On Motherhood
On Motherhood
Summary: Rhea and Pepper discuss life, love and motherhood.
Date: 3/20/09
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Argonaut Park Carina - Main Level

126 ACH 24277 Souls

A beautiful blue, lake has been placed here, large enough for the paddle boats to move around with ease. A running path encircles the lake itself and there are even small docks jetting out in places for feeding the water fowl. The grassy area between the path and the lake make perfection for tossing down a blanket and enjoying the day.

The main attraction of this area consists of the Carina Crab House with the 'dock' area set up on stilts at the end of the lake. The outdoor seating area was set up special for the view.

-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----

Contents: Pepper Rhea Wireless 1007

Exits: [CH] Carina Crab House [SA] Spires Avenue

[SC] Sport Courts


Rhea is exiting the Carina Crab House, in her officer blues, which speaks of at least some official business over here. She seems relaxed as she strolls down to the lake, though. Looking out over the water, faint grin crooking her lips.

And on the other side of things is a very off-duty, out of uniform Pepper, wandering along the edge of the lake, barefoot, shoes dangling from her fingertips. For once, she actually looks relaxed and close to her age, rather than wound tighter than Scrooge's clocks. She seems almost happy. Perhaps it's movement in her peripheral vision, perhaps it's her finely tuned spidey sense, but whatever it is, she looks up in time to catch sight of Rhea and a smile has her lips tilting upward. "Evening Major," she calls quietly.

Rhea looks up, and over, catching sight of Pepper. She grins broadly at the younger woman. "Ensign, hello." She turns, striding in her direction. "It really is lovely, isn't it? The water, that is." She says it as if it'd never quite occurred to her before.

"Lovely and relaxing," Pep says, dipping her head as she approaches the other woman. "Makes me want to go for a swim. Do you know if the kids have found boats to sail on it, yet?" Toes curl into the "grass" at the edge as she finally comes to a stop. "I keep wanting to look for little blue or yellow sails out there."

"I don't know," Rhea admits, looking over over the lake. "It's a good idea, though. I'll have to ask Reece if any of his friends have engineered something like that. I haven't seen any, but I don't come to the lake that often when I'm over here." She pauses a beat, admitting, "I wanted to drain it not long ago. Seemed a waste of water resources. Command Regas convinced me to keep it. We had enough after we found the Destiny, and he saw the value in it more than I did…He was right, I think."

Perhaps for the first time, Pep doesn't look like she'll crumple at the mention of Regas. "I think it's been good to have just for the morale factor," she says, looking out over the water. "Though I can see why it would be a necessary resource. Do you think we'd ever be able to open it for swimming?"

"Tarik understood people better than he knew, I think," Rhea says. She speaks no more of Regas than that, but her memories of him are clearly pleasant just now. She shrugs, as to swimming. "Maybe. The civilians over here would have the say in that. You could ask them, I suppose. One of them, a Mister Luma, seems to have a very good head on his shoulders. And he might appreciate the idea of swimming."

"I may bring it up," Pep says, watching the water for a time. "Or I may mention it to Ms. Aragon y Castile de Vargas," she murmurs. "I think she might appreciate the sentiment as well. On the plus side, things seem to be settling down for the civilians, at least from what I've seen. The last vestiges of the illness are gone and I haven't been hissed at in two weeks." There's faint amusement there.

"Things do seem to be settling down, for now," Rhea says. There's a certain unease in her voice though. She purses her lips. "Commander Altair mentioned he was considering…having a few words with the civilian leaders. Do you know if he's gotten to that yet?" She tries to keep the question casual, but there's concern behind it.

"I don't know," Pep says quietly, shaking her head and looking over to Rhea again. "I believe he and Ms. Aragon y Castile de Vargas have had a few words, but I don't -think- he's had the chance to come talk with the other civilian leaders." There's a question, left unasked, in her voice.

Rhea makes a brief "Mmm" sound, lips pursed, but if she's got more to say, or hears the question, the subject isn't pursued. She shrugs. "Well. I'll ask him about it when I track him down on Genny. How're you? Good to see you getting some downtime. I don't see you off the Hera that often."

"He's been buried under with Peerless," Pep admits quietly. "I've seen him…maybe two hours out of the past week or so. He's still alive and eating, either that or he's set his PDA to automatically message me at certain times." She's grinning, though, so it's clearly in jest. "I've been ordered away from every and any duty station for 24 hours a week. I can spend those 24 hours however I like, but I'm not permitted to touch work or to be aboard Genesis or Hera." Her shoulder lifts delicately. "How about you? Are you getting to spend some down time relaxing? I haven't seen you over on Hera for dinner in a few weeks now."

Rhea makes another "Mmm" sound at mention of the Peerless. It gets a nod from her, and her manner relaxes slightly. The bit about being ordered on leave makes her smile. "The Colonel is a very bright man. That's good. I think it makes you better at your job if you aren't chained to it. Keeps you sharper. The spawn forces me to do that. I try to parcel out my leave so I can see him for a few hours every couple days." As to the question, she shrugs. "Been a little buried under the Peerless as well. And trying to spend time with Reece, now that things have normalized. You're not rid of me yet, I assure you."

Pepper laughs softly and shakes her head. "The Colonel," she murmurs, lips quirking upward a bit. Yes, she looks highly amused about something. One can almost see the cream and feathers at the corner of her mouth. "You're right, it is better to be away from the job for a bit. I'll be spending one day a week down here at the townhouse. We'll see whether or not I can coax Salin off Genesis some of the time." She drops her shoes then settles down, tucking her skirt around her legs. "How's Reece doing? He made it through the illness alright? Dr. Pike is well?" There's a hesitation. "Will Reece be coming on Saturday night?"

"It'd be good for him to spend more time here, I think," Rhea says. Whether she just means the downtime or something more, she doesn't elaborate. As for Reece, she nods. Relief clear in her features. "He wasn't sick, thankfully. Never thought I'd be glad he was getting older, but he's big enough, strong enough, to have come through it just fine. Doctor Pike is well. She holds things down very well here." As for Saturday, she doesn't seem entirely sure. "He has an open invitation. He may find an excuse to go muck around with some friends instead. He can come if he wants, and he knows that."

Pepper's lips quirk at the corners and she nods, eyes twinkling a bit. "I'll make sure there are a few things there for him. Actually, there's plenty of room if he'd like to bring a friend or two with him. I think this is going to be a case of "the more, the merrier." As of right now, I'm not sure whether or not the Colonel suspects anything. It's going to be fairly low key - dinner, music, cake, drinks. Just quiet and relaxed." A pause. "Hopefully relaxed."

"It sounds lovely. Reed'll appreciate it, I'm sure," Rhea says. "Do you need any help setting things up. The whole hostess thing isn't in my skillset, but I can lend a hand if you need them."

Pepper laughs softly and shakes her head. "Germans has insisted on his staff doing most of the setup," she admits quietly. "So there's really not a whole lot to do. Though, I might need for you to distract the Colonel for a little bit earlier in the day, then bring him down to the Training Classroom. If not, I have another idea or two for distracting him and keeping him busy until it's time to get things started. Keeping things from the Colonel is…a challenge. He has this way of just looking at someone."

Rhea's lips curve into a crooked little grin. "Distraction, huh? I think I can manage that. I can keep Carter on his toes when I put my mind to it." She winks. "I'll get him down to the Training Room punctually, though."

Pep bites her lower lip as she looks up at the Major, grinning. And yes, her cheeks go pink. "A few minutes after would be fine," she demures quietly. "As long as he's there before it's time for the cake cutting, I think we can distract ourselves. I'm a little worried about him, though," she admits. "Like every other department head in the Fleet, he's working himself too hard. He's trying to take care of everyone else. I'm not saying that he's not taking care of himself or that he's not being taken care of, but he's taken a lot on his shoulders. I'm hoping he'll be going over to Peerless, soon, to do an inventory of the facilities. For him, it'd likely be more of a vacation than work."

Rhea nods in agreement on that score, particularly about the Peerless. "It likely will. He misses being a proper lab geek, I think. His duties have taken him away from that. Perils of competence, I suppose." It's half a joke, half said with sympathy. "I trust Reed to take care of himself. I'll kick his ass if he doesn't. How're you doing?" She gives the younger woman a quick look up and down.

Pep cants her head slightly to the left, considering Rhea. "He can take care of himself, yes," she murmurs, though leaves it at that. "I'm doing well, though still tired. That's normal, from what I've read, until well into the fourth month. Today was twelve weeks. End of the first trimester," and apparently a hell of a relief given the look on her face.

"First and the third are messy. For different reasons. The second's not so bad, actually. Though you'll mourn not being able to see your shoes when you look down." Rhea's smile takes on a softer tone. "Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?"

Pepper glances down to her stomach, covering it briefly with her hand. "Not sure yet," she says with a grin. "I feel like it's a girl, though I can honestly say it doesn't matter, as long as the baby's healthy." She looks back up after a moment, lips quirking slightly. "Did it take awhile to become real for you? I'm…logically, I know I'm pregnant. Emotionally, I know I'm pregnant. But it feels like, after everything that's happened, it's only just now becoming -real- to me. I wrote a letter to the baby the other night."

"It took awhile, yeah," Rhea says, eyes getting a thoughtful look to them as she dredges her memory. That smile remains on her lips, crooking into a smirk. "At first I felt like I had a parasite. An annoying parasite, between the morning sickness, the restricted duties and cutting myself off from coffee. I don't suppose it became *real* until Reece started kicking. That was…I can't even describe it. It blew my mind." She nods a little, about the letter. "That's nice. The kid'll appreciate it when they're older, I think. What were you trying to tell her?"

Pepper tucks her legs to the side, leaning on a hand as she listens. "The restricted duty's been getting to me, too," she admits. "The Colonel scared me sufficiently that I'm in my rack at least six hours a night with the lights off. After that first conversation, I half expected him to stick his head in to make sure my light was actually OFF, like my father used to do." She's grinning, though. "I haven't really felt the baby move yet, but it's still too early. As for what I was trying to tell her…" Pep's quiet for a moment, eyes going a little distant. "I wanted to tell her about Commander Regas, to explain what a good man one of her grandfathers was. When she's old enough, I want to tell her what happened, how her father and I came to be, well, her parents. But that's going to be quite a ways down the road. It's odd, but I don't regret the pregnancy. Not in the least. I don't wish it hadn't happened. I wish things had happened differently, yes. But I'm confident about Salin and I. Sometimes I wonder if I should question it more, if I'm being too naive."

"It's not the sort of thing you're ever prepared for, even in the best of times," Rhea says. "Reece was nothing my husband and I planned, but that worked out okay." Her tone warms. She does adore her Sprocket. As for the first part of that, she shrugs. "At a certain point, you've just got to accept that your body's been hijacked and it's going to frak with you for nine months. No shame in not being as on the ball physically as you were before. It's biological, nothing you can do much about. And temporary."

Pepper's nose crinkles and she laughs quietly, low and soft. "I knew that things were forever changed when I threw up on the firing range," she tells Rhea quietly. "Scared the living hell out of Corporal Castillo. I don't think I've ever seen a man turn that shade of white before. The sleepiness and insomnia have been the hardest part. I've had to build catnaps into my schedule with the Colonel. Any advice you could give me about what I may expect? I've read everything Hera and Genesis have on the subject, but that's all been, well, clinical."

"The catnaps are a good idea, I think," Rhea says. She manages not to laugh at the bit about the firing range, though it does make her lips crook. "It's different for everyone. Just listen to your doctor - unfortunately, they usually do know best - and don't get too frustrated with what the whole process does to your body. It can all make you feel rather bizarre, but women have been doing it since before Kobol. And it's amazing when you stop and think about it, as much of a cliche as it sounds. You're manufacturing a person. Can't get better work than that."

Pep's lips twitch a little. "I'm not getting the option to NOT listen to my doctor," she tells the other woman. "I have a Colonel standing over each shoulder, a Major glaring balefully at me when I forget to wear makeup, a cook pushing food on me at every opportunity, and a Captain tapping her foot at me and reporting back to one of the Colonels. This isn't MY pregnancy, it's HERA'S pregnancy." But it's clear she's not complaining. "I've been trying to be as quiet as possible and keep as low a profile as possible. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean it should impact anyone other than Salin."

Rhea snorts at that. "Well, take care of yourself, but don't let them treat you like you're made of glass, either. Like I said, it's nothing women haven't been going through since time began. You'll find an equilibrium, I'm sure." She doesn't sound too worried.

That gets a broad grin. "Good point," she says quietly. "And I think, the next time they start getting pushy about it, I might remind them of that fact. I rather suspect Colonel Carter enjoys having an excuse to shoo me off so he gets some quiet time." She considers Rhea for a long moment, then asks, quietly, "What do you think will happen with Peerless? As far as I know, she's a Fleet ship without a proper Captain." Not hard to see where her mind is going.

"There are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the Peerless right now, and exactly what happened aboard her down on that moon," Rhea says, unable to contain the unease in her tone. "But, that's not much to do with the ship herself now. She's fully functional, and gods knows we need to put her to good use. And she's a very complicated creature. Science ships are made to be run by scientists." Not hard to see where her mind is going, either. She shrugs. "He'd adore running her, and she'd suit him very well. I think he feels he's spinning his wheels sometimes on the Hera. But, he has his obligations to the Fleet. We'll see how it plays." She doesn't bother to specify who's she's talking about.

"I'm hoping he goes," Pep admits quietly. "Peerless…I don't know if there was ever a ship more perfectly suited to him. I broached it with him, briefly, but he wouldn't say much about it in the hypothetical." Yes, Pep's watching for Rhea's reactions, as well. "If he does, I have the papers drawn up to request the transfer right along with him. If he wants an Aide, I'll go where he goes." It's apparently that simple. "If not, I'll stay put to break in Hera's next CO."

"We'll see," Rhea replies simply, though the idea makes her smile. "The place that suited him best was the PAS, and I think he still mourns him." The space station is apparently a 'he' in Rhea's technical gender assignments. "More than anything, I suspect he'd just like to be a scientist again. It's what he's best at. And what we need him most for. But, that's not entirely the officer in me talking. I'd rather like him to be happy as well as useful." She shrugs. "Nothing needs be decided yet, though. Anyhow. Speaking of ships, I should be getting back to Genny. I'll leave you to your leave, Peters. Enjoy the lake."

Pepper chuckles softly and dips her head. "Thank you for the help, Sir," she says quietly. "And have a good evening. I'll see you on Saturday." She reaches out for her shoes, scooping them up before she pushes to her feet - slowly.

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