Out Of the Frying Pan
Out Of the Frying Pan
Summary: Ramiro is called to Major Gaelan's office
Date: 31 ACH
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[Colonial] Gaelan says, "Corporal Dane Ramiro, Report to Battlestar Genesis Marines Offices."

Gaelan is currently sitting at his desk working on some paperwork. Idly closing one file, then opening another he leans back in the chair and begins to read the reports. The Desk Sergeant is sitting at his desk doing that gatekeeper thing he does so well.

There's a long, long wait until Ramiro makes his way back to the Genesis' Marine Offices. There was the scramble out of his hotel room, followed by the rush to get a transport back. In the end, nearly a half hour has passed since the intercom call as Ramiro, comes to a skidded stop in front of the office. Pausing to catch his breath, he takes one final long intake of wind before knocking on the door."

The Desk Sergeant glances up eyeing the Corporal a moment and comments, "Corporal Ramiro. The Major wanted to see you, go ahead into his office. He has been waiting for you." Gaelan glances up at the discussion outside and stands up slowly from behind the desk as he comments in his rasped voice, "Corporal Ramiro. In here, front and center!"

A little sweat on his brow, Ramiro doesn't waste time. Nodding with a smile of thanks to the desk Sergeant, he turns and quickly maneuvers towards Major Gaelan's desk. Once in front, he snaps his heels together and brings his scarred right arm up in a salute. "Yes Sir." He says directly, following the order.

Gaelan raises his hand to return the salute, "At ease, Corporal." Walking around the desk the Major stands in front of the Corporal for a moment, slowly looking him up and down he folds his arms across his chest and leans back against his desk. Watching him a moment he asks, "I read your report Corporal. Good mission, unfortunate to see the Lance Corporal's departure. Give me your gut feel on why she did what she did."

Going to ease, Ramiro lets his posture relax with his boots squaring off at shoulder width. His arms fold behind hs back to listen to the Major speak. He swallows as he's still trying to recover his lung capacity and ignores the small drop of sweat falling down his temple. Furrowing his brow, he flattens his lips. "It read like a suicide note, sir, her letter." He pauses. "She stayed behind to die."

Gaelan nods slowly as his brow stitches together, "Very well then." Lips purse together as he pushes off the desk and unfolds his arms. Reaching behind him on the desk he comments, "Corporal you did an excellent job in planning and the execution of this mission. Your preparations have been recognized as a success by myself and Command." Pulling up a small case he opens it up to show the Sergeant Chevrons as he continues, "That's why I am honored to now call you Sergeant Dane Ramiro, Squad Leader for the Sniper Team aboard the Battlestar Genesis. I also have another mission I want you to tend to if you feel you are up for the challenge, Sergeant."

Ramiro's smile comes slowly, given the previous topic, but it does come. He looks to the box and nods, a bit of self satisfaction and pride on his face before turning back to Gaelan. "Thank you sir, I'm honored." He prefaces, giving Gaelan a hard nod. "The corps trained me to overcome challenges, sir. I'm up for it. What do you need?"

Gaelan snaps the box shut as he pushes off the desk and extends the case towards the Marine. His other hand pats his left shoulder firmly as he comments, "Training is the backbone of the Corps. Teamwork is also a critical part of their success and you have been put in positions the past couple encounters. So this will be a test of your ability to lead anyone." Pausing a moment he releases his hand from the man's shoulder as he comments, "You are to work with Corporal Gars and develop a MOUT training. The Corporal has exceptional field experience and is a wealth of knowledge to tap into. Plus I think it will be good for him to pass that wisdom down. I have one rule though, when those enlisted men are together in the MOUT. They have no ranks. Everyone is equal. Think you can handle that Sergeant?"

There's a millimeter of a raise to Ramiro's eyebrow when Corporal Gars is mentioned. Taking the box and holding it behind his back, Ramiro issues a curt nod. Taking in a slow breath, his nod turns into a series of nods as his brain starts churning. "I can handle it, most definitely. I'm sure the differing views on marine life would actually be an asset rather than a burden, actually." Dane replies, tilting his head a little. "Has Corporal Gars been released from the brig? Last I saw was that he was in there, but I haven't made my way past there since before Leonis."

Gaelan slides his hands behind his back as he comments, "As of now he is released. No charges will be filed, since I think this will be a good opportunity for him to regain some respect among the men. I think he feels like he has a lot to prove or has a similiar fate on the plate as Lance Corporal Lakis. Let's keep that from happening." Finally turning he walks behind his desk and looks back to the Sergeant, "Is there anything else we need to discuss Sergeant?"

"No sir. I'll go track him down and approach him with this as a team project." Ramiro replies, a little smile on his face. "After all, I'm sure the experienced Corporal would love to hear that a young Sergeant is about to ask him to share said wisdom." He adds, a hint of tactic to his voice, letting the Major know how he's going to break the idea to Gars. He stands, waiting to be dismissed.

Gaelan casts a quick salute to the Sergeant before sitting back down, "I know you will find a way to make this a success Sergeant. Dismissed." Once the Sergeant departs he returns to the good old pile of paperwork.

Returning the salute, Ramiro turns and brings the box of insignia back to the front of his body. Without another word, he turns and moves towards the door. On exiting, he gives the Desk Sergeant a smile and a wave. Gripping the case in one hand, he turns stop at the door to look both ways. He then steps out, turning towards the stairwell.

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