Sergi Lopez
Sergi Lopez as Paavo Mirtenin
Name: Paavo Mirtenin
Callsign: Science does not use callsigns!
AKA: Pav
Age: Mid-Thirties
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: Naval Science
Department: Weapons Department
Position: Scientist
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Picon
Actor: Sergi Lopez


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  • High Energy/Atomic Physics
  • Computer Programing
  • Weapons Engineering
  • Cybernetic Experimentation
  • Cryptography

Distinguishing Features

  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Hair: Black, close cropped.
  • Physical: Lacerated cough.
  • Physical: Scared hands.
  • Habit: Caries numerous items in various pockets.


Picon University of Applied Science, Doctorate: High Energy/Atomic Physics
Picon University of Applied Science, Doctorate: Computational Physics
Delichos University Masters: Physics
Delichos University Bachelors: Computer Programing/Thermodynamics

Works Published

  • Mirtenin, Paavo, Lions, Dimitri & Keller, Samantha "The Armed Neuro-Computer" non-sentient machines and their applications in combat. PUoAS Press
  • Mirtenin, Paavo "Evolving the hand held energy device" WDM LTD
  • Mirtenin, Paavo & Lions, Dimitri "Neutron applications for tactical delivery." WDM LTD
  • Mirtenin, Paavo "Directed Electromagnetic Pulse and the Cybernetic Brain" WDM LTD (Suppressed)
  • Mirtenin, Paavo "Phased Energy and the Electromagnetic Pulse." PUoAS Press (Suppressed)
  • The work, the Great work!
  • Being right.
  • Being a jerk.
  • Being able to do something nice for someone.
  • Being an Evil Scientist
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