Paid in Blood II

This war has made most people crazy.
I guess I'm sane, cause the shrink did clear me for duty. Sane enough to keep killing in the name of the Colonies.
Isnt that a joke, what colonies? In the name of Commander Regas is more like it.

Soo I told you about that girl, right..
You know you meet that special one and you loose her?
I did it in the most litteral sense ever possible..
Been seeing this other woman as of late.
Can't say what she is, but she is cute that is for sure.
Soo unlike a Marine, and I spend most of my time with other Marines.

The Marines I know, so you know for coming letter.
Corporal Gars - The Crazed Gun nut, a damned good marksman but lost his mind when the Toaster came.
The Sheriff Eli - Transgender, sexually confused frak I dont know. A Lesbian trying to be a man? I guess I should just call her butch, but she is nice nice as Marines go.
Major Zeus - My CO, will be til he dies..a damned good man..Smokes to much, can smell him from miles away.
Major Gaelan - Our CO..I dont think he likes me, cause I'm a Bastard (The unit)
Private Hughes - Dumb as a rock, but soo frakking strong it is beyond.
Private Lex - aka Demo girl. If anything can be blown up, she has done it..A good Marine.
Sergeant Dane - My squad leader..I think he is a religious freak you know..I'm all for in the name of Zeus, but Hades? Who prays for the Gods to save us? Didnt quite fraking work for the billions who died did it, so why would it work for him? Makes me nervous.

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