Paid in Blood

Assaultstars on Fire in the docks of the Caprican Stations.
I've seen, Missiles glitter in the dark near the Armistace Line..
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain

I killed people last night..
It never were an issue before, you were given orders..You saw the target in your sight, inhaled..cleared your mind and the target was no more.
It was simple..

Last I heard we counted just over Six thousand humans alive, and I was sent to kill some of them.
Terrorists had taken over a Battlestar.
What is a Terrorist in the times of today?
People against the goverment?
What Goverment?
I trust in Zeus, and Zeus gave the order..
I did not hesitate, I dont have remorse..
But I do question what drove them to kill other humans.

With the blood of humans on my hands, I was given a promotion for a job well done.
And they say I'm jaded.

I do wonder what she is doing right now..
I hate to leave a Bastard behind, she deserved a promotion thats for sure..
She was a fox, in all aspects..I'd bet my right index finger on the fact she is alive.

I spoke to Major Reed, last night.
I ran into him in the John..
He was rather transfixed with his newly recieved scar.
Being Major, I'd say he deserved it..
Not the injury, but in War, troops tends to respect officers more if they have been in the shit.
That scar proves it..
Three rounds to the guts..
Man I restrain myself from shooting anyone in the guts, that is pain beyond measure..Clean and simple..
Unless I wish to draw them out, nothing like a screaming trooper to bring out the mother like nature in medics and squad members.

Like Jared.
I still remember him laying there, screaming..
An enemy sniper had shoot him in the stomach, and taken out a knee..
Everyone in the squad, knew better then to crawl to his rescue..
Jared was dead, he just didnt know it yet..
We knew..
Yet searching for the enemy sniper in my scope, hearing my buddy call for my help..
That is harsh, it strains your nerves..

I guess you faced some choices just like that dont you Jethro?
Aquisition and all that..

Anyhow. I love you bro..Say hi to Mom and Dad.

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