Oh Wingman My Wingman
Oh, Wingman, My Wingman
Summary: Addie delivers some news and drops a new assignment on Novella. Something is afoot in yon Air Wing.
Date: 45 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 9, Mess Hall, 45 ACH

The Mess Hall on the Genesis is quite large and able to hold over 300 personnel at a time. Tables are staggered in some areas and set against the wall in others. The mess hall begins near the hatch with an area for trays and silverware, then moves through the line for the cooks to dish up whatever is on the menu for the day. There are also snack machines at the end of the line, past the huge coffee urns and water dispensers.

This late in the shift, not many are hanging around the Mess. It'll probably get busy again in a bit. But Novella is back in her flight suit after being cleared by medical for a return to duty. She's on alert this shift. But the woman is sitting by herself at a large table with a steaming cup of coffee, fingers laced across her stomach in a lean back. People watching to pass the time.

The Mess Hall. It's a location on the ship most of the hands visit several times a day, stocked full of all the rationed goodness you can eat… er, are allowed. Captain Addison Nikos makes her way through the end of the line with her tray, and turns to the sparsely populated—it's a little late in the rotation for dinner. She's wearing her off duties and carries an ever present small notebook in one hand, clasped under the tray. She makes her way through the tables to find a place to sit. Her eyes light on Novella, and her journey takes a detour toward the seated Ensign.

Normally the Ensign wouldn't pay much notice to the squadron commander. No reason to bring trouble on yourself, right? She's noted in the line but at the woman's approach, Novella sits up a touch. "Captain Nikos," she says quietly, nodding. "You going to join me?" She seems a bit more surprised than anything else.

"It's you or the marines." Addie nods toward a few young jarheads huddled around a low table, talking amongst themselves. "Relax, Ensign." She tosses her notebook to the table, and then sets down her tray, taking a seat across from Cav. "It got rough planetside." It's not a question. It may funny Addison waited this long to bring up the mission that landed two of the Wing in Sick Bay for so long. "Medical clearance to fly. Always a relief."

"Yeah, well.. some people prefer the Company of the Corps. Though they don't tend to have college educations, sir." She ventures the joke with the beginnings of a smile. But Addie tells her to relax, so she does her best and settles her hands around the mug of coffee in front of her. But the topic of that mission gets a blink. "Uh, yeah.. It did." She's not sure where to go with that so she looks to her mug. "Damned pleased to be back in the pit, Captain. Rue's had me and Micah in sims for the past week or so. We've been running engagements and trying new things."

"That just makes it easier to confuse them, which is always handy in a friendly game of Triad." There's a certain emphasis on 'friendly'. The Captain surveys the contents of her tray, and picks up a utensil to poke at the 'entree'. It's always a craps shoot in here, but the beauty of it is, when it's unidentifiable, you really don't have to put much thought into what it is you're eating. That, my friends, is the key to swallowing. "Experimentation is always good, and I look forward to seeing your moves. Jailhouse has been assigned to my wing for CAP once he's active again." She does not elaborate on the whys. She takes a bite of the fare of the day, and washes it down with coffee. She also has a water. "Do you remember much of it after you were wounded?"

Novella chuckles to the Captain's joke. There's a smile on her face as well, nodding as she agrees with the moves. She's about to say something when the notice of reassignment comes up. Cav looks utterly destroyed, the smile wiping from her face in an instant. Shoulders sink as if she's just been told she's being transferred to Engineering. "Sir.. w-why??? Why are you taking my wingman?!" She keeps her voice low and calm, but anger is near the edges. The sudden change of pace for the questions has her reeling ,her mind trying to keep some semblance of pace. "Uh." Blink. Blink. "Not.. much? A really nice Marine named Lex. I remember the parts just after we got to the cabin but that's about it." Confused. Especially about Micah.

Another sip of coffee follows a second bite of the food. Addie eats efficiently—small bites, wasting no time contemplating the ingredients. "No issues with marines planetside?" She nods slightly. "The Ensign's attitude problem hasn't resolved itself. It's going to be resolved."

Still on her footing about the Marines, she blinks again. "No. As far as I know they performed flawlessly. Why?" But the last gets a stare from her. "Captain..!" She still keeps her voice at a conversational level. "Then why not give me another chance to get him set straight?? He's my responsibility." She taps a finger into the table, though it would probably have been much louder in the berthings. And probably a fist. There's a lot more she wants to say but doesn't. She's biting back tons. Someone has stolen her wingman.

Addison's dark eyes come up from her tray, and she regards Novella with a level gaze for several beats before she makes a reply. "You're both my responsibility. When your pins are as shiny as my pins, then you can make demands of your Squad leader. Until then, recognize you are also an Ensign, and with that rank come restrictions in behavior. This may be part of St. Germain's problem." Addie puts her fork down.

Just when Novella seems like she might retort something, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. There's several seconds where her hands lift to her face and rub at her forehead. Thoughts being gathered. She finally sits back in the chair. "Aye, sir." Its not a guilt-trip or snooty inflection. She's trying. "I hadn't thought of that, Captain." She eyes the table in front of her, letting things move over her. "I, uh.." Cav cants her head a touch. "I told Rue that I was tired of being the problem child." Ahem. "That I wanted to be a better officer. I guess I'm really not living up to my word, am I?" It hurts to admit, but there's anger in her voice.. but its now directed inward.

Addison regards Novella for a moment before she nods. "You did, right there, Ensign." She picks up her fork again, and spears another bite. "There is no manual for this—war time on near constant alert, with the battle this severely skewed. It takes a toll. Nothing's been textbook since Day 0. Even in the face of that, we cannot afford to let the chain of command, and the standard of conduct, fall by the wayside. Ensign St. Germain is as yet unwilling to stuff his anger when it needs stuffing, and he lashes out at anyone who strafes his position. I don't care how fancy his flying is, nothing makes up for that kind of attitude." Bite. Ugh. Coffee. Sip. "Officers make mistakes, Novella. Then they get kicked in the ass for making them. I appreciate your candor. It lets me know you're thinking, and not just reacting."

Micah comes in from Corridor 9B.
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Jocasta comes in from Corridor 9B.
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Novella and Addie are sitting at a table by themselves. Cav has a cup of coffee and Addie is spearing some sort of nasty entree. The Ensign looks a bit flustered but is recovering from something. But she listens to Addie speak, their low conversation hard to pick out from beyond the table. Finally she nods. The compliment only gets the barest of a smile. "Understood, sir. Thank you. But.. this kind-of begs the question: Who am I supposed to fly with, then? Major Rue seems to be taking less time in the pit. Warwick and that other guy have paired off.. Do you intend to run me solo, sir?" Its an honest question, one that actually isn't laced with sarcasm or peppered with cynicism.

Micah filters into the mess hall along with several others, at this hour. It's chow time, and the Ensign apparently intends to make use of it. He's dressed in offduties, as are most here. Dark hair that could use a brush or a comb, or even a few fingers to put some order to it, is wet from a recent shower and plastered to his skull. Not sparing a glance for any of those seated nearby, he ambles toward the food queue.

Captain Nikos sits with Ensign Novella at a table in the Mess Hall. It's pretty sparsely populated this late in the chow rotation, and it leaves the two to their own table, with only a cluster of young marines within earshot of the two. "Have you had much face time with Ensign Dynames?" Addison does not elaborate as to any reasons behind the CAG's hands off for this particular issue. "I'll put you both on the next CAP rotation. Combat assignments are subject to change." Look, Air Wing Disclaimer.

Bell comes in from Corridor 9B.
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"You want me to pair with a Rook, sir? I'm.. an Ensign." Novella looks a little surprised. And a little nervous. "What should I do about Sloane, then? They've kinda paired-off. I mean, I can teach. No problem, sir. But.." The blonde swallows, fingers gripping the mug tightly. Rue is forgotten quickly with this prospect.

Reed comes in from Corridor 9B.
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Bell flits into the Mess Hall, dressed in off duties, intent on chow. To the line she goes. She waves to the cluster of young Marines, apparently signaling she'll join them once she's supplied with food. Or the facsimile of it the chow line serves.

And speaking off odd (wo)men out, Ensign Maru finds her way into the mess just a few minutes behind Micah. Fresh from duty on the deck, the pilot unbuttons her uniform overshirt at the neck.

"I gather you have an interest in teaching, Ensign." Addie finishes off her food with a final bite, and washes it down with half of her water. Once done, she glances across the table. "Her supervised missions will be done by senior pilots, but you can ease her into the water with a little tour around the viper. I'll assist for her supervised missions." The Captain pauses to finish her water, and then she gives Novella a look, and says, "If she develops attitude problems, I'll have your ass. Fair?" She could be kidding, but you know, she's probably not.

Chase comes in from Corridor 9B.
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Reed enters the Mess hall, cane in hand and he moves toward the food lines, stepping around them to meet one to the Galley workers, who comes out with a tray. Well, he's not waiting in line, but, considering the CRAP he's got on the tray, it's really not something to be jealous of. There's a bowl of some substance that was stolen from the set of the Matrix movies. There's also a lovely broiled piece of..Eel. Of course it's eel. plain broiled eel, no sauce, no spice, no real taste. He still nods to the Galley worker with a smile, however, taking the tray and turning to get a bottle of water and start scanning the tables to find a place to sit.

Micah notes Captain and ex-wingman at one of the tables near the back. They're the subject of a lengthy look from the Ensign, and then he's averting his eyes as someone jostles him forward in line. There isn't, for once, a shove in return as might be apropos from the pilot.

That shove? Comes from Jocasta. She's found herself shoulder to shoulder with Micah in the mess line and can't help but initiate a little piece of friendly, "Hey, space cadet, come on. I'm starvin' over here."

"Well, not an interest. I mean, I guess. I just took notes with my dad and grand-dad. Be patient and all that." She still seems a touch nervous at the prospect. Training a new wingman and a Rook. "This is a tall order, sir. But.. I mean, I'll do it. And as far as attitude problems.. I-" She swallows. "Viper Rooks are.. We were all mouthy frakkers when we started. I still am." As much as it sucks to admit. Suddenly things got a lot more complicated. Her gaze, though, is focused on Addie.

Bell ends up behind Micah, Jocasta and the shoving going on between them. She takes a step back from it. Leery of Air Wing-on-Air Wing shoving. She's served as she works her way through. Greens, bread, some kind of meat paddy thing. It might be eel. It's been heavily processed, so it's hard to tell.

"Yeah. Sorry." That's it. No flipping the bird to the ECO, no off-colour remark about the woman's appetite and where she can shove it. Micah only barely lifts his eyes to note that it's Jocasta behind him, and then shuffles forward to ladle rehydrated potatoes and soggy greens onto his plate. Bell isn't spotted, which is probably owing to the fact that he's keeping his eyes down.

Chase ambles into the Mess Hall, still wearing his duty outfit, liberally speckled in grease and oil. Hey, it's easier to get food than it is to go change. Running on autopilot, he joins the line behind everyone else, waiting patiently to see what the special of the day might be.

Addison smiles. Oh, how things get complicated when the Captain starts taking an interest, eh? "Don't boss or over handle. Instruct. If there's ever a question, I'll step in. Consider it trial run." She finishes her water, and the empty cup is tucked into the empty coffee cup, which is in turn tucked onto the empty tray. "Some are mouthier than others. If you're going to attempt to teach someone about flying, it's better you start with someone who isn't an epic attitude challenge to begin with." Oh, look. Addie's on Nice setting again. Yeah, that's what it looks like. "Responsibility is just a fancy word for your ass being on the line for someone else." Addison rises to take her empty tray to the service station. It'll take her past the food line. Joy.

Reed moves into the lines of tables, not seeing much in the way of places, he then makes a loop around to another aisle , looking around to find a place. Tray in one hand, cane in the other as he walks. It's the Gimp Brass hour.

Novella seems like she's taking careful notes. She doesn't nod or even move. Addie's words are commited to memory. She'll probably be mouthing them to herself later tonight. But then Addie stands and Cav moves to rise with her. She's got a ton of concerns but suddenly she's facing the Captain's back. "Uh, sir? I have some questions?" The mug sits, now ignored on the table. She's still oblivious to everything else for the moment.

Bell gives Micah a longer blue-eyed peering as she makes her way through the line. Which slows her progress. And probably annoys the people waiting behind her. One of whom is Chase. Bell continues peering at the downcast pilot with some concern, oblivious to her breach of line etiquette.

Well… that's pretty much a whole heap of just not right, according to Jocasta's accounting. She nudges Micah again, much more gently than before, and asks in a somewhat serious tone, "S'amatter with you?" Of course, it's only a moment before she's tacking on something sarcastic to the tune of, "You're not… knocked up, are you?" Her appetite isn't forgotten, however, and she opts for something akin to BBQ along with some soup, fruit, and cake. Gotta remember the cake.

Chase isn't that easily annoyed by waits in the food line. Not when he's already used to, and sick of, everything it has to offer. It gives him more time to do whatever it is he does inside his head when he's just hanging out there. Composing epic beat poetry in binary, perhaps. Or maybe he's sleeping on his feet. The line moves, he moves. The line halts, he halts.

Addie says, as she walks off, "Ready Room, Ensign." She keeps going, passing the line and the jostlers. The Ensign is intoned within earshot of both Micah and Novella, which could lead to a little confusion. She keeps walking, however, tosses her tray into the wash line, and turns to make her way back toward Nov, and the notebook she left on the table.

Reed moves around a table, and sees a relatively empty area where he moves to and takes a seat, watching the room. He looks around at the spaces around him, settling his tray down and sliding his cane down inside his left leg, to keep anyone from tripping over it.

"Frak off." It's muttered after a pause in Micah's heaping of food onto his plate; which for him, is rather lackluster at the moment. He's got to be the only officer in the Colonial fleet who relishes the idea of this slop, normally. Not today. Even the foul language itself isn't bestowed with its usual cheerful flippancy. There's a nod for the Captain, but he doesn't attempt to get in the woman's way; if anything, he steps aside slightly to let her pass, if she needs to cut through the line. Somewhere, Hades must be freezing over.

Bell is eventually squawked at by one of the Support servers, so she shuffles to the end of the line. Topping off her meal with water and some sort of cake-thing. It's square and appears to made to taste sweet, at least. Another curious, sideways look is darted at Micah. But she doesn't linger to stare anymore. There's sitting to do and food to be eaten. She heads over to where the young Marine are clustered, joining them.

Novella nods to Addie's verbal gesture. She's still in her flightsuit. But she swipes up the coffee and spots Micah as she steps away from the table. That crooked smile.. its not happy. She misses the guy already.

Chase opts, once his time comes, for that BBQ-like substance, whatever it really is. Plus veggies. And there we go. A nutritious, tasty meal. He gets it all, and shambles towards one of the various tables, weaving his way past one person and another, looking for either a free spot or a friendly face.

The good news is, Jocasta seems to take Micah's abrupt retort in stride. Her comeback is, "Well, there goes your pity proposal, mister." The bad news, however, is that she immediately leaves the line and heads for a table by her little lonesome. Somebody didn't just get their non-existent feelings mangled, did they?

Reed unfurls his silverware, and addresses his.. food. Even the dishes it's on looks bland, but he puts his spoon in the gruel and stirs it, taking a bite before taking his fork and using the edge of it to cut off a piece of the eel, and start chewing. And chewing, and chewing. He takes his water bottle and opens it as he chews.

Addison nods to those she knows in line. Air Wingers and beyond! Luckily, she's not friends or acquainted with a lot of people aboard, otherwise she'd look like a frakkin' bobble head going along that way. She re-joins Novella shortly, sweeps her notebook from the table, and heads for the exit, presumably with an Ensign shortly to be on her six. "You might need another bottle of water to get through that, Major." See, she shares intel between departments, too.

There's no smile from Micah, assuming he even notices Novella passing by. Odds are he does. Meat is spooned onto his plate next, and he leaves the line to find somewhere to sit. Unfortunately, options are slim at the moment. There's the table with the Marines, the Major off by himself, and Jocasta. He seems to give serious thought to the empty chair near Bell, but resigns himself eventually to the ECO's table. Thump. Thump. The first one's his tray, the second is him.

Chase chooses, by happenstance or luck, Jocasta's table, plopping his tray down in a seat across from her without really paying attention to who he's joining. It's a table, there's space, all is good. He settles in, before peering over to see who's in his vicinity. "Hey," he greets Jocasta blandly, with the vague recognition for someone he's seen in passing before.

Reed looks to Addie, shaking his head, "Actually quite tender, Medical orders." He gestures to his mouth, that's still chewing. He shrugs. Yes, he has orders on how to eat. Not like he's eating gruel and plain eel for the fun of it.

The Marines around Bell are having some sort of conversation that involves making a lot of fisting motions and imperative gestures with their forks. She stabs at her bread. To be a team player. But her enthusiasm isn't in it. "Good day to ya, sir," she offers chipperly enough at Micah as he thumps past. She doesn't shoo him away when he's considering the chair by her, but she doesn't call him back when he thumps over to Jocasta, either. He doesn't look like super-cheery company. "You know, I didn't believe a lot of the stuff you guys said about pilots, but…" she chatters with the Marines.

Battlestar Genesis, Deck 11, Ready Room, 45 ACH

The Ready Room is for pilots to get their assignments for the daily CAP. Rows of seating line six deep and back to the wall. At the front of the room there is a whiteboard, star maps and a podium for the CAG or Squadron Leaders to address the room. The flags of the colonies stand along the starboard wall as well as plaques of recognition. One plaque stands above those who have lost their lives and reads:

Captain Ide 'Screamer' Kolis

May he rest in peace among the stars.

So Say We All.

'Star Screamers' - Fighting 58th

Addie leads the way up to the Ready Room with very little small talk on the way. She spins the hatch and steps in, then leaves it open for Novella. She tosses her notebook into a chair, and turns to wait for the Ensign. The room is empty of all other personnel.

Novella doesn't even try. No point in asking these questions when Addie's calling her to the Ready Room anyway. Once inside, she closes the hatch behind them and steps over towards the Kill Board, glancing at it before looking to Addie. "So, Captain.." She swallows, taking a moment to compose. "I'm not entirely sure what you want me to do? I get that you want me to break her in. Keep her alive. I can do that. But I'm lost as to what else. Is this a permanent transfer? Should I expect Dynames to be my wingman from now on?"

"Nothing is permanent in wartime, Novella." Addie slides her hands behind her back, and clasps them loosely. "Assignments are made and changed by command as needed. You will not always know the reason. As for Dynames, you will assist with her supervised maneuvers with me, and you'll take her on her first CAP. You're free to run her through a few sims, and make progress reports directly to me. I will keep the CAG up to date on our progress."

The Ensign suddenly feels like she's back at the Academy again. The contempt and know-it-all expressions that would normally fall on her face are gone. She genuinely seems to want to be the better officer that she talked about. "Understood, sir. I'll assist you and take her on her next CAP. Report to you, aye. I'll run her through everything I can. Do you want me to teach her advanced wingman tactics like Saint Germain and I have been using? Or should I leave that to your decision, sir?" trying to get a feel for how much latitude she has.

"You see how she handles and use your own discretion when showing her moves. You have to be able to instruct without overloading her with too many tricks at once. Don't impose your flying. Assess her skills. Don't get pushy. You're an Ensign, too. This gives you no real authority over her, and is more of an advisory role than a teaching position." Addie clears up as much as she can with the fewest words possible. "Your job is to see what she knows and let me know just how green we're talking. Some pilots ease into it better than others, as you know."

There's a careful nod to Novella. A little smile touches the edges of her lips. Her own discretion. "I'll keep it all in mind, sir. But I'll do my best. I uh.. I know because I don't have rank I'll have to lead by example. I'll set the bar high. Higher than I thought I needed to." The confidence is edging back into her. "I'll look for her green-gills, too. Yeah. But I noticed that over the past week since they have been aboard, Dynames and Sloane seem to have paired. What would you like me to do with Sloane, sir? Take him out as well or leave him to someone else?"

"Don't worry about Sloane, Ensign. Dynames is your responsibility." Addison hasn't seen Sloane in action, and she has plans for the little AZN that could. He'll get a little TLC from more senior officers." You've got to think Addie's stacked the newbies in some sort of ranking in her head. Maybe she's just got it in for the boys.

"Aye, sir." Novella folds her hands behind her back, too. Standing a little taller. "Should I inform Dynames of her new assignment or will you be doing the honors, sir?" Voice a little more firm. Confident. She has an assignment outside her normal duties. There's a bit of pride. But just a little.

"I'll give her a heads up and then you're free to align your schedules when you both have duty time that isn't spoken for otherwise." Addison nods. "If you think up any questions, have me paged to call the nearest wireless, or find me."

"Understood, Captain." Novella's still taking it all in. Processing the advice. Trying to mate it with her task. But seeing that Addie is on her way out, the blonde nods. "It may be misplaced or even preemptive, but.." She snaps a salute to Addie. "Thank you, sir. For the trust."

Addie returns a salute to Novella. She smiles a bit and picks up her notebook. "You've survived several battles and shown a willingness to do what you need to in order to represent your fellows. You deserve it, Novella."

"I won't let the wing down, sir. Ever. And I'll make you proud, yet." Now there's determination. Novella's pride really is allowed into her bloodstream, then. But she won't keep the Captain any longer. The urge to squee and rip Micah to little pieces are going to be tough to balance.

Why balance? The gym is there for a reason, and no one can hear you squee in the pool. Twofer. "As you were, Ensign." With that, the Captain exits stage left.

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