Old Folks
Old Folks
Summary: Conversation and epic fail in the Hera cafeteria.
Date: 87 ACH
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Dining Hall Hera - Deck 2
87 ACH 23817 Souls

This room is laid out as a small, but standard Military mess hall. Rows of tables dominate the middle of the room and along one wall is an open buffet line where the head chef, A man named 'Germans', displays his high level of cooking prowess. Along the side of the room is a reclamation area, a small conveyor belt to take the dirty trays back into the Galley for washing.

Rhea is technically off-duty. Or between duty. She's listed as working on the Destiny DRADIS clean-up today, but is apparently logging some hours on the Hera before she gets to that. She's filched some coffee and the soup-of-the-day from the galley and is sitting at one of the tables, chowing.

Zaharis has that 'between duty' look as well, top button still done but obviously not seeing patients or chewing out staff just now. Having grabbed a cup of coffee he twists his way through the dining hall until his cup's plonked on Rhea's table, and he greets her with an overexaggerated Aerelon farm accent. "Hey there, purty lady."

"Heya yerself, hon," Rhea drawls, emphasizing the traces of her Sagittaron accent. "That a scalpel in your pocket or are ya just happy to see me?" She winks, chuckling, and resuming her normal dulcet tone. "Hey, Jesse. You over here working?"

Pepper comes in from Hallway.
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Salin comes in from Hallway.
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Zaharis pretends to shudder. "Frak, I can't keep that shit up." He slides into the seat and fishes cigarettes from his pocket, tossing them down. "Yeah, had some things to check up on in the bay just now. Still have some more, but the watch beeped, and when the watch beeps it's Vice Time."

Rhea is sitting with Zaharis at one of the dining hall tables. They both have a 'between duty' sort of look about them. Relaxed, but not entirely off. Both probably killing time until they're tugged off elsewhere. Rhea's filched herself a bowl of soup and a cup of coffee from the galley, Zaharis just has a coffee. "I'm headed over to the Destiny today. Give their DRADIS a look-over. I figured I'd come look in on Carter while I had some off hours, though, since I was going to be hitting the shuttles anyway."

Pepper steps into the Dining Hall, clearly in the "off duty" position. She's actually wearing a comfortable skirt and looking over her shoulder. "…I had no idea you were coming over this afternoon. If you'll give me a minute to get a bite of lunch, Colonel, I'll go find the Major." She's in professional, yet comfortable, mode.

Following Pepper into the Dining Hall, Salin is giving a quick nod of his head, "That's fine, take your time, Ensign. I'm in no real rush and I'm sure that he's got other things that he's dealing with it." He's in his uniform, though the top button has been undone and allowed to flop over, indicating that he's claiming to be off duty for the moment.

"Yeah, I heard the Destiny had a wiring adventure of some kind," Zaharis replies. That's about as specific as he gets; he doesn't wire stuff. "All sorts of blah blah blah coming back from that. My nurses are going to be busy little hamsters on their rumour mill for days."

Rhea is still in her fatigues, off duty as she is, though her mood is more comfortable than professional. She is not here on business, and she's making no pretense otherwise. She sips at her coffee, raising her head at the sound of Pepper and Salin's voices. Pepper gets a warm smile from the ChEng. Salin a cordial nod. "I think we've been caught with our hands in the cookie jar, Jesse," she says with a wink to the CMO. "The proverbial one, at least. Do you have cookies, Ensign? I suspect your cook'd do them up wonderfully."

Pep studies Salin for a moment, smiling, but then she hears voices. "Aye Sir," she murmurs, then nods to Rhea and Zaharis. "Major Zaharis, Major Zimmerman," she greets, the smile warming even more. "Cookies? I'm certain I can see if Germans has something in the kitchen while I'm there." There's a bit of a laugh in her voice. "Anyone care for anything while I'm up and going that way?"

There's an arch of Salin's brow at the mention of cookiee's and he offers a soft 'Oooh' before chuckling softly, "Cookies. A rare treat." There's a quick smile towards Rhea and Zaharis, followed by a nod, then he's looking back to Pepper, "Nothin for me, thanks." And with that said, he's moving over to claim himself a cup of coffee.

"You can just say Major ZahZimm and get it over with," Zaharis looks up at Pepper, that delivered with every air of seriousness. "And it's ZahZimm, not ZimmZah. Alphabetical trumps good legs." He nods gravely and sips his coffee, then turns attention to Salin. "What's up, Colonel?"

Rhea snorts at Zaharis, chuckling. "A unit? I like it. Economical. And I'll give you top billing. Everybody knows it's the second that does all the work, anyway. Besides, your gams aren't so bad, either." She offers a smile and "Thanks" to Pepper, gaze angling toward Salin. "Colonel." Another polite nod, as she's giving him a more proper greeting nod.

Pepper chuckles and slips off to the kitchen, disappearing to, apparently, have a little chat with Germans - and see what she can charm out of him.

Salin can't help but chuckle at the mention of 'ZahZimm' and he's giving his head a quick shake, "Cute." A mug is claimed and he's quickly filling it with coffee before turning. There's a look over towards Zaharis and he's giving a quick shrug of his shoulders, "Not much, Jesse. How about yourself?" Then, it's over towards Rhea, "Rhea. How's things down in your neck of the woods, these days?"

Zaharis raises a fist of solidarity at Rhea, then thumps it down. More coffee. "Not much either. Regular rounds over this way, not like the exciting life of the Zimm here." he grins at Rhea.

Rhea snorts at Zaharis, pumping up her fist, before lowering it. It's needed to steer her coffee cup. "It's not too exciting. Things in my woods are fine, Colonel, thank you for asking." A little more formal than usual with Salin, perhaps, but still cordial. "I've been meaning to offer you my congrats, by the way. Haven't seen you since you got the XO gig."

Pepper returns just a very brief time later carrying a small tray. There's one large mug and three small plates settled on it, each containing two small cookies. Without a word, she starts putting the cookies out, a plate in front of each senior officer. The mug is left on the table while the tray is carted off to its rightful place.

Salin's claiming a seat a the table, just as Pepper delivers cookie's and he's offering a quick nod to her, followed by a smile. There's a flash of a smile towards Zaharis and then he's looking back over towards Rhea, head canting slightly to the side before he's giving a quick nod, "Thanks." There's a slight lift of his mug to those present before he's taking a small sip.

"Cookies? Oh, man." Zaharis smiles at Pepper, hopefully not looking as ghastly as his mind keeps thinking his scarred face does. "Everything's officially okay in the universe, least for the next ten minutes. How are you doing, Peters?"

"So say we all," Rhea seconds Zaharis' approval of the cookies. "Your cook here is about as close to a chef as I've seen on a Navy ship. They usually draft just about anybody into the kitchens. Or use it as punishment duty. Which just ends up punishing everyone." She gives Pepper a grateful smile, digging into her cookie. Nibbling while she waits for Pepper's answer to Zaharis' query.

Pepper retreats to one end of the table with her mug of soup, both hands wrapped around it. "I've been doing well, Sir, thank you," she tells Zaharis with a smile. "Even better now that Destiny's back with the fleet and Lieutenant McKenzie's back on board. Yourself, Sir?" Pep seems as comfortable with Scarface as she does with Rhea.

A cookie is lifted from the plate and Salin is taking a small bite as his gaze flickers between the other three gathered at the table. For a moment, he seems rather content to just sit there, sipping his coffee and munching away on the cookie.

"Not bad, thanks." Zaharis hasn't picked up a cookie yet. Exercising willpower for a few minutes. He smirks at Rhea. "Good thing we didn't join a ship for the gastronomical experience. That's what the Carina's for."

"How're you taking to the post?" Rhea asks Salin. Not letting him get away with munching in peace. And this whole XO thing clearly has her curious, though she doesn't press /too/ hard. To Pepper, she nods. "I'm very relieved to see the ship back. Can't wait to get a look at their repair logs. Find out exactly what the frak happened. I'm thinking all the ships in the Fleet could stand to run a DRADIS diagnostic. Might as well try and learn something from this."

Pepper gives Rhea a grin and she nods, once, though doesn't otherwise interject. She's standing not too far from the group when she reaches into her pocket. Out comes a small hand-held computer. "If you will excuse me for a moment," she tells them - though this time, she waits to be dismissed.

There's a look over towards Pepper and Salin is flashing a quick smile, "Certainly." Then, it's back over towards Rhea and Salin's shoulders lift ever so slightly, "It's a touch .. different then what I'm use to, in terms of workload and paperwork." A pause and he's claiming another sip of his coffee, "Beyond that, I'm enjoying it. It's a nice change of pace and I've been able to get some things accomplished that I could, previously."

"This isn't my ship, Ensign. I just hang about occasionally. But you can consider yourself dismissed." Rhea winks at Pepper as she says that, still nibbling at her cookie. "Hmm." That's her first response to Salin's answer, though it's as much caused by her sipping her coffee as anything else. "Any things in particular? And if there's anything more you require of Engineering, Colonel, we're of course are your disposal. Gotta keep the black rot off the hull and all that." Little technical super-structure humor.

And like a teenager with her Blackberry and an unlimited texting plan, Pep disappears in the direction of the kitchen while the adults chat in the dining room.

Looking back over towards Rhea, Salin leans back ever so slightly in his chair, "Things in terms of the legal system, this civilian government effort and the rebirth of an economy." Another sip of coffee is claimed, "Don't think I require much from Engineering right now. I was just going to ask if you needed me to do anything, on your behalf."

Rhea shakes her head to Salin. "I think I've got things covered, Colonel. But I'll holler if we need anything from up top. Do I have permission to get your CIC folks on the DRADIS diagnostic when I'm back on-ship? Shouldn't take more than a few hours and the system can stay up and running while it's ongoing. Not that I'm expecting to find much of a problem on Genny. Or the Hera, for that matter. But, might as well check everything while we're checking."

"My door is always open if something arises and you need something." Sal offers before giving a nod of his head, "As for the diagnostic? If you feel that it's necessary, feel free to put them to work doing it. Can't really do any harm to make sure things are running as they are supposed to do."

Rhea nods shortly. "There's a regular maintenance schedule we all follow, but these sorts of problems are usually the cause of everyone assuming everything's running just fine. DRADIS is the most finicky bitch of a piece of equipment on a ship." She pauses to add, "If you'll forgive my language, sir. I think it *needs* to be done on the civilian ships more than ours, but I'll attempt to be diplomatic about putting the idea to the Fleet ship captains." Rhea's teeth clench as she says the word 'diplomatic', but it's clear she'll make the effort to make it a request rather than a demand.

The door to the kitchen opens and Pepper returns, the handheld tucked away safely. She swings by the coffeemaker and picks up the pot, carrying it in one hand, her mug in the other. "Pardon me, Colonel, Majors" she says quietly. "Major Carter's enroute." Looks like refilling coffee is on her agenda.

There's a soft laugh and Salin is lifting a hand, waving it slightly, "Nothing to forgive, Rhea. Don't worry about it." Then, he's giving another his head as his hand lowers back to wrap around his mug, "Well, I'm sure that they'll understand the need for it .." He looks back up towards Pepper, giving a nod of his head and a smile, "Thanks, Ensign." Then, it's back over towards Rhea, "If you run into any problems, let me know. I've managed to develop a rapport with several of the Captains, from dealing with them on other issues."

Reed comes in from Hallway.
Reed has arrived.

Rhea snorts, offering Salin a half-smile. "I'm capable of basic manners when it's demanded, Colonel. Don't worry. I'll holler if I run into trouble, though." She's sitting with Salin and Zaharis. A finished bowl of soup, and half-finished coffee and cookie in front of her. She sits up when Pepper mentions Reed's imminent arrival, turning her head toward the entry.

Reed appears in the doorway when Rhea looks, He's missing the smoke bomb and theme music, but otherwise, he's right on cue. "Hello." He greets everyone as he moves in.

A cup of coffee is left at Reed's usual seat before Pepper settles with her oversized mug. She's out of uniform, clearly off duty, while the others seem to be on modified duty.

There's a quick smile towards Rhea and Salin gives another nod of his head, "I have no doubt of that, Rhea." Then, he's looking over towards door and when Reed makes his way into view, there's a quick nod of his head and a smile, "Afternoon." Turning back, he's pushing the small plate with a cookie left on it, over towards Pepper before looking back over towards Reed, "How's things on your front, today?"

Rhea's look flits briefly to Pepper. "You're almost frightening sometimes, Ensign," she says. Approvingly. She seems between duty right now, but she's lingering on the Hera. Raiding the kitchen before she gets back to her real work. "Hey you," she says to Reed, turning back to him, warm smile on her lips.

Zaharis got up to address something on the wireless and then to refill his coffee cup. It's still Vice Time on the clock, apparently. He returns to his seat, giving Reed's coffee a look that might be a little creeped out, but he smiles anyway.

Reed moves into the hall, toying with a datarod and moving to his chair, as he moves behind Rhea he stops, looking to Salin, "I'm doing very well right now, sir thank you. I'm feeling quite well rested, in fact." He says smiling, ona hand creeping on Rheas shoulder to give it a squeeze, "Got caught up on my sleep." He says then continues moving to his chair, looking at Zaharis, "Peters is good at that DRADIS sense." He says as he sits.

Pep gives Rhea an almost impish smile - well, for her it's impish. "Almost, Sir," she asks. "I need to work harder." Right. As she catches sight of the cookie, she looks over at Salin, arching a brow, then smiles. Yep, she takes the cookie, quietly sliding the plate in front of her. Soup first, however.

"Good to hear." Salin's offering to Reed, followed with a quick smile before he's looking over towards Pepper, "DRADIS sense? Nice. I'll have to remember that." The mug is lifted back to his lips and he's taking a quick sip before lowering it back down.

"You've got a hell of a head for Logistics, from what I've observed," Rhea says to Pepper. High praise, that sounds like. "No more important skill on a ship. Between that and reading the DRADIS, you can practically run one of these damned things." She reaches a hand up to squeeze Reed's when he touches her shoulder. A small gesture of affection, but she's not shy about it. "Speaking of the DRADIS, I need to run something by you and your CIC folks before I shove of to the Destiny. But I'll wait until I put my major's pins back on. I don't do business or cookies." Or when she's being touchy with a CO, though she leaves that part unspoken.

Zaharis just sips his coffee. Mmm mmm black coffee. There's a cigarette out but it's just sitting there, waiting for the appropriate time to jump up and mutiny the Hera.

Reed takes his coffee and nods, "Mmm yeah, I was given some data that is from the Destiny." He turns the Datarod over in his fingers, "Nav data from the misjump and a sample of some DRADIS interference the Destiny encountered." He sets the datarod on the table. He shrugs, and looks to Rhea, "Never say I didn't give you anything." He winks to her smiling warmly. Who's shy about it? He then looks to Zaharis, then the mutinious cigarette, then back to the doctor, "How are you doing?"

Pepper dips her head to Rhea, simply smiling. For whatever reason, she gives Zaharis a bit of a grateful smile before settling back to sip slowly at her soup. She looks like she'd be more at home in a ski chalet somewhere, curled up in front of a fire with a book.

Salin listens as Reed mentions the Destiny, and his eyes lower momentarily to the datarod before he's looking back amongst those gathered. The last of his coffee is finished and he's settling the mug off to the side before he finally lets his attention come to rest on Zaharis.

Zaharis would be more at home in…somewhere, but certainly not a ski chalet, not from the way he sits. He glances at the handheld, but DRADIS is beyond him unless you're talking ultrasounds. He looks back at Reed and nods. "Pretty good, all told. I need to know what to get a woman for her birthday. I've always sucked at that."

Rhea takes the datarod, nodding to Reed. "Mind if I review this in your Engineering room before I go? I've got the preliminary reports, but I want to get everything I can straight in my head before I'm on the Destiny herself." But her attention turns to Zaharis, and she grins. "It's Adele's birthday? No kidding. We should throw a party-thing for her. A surprise. I suspect she'd like that. You considered making her something? Seems practical now, not like we've got a wide selection of shops, and I always found that kind of sweet."

Reed grins to Zaharis, "Adeles birthday. Excellent. Yes, we should have some sort of get together." He looks at Rhea, "Feel free, the encryption code is on the side of the rod." He looks back to Zaharis, "Yes, make her something, that would definately be a personal touch." He looks to Salin. "What do you think? Making something for your SO?" He asks the Colonel, KNOWING Pepper's going to be all over this.

Finally Pep pipes up from her seat. "A dinner you cooked yourself might be greatly appreciated, Major," she says quietly. "If you need, and with permission, of course, I can arrange for a crash course in cooking and some…kitchen assistance." She glances from Zaharis to Reed, lips twitching a little. There's a little smile there. Of course, she's pointedly NOT looking at Salin.

"Her birthday's in…" Zaharis glances at his watch. "Nine days. I don't know what I'd make, and it'd take more than a crash course in cooking to produce anything that didn't result in needing a kidney transplant."

Oooh. Birthday's. Salin's lifting a brow slightly at the mention of Adele's birth and he's giving a quick bob of his head as the others offer their input. But then there's that question from Reed and he's looking over to Pepper and then back again, "Good idea, making something. It's personal, more so then buying something. And, it's always appreciated." The mention of a dinner being cooked is noted and filed away.

Rhea shrugs to Zaharis, nose wrinkling at the cooking. She, apparently, does *not* think him trying to whip up a meal is a good idea. "Excellent point. Maybe you should give her something of yours, Jesse. Something personal, precious."

Reed smiles as he listens, and looks at Rhea, considering for a moment, then looks to Zaharis, "Yeah, okay. Really, you know Adele better than anyone, use that. A gift that's personal is more important than one that's fancy." He nods, "It'll mean more." He looks thoughtful at the moment.
Isabeau pages Reed, Pepper, Zaharis, and Rhea: Salin asked me to let you know that his machine just shut itself off. He will be back if he can get the machine to behave.

Pep grins wryly at Zaharis. "At least she'd have a medical doctor nearby to assist," she teases. "It's also possible to arrange the dinner, too. Those arrangements wouldn't be difficult to make. Shall I go about setting things up for the get together?" She glances to Reed and Rhea for this, head tilting to the side. Even off duty she's finding things to do.

Zaharis smirks at Rhea. "Like what, a couple medical journals? Happy birthday, honey, here's a copy of the Walker Convention notes on advancements in hip replacements." He snickers and shrugs, exhaling quietly. "That's really about all I have. I think I have to resort to something bought, I'm just not sure what right now."

Rhea looks an aside to Reed as well, considering, though her gaze goes back to Zaharis and Pepper without missing a beat. As to the medical journals, she shrugs. "It's not a bad idea, really. I'd like something like that. Well, sub in engineering texts, but same sentiment. It's useful to her, something you both have a passion for. You could write some cutsie little note in the front or something. But, I'm a practical sort, and I've never been a typical girly-girl. So I might not be the best source."

Reed nods, thinking, "Gods, if you could find a pantsuit somewhere.." He says, thoughtfully.

Zaharis smirks at Reed. "She actually hasn't said a word about them in a month. If you can believe it."

"There's likely a seamstress or two who might be grateful for the work," Pep adds, then settles back in her chair, still nursing the cup of soup. She's taken maybe four sips from it - it's not going down quickly.

Rhea gets a chuckle out of that. "Still, I'm sure she'd adore one if you could get it made for her. They must've been very handy to work in. For her sort of work, I mean."

Reed nods to Zaharis, "I can believe it, but that doesn't mean her heart won't burst if you got to give her one." He looks to Pepper, "Good point. Got any leads?"

"Do you know any?" Zaharis mirrors reed's question to Pepper.

"Mmmmm," she murmurs quietly, consideringly. Pepper's mind seems to flip through datapoints with the speed someone else would rifle book pages. "Civilian on Destiny, young woman supporting two children. She does seamstress work and I'm certain she'd appreciate the chance to create something special." Eyes refocus on Zaharis. "I'll have her name on your desk by midnight, Major."

"There you go," Rhea says, grinning. She nods to Zaharis. "She'll love it, Jesse. It's something she can use, shows some thought on your part. And I suspect it'll be pretty. Girls like pretty." She winks at Zaharis.

Reed looks at Pepper, nodding in approval, then looks to Zaharis, "This sounds like a plan, really." He looks to Rhea, smirking, "Oh, do they?" He tilts his head to her, smiling teasingly.

"Yeah…" Zaharis does sound appreciative, if a little hesitant. "Why don't you guys make that your gift?" He offers to the three of them. "You thought of it, and Peters already has the name. I don't feel like I did enough work." He smirks. "And you did give me another idea, actually."

Pepper gives up on the soup, pushing it aside, and starts in on the cookie. A very small piece is broken off and nibbled on before she replies, "I don't know that Doctor Pike would feel, ah, comfortable getting clothes from us. Those are usually a somewhat personal gift, even pant suits." She grins, though, and is clearly trying not to tease the Major.

"Some definitions of pretty are different than others," Rhea says dryly to Reed. "I'm not much on hearts and lace. I like things that beep. With gears. Gears a lovely." She shrugs to Zaharis, nodding. "Fair enough. Though Reed and Peters can take credit for it. I've got another idea. Don't worry. It doesn't have a motor." She adds, "I don't see why she wouldn't. She and Reed are friends. If Major Zaharis got me a sweater, I wouldn't mind. I'm a medium, by the way, Jesse. Just saying."

Reed looks at Zaharis, "You can't give her Peters." He says warningly. He then looks at Rhea and smirks, "And when's your birthday?" He asks, as he looks to Pepper, "Sounds like a plan. Think you can contact this woman?"

Zaharis makes a face at Rhea. But it's obviously noted.

Gears and sweaters - someone else made the notation as well. Pep's own personal mental hamster is currently working the hell out of that wheel, clearly. "I'll have contact made tonight. If anyone has her measurements, I can put that in motion as well. The seamstress will be able to cut the pattern, and likely keep it on hand, hopefully."

"In fact, didn't you get me a sweater once?" Rhea says to Jesse, brow furrowing as she thinks back. "Or a jacket or…something. For one of the birthdays in my twenties. Back when I used to be happy about them." To Reed she replies, "Twenty-sixth of the fourth month, Sagittaron time." That's April 26th, for those playing along at home. "Don't worry. You'll have plenty of warning. I'm not shy about announcing those things."

Rhea adds to Pepper, "I can get your her measurements. I'll just claim to need to borrow some civvie clothes. I think she'll be tickled at the idea of me in something other than fatigues. Nevermind most of her stuff'd be too long for me. Your lady is tall, Jesse."

Reed grins at Rhea, nodding, "That's good." He smirks, and glances to Pepper, "Make a note." He then looks to Rhea once more, "sneaky." He says with approval, then looks to Zaharis, "Okay, so you got an idea, great, I think we're all set for this except for the celebration."

Make a note? The note's likely been made and filed by now, and Rhea's next three birthdays worth of gifts planned out. "Aye Sir," she tells Reed, though, lips twitching a bit. "I can come get them later this evening, Major Zimmerman. Or you can send them to my handheld."

"Rhea, she's six inches taller than you," Zaharis smirks. "You'd be more believable telling her you wanted to start a knitting circle. I'll steal something out fo her closet, I'm supposed to head over there after shift is up. And yeah I did get you a sweater once, didn't I. It was the one with the physics notation of a beer keg diagram on it, I remember. You guys want to set up this party at the house?"

"Women borrow eachother's clothes," Rhea says with a shrug. "Doesn't have to be logical. But if you want to resort to petty theft, I won't rob you of your enjoyment." She snickers, remembering the sweater. "Yeah, that's the one. The guys in the Scorpia shipyards got a real kick out of it. The house seems best. I can get Adele out of the house for a few hours to set it up, if you lot do want it to be a surprise. I'll get Reece in on it. About time I started teaching him subterfuge."

Reed smirks as he listens, "Oh this should be good. We're plotting now." He takes a drink of his coffee, looking at the others, amusement clear on his features.

Pepper has the utterly innocent look on her face. "Major Zimmerman's correct, Major Zaharis," Pep tells him, putting down the piece of cookie she'd been pretending to nibble on. "It's one of the things they teach us according to The Rules." Teasing? Likely. "As for the food, I can make the arrangements for that, if someone will get me a count."

Having had to attend to some business on the Wireless, Salin replaces the handseat and makes his way back over towards the table, lowering down into his seat as if he'd never left.

"But she's…" Zaharis raises a hand way over his head. "And you're…" Hand shoots down to about four inches off the table. His eyes flicker to Rhea and he moves it up another inch. "Okay, more like that."

"Rules?" Rhea looks honestly confused by this. "I never heard of those regs, Peters." Not that she doubts the ensign might know some regs better than she does. The ChEng is more foreman than officer at times. Zaharis just gets a level look, teasing. "You calling me short, Zaharis? We can arm wrestle again if you need a reminder of who's bigger."

Reed smirks at Rhea dna Zaharis, and looks at the doctor, "Sorry, Zaharis, I'm cheering Rhea on, she's cuter." He then smirks, "Five cubits on the ChEng."

Zaharis spreads his hands, pulling his shoulders back. "Oh hell no. You want to bring it on, Miz Thang? You can hope Carter staring at your butt gives you superpowers."

Pepper bites her lip and just ducks her head, trying not to laugh as she settles back in her seat. Apparently she's actually -comfortable- around senior officer hijinks, even if she doesn't participate. Salin's return gets an uncharacteristic broad smile.

Salin shifts his attention between those gathered and he's offering a soft laugh, "Yikes." He does look between Rhea and Zaharis and he hrmms softly, "I'm with Carter on this one, Jesse. My cubits would be on the Engineer." There is a look back to Pepper and he's offering her a warm smile before looking back.

Zaharis seems to be indicating using the right hand. Which isn't burnt. Both their off-hands, go gimp.

Rhea cracks her knuckles, grinning at Zaharis, right elbow on the table. Oh, yeah. It's on. It doesn't look like the first time she's engaged in this sort of thing with the CMO. "You boys're giving me stage fright," she says, though she doesn't sound it. She's grinning impishly at Zaharis.

"You just don't want to look chauvinist in front of Peters, Altair. It's okay, I gotcha." Zaharis smirks and sets his right arm on the table to meet Rhea's, keeping the left far out of danger.

Reed grins as he leans on the table, nodding to Salin and Pepper, looking back to the EPIC BATTLE! (dah dah dah DAH DAH DAH dah dah dah)

"I'm afraid my money's on Major Zaharis," Pep says, canting her head as she studies the proceedings. "He has the tactical advantage, though Major Zimmerman has the home-field advantage." There's a pause and Pep leans forward slightly. "Major Zaharis, watch out for the knot by your elbow. You might have a better advantage if you move three inches left."

There's a faint snicker and Salin is shaking his head slightly, "Well, there's goes my secret. You weren't supposed to say anything, Jesse." There's a quick smile and then he's settling his arms on the table, focusing his attention as Engineer takes on Doctor. There's a flick of his eyes over towards Pepper and he laughs slightly.

"Don't coach him, Peters," Rhea says dryly, chuckling. "You're stacking the odds." Yes. Two senior REMF officers arm wrestling with their off-hands. It is an epic gimp battle. Still, she's all about taking him down.

Zaharis does move his elbow. Discreetly.

<Opposed Roll> Rhea - Strength versus Zaharis - Strength
<Roll1> Rhea: Mediocre <Roll2> Zaharis: Poor
<Result> Rhea WINS by 1.

Reed grins as he watches, "Okay, this should be good, go gettem, baby." He looks highly amused by this.

Pepper glances over at Salin, catching his eye, and smiles softly. Then it's back to the proceedings - though she's not cheering. Much.

There's a chuckle at Rhea's reply to Pepper's coaching, though Salin's attention remains focused on the event as it begins to play out.

This is no great contest of strength right here. The ChEng and CMO between them would both likely get their asses handed to them in any kind of boxing ring. They're fairly evenly matched, on their mediocre ground, so there's some gimpy back-and-forth. But, eventually, Rhea gets Zaharis' arm down. "What's my name, bitch?" she laughs to him. Maybe forgetting Pepper's there. Hey, she's having fun.

And -bang-, Zaharis' right hand hits table. After an epic show that doesn't look it got much honest strength out of either of them. But who's shocked? Not this table. He snorts, tipping his finger at Rhea. "I was just warming up. Best two out of three, Zimm."

Pepper covers her mouth with her hand and reclaims her soup with the other, though she doesn't drink. It seems to be more that she needs something to do.

"Good work, Rhea." Her comment after winning is rewarded with a soft laugh and Salin is giving a slight shake of his head. Eyes flicker back to Zaharis and it's clear he finds this humerous, "Hmmm .. in a second round I figure I might have to change who I'd place my cubits on."

Reed grins at the results of the mighty battle of brawn before him. He grins widely at Rhea. "Nicely done, so, are you going to defend your title, Milady?" He asks, looking at Zaharis, "You're losing backing, man, time for the big comeback." Enabler.

"Frak no!" Rhea exclaims, laughing. "I, uh, don't want to tire you out, Jesse." Plus, she won. And she's going to take her pathetic gimp victory and lord it over him. Her soup's gone, cookie long nibbled away, so she drinks at the remainder of her cold coffee. "Besides, I should look over this data soon. I need to be getting to the Destiny."

"Boooooo." Zaharis smirks. But truly it might be for the best; he's got his left shoulder held in a careful way that says that might've made healing burns a bit cranky. "I'll get you next time, Gadget!" Yeah, this must be a pathetic routine for them. This is what happens when you get old, Pepper, take note. "Hey." He lifts his chin to Rhea. "So good for the 17th. We'll figure out the details or something this week."

Zaharis says that to kinda everyone, but Rhea gets the chin-up thing.

There's a chuckle as the rematch is declined and Salin's giving his head a quick bob, "Seems like she's the victor for now, Zaharis." There's a quick look towards Rhea and he's giving a smile, "Nicely done."

Reed nods to Zaharis, "That should work pretty well." He considers a moment, then looks to Rhea, "This time you're going to be in on redecorating the house." He smirks, "Unlike last time."

"Next time. Yeah," Rhea says to Zaharis with a warm smile. She eyes him with half-concern, but she was reasonably careful not to damage him. And she's not going to push him. She nods. "Seventeenth. The Sprocket and I will be there. Thanks, Colonel." A nod to Salin. Still a little formal, but she's having fun just now, so she's more relaxed than before. To Reed, she winks. "Last time was fun, though. Now, if you lot will excuse me, I have to go put on my pins."

Zaharis raises his right hand in a thumbs up. "I need to get back to stuff too, I think. Ladies. Gentleman. Altair." He fixes Salin with a glare, then stands up and gets his cup and the unsmoked cigarette.

Pepper looks over at Zaharis and Zimmerman as they prepare to take their leave, then looks down to Reed, brow arched slightly in question.

Reed rises as Rhea gets ready to go to work, moving to her, "Well, if you're leaving, I'm taking advantage of it." He looks to Zaharis. "We'll be expecting purloined clothing from your girlfriend." He says with a smile.

There's a grunt and Salin is giving a shake of his head, "My all your paperwork multiply ten fold, Jesse." He does give a very brief lift of his hand, middle finger extended upwards, "Enjoy." Then, he's looking over towards Rhea and Reed, giving each a nod of his head, "Good luck on the Destiny, Zimmermann. And I'll be off your boat soon, Carter."

"I hope luck won't be necessary, Colonel, but thanks," Rhea says. She stands with Reed, leaning in to give him a brief, parting kiss before she goes. "I'll drop into CIC before I leave. Peters, always a pleasure. Jesse, Colonel, see you boys back on Genny." And she's off.

Zaharis grins and flips Salin off in return. "Ass." He nods to Reed. "Right on. Watch this ninja." he spins the cigarette between his fingers and tucks is behind his ear, heading off.

You head towards Hallway.

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