One Bucolic Diaeresis
Bucolic Diaeresis
Summary: Snatch plays on an aulos; ducks get randy?
Date: 90 ACH
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Isabeau lets it lie, compliment or not. Leaning back in the grass, she supports herself on her hands, her gaze drifting out over the lake. She and Micah are sitting together near the lake's edge. Micah is wearing a leather jacket over his off duty kit and Isa is wearing a running suit. They converse quietly, "Thank you. I do know what I am talking about. I am one of those spearheading the endeavor." Her smile flashes and is gone once more. "Anyone can set up a governing body, Micah. The trick is to do it so that it is fair and impartial."

Gaelan steps into the park area, looking around with a slow sigh. Starting along the path the Marine appears to be taking a walk even among while being in uniform. Arms are folded behind his back as he keeps to the edge of the running path.


Snatch sits up on top of one of the duck hatches, evidently feeling very confident about the stability of the structures she's constructed for them. She watches over the flock, and, as tenders-of-beasts have since the beginning of time, she strives for some musical endeavor. Two round-bored shafts of wood she's fashioned and joined together at an angle with a thin strip of worn bark. Thin semi-circular slivers and a series of fingerholes in each shaft and she's weilding a very rudimentary aulos. They say that Athena was so disgusted to see herself playing the aulos that she threw the instrument away. Snatch looks no less silly than the Goddess, her cheeks puffed out as she blows into both shafts at once, and, to top it all off, she doesn't know how to play, either, so she's just fooling around on the oddly scaled instrument, making a series of random piping noises as her fingers cover various combinations of finger-holes. But the sound itself is low and mellow, nothing harsh, so at least it isn't hideously offensive to the ear.

"Ah'll take your word for that," replies the pilot quietly. "Never much cared for politics, myself." And Micah's quickly running out of things to say. He's paid to handle a stick well and blow things to bits, not have candid conversations with attractive women he doesn't know. "Hey, look, I oughta be headin' back to the Genesis pretty soon." There's a glance over his shoulder, in the direction those two joggers took off down the path. "Heard some ugly rumours 'bout people bein' unhappy about this governing body of yours. You keep safe.." He trails off as Snatch settles down not too far off and begins playing her whatsit. And squints at her.

Isabeau says, "I am not overly fond of politics either, actually. But, it needs to be done." Looking up at the pilot, she nods, "It was nice to meet you, Micah." When he brings up the rumors, her gaze slips toward the path where the joggers were as well. She nods slowly, then flashes her gaze back, "Thank you. I will be careful, yes." The sounds whispering from the hatch are a bit at odds with the area, though not unpleasent. She quirks one of her very brief, somewhat pointless smiles that way. "Do not be a stranger, Micah." Spotting movement, she glances over the other shoulder and spots Gaelan. Shifting her weight over to one hand, she lifts the newly freed one to wave.

Gaelan happens to glance over at the waving hand. Looking to the woman for a moment he continues walking and then it's like a light bulb goes off as he stops midstride. Grinning slowly he waves back and immediately turns towards her to start heading her direction. This being the first time he has ever seen her in civvies the look of confusion is evident as he glances her over.

Snatch's nostrils flare and she continues solemnly blowing into both shafts of the aulos, just getting a feel for the different sounds it makes. She hasn't got the knowledge to have properly positioned the fingering holes, so the instrument's scale is entirely unique, but not unmelodic as she plays up and down the series of notes on one pipe, then on the other, then combinations of the two, listening for anything that sounds like any songs she knows.

Micah dusts some grass off his rump, and ticks off a little mock salute to Isabeau. "No more than I already am," he teases, grinning at the hazel-eyed woman. Probably a bit of self mockery, there. "Take it easy." Hands shoved into his jacket, he nods respectfully to Gaelan, and ambles off up the path.

Isabeau cocks an eyebrow at Micah, and hints of amusement edge her gaze, "Well. There is that." As the young man makes his way off up the path, Isabeau returns her gaze out over the water. The melodic tones of the almost-aulos are soothing in the bright sunlight of the late afternoon and every so often, her gaze flickers to the almost-musician. As Gaelan makes his way over, she glances his way and nods, "Major. Welcome to the Carina. You do not look as though you are here on leave."

Gaelan shrugs slowly as he looks down to Isabeau with a smile, "Sometimes it's good to remind people the presence is still around. A uniform does stuff like that." Motioning to her running suit, "You off duty as well?" Seems the rumor mills are selective on what information gets to Marine Country.

Finding nothing immediately familiar, Mopsus Doe resorts to making up her own little half-tune, one, one two three, one two three, one two four… repetitive and slow, with only vaguely matched counterpoint in the second pipe.

Isabeau draws in a slow breath, her gaze leaving the man next to her and traveling to Snatch. Her estimation of the woman's musical ability lifts to near-musician, then to full musician as she begins to coax melody out of her make-shift instrument. A smile touches her lips hesitantly, then fades and her gaze flashes to the water, "I am not in the military anymore, Major. I have not been for… Now, let me see… Approximately five and a half months." By the sound of it, she could give him the exact day and time of her seperation. Oddly, her inflection remains almost flat. "How are things back on the Genesis?"

Gaelan crouches down next to Isabeau, places a hand on her shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze as he comments in his rasped tone, "Well they lost a good JAG. The Genesis is well.. the Genesis. We keep moving forward and think we finally got most of our bad eggs into their own basket and out of our hair as a whole. What have you been doing then for these past couple months?" Eyes glance up to the musician's notes just briefly even though he is listening.

Snatch lowers her eyes to the duck yard, watching the critters patter about, keeping the tones soft and slow, letting them get used to the piping, too. Not that they're probably not used to much more obnoxious distraction, but still, she doesn't want to bug them. Maybe something soft and soothing will get them mating. That'd be nice.

Isabeau looks up as Gaelan lowers. For an instant, there is an emotion in her eyes. Something focused and faintly unpleasent. It fades as quickly as her smiles, however. "Thank you, Major. I appreciate that. But, the truth is that they lost the finest JAG officer they had when they promoted Colonel Altair. But, the promotion is deserved. He'll be a good XO as well." She licks her lips slightly, her gaze turning to the ducks in their yard, masking any further emotional cues by half lowering her lashes. Either that or the soothing melody is making her faintly sleepy. "Ah. I have been trying to get a civilian government started." Once more there are hints of bitterness, though they vanish like unused notes into Snatch's melody. "It is finally starting to gain ground."

Gaelan nods slowly as he listens. Watching her with earnest before he comments, "I have heard rumblings of that. Lots of chatter about people resisting the idea to some degree. Are you being careful? Do you have someone working security for you when you go out?" Drawing his hand back from her shoulder slowly he rests his forearm on his knee, as his other knee lowers to the ground to steady himself.

Snatch is almost lulling her own self to sleep, slouched up on the roof of the first hatchery, her knees up and the heels of her boots planted on the beams of the roofing. She lets her left hand continue, one, one two three, one two three, one two four… one, one two three, one two three, one two four… while her other switches into a swifter sort of counterpoint, four-three-four-three-four-three, four-three-four-three, two… The two strains don't mingle too well, in terms of beat, but she taps a toe against the roofbeams, trying to regulate herself.

Isabeau shrugs a little, "Some do. Some don't. It will all work out in the end, Major. It just needs to be done." She lets one toe tap lightly to the tempo Snatch picks out to allow her two tunes to blend. Glancing at the young woman, she quirks the corner of her lips upward. "She's good." Lifting herself back up into a seated position, she turns to face Gaelan more fully. This also lets her look over to Snatch's perch and the ducks. Is that mallard eyeing that whatever you call a female duck? Ducklings would be cute. Her attention returns to her conversation, "My aide is at the office, Major, yes. As for more formal security, I am in the market for a bodyguard. As rediculous as that sounds… But, I have yet to find a civilian who fits the bill." Duck. Bill. Oh, my.

Gaelan nods slowly as he listens looking to Isabeau, "I will contact the Security forces and have them assign someone to you. Not planning on letting anything happen to you, even if you aren't wearing the uniform I will do what I can." Turning to look towards Snatch he nods, "Yea she is."

Snatch isn't that good, honestly. She's just puzzled out a couple simple repeating patterns to blend together. Nothing as complicated as a song, and despite her tapping they still blur measure over measure. She's learning, but not too serious about it. Just passing time while making sure nobody disturbs the ducks.

Isabeau shakes her head, "No, please don't, Major. Please. Because of the delicacy of things right now, I can not be seen to be dealing too closely with the military. If I were to allow you to assign someone in civilian clothing, it would come out and the deception would destroy my credibility which in turn could destroy the fledgling government before it gets a chance to be born." She reaches a hand to almost touch the man's hand. It falls away again just before landing, "I do appreciate the thought and the gesture, but must decline. While I do not have a death wish, the fledgling government is more important than anything else right now. I cannot risk it. Please understand." Oddly, the man's concern does touch a faint spark deep within her hazel eyes. It is a flicker and no more. When she turns again to the woman playing melodies that the ducks might find amerous, the flicker dies. Not because of where she is looking so much as that it takes too much effort for her to continue it. Easier to let it die than nurture it. It is a good thing that the duckerdess… Er… Duck herder? does not feel that way about her own charges.

Gaelan watches her and shakes his head, "Had no intentions on it being a military person at all. Was just going to ask a favor of the Carina Security Commander to put someone on you from his regiment is all." Sighing slowly he watches her and simply comments in his rasped tone, "You can ask me to do that and it's fine, but doesn't necessarily mean I am going to listen to you. Even though I fully understand your reasoning."

Snatch watches the drake flap clipped wings as he jumps for the duck, but doesn't respond otehr than to inhale deeply and keep playing, not stopping the mingling of note patterns, since it seems to be… helping? Or maybe the ducks are just getting comfortable in their new digs. She does seem to be taking good care of them— though perhaps not so much on acount of cute ducklings waddling around so much as for the promise of a good roast duck supper or two down the line.

Isabeau does nothing to disturb the drake and his selected duck. Her attention is currently on Gaelan. "Ah, my apologies, then. Someone from the Carina security group would answer nicely. Thank you." She inhales and sits further up. Drawing her knees up to her chest, she wraps her arms about them and rests her cheek on her knees. "You are a good man, Major, and are a friend. However, I am not in the military anymore and do not have to take your orders. Nor do I have to take whatever you choose on my behalf. Please understand that this is not because I have anything against the military or you or anything. It is just that this civilian government is bigger than I am. It is bigger than all of us are. If it gets started properly, it will benefit everyone. If there is even a hint of scandal, it could cause it to die. This time. Who knows what form it will take when next it rises? Because it will rise, sooner or later. So, please, Major. As a friend, accept my choice on this."

Gaelan chuckles lightly as he watches Isabeau quietly. Nodding he simply comments, "Your father would be proud." Reaching out he pats her knee as he adds, "You are right, it is bigger than you and that's why certain things need to happen." Shifting to look towards the ducks he states, "Or you won't be feasting on one of those in a few months."

Snatch eventually gets bored of playing— or maybe lightheaded from all the puffing. She finishes out the breath, and ends with a long, blended note, then puts the aulos aside next to the tools she'd used to fashion the thing, and lays back on the roof of the hatch, arms behind her head as she yawns.

Isabeau blushes at the comment about her father. She sits up as Gaelan's hand rests on her knee. Her smile touches and dies, though there is a hint of warmth in her gaze, "Thanks. That… That means a lot to me, Major." Is that the hint of a shimmer in her gaze? Perhaps it is merely a reflection from the lake. When the final, long blended note is played, Isa lifts her hand to try to signal approval to the player with a thumbs up. Whether it is seen or not is difficult to say. She does not want to applaud, for that might ruin the mood for the ducks and roast duck down the road would be a lovely thing. Squaring off a bit, she smiles at Gaelan, "Well. I do intend being here, if the duck's owner will part with one in a few months. Maybe to celebrate the first meeting of the Counsel."

Gaelan smiles and nods to her watching her reaction quietly. Leaning forward he comments, "Just because you hung up the uniform does not mean you need to forget it's values. We are all a big family now. Civlian and Military alike." Patting her knee gently he pulls his hand back and adds, "So what else you been doing for the past couple months?"

Isabeau lifts a brow just a little, "I could never forget, Major. It is now part of who I am." And yet… There is something in her tone. Maybe hints of anger or frustration. As with everything, these fade almost instantly. It is the further question that sparks more of a reaction, though it is slow in coming. "Oh, you know. There is a fair amount of casework to get through, what with one thing and another." She sidles him a glance, as though to see if that will satisfy his curiosity. After a moment, however, the fascade of uncaring fades; she looks out over the lake and once more that shimmer appears. Silence grows as she considers all the things that she could have been doing. Should have been doing. The shimmer grows and she shakes her head. Her reply is the barest whisper, haunted and hollow, "Nothing." Suddenly, perhaps growing aware of cracks beginning in her armor, she rises, "Excuse me, Major. I have to get back to work."

Gaelan stands with her as he looks to her curiously. Eyes watching her as he says, "You still would make one hell of a Marine. I mean that. This is just a new challenge and you will overcome it." Reaching up he stops just short of making contact as he leans in and adds quietly, "I am always here if you need anything. Without hestitation."

Snatch sits up again, drawing her legs up to sit cross-legged. Not wanting to fall asleep, and lying down just makes it too tempting. She finally spots Isabeau and Gaelan across the way, though she doesn't particularly do anything about it besides watch them preparing to part ways.

Isabeau twitches a faint smile and inclines her head, "Thank you, sir. Maybe if I ever have cause to re-up. After the Counsel is in place." For a time it seems as though she might make it with what is left of her dignity intact. Then, the man has to go and be all nice. What's up with that? The faint smile twitches and the shimmer deepens. She nods once, pressing her lips together, eyes closing. "Thank you, Major." It is a whisper, half drowned in inscipient tears, "I'll… be fine." A blink, in an effort to clear the sudden blur in front of her vision and she turns as two sparkling tears slip from between her lashes, "Excuse me." With a lifted wave that could be for Gaelan, Snatch, the ducks or all together, she starts for the jogging path.

Gaelan watches her then as she suddenly turns he reaches out and looks like he is about to say something. CLosing the outstretched hand he draws it back and pats it against his thigh, looking around the lake area. It's only brief before he starts to follow Isabeau's direction to the jogging path. She isn't necessarily getting away that easily.
You paged Eve with 'Yeah.'

Snatch, for her part, sees no reason to give chase, so she just stares out at the lake.

Gaelan currently heading up the Jogging Path that Isabeau just headed up. Not really sure where it leads back to but it's just off the lake area and Snatch is testing the roof support system of the duck area.

Snatch settles back again, hands resting on the roofbeams behind her as she sits cross-legged on the roof of the first of the two recently constructed duck hatches. She built them herself, and so seems confident of their capabilities. A small collection of tools is on the roof with her, as well as a crudely fashioned aulos bound together with a length of stripped bark from the branches she used to make the instrument. But the air's free of the bucolic piping of the duckherd, for the nonce.

Evan comes out of the Crab House, head down, moving along hte path at a slow pace, as if she's dragging her feet getting back to wherever she needs to be.

Gaelan seems a little distracted as he nearly walks right through Evan. Stopping briefly he looks to her and holds his hands up, "Sorry.. didn't see you there.."

Evan looks at Gaelan, blinking, then offers a bit of a smile. "I wasn't even paying attention to where I was going," she says quietly. Yes, someone she can look almost directly in the eye. Rare for a woman as tall as she is. "The apology is mine."

Snatch keeps her eyes on the lake, for the most part, but the collision draws her attention.

Gaelan nods and smiles to the woman, "It's ok, I should have seen you coming out. Once again sorry about that.." Looking up the path he then back to her he purses his lips slightly as he doesn't seem to be too hard in the pursuit at the moment now that the person is out of sight.

Evan chuckles quietly and glances over her shoulder, toward the path. "Did I interrupt something," she asks, stepping aside slightly.

Gaelan shakes his head slowly, "No.. just someone I use to work with. She is having a hard time and well. I think said something that hit a nerve. Just was worried about her since she slipped off quickly." Looking back to the path then back to Evan and sighs slowly.

The tall redhead nods then glances over to Snatch and the duckhouse. She can't help but grin. "Where are the girls," she calls out to the snipe, keeping her voice low and quiet. "I brought them some crusts."

Snatch fishes into a pocket, then another, not really looking to take anything out, just rummaging. Sitting idle is something she's nearly forgotten how to do. She looks away from the sparkling surface of the lake, "Ah reckon Drakus o'er yonder," she eyes one of the males swimming in the fenced-in part of the pond, "Done chased 'em all inside. They'ns still blushin' o'er 'im, he'ns traah'n t' git a raahd on'm," Snatch explains. "Ain't feedin' taahm yet, but y'ns wanna stick about, Ah reckon Ah could use an other hand," she offers.

Gaelan looks over to the duck house then back to Evan he nods. Watching Snatch and listening to her he shakes his head briefly while he looks to the pond area finally noticing the little duck enclave and he comments flatly, "Interesting."

Evan seems a little taken aback for a moment, as if she's trying to piece out the reply to her question. "Ahhh. No, thank you. They don't tend to like me too much, likely because of my anklet. But thank you, though. I'll just save the bread until I'm back again." She looks up at Gaelan, arching her head slightly to the side. "Not a fan?"

Snatch opens her mouth as if to reply, then just closes it and draws further up onto the roof with a permissive sort of shrug, figuring that even if she says something about it the woman will either not understand it or just go ahead and do whatever anyhow. She returns to watching the ducks, pulling out her Dioskouroi medallion to say her prayers while she watches over the flock.

Gaelan looks to Evan and shakes his head, "Not that. Just never noticed it before. Don't exactly get over here very much." Looking back to the duck area he glances up to Snatch and hmms audibly before looking back to Evan as he finally asks, "So guess you spend a lot of time out here?"

Evan looks between the pair, studying both of them before she replies. "Once in awhile," she tells Gaelan, finally focusing on him. "I'm on Carina once or twice a week, if that much. My home is on Destiny. And yourself?"

Gaelan looks to Evan and nods, "I am stationed on the Genesis. So my trips to either of the ships is typically a little rare, especially with eveything going on as of late."

Snatch keeps her eyes on the yard and the lake, running her thumb over the figure of Castor on the one side of the coin, then turning it in her fingers to rub the other and lift it to her lips for a kiss.

Evan glances to Snatch, briefly, then turns slightly toward Gaelan. "Ahhhh," she replies, nodding. "Things have certainly seemed a touch busy of late with the military." Odd little note to her voice there, but she doesn't elaborate. "Well, if you'll excuse me? I won't keep you. I'm sorry for nearly running you down."

Gaelan nods slowly as he looks back up the path, "Yea, I need to catch up to my friend. You have a good night. Keep aware." Turning he heads up towards the pathway towards the courts.

Snatch closes her eyes for a moment, opening them to shift them to one side and watch Gaelan head off with a vague puff of air from her nostrils. Her glance wanders across Evan on its way back to the duckyard.

Evan nods to Gaelan, then in Snatch's direction, before she takes off down the path once again.

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