Owned part two
OWNED: Part Two
Summary: Nico and Dane Marry
Date: 89 ACH
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Chapel Genesis - Deck 9
88 ACH 23817 Souls

A simple military Chapel, octagonal in shape and of uniform dark grey hue with slab lighting up above. Four walls of the room have four large steps along them for continuous seating in an angular stadium form, the other side of the room largely devoted to a raised platform with a plain altar of pantheatic consecration. On the Altar are figurines set in their traditional places, of the gods and goddesses, with simple sacrament incense burning in holders on each side of the line of figurines.
-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----

Dane enters in his dress grays, complete with his accolades. Stepping into the room and waiting for Lex, he bows his head in prayer to acknowledge the Altar in the front of the Chapel. Stepping down the aisle, he brushes his hands down the front of his uniform. He waits near the front.
From afar, Lex will Bridezilla his ass.

Melia is already in the Chapel, off to one side, seated on a bench. As she sees Dane come in, she rolls to her feet, smiling softly at the man. "Deep breaths, big brother," she says, voice low and quiet.

Zaharis has his blues on when he gets to the chapel, rather than grays. Screw the scratchy stuff. Fast shower, hair still slightly damp from lightning towelling, he heads into the quiet place and towards a bench near Melia.

Karan is also dressed in his blues, as it happens, pressed and starched, and gratefully lacking in stains coffee-induced or otherwise. His arrival is to the tune of bootheels on the polished floor, a click-stop at the entrance to pay homage briefly to the Lords as is customary, before he makes his way to the altar at the front.

Having cleaned up himself a bit, Dane grins and leans over and gives Melia a big hug. "Yeah I know, right?" He grins, making a nervous face at her as he stands near her. "I've got the grays good, right? No lint?" He asks, continually glancing to the door.

Melia slides her arms around the Marine and hugs him gently before stepping back to study his uniform critically. The critical look softens into a smile as she reaches up with both hands to straighten his collar. Definitely a sisterly touch. "You look wonderful," she tells him softly. "Take a deep breath, Dane. And remind yourself that yes, you are one hell of a lucky man." She gives him an impish little grin. "I'll be over with Major Zaharis. Just remember to keep your eyes on Nico and that the proper answer is "I do." If you forget the words, just look to me and I'll be mouthing them."

Lex walks into the chapel and holds the door for someone behind her. Only part of what she's saying can be heard, "… You can have the strippers next time. I'll even supply the g-string candy." She's in uniform, long hair pulled up into a tight, perky little blonde tail. It's a little head cheerleader, but not so high as to be alarming.

Chase follows Lex in, still wearing the OhDearGod orange coveralls of his assignment, looking vaguely disreputable and ruffled. Who knows where the heck Lex dug him up, but he clearly didn't have any advance warning. "Um, hey," he greets the people already here. To Lex, "You're all heart. I mean it. Strippers -and- drunks. Awesome."

Karan is standing at the front of the chapel, down the steps from the altar, and dressed crisply in officer's blues. He doesn't appear to have a cheat sheet or any kind of 'sermon' to read from. But then, he had about fifteen minutes' notice for this. There is, however, a sheaf of papers on a small table nearby that probably constitutes the legalese for this little get-together.

Zaharis remains quietly seated. Weddings aren't something the CMO's too familiar with, so he's content with keeping his mouth shut and watching for the audience cues from the teleprompter. Or Karan.

Dane grins back at Melia and nods to her and then sees Lex enter. He blinks a few times. Lex has this habit of always saying the strangest things near and sometimes in the Chapel. Thank the Lords that it's not an actual temple. Nodding to Melia, he moves to stand back at the front again to face to the side, waiting for Lex. That's when more people start to arrive from the direction of the mess hall. Apparently they like some drama with their food. Melia is standing near Zaharis and Dane is up front near the altar, waiting.

Melia slips over Zaharis' side, simply grinning. Apparently she had at least a little time to get used to Nico at some point, so she seems comfortable and relaxed. Giving the CMO a warm, if tired, smile, she settles down to watch the entrance.

"Shut up and try not to get engine grease on the sacred stuff," Lex mutters to Chase outo of the corner of her mouth before she grins back to him and says something too quiet to hear (except for the words gallons and beer). It is in glancing back that Nico notices some hangers on from the Mess. Shit. That's what happens when you do a bellow from a chair seeking a specific military body. "Note to self, intercom next time." And then she turns back, and heads for Ramiro. Good thing men in uniform are distracting enough to keep a girl from thinkin about where she's standing.

Reed slips into the Chapel, checking his uniform and checks the box he carries. Looking about, he smiles and moves to the seating area. He glances about, briefly, nodding to people, he's here, and will get settled.

Chase gives Lex a weak smile. Don't mess up the sacred stuff. No pressure there. He goes to find a seat, somewhere out of the way and safe from things he can get grease on… unless Melia counts. "Hey," he greets her in a quietly cheerful manner.

Lex's entrance draws a little flit of the chaplain's eyes, a slightly raised brow, but he doesn't comment. Lucky girl, she ended up with the Fundamentalist nut of a priest, instead of the more moderate Greje Karthasi. Once the erstwhile bride's made her way to the front of the chapel, Karan rounds to the altar and fetches a bundle of slender torches. They're lit in turn, and rested in small sconces about the perimeter, glowing pinpricks in the half-dark of the chapel. He speaks as he moves, in a clear and brisk voice that carries easily across the open space.

"Kassandra! Raise the torch and fling the flame! Flood the walls with holy light! Worship the Almighty Hymenaeus, God of Marriage! Agamemnon, master of the maiden flesh, King of Argos. Heaven's blessing falls on me and falls on you. Hear our cry of worship, Hymenaeus, God of Marriage! Mother, since you crouch and cry weak with tears and loud with grief for my dear dead city and my murdered father, I have brought them—torches for the wedding-night, leaping light and dancing flame, in your honour, Hymenaeus, God of hot desire! Queen of Darkness, send the gleam you love to lend to the ritual blessing of the wedded bride! Dancers, come! Loose your leaping feet, wild with wine of ecstasy! Glorify my fathers happy fate! God Apollo, lead this holy ritual dance! In your temple-court, under your immortal laurel-tree, I call on you!"

While Dane wasn't prepared for it, with the papers near the altar, it was the lighting of the torches that had him seeing it coming. Slipping something out of his pocket to hold in his right hand, he lowers his head in reverence to the calling to the God of Marriage. Closing his eyes for the introduction, he's seen this before, he waits.

Rhea is settled in the chapel. Showing no visible discomfort, despite her general avoidance of the place. Clean, pressed and dressed up in her officer blues for the occasion. She's planted herself somewhere next to Reed and is watching quietly. Expression thoughtful as she observes Lex.

Lex is still smiling from the interaction with Chase as she steps up to stand beside Ramiro. "Hi," she mouths, before she reaches up to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. She drops her hands behind her back, clasping them loosely. Habit. Uniform and all. You can tell who she brought as a personal witness by how much they stand out in the Chapel. (And just how little notice they received before hand.) As the priest launches into his very enthusiastic… uh. She does a little eyeshift that way, then looks at Ramiro. She hasn't seen this before, that's sort of obvious for a split second before marine game face happens. Lex, stoic!

Zaharis should probably be a bit more reverent in a chapel, but he forgets. Or something. His eyes stay open during the long invocation, fingers briefly scratching through his hair. Then he settles, just watching.

Reed looks to Rhea, and smiles, before looking back to the invocation of the Lords of Attendance to this ritual, the box he carries set beside himself as he watches the proceedings. Yep, this is how he imagined Ramiros wedding to go down.

And so Melia is seated between Zaharis and Chase, looking rather like a little kid, legs swinging beneath the bench, but reverently. The invocation has her smiling, perhaps a reminder of home? She looks thrilled. Well, until something has that smile flickering and her eyes cutting to Chase. Subtly, as subtly as one can in this situation, she reaches over and digs her fingers into his thigh warningly, giving him A Look. Men who are prone to saying odd things at odd times are well familiar with that look. It's the one that threatens Grievious Bodily Harm if they even THINK of opening their mouths for anything but breathing. At least it's not assault on a senior officer.

Of the fifteen assorted staff that followed in Lex and Chase's wake from the mess hall, nine of them lower their heads in prayer. The rest of them give eachother bewildered looks and decide to remain quiet. Having never seen anything like this before, they file into the pews and remain quiet.

Chase was, quite possible, about to say something without thinking. At the wrong moment, or just the wrong thing. His mouth opens in commentary regarding the ritualistic opening. Melia's fingers dig in, and he turns the beginnings of words into a muffled cough, one he can blame on the air. He shoots Melia a grateful, if pained look, and redoubles his efforts to not create another Air Crew Incident.

Karan's silent after that little 'outburst', and as the last of the torches is lit. Now that people have settled and silenced for the most part, the chapel takes on a sepulchral feel. The chaplain, a grey-eyed ghost to haunt it. "En het deur die Hera, die Apollo," he murmurs softly, briefly consecrating the handful of laurel leaves he'd placed upon the altar's devotional. It's not a full ceremony, not by any means of the word, but it's.. enough. Turning, and stepping down to where Ramiro and Lex are waiting, he holds a hand out for each of them.

"We gather here today," this time in Colonial, rather than the guttural Gemenese, "in this blessed place consecrated of the Lords of Kobol, to bear witness to the divine ceremony of marriage between Nico Lex-" A nod to the blonde. "And Dane Ramiro." A fleeting smile for the marine. "If any find fault or perjury with their intentions, or know of any reason why, under Colonial fleet law, that they should not be joined in this divine bondage-" Nice word there, Karan. "-they should speak now, or never speak of it again." And, he waits.

Zaharis flicks his eyes up, thinking…nah, no reason. He's quiet.

Dane looks to Lex and offers her a bright smile before looking forward again. After everything that's passed, they're finally there. Turning his eyes back towards the altar and Brother Karan, he waits. Mentally he prays for the Basestars to hold off just a few more minutes.

The clasp of Lex's hands tighten behind her back. She fiddles with something slightly up her sleeve. A tiny smile flickers across the blonde's lips at the intonation of the word bondage, but she holds a comment inside, without even having anyone dig their nails into her thigh. See, she's growing as a person. Her eyes go to Ramiro as her hand extends to Karan. Maybe she's just trying to respect the shorthand her fiance extended in agreeing to this shotgun sort of wedding. She breathes out, and very purposefully does not look at Chase. He's a magnet for inappropriate comments, and the Saggie needs no help there. Her chin tips up, and she waits out the silence.

Mellie can't look at the happy couple. She's too busy making sure one of her benchmates doesn't do anything he's going to get killed for at a later date. Most people either get blacklisted by the Air Wing or Marines, but not both. Both usually results in an unfortunate defenestration misshap involving an airlock and a greased skid. There's a faintly warning clench of her fingers. Who knew that she and Chase were so close that she feels comfortable enough reminding him to behave? Once she's certain he's not going to open his mouth, she flashes him a grateful little smile and turns back to Lex and Dane.

Reed smiles as the more standard beginning of the ritual has begun. He fails to remark or place into the ceremony an objection, having been through this from afar. He simply watches Lex toying with something up her sleeve, most likely something deadly that will appear in the throat of anyone who makes a sound now.

Hearing nothing, Dane reaches his hand out to Karan's.

The bondage bit gets a smirk from Rhea, but her eyes don't roll over-much. She even looks a little misty.

Chase says nothing. Absolutely nothing. He can't protest… especially since Melia would airlock him if he did anything. Mouth shut. Worshipfully respectful air. Maybe a little tear of pain in the corner of one eye. Sniffle. Who doesn't cry at weddings?

Karan, of course, manages to keep an utterly straight face when he mentions bondage. He's a repressed little Fundie, cut him some slack. So, once both Ramiro and Lex have accepted each of his hands, he gives each of them an encouraging squeeze. No objections? Well, then.

"By the power vested in me from the gods, to whom we uplift our voices in praise for this most blessed sacrament, Aphrodite, ourania, laughter-loving and sweet; Hera in her wisdom, golden-throned of majestic mien, divine, Zeus' blessed queen; and Pythian Apollo, of the golden lyre—" Wait for it, wait for it. "It fills me with great joy to swear you, husband and wife." And he is actually grinning. Briefly. Their hands are brought toward one another, clasped tightly once more, and then released as he steps back. A low bow is given the pair.

Reed slides a hand silently into his pocket and pulls out a folded white cloth. It's a wedding. The cloth is deftly passed to Rhea, in silence as he watches the ceremony. He smiles as they are bonded before the Gods.

Dane offers Karan a low bowing of his head, hardly capable of hiding his smile. In his hands are a pair of rings that appear to be made out of some sort of shiny non-precious metal. With the shortages and everyone guarding anything that can be sold, apparently he's paid a few people to forge them with metalworking tooks. Ring measurements are easy to get when one is asleep. Turning to Nico, he grins broadly at her and slides the ring for her onto her finger, leaning in to give her a long, slow kiss. It's respectable. Only an eency bit of tongue. It's a loving kiss no less.

Nothing exploded. No one was shot. Nobody got stranded with stripper and drunks. Lex glances down at her—wait, rings happen. Ok. Lex goes with that, then steps into the kiss. Which WAS respectable until her hand migrated. Her arm hooks around his neck, head tips a little, and the entire temple gets to watch a tongue kiss and a grabassy. What's the use of an able bodied man in uniform if you can't honk his butt when you've just married him? Respectable. Ramiro. You silly boy.

Ok, Chase is behaving. Mellie can relax her vigil. Until the kiss. Even though she's grinning, her cheeks have gone a lovely shade of pink and her eyes are quickly averted to poor Karan.

Rhea takes the cloth from Reed, dabbing at her cheeks. She watches the whole proceeding rather wistfully. Including the grabbing. That gets a little nod. Nicely done, Lex. She sighs, blinking rapidly.

Karan does seem rather enraptured with the pair at this moment, ass grabbing or not. Though when the kiss turns into a game of tonsil hockey, he does politely avert his eyes as well, in much the same fashion as Melia. Ahem.

Chase wolf-whistles in congratulatory approval of the kiss. "Woo-hoo!" he exclaims. He prods Melia in the side, completely forgetting himself. "Total church tongue," he informs her. "That's how you know it's love."

There's a large amount of whistling and cat-calling from the mess-hall booster club in the back. Deck hands, marines, and even a few of Rhea's engineers are there. Dane manages to laugh a little bit during the kiss and then leans into it as he gets his ass honked. Feeling the presence of the new ring on his finger, he grins big and breaks the kiss, smiling broadly down at Lex. Wrapping his arms around her, he turns to look at the assembled witnesses and gives them a rather uncharacteristic and dopey grin.

Reed smirks as Lex gets into it, he also seems to approve of this action, and it appears that he breaks into a wide grin as he looks between the two.

Zaharis remains silent, seated and watching. He got tapped as a witness and witness he does, even contributing a bit of improper clapping once it's all done. And smirking, there's a lot of that.

Poor Chase. Just a slight centimetre further and he'd never be having children. In fact, he'd likely be singing soprano with the little PO3's unerring accuracy for acquiring, and keeping, male attention. Luckily enough, it's subtle. It's very subtle. And behind the backs of the people on the bench in front of him. Likely she was just aiming for his leg. Poor boy. Mellie continues to smile, simply watching Dane and Lex once it's safe to again.

Letting the couple bask for a moment in newly-married dopeyness, Karan draws a step back eventually and waits for them to join him by the little table seat near the altar. The one with the official-like forms, of course, which still need to be signed. Hopefully there's enough light, with those myriad little torches, to see by.

Lex runs a thumb across her lower lip as they turn to the crowd, disengaged from liplock. She leans into the public snuggles, also grinning. Tongue does that to marines. "Hooah." That's all she really has to say. She winks to Chase, or possibly Chase and Mellie. Both get a grin and eye contact, seeing as they're her two friendlies in the crowd. Oh, then paperwork. Seems like she was just talking about that with someone over dinner…

Dane grins and nods to his closest friends, eyes passing over Melia, Rhea, Reed, and Zaharis before turning back to Brother Karan and giving him a bowing nod of respect. Looking to the paperwork, he grins as some of the marines near the back respond with "HUAH!". Dane grins and looks to them and barks it back as he holds up the pen and signs his name on the certificate. Mission accomplished.

Reed looks to Rhea, smiling, and continues looking at her, his smile lessening by a few degrees as he watches her. For the moment, he's simply silently gazing at her, expression warm and growing in sadness slowly.

Chase stifles a whimper as Melia "handles" him into behaving once again, and settles for tossing a cheerfully wounded smile in the direction of the happy couple. Techs, can't take them anywhere. Or at least not to weddings or funerals.

Melia smiles brilliantly at Lex, finally retrieving her hand once again. A shot like that buys her at least five minutes of tech-silence. Yep, she's absolutely thrilled.

PFC Ramiro, not to be confused with Ensign Ramiro, hesitates a moment over her signature before she corrects it. Luckily, tacking an extra name on the end there is pretty easy. The blonde's signature is a little involved with flourishes. She probably hand cramped for a week when she had to do all the enlistment paperwork.

What is it about weddings that bring out the doe eyes and the tears? Karan's keeping a mostly straight face, silent in his duty of pointing to the proverbial dotted line and offering the pen to each. But now that the ceremony itself is over, there's a faintly subdued aire to him, as well. "Congratulations, Dane," he offers gently, and with a small smile. "And you, Nico. May the gods bless you both."

"Thank you Brother. Thank you." Dane smiles to Brother Karan one last time. Looking over the paperwork and seeing Nico's new name, he gives Lex and broad grin and stays close to her. He's cashing in his leave that Gaelan required him to take. All of his missives and notices have already been sent to be received in the morning. He did his work ahead of schedule. Taking a deep breath, he looks to Lex and grins. "I've already got the shuttle prepared."

"And here I thought no one in the berthing was going to bet sleep tonight." Nico raises her brows a little with a grin, and then nods Karan. "Chase, could you make that official while I put Dane through some PT?" She tosses a pen to the orange jumpsuited technie. Thanks is implied, and will be heavily paid in many, many rounds at a later date.

Melia rises to her feet, though takes a moment to clasp her hands, head bowed. The prayer is short, silently spoken, before she's on her way behind Zaharis to sign anything that needs her X on it.

Karan merely smiles again, and then turns to the task of tending the altar. The torches will be left burning all night, in a ritual probably tied to the newly wed couple 'consecrating' their marriage bed. Because Lex, obviously, is a virgin. Right. Otherwise, he's just waiting for the requisite signatures from both sides so the knot can be officially tied.

Chase catches the pen after some fumbling, but at least it doesn't hit the ground. "Right, I am a witness. Totally a witness. Awesome. Congratulations, you crazy kids," he says brightly. Then he glances to Melia to make sure she's not about to alter his perceptions with another well-placed shot, and signs.

Heading down the aisle with Nico, Dane smiles at people as he passes, offering a hand to everyone, including Chase to shake. "Thank you for coming, thank you…" He says, giving Melia a gigantic hug before angling to shake with Zaharis, Reed, and Rhea. They are definitely making their way towards the back, but Dane's making very sure to pay his respects to everyone before they go.

Reed rises, grinning, shaking Ramiros hand, "Congratulations both of you." He taps the box, "Waiting for you when you get back." Whenever that will be. The gift will keep, they won't.

Rhea pumps Ramiro's hand briskly when he comes by, offering a smile to the both of them. "Cherish each other," she says simply, voice a little husky.

Karan watches quietly as the pair make their way through the chapel, thanking well-wishers. He seems a little lost in thought, expression pensive.

Nico gives Chase's butt a swat as he goes off to sign, then slides in to hug Melia. "If you want any details later, just ask." You'd think she's trying to make the woman blush. She grins and says to Rhea. "Yes, sir. I will cherish him several times tonight, and many in the future."

"Forty Eight." Dane nods to Reed, reaching out to squeeze the side of his arm as they shake. Giving a firm handshake, he grins and turns to Rhea in time to hear what Lex says. Letting go of that handshake, he turns a few shades of red before wrapping his arm around Nico's waist. "Well on that note…" he widens his eyes a little and laughs. You don't carry marines through doors unless you're wounded. It'll save for the Carina. Grinning to Nico, he starts to head towards the door. He actually gets a high five on the way out.

Melia manages to hug Nico, laughing quietly. "Just leave the storage areas alone for a little while," she murmurs to the other woman. Ok, so NOW Mellie's tearing up a little.

Once the papers have been signed, and the happy couple's on their way out, Karan turns to fetch the blunt-edged forms and tuck them into a manilla folder. A length of elastic is wound about it, and he briefly checks the candles before starting skirting around the edge of the chapel himself.

Chase grins wryly at Lex as she swats him. "And just think nothing went wrong, this time." Everything said and done, he looks a little at a loss with himself again. His function fulfilled, everyone who's getting married has been married off, what now?

"Will do my best to keep the property damage down," Nico assures Melia, just before she's smuggled off by Ramiro. Off they go, to lands beyond. Probably ship security won't be called on the Carina. But you never really know.

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