Operation Big Stick - The Cover
Operation Big Stick - The Cover
Summary: Paavo is recruited into the sting under false pretenses.
Date: 132 ACH
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Corridor Genesis
132 ACH 24277 Souls

This corridor runs Fore and Aft, or front and back. The corridors curve with the ship structure and are low-lit with halogen. Crew and personnel of the Genesis move along on their daily routes and duties around the ship.

It's midwatch, and the corridors are sparsely populated. Shem stands outside the hatch to the ward room, ostensibly reading from an open binder.

Paavo strides into the corridor fromt he naval offices. His tall form showing a high level of care for his person. His uniform is pressed, clean and properly organized. The only thing out of the ordinary is a black cloth held to his lips, which he coughs into. Closing his eyes he streches out a hand to brace himself in the doorway as he hacks, then with a shuddering breath seems to compose himself.

Shem's dark eyes flick up from the binder to Paavo. He watches him as the man coughs. And then his eyes are back down.

Paavo brushes his lips clean with the cloth, folding it up neatly and carefully, then sliding it away into his uniform coat. Clearing his throat he takes a few moments to straiten his uniform and his hair, then brush at the wetness which filled the corners of his eyes during his spasm. Muttering something to himself, he turns on his heel and starts down the corridor past Shem.

Shem closes the binder with a snap and tucks it under his arm. He moves fluidly, bringing him alongside Paavo as he passes the hatchway. The marine's eyes are forward, and his tone is vaguely assessing. "Lieutenant Mirtenin?"

Paavo pauses, then turns towards the officer. He looks him over slowly then inclines his head. His face lined as if suffering from a lack of sleep and patience. "Yes? Lieutenant, I hope this is important. I have about twenty thousand things that need to be done. I'm not quite interested in another bout of small talk, or even worse a discussion of how the Gods can improve my life." He curls his lip then. "What can I do for you?"

"I'm Lieutenant Shem, military intelligence," Shem answers. He plays his expression and demeanor close to the cuff on this one. "Have you talked with Major Zimmerman?"

Paavo narrows his eyes, his stance shifts to more directly address the officer. Then with a nod he speaks. "Ah yes, I spoke with the Major, she put forward your interest in a little program. It was an annoyance to create something so simplistic, but I have the framework ready. All we need to do is input your personal variables and it'll be ready for you to play with." He glances around the hall then before continuing.

"What is this program designed to do?" Shem asks.

Paavo pauses drawn up short. "You want to talk about your personal requests in the middle of a hallway Lieutenant?" He raises an eyebrow and shrugs. "If it's that blaise to you, why even ask for my assistance through an intermediary? You could have used the ship's coms-system."

Shem replies, dryly, "Humor me."

Paavo sighs and motions with his right hand. "Very well, it's a simple program. It needs a baseline, and then it monitors it. It can be adjusted to look for changes in this baseline from small to large. It can be added with different levels. Like lets say a level for running, the heart beats fast, so the baseline is different thus changes would be different." He shrugs. "I've currently got it down to being able to monitor twenty five different systems with four levels each. Of course the items to be monitored will have to be added individually…" He pauses as they pass a point he can get a drink of water. He leans forward and sips then swallows, as if having just come from a wasteland. Then straitens and resumes the walk and talk. "… as the variations can be anything from inches, to beats, weight, heat, light.. ad nausem."

Shem's eyebrows arch faintly at Paavo's back as the man takes a drink. And then they're off. "Good," he judges, terse. He passes the binder across his body and proffers it to the lieutenant. "This is Operation Able Audit. You'll find the details in there, but basically, there's a shipwide systems diagnostic coming up soon, and we're trying to track how people interact with the network, see how often they make errors, stuff like that."

Paavo glances over the document as he walks, clearly used to navigating while reading. "I see, I'll have to revise the program perhaps. Twenty five items may not be enough for an entire ship. Unless you're just looking for me to watch password attempts or ways to influence specific systems?"

"Bigger the scope the better," Shem answers. "I also don't want anybody figuring out they're being tracked, otherwise it'll toss my data out the airlock." He returns a salute from a passing marine.

Paavo nods slowly and manages a sigh. "Very well, it will take time to expand the program. It's an exponetial increase in coding. Each item, requires more variables, and levels. Each level requires another set of variables in turn, each previous item needs to either be allowed to watch those variables or be commanded to ignore them. No variable can be allowed to match or register the same…" He pauses and glances at the other Lieutenant. "You don't care I'm sure. If this is going to be needed soon, I may need to bring in help. Otherwise I'll have to lace it through one of my prototypes, which could lower accuracy."

Shem shakes his head. "Sorry lieutenant, you'll have to do it yourself. How long will it take?"

Paavo shakes his head. "You know paranoia is bad for the digestion." He shrugs and closes the folder, then slides it under his arm. "I'll acquire some stimulants from medical and start this evening. I'll speak with my department head tomorow, I have some off duty time I haven't used… ever. Assuming I don't have a stroke, I should have it done in a day or so."

"Great," Shem answers. "Let me know if you run into trouble." They come to an intersection in the corridor, and the lieutenant slows into it. "Thanks for doing this."

Paavo shrugs. "It's what's needed to be done, so it will be done. Besides, I'm sure there will be something I need return someday. What is the saying.. you go along to get along?" He turns and starts down the other intersection. His even steady tred echoing along the floor plating.

Shem goes the opposite direction. He runs a hand along his chin, as if testing the closeness of his shave, as he turns the corner.

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