Pandora - Bridge
Summary: Upon finding a way to the Bridge of the AssaultStar Pandora, the Marines run into a slight snag.
Date: 18 BCH
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Causeway (#264RXF) Pandora - Causeway
18 BCH 2085 Souls

Red flashing lights cause the first impression of this room to be a cave with a fire in it. Not a campfire, but a low, smoky, dirty, diseased fire that burns from a corpse. An area that once connected the Hangar bay and the Docking bay now services neither. Explosive charring and fallen structure pieces are strewn across the deck.

Corpses wearing Jock Smocks lie haphazardly in the area, some whole, some broken into pieces like dolls of a spoiled child after a tantrum. Low, flickering flames lick out from the sides of some pieces of rubble while the occasional nasty shocks of white light spit from the arcing of exposed electrical conduits.

Further, past the wreckage, the Hangar Bay can be seen. Pilots and crew alike are trying to put out fires as fast as they possibly can. Calls for help, moaning of those hurt and a flash of a medic personnel can be seen at times.

Contents: Gaelan IC_Builder Rooster Skip

Exits: [U] Bridge [D] Docking Bay

As the Marines reach the upper causeway, the PO calls out, "Next junction, out!" And this leads the Marines to an open, but still frakked causeway. The chaos continues here as the group gets off the ladder, and the Po pulls himself up in the group.

"Same drill, lads, fire arcs and secure zone," Rooster says, taking up a firing position with his MG as he climbs out into the room. "You're on point, since you know where the frak we're going." he says to the PO, "Any hostiles, duck and cover and my lads will shoot them to pieces. Lead on."

Skip nods as he hears Rooster, moving into position with his firearm held ready. Keeping silent for now.

The PO looks to Rooster and nods, "I haven't seen any targets since this Charlie Foxtrot started." He starts off down the hall at a good clip, "Things just started blowing up." He gestures at a junction to the starboard turn and looks around the corner as the group moves, headed toward a sealed emergency bulkhead. "Frak, this wasn't down when I came through." He looks at the indicators, "I can override this." He opens a panel and starts pushing buttons. "We're almost there, Bridge is about twenty meters ahead."

Gaelan feeds his way through the teams, his rifle kept at a low ready as he gets to the PO and comments, "Step it up Petty Officer. I have reports of an injured Officer on that Bridge and we need to get to him. Now." Glancing back to the medic that got the lucky tag along duty he flatly states, "I want you to stabilize and then we clear. No magical fix stuff up there."

The PO nods, "Got it!" The emergency Bulkhead opens revealing..

Empty hallway. Nothing jumping out. The PO nods and moves ahead, "This way, we're here." He gestures to a door, heading for it, and going in.

The Marines follow on, Rooster matching the PO's pace, "Kourtimisou," he says to one of the bigger marines in the squad, "You're with me carrying the officer back if he needs it, got me?" he asks, satisfied with the nod.

Skip hurries forward with the others towards the door, glancing around for a few moments.

Gaelan follows in pace with his Marines, staying near the foremost fireteam.

You head towards Bridge.
Bridge (#267RXF) Pandora - Bridge
18 BCH 2085 Souls

The Bridge is in ruins, the sparking of burnt consoles and detonated power conduits cause eye-searing electrical arcs nearly constantly. The hissing and popping of the speakers, is a drone that fills the air with staticy white noise. Bodies of CIC crew, staying where they fell, litter the ground, many of them charred as the smell of scorched flesh can attest too.

Contents: IC_Builder Bridge Terminal 1137

Exits: [D] Down
Gaelan comes in from Causeway.
Gaelan has arrived.
Skip comes in from Causeway.
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Rooster comes in from Causeway.
Rooster has arrived.

The PO gets inside, locking onto one form in the Chaos, A dark skinned man lying under a large console that seems to have fallen on him, "Captain Desusa!" He shouts, heading to him, and pausing. Looks like the console is keeping the man down, and he's unmoving. The PO calls, "Medic!" and moves back.

"Lets get that lifted," Rooster says to the marines, tossing his MG to poor marine Delta again and moving with a couple of the other troopers to lift it, "Heave, you bastards." he instructs them as they go about it, lifting smoothly and carefully.. and then simply throwing it as far away from the Captain underneath as they can manage. Marines, after all.

Skip moves to help with the lifting, frowning a bit as he looks to the Captain underneath it. Then stepping out of the way for the incoming Medic.

Gaelan quickly crouches near the Captain as he looks to the Medic. Reaching up he lightly pats the Captain cheek and comments, "C'mon Raul… wake up.. like hades if you are going out like this.." Looking up to Skip he quickly barks out, "Sergeant figure out how the hell we are getting him out of here safely down that ladder." Looking to Gunny only briefly he immediately turns his attention back to the Captain.

<editors note, D'Artanion joins>

Medic #1 <Dart> moves to Desusa as soon as the console is clear and starts looking him over, "Alive." He says, and gets to work stabalizing him. The PO moves back farther, looking around for something useful to do. He moves to a forward console, working the controls, "We've still got partial-"


The PO's hair waves as the back of his head explodes outward in a shower of red, grey, and white bone. As he drops a woman stands from behind some wreckage, holding a standard pistol in one hand and a small box with a switch in the other. the box has wires leading to a vest she's wearing. attached to the vest is about twelve-ish bricks of G4, standard Marine explosive. Enough to blast this room directly into space and turn everyone in it into a rude stromboli.

Caught by surprise and on the spin from throwing the console, Rooster still only manages to remain unarmed for a half second, spinning on his heel and bringing the pistol from his belt to bear on the woman, the other squaddies reacting in similar methods, even Delta, dwarfed by Rooster's MG, has his sight waggling at the woman. They are all silent, smart enough to leave delicate negotiations to Skip and Gaelan.

Skip nods a bit as he hears the Captain's words, and starts to move around to find a solution to that trouble. "PO, is there ano…" But he comes to a stop as he hears that shot, turning to look at that woman, frowning a bit. "Frakking Hades!" he mutters, grimacing a bit. Readying his own rifle, as quickly as possible.

Gaelan hears the gunshot and quickly grabs the medic, pulling Dart down and throws his body over the downed Captain not really sure what the sound was and if more debris is about to fall. Realizing it was a gunshot he looks back to the woman standing off. Slowly rising to his feet he points to Captain Desusa on the ground and orders Dart, "Stabilize him for transport." Figuring enough guns are readied on the woman he just calls out, "So are you the cause for all this? Identify yourself

As she has determined that Desusa is alive, D'Artanion begins to check for bleading, or anything else that needs to be done to be sure that her Marine (yes /her/ Marine, at least for now) makes it out of this alive. She pauses and looks up as the shot distracts her. The brain and bone splatter draws a wince and she looks back down again. Bad way to go, but at least it was quick. That one's lost. She concentrates on this one.

The woman has stringy black hair, pale skin, and very little sanity left in her eyes. She moves to the side in a slow step, the gun in her hand wavering from person to person, until it points at Gaelan. She looks at him, gaze burning, chaotic, panting, "Anyone.. Absolutely anyone." She licks her lips. "Monsters.. Horrible.. All this has happened before…" She shouts suddenly, interrupting herself. "DON'T MOVE! IT'S ARMED!" she lifts the box, showing the switch.

Skip stays in place, weapon pointed in the direction of the woman, and not moving at all for the moment. Waiting for the Captain on this one.

Gaelan eyes the woman not making any sudden movements towards her as he steps near Skip and quietly comments, "Stabilize the Captain and start pulling the men. Injured first." Speaking up to the woman he says, "So who are the monsters? I am going to move all these weapons out of here. No sense in having all these people wanting to shoot anyone, now is it? So when did this happen last?" Eyes scan the room before looking back to her.

Rooster glances from the woman to the captain and then back, before catching the hint and lowering the pistol. He still keeps it ready, but its not pointed at the woman anymore. The other squaddies follow suit, but don't move an inch from their positions. There could still be one hell of a firefight.

<Trait Roll> Rooster rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of BeyondTerrible (-1). *BOTCH*
<Trait Roll> Gaelan rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).
<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> D'Artanion rolls First_aid and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb* (8).

The womans eyes flare, as Gaelan mentions moving people out she lifts the gun, "I SAID NO ONE MOVES!" She swallows and cackles a little, looking at Gaelan, "You should thank me. I know.. Better like this." she nods, self assured, better this way. Poof, no more. Not strung along, endlessly homeless, falling through void with the screams of the damned hounding your steps."

To Rooster, it seems as she lifts her gun, her finger moves off the switch.

Skip halfway nods to Gaelan's words, before he stops as he hears the woman, looking over at her a bit carefully.

<Trait Roll> Rooster rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Gaelan rolls Tactics and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Rooster's pistol flicks up, drawing a bead on the woman's head and curling his finger on the trigger. A tense moment occurs where the Gunny flicks a look at Gaelan, looking for the nod to make the shot. Military discipline just about holding.

Gaelan ears lift slightly at the sound of Rooster drawing his pistol. Shifting his weight slightly as he keeps his eyes locked on the woman he nods visibly as he comments, "Yes you are right. You are probably saving us.. but from what? I haven't seen anything around." Oh yes, this is gonna hurt that ear. Just a little bit.

D'Artanion works on Desusa, her movements sure and relaxed. Yes, the woman said not to move, but she is not being threatening and is somewhat hidden by debris. As long as the men with the nice, shiny weapons keep the nutjob's attention, she'll get Desusa taken care of. Then? Well, we'll have to see, won't we.

Thats Rooster's pistol going off as Gaelan nods, damn the consequences.

<Trait Roll> Rooster rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Skip keeps his rifle in position, but not ding anything else as he remains standing where he is, listening to the Captain's question.

The woman shakes her head, speaking as Gaelan does, "Not yet, not yet, but you-" The gun goes off and a red spot appears on her forehead, off center to the left. her hair blows out behind her and a wet sound comes from behind. She stares at Gaelan, eyes clouding as the box slips from her hand, to dangle from the wires and she crumples, legs folding under her, in a bizarre battlefield movement, as if she were kneeling, minus half of her head.

Gaelan winces as the gunshot goes off eyes watch her drop as he turns to Skip and barks out, "Since you found a way to get the Captain out of here, do it." Turning back to Rooster, "I am tired of being here. Clear this room. Get us out of here. Now." Looking back to the kneeling body he just states, "I don't know how long we got, so let's step it up a little?"

Skip lets out a deep breath as the woman goes down, and then nods at the Captain's orders, "At once, sir," he replies. Turning towards D'Artanion and the patient. "Got the patient ready to move yet, Doc?" he asks, looking around again for a few moments.

Other than the people from Genesis, and the unconscious Desusa, the bridge is only filled with the sounds of minor sparks and static. Only corpses are here now. But Desusa, he's gonna be fiiiine. Good Medic.

Pistol slipped back into holster, Rooster stomps over to Delta, grabs his MG, hand only shaking slightly as he does, "Yes, Sir. You men, gather anything worthwhile and follow on," his voice steady and quiet as he speaks to the marines, "Get to it, form up and move the frak out." He stands there, checking the MG's feed compulsively, "MOVE!"

As the shot rings out, D'Artanion shields her patient's body with her own, holding just above his to avoid pressure adding to his injuries. Just… in case. When it is clear that the shot came from one of the good guys and the threat has been ended, she rises and turns to Skip with a nod, "Ready and waiting, Sergeant." Her manner is brisk and efficient and there is no laughter in her eyes.

Skip nods a bit, "We need someone to carry him." That said loud enough for everyone to hear. "Can we lower him down the ladder?" That said quietly to the medic again. "Or do we have to find another way down there?"

Gaelan walks over to Rooster and firmly pats his shoulder, "Good shot Gunny. Now let's get the frak home." Walking over towards the Captain he just looks down and waits on the forward momentum to begin on getting the downed Captain out. Lending a hand to carrier the body as necessary. Glancing up to one of the men in his unit who likes the explosives, "Marine, secure that vest. I want the pistol and dogtag if there is one." Glancing up to Rooster, "Make sure you grab tags on any bodies we pass so we can report them to base." Finally looking back to Skip he crouches down near the head of Desusa and hooks his hands under the downed Captains arms and says, "Let's do this, Sarge."

Visibly deflating as his shoulder is patted, Rooster takes a moment before relaying the orders to the marines (in case they didn't hear it the first time) in his usual playful tone, "C'mon lads, dogtags, dogtags, dogtags." He says, falling back with the non demolitions marines in some sort of parody of an honour guard for the Captains, occasionally pausing to rifle bodies for dogtags (and anything shiny)

The Marine assigned to Demo duty nods, moving to the woman, looking everything over carefully, getting into his pack and pulling out a device. He carefully looks the wiring over, checks for pressure triggers, scans the charges, clips the wires to the box not having found any secondary det signals and takes the pistol and a set of dogtags from the corpse, bagging them and sets about properly dismantling the explosive by the numbers

Skip nods as he moves to get a secure hold around the downed Captain's legs, "Ready whenever you are, sir," he offers.

Gaelan lifts the Captain and guides towards the Ladder. Helping hoist the body down towards the waiting Raptors.

D'Artanion looks down at the Marine at her feet, "He is ready to move, Sergeant. That means that you can do it however works best." She moves to the ladder, walking with her patient. When they reach it, she lets him be lowered first, but follows immediately after.

The Marines and the Gunny follow on mostly wordlessly, filing into the Raptors with a minimum of encouragement. Theres going to be some drinking done tonight.

Skip moves first down the ladder, holding on securely to avoid the Captain falling down the thing. Which would be bad, whatever the doc says.

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