. He doesn't smile, though. "You're pregnant." He adds, "Fairly along, actually. It's almost totally conclusive given the value of your test result."

Melia is quiet as the diagnosis is…delivered? No pun intended. She simply listens.

"Godsdammit." Rue looks away from the others in the curtained off room. "Figures. It figures. It's his. He's gone. But that's not good enough. He's gotta stick me with his spawn first." Pressing her hands to her head, she says, "Somewhere in the Eleysian Fields, he is laughing his frakking ass off."

Addie's eyes flick to Reighner. She just stares at him for a moment. "You needed a nurse to witness that? No offense, Sully. I just figured you'd be getting more out of it." She looks to Rue then. She's quiet for a long moment. "Raise a pilot. That'll piss him off."

Reighner doesn't say anything to either of the pilots and keeps an unassuming expression. He turns slightly to Melia and lowers his voice. "Typically, my approach when breaking news depends on how my patient first reacts. In these circumstances, I like to wait until my patient asks a question, so that I don't overwhelm them."

Mellie looks from Rue to Addie to Reighner then back to Rue, head tilting ever so slightly to one side. Oddly, she seems to be attempting that whole "calming presence" thing.

"No good. He'd want a pilot too. He told me… he tried to get into the Navy," Rue looks back over, eyes rather wet, but not spilling over just yet. "How-" Her voice squeaks a little, so she starts again, clearing her throat first, "How soon does my CO need to know about this? How long do I have to think?"

Addie leans in and says to Rue, "I'd have to be beyond hammered. There is not enough beer in the world." Hard to say if she's referring to Reighner or pregnancy. Possibly both. A pause. She considers Rue's questions, and waits for Reighner's reply. Her hand tightens a little on Rue's shoulder, then she releases it, and re-crosses her arms.

Reighner's eyebrows draw together a touch when Rue mentions thinking. He makes the quick mental jump to the a-word. He draws his white coat together a little and clasps his hands in front of it, unconsciously guarding. "Well, I'll give you a form that has your pregnancy details. You should notify your commander and transmit the form to him or her within two weeks." He pauses and ventures, seemingly uncomfortable with this notion, "If… you would like to terminate your pregnancy, there is a noninvasive procedure that involves a pill, but it can only be prescribed for another week or so."

"A week isn't enough time," Rue states flatly, leaning into Addie a little with her shoulder as she looks Reighner in the eyes. "This is frakked. Absolutely frakked." If she takes note of his discomfort, it doesn't show, as she bluntly states, "I'm not deciding now."

Addie remains beside Rue. She stays silent for the moment, though she does keep her eyes on the CAG.

Melia's jaw tightens at the implication of the A word, but she, too, says nothing.

Reighner clears his throat and nods. He smiles tightly. "Yes, certainly. I'm sorry that the baby was unexpected." He conveniently doesn't discuss the other abortion procedures open to Rue. He asks Melia, "Would you please get the pregnancy notification form?"

"Unexpected. But not unwanted," Rue corrects, before pushing herself up off the gurney. "Thank you, Doctor." She adds, after a moment's hesitation, "I'm happy. You have no idea. If the Cylons hadn't attacked, I'd be screaming for joy down that hallway—" she gestures out of Sickbay, "I'd be running right into his arms to tell him. To start making plans for a life. Thinking about what to write my parents back on Leonis. Thinking about baby names." Then she says, "But the Toasters destroyed everything. He's gone. I have no life. My parents, if they're alive, are on a world suffering from nuclear winter and nothing is right in the whole damned world right now. Nothing. Except this… gift." She swallows hard and turns away, not quite looking Addie in the eyes. "I so want a beer right now."

Addison glances at Reighner. "Paperwork please. We're going to go have a beer." Rue can have one while Addie makes up the difference.

Micah clomps into sickbay, and proceeds to do what Micah does when faced with people in lab coats and the smell of antiseptic: he lurks. Once or twice, a nurse asks if he's here to see a doctor, or would like to sit down at the very least, but most such enquiries are brushed off. He seems to be looking for someone.

Melia dips her head to Reighner and slips out of the curtained alcove. She offers Micah a small smile as she goes to get the paperwork.

Reighner nods slightly. "I understand, major. Your life has changed today, in a wonderful way. There are plenty of military opportunities for expectant mothers." He takes a half-step forward. "I'm sorry, we're not done here. There's a number of things you should be aware of, including the fact that you need to avoid alcohol. It is dangerous to the baby."

"Is there… some sort of manual? For this thing?" Rue asks, pointing down at her stomach. "I understand manuals. I read through the flight manual on the Viper Mk II and was flying one that week. I like manuals. Manuals are good."

Micah glances up in time to spot Melia, and his mouth twitches in what could be construed as a smile. Or maybe, just a twitch. There's brief recognition, and he studies her a moment while she tends to her paperwork. And finally summons the nerve to approach. "Uh. Hey. Lookin' for someone.."

"One beer isn't going to kick it out, Doc. Generations of Nikos can attest." Addie glances over at Reighner. "Don't you have a pamphlet that can deliver the factoids without the judgment? That would be great. Thanks."

Melia tilts her head slightly toward Micah and offers a bit more of a smile. "I'll be right back with you," she tells the pilot quietly. Let me get this back to the doctor and I'll be right out." She waves the papers in her hands.

Micah looks like he's about to argue. He even opens his mouth to do so, then shuts it again. "Right." Muttered quietly, he sidles the woman a terse look and then shuffles off to find a coffee machine. If there is one.

Reighner walks the short distance to the rolling cart. He pulls it open and digs through it. "There is no amount of alcohol that's been determined safe for a fetus, captain," he tells Addie dryly. He leaves the judgment sentence alone. Eventually, he finds a fold-up pamphlet — Pregnancy and You — and extends it to Rue. "I'll have the form forwarded confidential to your department. Remind me again, how many days ago since your last period?"

"At least ninety," Rue says as she claims the pamphlet, then admits, "I couldn't sleep last night, so I counted." She sighs and eyes the pamphlet, then looks at the other pilot at her side. "It's alright, Addison. Let's just go back to the berthing."

"I'd trust a beer over war any day. What the Major needs from you is to know how long she has on her flight status, and possibly vitamins." Addison steps around the curtain, and exits the little 'private' area. "What did you do this time, Pokey?" Yes, Micah, you've just been dubbed. Pokey, as in he lives in the.

Melia hands the paperwork over to Reighner to give to Rue, but glances briefly over her shoulder at Micah as if curious what his problem is. A shake of her head gets her back to the job at hand.

Micah's problem is probably a few different things. Not the least of which, he doesn't like being around sickbay. He seems to consider pressing Melia for details, but Addie slips out from behind one of the curtains at that point. Her question has him smirking, and ditching the cup of lukewarm grinds he was considering drinking. "Lookin' for the Major. Couldn't find her in the ready room, and I know she's not on CAP right now.." So, logically, she must be here. Right?

Reighner arches an eyebrow at Addie's back. He returns his attention to Rue. "Please let me know when you decide so I can set up a natal care team. Your baby's about seventy-six days old gestationally. You shouldn't start to show until four weeks in. I feel you should be safe to fly until then, but please do notify your commander as soon as possible." He accepts the form from Melia without a short nod.

Rue furrows her brow and follows after Addie. "I haven't decided yet," she reminds the woman. Though, from the hesitancy in her words, she damn well has. She looks back to Reighner and makes solid eye contact, before allowing herself a genuinely happy smile. And then there's Micah. Distraction, even! "Pokey. Now there's all sorts of ways to interpret that. I like it." Pause. "So. It seems I'm in need of people to get drunk for me."

"Funny that you'd look for her here." Addie stands there with her arms crossed, eyes on Micah. One might get the impression she's looking for an excuse to yell at someone, if only from her posture. She waits for Rue to catch up.

"Don't find it too funny at all," is Micah's low-voiced reply. His hands are shoved in the pockets of his fatigues, tall frame hunched like a linebacker waiting for a play. Spotting Rue over Addie's shoulder, he seems to back off a touch. "Gotta get ready for duty." Whatever that means, desk jockey. The CAG's watched for a long moment, then he starts to prowl away.

Melia watches Rue and Addie for a long moment, then turns away to tidy up the previously used alcove. Her head is down, movements a little slower, more studied than usual.

Reighner stays in the alcove area. He pulls out an expensive-looking pen from his coat and fills out the form at the rolling equipment cart. "You take fourteen days from the start of her last menstrual cycle to estimate the fetus's age," he explains, almost reflexively, to Melia. "I think what just happened illustrates how diverse patient reactions can be." He adds, wryly, "Sometimes, the people they bring in with them, too."

"Ads, he came here with me yesterday," Rue says, gripping Addie's forearm briefly as she watches Micah head out of the Sickbay. "Let's go and talk shit about Marines someplace quiet." She offers a wave to Reighner and Melia, then heads for the exit herself.

"Don't strain yourself shuffling papers," comes the Squad leader's reply to Micah. Addie, if she hears Reigher, makes no comment. Then again, maybe her words to Micah are a bit of one. "Savannah, I'll meet you in the berthing in twenty." With that, the Captain walks toward, and exits via the hatch.

Melia dips her head, remaining quiet in the alcove as she looks over at the form filling. "And standard is forty weeks, or 280 days for human gestation," she offers, half-question.

"Ah'll try not to, sir." Micah's tone is laced with facetiousness. There's a quick smile for Rue, apology and relief in that infintessimal turn of his lips, and then he's heading briskly out.

"It's like herding cats," Rue comments outloud.

Reighner nods. He scribbles the relevant information on the form before signing. "Yes, if you don't subtract the two weeks from the last menstrual period. Otherwise it's 38 weeks. If you don't subtract the two weeks, we call it the postmenstrual age instead of the gestational age. Semantics, really." He smiles a touch and looks sidelong at Melia. "I hope I didn't waste your time, usually I like to have somebody with me whenever I'm on rounds."

Mellie offers him a small smile. "Not at all, Sir," she says quietly. Yep, DEFINITELY subdued. "It's nice getting to work with newer faces."

Reighner takes the form and folds it up. "Let's walk this to the front." He ducks through the curtain.

Melia finishes up quickly and follows him. "Do you think she'll…" Mel asks, then seems to think better of it. "Sorry," she murmurs.

"She'll abort?" Reighner asks. He shakes his head. "I don't know, but I hope not. Ultimately, the choice is the patient's, of course. As healthcare providers, we should respect any decision that's made." That's the textbook response, anyway, and it's delivered with a tone that suggests he realizes that.

Oddly enough, the small woman looks sad as she walks beside him. "It must be a very hard choice for her to consider right now," she says, probably needlessly. "It sounds as though her partner has…passed on?"

Reighner nods. "It seems so, yes." He puts the form on the nurse's counter and mumbles, "Confidential to Major Rue, please."

Melia tilts her head slightly as she looks up at Reighner. "Isn't…everything," she asks, hesitantly.

"Isn't everything what?" Reighner asks. He turns around and leans on the nurse's counter, folding his arms. His elbows clatter against his stethescope.

"Confidential," she asks, just a touch uncertain now. Ok, a lot uncertain.

Reighner smiles. "Yes, I suppose so. It's a habit of mine." He pushes off from the counter. "Are you feeling alright, Sullivan? You seemed a little reserved earlier."

Melia pauses for a long moment, head tilting as she looks up at the man, biting her lip. "Ever have one of those nights where you shove your foot so far down your throat that it gives you a cheap thrill when you wiggle your toes?"

Reighner lifts his eyebrows. He half-grins and asks, "What'd you do?"

Melia glances away. Yep, emotions written on her face. She's uncertain and just a little bit ashamed. "I told him that, where I was from, his wounds meant he didn't get his ass out of the way fast enough," she admits quietly. "Though I did also say I didn't know his story."

"Who?" Reighner asks. His grin fades a touch.

That fading grin has her looking away, face turning the color of ripe plums. "Major Reed," she says, voice going just a little quieter. "He was talking about comparing battle scars with the Marines and…" She shakes her head again. "It was something I've heard pretty much all my life. I have five older brothers. I came home, once, with a bruise after a fight - and I was proud of myself for having taken the other guy down. I got told that I did alright, but the bruise meant I didn't get my ass out of the way fast enough. The next two weeks were spent in drills with my brothers."

Reighner's eyes widen. "Well. Maybe later, you can find Regas and call him an idiot." He seems to find this a bit amusing, and the half-grin returns in full force.

Melia's brows furrow a little as she looks up at him. Yes, she's confused. "Why would I…" Yep, utterly confused. "Is that what I did?"

Reighner shakes his head, fully grinning now, and pats Melia on the shoulder in a 'job well done' manner. "It's alright, petty officer. Next time you see him, let him know that you didn't mean it. Reasonable people could assume that you're making light of a legitimate injury." He starts off for another bed. "Come on, there's a person with cold-like symptoms in fourteen."

Melia seems to relax, just a little - and yes, she looks hopeful. "Aye, Sir," she says quietly and tails along behind, moving a bit lighter - and still jingling.

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