Pandora-Docking Bay
Pandora Docking Bay
Summary: Marines, engineers and medical help those in ship.
Date: 18 BCH (10/26/2008)
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Docking Bay Pandora - Docking Bay

18 BCH 2085 Souls

The docking bay of the Assaultstar Pandora can hold atleast three raptors and a couple shuttles. This is separate from the Hangar Bay which holds the Silver Star Squadron of Vipers.

Once landing into this area, the ship is at Condition 1, smoke billows, crew are in need of help, some are burnt badly. Chaos consumes as they are trying to get the hatches open to the causeway that leads to the Vipers.

Shuttle_228 is on fire and it is being foamed.

[From RAPTOR_122:]

"Get ready," Zaharis tells the medic beside him, carefully watching the Pandora getting bigger and bigger in front of them. "Head down, get contact with the others immediately. Get a back net up behind these guys soon as your feet hit the dirt."

[RAPTOR_1122: Reeves] Trailing black smoke in its wake, which due to the condition of the Pandora is hard to notice, Doreen makes her way in for landing. Despite the damages, of both Raptor and the chaos on the deck it is a rather skillful landing…one may say smooth.

[From RAPTOR_1122:]

Rhea adds this little jaunt to the list of reasons she doesn't like to fly. She's not a praying woman, so she just holds on tight. She looks surprised the landing doesn't jostle them too much.

Sparks shoot out from panels, showering the Raptors as the remains of the Deck crews, all torn up but still walking, operate what remains of the elevators. People work on wirelesses on intra ship Coms lines, trying to coordinate or reach parts of the ship. some crewmen work around others, medkits torn open and laying on the deck as people work franticly. Damage Control parties have broken down and order seems to be something hobbling, trying to pull itself together.

[RAPTOR_108: Warwick] Getting the Raptor down on the deck, in one piece this time, Warwick lets out a deep breath. "Looks like it's your turn now," he remarks to the Marines that are passengers, leaning back in his seat.

[From RAPTOR_122:]

The ride into the starboard landing pod is not a smooth one. There's bodies, debris and all sorts of obstacles, but eventually Rue puts her down. "Let's fix this." She looks back to Shiva and gives her the nod and the woman goes to the hatch, readying to open it.

[From RAPTOR_1122:]

Reeves unstraps his harness and rises from his seat, making sure he has his sidearm with him he nods his head over towards Dazzler. "Frakking fix this..Cap'n, this is your show…" he adds the last as he looks towards Rhea on his way over to open up the hatch.

[From RAPTOR_122:]

Zaharis undoes his belt, motioning for Sidekick #1 to do the same. His hand stays up though, a signal not to go leaping out in front of the Marines. People get shot that way.

[From RAPTOR_122:]

"Lads, don't you embarrass me in front of the Captain," Rooster says, having found some reserve of the parade ground, "I want a smart pair of heels from the lot of you, get down there, secure the site and get me some arcs of fire. Remember, you're marines, so frakkin' act like it!" The sergeant unbuckles his straps and forms up his lads, looking to Gaelan for the nod to go do his job.

[From RAPTOR_122:]

Gaelan watches the pilot's window intently as the come in for the landing. Eyes darting around the hangar trying to assess the situation from his limited position. THe minute contact is made with the ground and he slams his fist on the release of his strap as he snaps his eyes to the Gunny, "Gunny. You got point. Secure this Hangar. You see Brass point them my way." The Captain gives a quick salute to the Sergeant as he waits on them to dispatch quickly falling into place at their rear.

[RAPTOR_1122: Reeves] The hatch of Doreen, which has at this point landed upon the deck opens up.

[From RAPTOR_1122:]

Rhea unstraps herself, standing, looking quite relieved to be leaving the Raptor for a simple chaotic, heavily damaged Deck. "Thanks for getting us here, Lieutenant," she says, sincerely gratified. She hefts her kit and is off, the rest of the snipes and medics on the Raptor behind her. She has her sidearm on but it's her engineering kit she's most careful about grabbing.

Marines moving around on the hangarbay, shows one in view, even if Lakis is a PFC. Her voice is working to carry over the chaos. "Get the frakkin' elevator open!" On her shoulder, akin to the rest sits a patch showing Assaultstar Pandora - 2nd Battalion Colonial Marine Forces - The Magnificent Bastards. Her lower back shows a soaking of blood, whether hers or someone elses, it is unclear. The ripped lower half of her pantleg, shows blood, burn marks and a glint of metal.

[From RAPTOR_122:]

Shiva checks the viewport, then pops the hatch open and gets the heck out of the way of the Marines.

Once outside, Reeves looks back inside Doreen. "Frakking patch her up Daz" he then closes the hatch as he puts his sidearm into a shoulder holster and moves after Rhea.

Rhea hustles off the beaten Raptor, engineering kit hefted, ready to go to work. And relieved to have her boots on the deck. It's no secret the ChEng doesn't like to fly on anything smaller than a battlestar, and she's found no reason to change her opinion today. "Let's get to work!" she hollers as her snipes scramble through standard damage control procedures. She tries to meet up with someone who appears to be nominally in charge of the damage control parties on the ship. "What've we got?"

"We got flames," Zaharis calls to the medic near him as they pile out after the Marines. "Burn kits out, I don't want to see a single hand in here without coolant and gauze. Get me the numbers on injured safe to transport." His medics are efficient bastards, getting their orders and starting to fan out immediately to the clumps of injured in the hangar bay.

Rooster's voice as he leads the men off of Raptor 122 is that of an experienced man, "Fireteam alpha, secure that area, fireteams bravo and charlie, get your arses in gear and give us support. MOVE IT! MOVE IT!" he instructs the newly arrived fresh marines, "Delta, find out what the hell is going on and report back, find the Captain someone to talk to!" he yells, sending the youngest marine off on an errand whilst the big Gunny gets himself a firing position.

Skip frowns a bit as he gets out of the Raptor, looking around rather carefully for a few moments. He then moves to the place where he's supposed to be, grimacing a little bit as he moves.

A First Sergeant, holding his left arm gingerly is also barking orders. When the Raptors come in for a landing, he makes some sign of a cross and 'Thanks the Gods' — Steadying is way over to anyone he meets with Captain bars, he begins telling them that the Portside just blew with a resounding belch of fire and smoke. The Causeway caved in when people were trying to get through.

A man, showing a Specialist rank, comes running from the Causeway, He's running at a dead sprint, "Strut line three's going!" Those are the mans last words as a mighty crumpling noise comes from the Causeway, a huge beam, one of the internal structure supports, comes loose and snaps down, all seven tons of metal. The Specialist dives, trying to make for the hangar deck, but takes the structural beam in the back, and goes down, snapped, literally in half as the causeway he was coming down further collapses, blocking movement through the ship from there, an arm sticks out from the twisted metal and finally stills. wait, twitch, no, still.

The young pilot, Lt JG Rabbit, stands there by his Raptor with a somewhat horrified look upon his face as he looks over the chaos. "Frakk." is all he manages to say. He runs a hand through his hair and leans back against his Raptor, just shaking his head slowly. Unlike Rhea who dislikes flying, this is exacly why Rabbit usally remains in the cockpit.

Gaelan moves off the Raptor right in line with the other Marines, his rifle at a ready and doing quick sweeps of the area. Looking to the Gunny and eyeing his Marines then looking to First Sergeant as he nods to the quick briefing as he barks back over the commotion, "Get your arm checked, wounded that can move to the medics and Raptors." Looking to Rooster he pats his back and comments, "Find me a path to the bridge or someone who can get us there." Finally looking towards Skip he yells out as loud as his rasped whisper of a voice can, "Sergeant! Form up with the Gunny, I want a path created to the bridge, NOW!"

Warwick gets out onto the wing of the Raptor he's been flying, studying the ship carefully. That is, until all hell breaks loose, and he watches the beam taking down the Specialist, wincing a bit. Glancing over at Rabbit and the nearby parked Raptor. "You know you're supposed to dodge those things flying around, right?" Said a bit lightly.

Something or Some /one/ is heard shouting over the comms as they are still on and crackling. "STAY BACK." Then a sudden explosion rocks the upper deck. The elevator bows out sending those trying to get it open, flying backwards and skidding across the floor. Including PFC Lakis who lays there stunned as the entire world around her tilts and shimmies in front of her eyes.

Skip nods as he hears those orders from the Captain, "Yes, sir." Heading over to Rooster. "Let's get this done," he remarks quietly.

Rue emerges from her Raptor, standing by the side of her ECO. She says something quietly to Shiva, then takes a step down and moves to help with some of the relief efforts. However, as she passes Warwick, she says, "Now isn't the time, Hound. Check your raptor and make sure she's good to get out of here. This ship is falling apart around us." When the elevator blows, she ducks reflexively. "Gods."

"Get them -out- of the way of the debris!" Zaharis calls out to the medics fanning through the hangar bay. Except for that poor Specialist. Dead is dead, Jim. "Worst injured into the Raptors first. Petty Officer." He snaps his fingers, calling over one of the medics. "Ahead with the Marine team, get them back here walking."

Rhea nods along with the first sergeant, taking in his information on the situation. She grimaces, but doesn't look /too/ grim. It's just a partial cave-in…d'oh. Her frown deepens, but she manages not to swear. "Get on it! I want things to *stop* exploding now," she tells her snipes. "And keep an eye out for anymore structural damage. I don't want a piece of this ship falling in on anyone." She tries to coordinate with the damage control folks already working on the deck, to get some order to that part of this mess, at least.

"Delta, get your arse back here and run support, you're with me now!" Rooster snaps at the poor young marine, before looking to Gaelan, "Bridge, Sir!" and smiling. "Lads, you heard the man, get your arses to the bridge," he says to the other marines, before grinning at Skip, "Good to have you on board, Sergeant, any thoughts?" Of course, then the elevator kicks out, "Move out, you bastards, doubletime!" and off they go.

Reeves looks over towards Warwick, emotions surge inside the young Lt, but then he just grins. The Pilot's friendly banter seems to bring the chaos away from his mind..That is until the next set of explosions are heard and Reeves ducks.

Anger flares over his face and then he grits his teeth. "Anyone who can walk…get your frakking ass over here..This Raptor for medevacs.." he turns to look towards his own Raptor. "Daz, we've got guests.." that done he moves over towards Rue. "Cap'n?"

Gaelan crouches slightly and quickly draws his weapon up to a ready as the elevator crashes down. Quickly stepping up his pace he heads towards the elevator and crouches down next to Lakis and looks over the wounds and looks back towards Zaharis and calls out, "Medic!" Looking down to Lakis he quickly asks, "Give me a sitrep, Marine."

Skip shakes his head a little bit, "No particular thoughts," he offers to Rooster, frowning as the elevator kicks out. "If there's someone unwounded who knows the layout of the ship better, we should bring that one, perhaps?"

Warwick nods a bit at the CAG's words, "Got the bird ready for whenever we take off again," he offers, before he smiles slightly as he sees Reeves' reaction to the comment. Staying ready for now.

Zaharis points his medics towards Reeves' raptor. "Get them into Doreen, move your asses." He ducks something flying at him, running in a half-crouch towards Gaelan and Lakis. The velcro on his medkit makes a swift ripping sound as he pulls it off, kneeling down.

Lakis shakes her head slowly to clear the mental debris threatening blackness in her skull. Her voice comes out in a hoarse whisper, "Captain…on ..bridge." Putting a hand under her, she works to make herself sit up. She's a marine, dammit. "Tools has manual ladder, sir," she blinks recognizing his pins.

"Grover..GROVER?!" A female voice from the smoky chaos echoes around the chaos and then falls silent. In the Chaos, a young, thin waif of a Recruit hobbles from the darkness, one hand clutching her opposite arm, blood coming from between her fingers, face a mass of durt spotted with spark burns. She walks, crying to someone with Officer pips, in this case, Rhea, "S-sir, we just lost Portside, deck seven, Grover-Specialist Finleigh couldn't contain the fire and blew out the airlock, venting his team to contain the fire before it hit the main O2 recyclers.." She then dissolves into tears.

Gaelan nods to the Private and pats her shoulder, "Medic has you Marine. You did good, we will take it from here." Standing up he looks towards Rooster and barks out, "First Squad! Find one of the fix-it's on this ship and locate the ladder to the Bridge!" Looking down to Zaharis he comments, "I got Brass still on the bridge." Stepping over Lakis he steps clear of the Medics to let them do their work.

"Hold still, Private," Zaharis pulls a handful of supplies from his pack, including a packet of bloodstopper powder. He grabs the ripped part of her pantleg, further tearing it up the shin to let him better see the injuries. Looking up, he nods at Gaelan. "Go, Cap. We got it here."

"Good call," Rooster replies to Skip, before pulling a whistle and using it to get the attention of his busy squad, "Deck Fix-its, you frakheads, up the ladder, go!" Rooster moves at the back of his men, the big MG resting over one shoulder, "First one to get there gets an extra ration, last one there gets given to Wrongway!"

Rhea reaches out to put a hand on the little Recruit's shoulder. An almost motherly gesture. But her manner is still all business. "It sounds like your specialist saved a lot of lives, Recruit. Let's not allow his efforts to go to waste. We need to get these systems under control and make sure these corridors are stable so nothing else comes down on our Marines' heads when they're getting to the bridge. Get to work."

"Pilots, let's help the medics get injured aboard," Rue calls to Warwick and Reeves, before moving towards Zaharis and his medics herself, grabbing one injured Marine's shoulders and helping him to his feet.

What is left of those able to move about and work, has them trying to clear the causeway as quickly as possible. What can't be moved is stepped over and what can be moved is tossed out onto the deck, mindless of anyone around. — The shuttle fire is finally put out.

Skip nods, making sure as he moves among the first people on the way to wherever that ladder is. Not spoiling anyone's hope for that extra ration, but still staying near the front of the squad. "Let's do it, folks."

Lakis nods to the Doctor and keeps raised up on her elbow as he checks out her leg. So many people she doesn't know here, but came to rescue them. Her lips are set in a grim line from the pain and the loss of her shipmates.

The Little Recruit Who Could nods to Rhea and turns, hobbling off as a booming is heard from one of the panels, then again, another booming, not explosions, rhythmic impacting. the panel shifts some debris in the way, then with a banging the panel is knocked out from the inside by a boot. A PO1 crawls out, owning the boot in question, "Hangar Deck!" He shouts, as he pulls himself up, "Sitrep-Oh Frak.." He takes in the devistation and calls, "OPEN MAINTENANCE LADDER HERE!" He shouts.

Warwick nods as he hears that, and gets over in a position to help a Marine that comes stumbling, leading the person towards the Raptors as quickly as he can. "Don't worry, we've got you. Going to be safe." Spoken quietly as he moves.

One of the medics kneeling amidst of sea of burnt bodies gives Rue a grateful look when the pilots head over. "Thanks, sir. He's good to go, and these two right here." She points to two Marines being helped to their feet. Over by Gaelan, the petty officer sent with the Marines has his pack ready to go and is running after Rooster and Gaelan. "Petty Officer Stark reporting, sir."

Zaharis, meanwhile, is getting Lakis patched up, albeit in temporary fashion. He quickly examines the depth of the shrapnel wound in her leg, powder sprinkled on the bleedingness to stem it before he wipes away the red liquid blocking his view. "My name's Captain Zaharis, private. You're going to be fine. Going to get this out of your leg and get some gauze on those burns, then we're pulling you to a Raptor for evac." He explains needlessly but efficiently, keeping her informed of what's happening to her. "Can you tell me anything about what happened up here?"

"Sergeants first, frakheads," Rooster says to his marines as they bolt towards the ladder, "On my six, if you'd please, Skip." Rooster says as he moves over at a jog, slinging the mg to the marine assigned as Delta and climbing upwards, "To the bridge!"

Reeves places a hand upon Rue's arm before she gets to far away. "You are the CAG Wrongway, are we really taking these people back home?" he asks, with an arched eyebrow as he looks towards his superior officer.

"I'm not leaving, sir, not without Captain Desusa," Lakis tells the doc. "We had some electrical trouble and then things started exploding." Atleast, that is as much as she knows at the moment.

"Lead the way," Skip offers to Rooster, before he adds, "But don't get stuck there, okay?" Glancing up the ladder as he waits for the Gunny to head up first.

Rhea gives the recruit a reassuring nod as she hobbles off, though that's as much individual encouragement as she can offer just now. She looks mildly relieved when the shuttle fire is finally dealt with. That's something. She hustles to the causeway clearing. "Careful," she says as she gets her hands into it. "We don't want to bring anything else down with this." She makes sure to order some hardy NCO snipes to stick close to the Marines. In case they come upon anything sparking that it might be best *not* to shoot.

Gaelan stops in midstep as he looks back to Lakis and quickly steps back over to her, "Did you just say Captain Desusa?" Crouching down next to Lakis he re-iterates in a new found impatience, "Marine. Who is the Captain that is on that Bridge?"

"My arse, your head, Skip," Rooster laughs, reaching down to retrieve the MG and begin the climb with it, "Up and at 'em!" and then hes up the ladder in the direction of the bridge.

The PO who came in from the ladder focuses on Rooster as the Marines make for the ladder, "We got this ladder going up Starboard, from there, we can hit the connecting passage and get to the Bridge. The way's stable, stru Damage hasn't hit this path." the PO seems on high alert, and whole, "I'll take you." He then turns, going back into the ladder as the Marines move, falling in with them.

Poor medic Stark just follows along after Rooster and Skip, their little red-crossed shadow. Zaharis wipes more blood off Lakis' leg, tossing the cloth aside and leaning over the wound to stabilise his arm as he quickly picks out the shrapnel that won't threaten to unplug a massive bleeder. Some has to stay in for now. He wraps her leg securely and moves around to her back, blinking at the same time Gaelan does. "Desusa is-…?" The Marine beats him to the question.

Warwick has helped that Marine he was helping over to the Raptor, before he heads back towards the others, moving to help another one to the bird. Looking around carefully in case something more would fall down.

"Yes, sir. Captain Desusa, he's on the bridge. We lost contact when things went to frakkin' hell," Lakis tells the Marine Captain. She makes a wince and tightens her muscles up as the doctor works on pulling out metal pieces from her leg so he can wrap it up.

Skip nods as he hears Rooster's words. "Just be adviced that someone claims I have a rather solid skull," he offers, before he listens to the PO, "Okay, then. Climbing up after the Rooster.

Gaelan looks up to Zaharis then back to where his Marines are disappearing up the ladder as he simply states, "Frak me." Without another word he is up on his feet and in a full sprint towards that ladder to catch up with his Marines as he starts making contact with the rungs he calls up, "Double-time it! If I hit your boot I am pulling you down this ladder!"

"We're taking them to safety. Now, grab yourself an injured Marine and get your ass in gear," Rue tells Reeves, moving to assist the Marine she helped up and get him to her Raptor. "Load them up!"

In moments of chaos, hours, days, weeks even years of training finaly pays off. Reeves nods his head towards Rue, before he moves over and starts to aid helping wounded personel back up into the 'Doreen'. "Easy Marine…you'll live to fight another day…" he says in the calmest voice he can muster.

"Damn it." Zaharis returns his attention to Lakis' back, treating it in the same swift manner as he did her leg. "Nobody's leaving without Desusa, private. Now come on, you're good to walk." He twists and looks around at his thin net of medics all busy, then calls to Rue. "Captain! One of your pilots over here, help this private back to the evac zone would you?"

Rue nods to Zaharis and looks to Warwick, "Hound, get her loaded up on your bird." Then she goes about getting her own man up to Shiva, who helps him the rest of the way into the Raptor. "I've never seen a ship with this kind of catastrophic system failure," she comments.

Warwick nods a bit, "Got it," he replies to the CAG, before heading over to Zaharis and Lakis, as quickly as he can. "Don't worry, Private. We'll have you out of here," he offers quietly.

Lakis gets herself pulled up, one way or another. Just as voices are heard on the other side of the causeway. An opening is made enough for people to move through now and see about those still alive. "Yes, sir," she tries a half-handed salute.

"Sabotage M'am…That or a frakking bad crew and the worst luck the Gods ever granted anyone." Reeves calls over his shoulder as he wipes his face and shakes his head. "This is truly frakked…Wrongway, we can't possibly evac everyone on three raptors."

The Flattop is standing by.

Zaharis lets Warwick handle Lakis, grabbing up his pack and swiftly moving on to the next moaning body in a heap. "Ensign!" He calls to the medic nearby. "Status report, where are we on evac?" He works as he calls for it, his right knee ending up in a cooling pool of blood as he kneels down.

Rhea keeps digging in the causeway. The idea of leaving people trapped back there isn't a pleasant one.

Warwick nods to Lakis. "Don't worry about the formality, let's just get you out of here and to safety, shall we?" he offers. Then another brief pause, "Think you can walk?"

"That's why we brought the flat top," Rue fires back to Reeves. "Load up to your maximum capacity, then you're cleared for runs to the Flat top. Drop them off, then come back for more. We do it til we run out of injured or the Snipes say it's okay for people to be on this mess."

Lakis goes into hobble mode, "I can sir," but she isn't walking toward the Raptor, she is moving slowly to an area where a rifle stands against some crates.

Reeves nods his head slowly. "I can take one or more, then I'll take off M'am." he looks over towards Warwick and the Marine by his side, before he ushers two medics carrying a stretcher. "Come the frakk on, get her onboard and then we'll be off."

Warwick nods a bit. "Goo… Hey. That's the wrong way," he replies, catching up with Lakis quickly. "Raptor's over there…" Gesturing.

Zaharis glances at the way the Marines left, half an ear kept on the Ensign's babbling of the requested status report. He shakes his head, looking back down at the body he's trying to deal with. Not in such good shape is this Lieutenant, his breathing pulled a high-pitched whistling sound with each weak breath. Whether from the chest wound or something else it's hard to tell with the blood still gouting from the injuries.

Lakis reaches out just as Warwick gets to her side and picks up the rifle. "I sleep with this rifle, sir. I won't leave it behind," she holds it in one hand as she hobbles back toward the Raptor.

With the last of the first batch of refugees loaded up, Doreen's engines fires up. Without much of a ceremony, it takes off and heads out of the burning wreckage of the assaultstar.

Warwick nods a bit as he hears that, studying Lakis for a few moments. "Let's get over to the Raptor now, then." Moving along the Private as she hobbles, being in position to help.

It does seem that Rhea's snipes are starting to get things under control. Sparky things get quieted, no engines below decks are running though and the FTL is thoroughly frakked. With someone in command, things are going alot more smoothly atleast.

The majority of the snipes are fanning out in small groups, along with the ship's native damage control teams, to try and get the get the systems in a less catastrophic state. Rhea, from where she's fussing around under causeway rubble, looks up to nod shortly in satisfaction. /Maybe/ now panels will stop exploding under people. That's always a positive step.

With things a little more under control where the fire and collapsing infrastructure are concerned, the flurry of medics are able to work much more quickly. A small treatment area has taken shape by the Raptors, where the unconscious and unable to walk are carried and stablilised before being put onto the ships for evac. Zaharis grabs more gauze from their supplies, working on the worst injured while other medics continue to move around the bay, helping the ambulatory.

The smoke clears, as Doreen makes her way back into the hangar bay. First evac run seems to have been succesful, despite the damages to the hull of the Raptor. Once it has landed, the hatch opens up and Reeves makes his way out.

Rue's raptor is loaded up as well and she takes off without any ado, loaded full of injured Marine passengers. In her cockpit, eyeing the Pandora, she asks rhetorically of herself, "What happened to you."

Warwick gets back to Raptor 108, getting what he can of passengers, including Lakis, aboard the craft. "You all ready to get out of here?" he asks them, as he heads for the controls again now.

There's a whole batch more wounded waiting for Reeves, medics either supporting, directing, or carrying people up into the Raptor once the hatch opens again. On the ground on a makeshift pallet of blankets, a spirited but brief resuscitation effort fails on a young specialist no older than 20 or 21. A sheet's pulled up to cover the worst of the injuries, the side of the man's face ripped to shreds by shrapnel that's still glinting in the hangar lights. Zaharis exhales slowly as he sits back from that one, shaking his head as he grabs a cloth to clean off his hands.

Rhea steps back once the causeway is clear enough to get people through. She keeps a sharp eye on the corridor and debris around the opening, to look out for any signs that it might cave again while people are being evacuated. She tries not to wince at the state of those pilots coming out. Broken people are harder to take than busted machines.

The smell of burnt flesh is never easy for anyone. Some of the younger crew have emptied their stomachs long ago and now just dry heave. Even the older more combat weary ones, are taking this hard. Everything in their world changed in a flash of smoke, fire and explosions.

As more rescuees file up into Doreen now as the other two Raptors are on their way out, Reeves takes a moment to survey the scenery. A deep sigh, before he moves over to help with those who can't walk. Suddenly he pauses in his step and moves over towards one of the cassulties, a young blond woman lying there. Her stomach covered in blood, and a medic just about to cover her up. "Hold the frakk on." Reeves mutters as he kneels down beside her. "I know this one…"

Zaharis stands up, issuing a few quick standing orders to the medics nearby. He frowns at the mess of the hangar deck, taking a few steps towards Rhea as he keeps an eye on on the evacuations. "Anything apparent at all about how this happened, Captain?" He asks the ChEng in a low voice.

Warwick gets into the pilot seat of his Raptor and takes off so he can get these injured ones out of here. The Raptor moves for the space outside, and the flattop.

Rhea is covered in sweat and dust from mucking around in debris. She straightens, putting her hands on her hips and frowning thoughtfully. But the only answer she can give Zaharis is a shake of her head. "Nothing clear yet. Something severely frakked this place up." Her clinical diagnosis. She sighs. "We'll have to investigate properly later, when things're calmed down."

The young medic, takes a hold of Reeves shoulder. "She is gone Lt…Others need help…"

Reeves, brushes his fingers over the dead crewman's eyes and nods his head slowly as he rises to his feet once again. "This is frakked..this part of space is cursed, by the gods." he mutters with a shake of his head.

"We have enough drama without that sort of nonsense, Lieutenant," Zaharis turns around to speak to Reeves flatly, raising an eyebrow. He nods to the waiting queue of wounded. "Especially not in front of Pandora's crew." Mouth tight, he looks back at Rhea and nods. "Understood."

A raptor makes a landing and once it's set down, Rue comes out along with Shiva, ready to load up more injured. Looking Zaharis' way, she asks, "Do we have a count yet of how many are going to need evac, Doctor?"

Reeves looks back towards Zaharis and narrows his eyes, what ever he may have intended to say is quickly forgotten as the CAG makes her presence known once again. Instead the young Lt simply nods his head and turns to shepheard the wounded back upon the Raptor.

"Some of the wiring's been ripped out," Rhea adds to Zaharis as she turns her attention to a busted panel. "That didn't happen on it's own…" She tries to keep her tone carefully neutral for the moment. No sense alarming anybody until they've done a proper investigation into these systems. She leaves Zaharis to his work and concentrates on hers.

Zaharis arches a brow sharply at Reeves at the look on his face. He looks back at Rhea then, frowning at the assessment, and then turns his attention to Rue. "Current count's 136, Captain. Estimating about ten to fifteen more."

"Plenty of work left to do then," Rue says, glancing from Zaharis to Reeves. "Let's keep up the pace, Rabbit. Good work so far," she adds, clapping the man on the shoulder before helping a wounded Private onto her bird.

It's about this time that Warwick's Raptor returns as well, and it's just barely down on the ground when the hatch opens and the ECO comes out, followed not long after by the pilot.

Reeves glances at Rue as she pats him on the back, and then the young Lt continues his work in silence. Something seems to brood upon his mind, weighing heavily and it seems to be more then just the amount of wounded and dying all around him.

Some of the medics, supporting the injured with shoulders and stretchers, start piling onto Warwick's Raptor once it touches down. The stream of people seems endless, ranging from the barely limping to the motionless, blood-covered forms under blankets. Zaharis returns to the triage area to continue seeing to the worst of it, the stink of charred flesh mingling with the acrid smell of smoke from the extinguished fires.

Rhea idly dusts her hands on the trousers of her uniform, striding over to meet up with Rue and the others. "We're getting things under control. The engines are shot to Hades and I won't even estimate repair times on this mess yet, but I don't think anything's going to explode under anyone's feet." Positive, she is.

Crews work tirelessly, even though some can barely stand on their feet at this point. Coughing smoke out of their lungs, they continue to pull out more people. There is no way of even telling at this point if any of the Vipers are servicable in the other bay.

Warwick helps getting the wounded inside the Raptor, frowning a little bit as he works, staying silent for now.

Reeves wipes his forehead once again after aiding a man unable to walk into the Raptor. Standing there on the wing of the Raptor, Dazzler comes out to stand by his side. The Pilot and the ECO shares a few words, some of the words filters out due to the chaos but some may be heard. "Same region…nope, did not hear back on it….Related…I'm not sure, all cloak and dagger."

Zaharis slides a fresh roll of gauze into his pack, moving over to help a team of engineers and medics who are trying to free a deckhand from under a collapsed part of the causeway. The sound of pained screaming is half muffled by the other noise of the rescue operation, the heavy rubble spattered with the man's blood. Some of the fallen metal has been cleared enough to reach in, the group struggling to get a proper hold on the deckhand's broken body.

Rhea continues on with the business of making sure things stay non-exploding. She does a quick head-count to make sure all her snipes, who didn't truck off with the Marines, are accounted for. She finds Ensign Mercer behind a bit of debris. He looks green, but at least he managed to empty his stomach during the carnage, while people had better things to do than notice. She sends him over to assess the damage to the burnt shuttle, to give him something to do.

Gaelan comes in from Causeway.

Rooster comes in from Causeway.

D'Artanion comes in from Causeway.

Skip comes in from Causeway.

Evacuations are still ongoing, the hangar bay looking marginally less of a mess than when the Marines trooped out. Near the Raptors is a triage area where the critically injured are being stabilised before being loaded onto the Raptors. Those injured who can walk are headed up with the assistance of their fellow soldiers and several of the pilots. Engineers are still everywhere, trying to avoid the smoke and hazardous fallen debris as they assess the damage and repair what they can. The air is still heavy with the sharp stink of smoke, blood, and burnt flesh.

Gaelan climbs down the ladder helping Skip lower the injured Captain's body. This is followed by the stream of Marines who disappeared up the Ladder earlier. The mood seems a bit more somber among the troops. As soon as Gaelan gets in the hangar area he calls out, "Medic! Need to load this priority patient ASAP!" Glancing to the Sergeants, "Let get this wrapped up and get the frak out of here guys."

Rhea looks up as the Marines come down the ladder, motioning one of the snipes who went with them over to her. To get a report on the damage up on the Bridge.

Coming down behind Skip and Gaelan, Rooster and his squad are pretty much festooned with Dogtags, sadly. "Lads," he says to his squad, "File out and help where you can, then get right on the transports, all the shootings done today." Rooster, for his part, falls in with the medics, ferrying the wounded.

Zaharis has just barely finished helping pull a deckhand out from under a huge pile of metallic rubble, the stretcher on its way over to a Raptor double-time. Spattered with blood, the CMO coughs some smoke out of his lungs, turning to head towards Gaelan and his returning group. "Lieutenant, PO, get over here," he calls to two medics near the Raptors, who follow along at quickstep. "Status on Desusa, Captain Gaelan? What have we got?"

"Sounds like an excellent plan, sir," Skip offers when he's sure the wounded one's down safely. Relaxing a bit more as he sees Zaharis step over. Patient should be in the best of hands now.

D'Artanion blinks twice as Gaelan calls for a medic, then turns to work with whomever comes over from the medical staff. Desusa is loaded on a stretcher. When Zaharis moves in, she nods, "Requesting permission to accompany the Captain to the sickbay, sir." She does nothing to hinder the medics, but her gaze follows the stretcher's progress.

Gaelan glances to Dart and nods, "Do not leave his side. I want status updates on him regularly Sergeant." Looking up to Zaharis he just lets out a deep sigh as he pats the Doctor on the shoulder, "Nothing but corpses upstairs, Doc." Eyes follow Captain Desusa's movements as they go to load him up on the transports. Blinking a few times he finally looks around then looks back to Zaharis, "How much longer we got on this before we nuke her and get out of here?"

Rhea wipes her brow with a grubby sleeve. Which doesn't make her face any cleaner, but it gets it less sweaty, at least. She Gaelan and Zaharis. "This thing'll need to be hauled back to the flattop for repairs. No good leaving it out here, and it's sure not going anywhere under its own power. We can go over it in more detail there. Get to the bottom of…whatever the frak caused this."

"No problem here," Zaharis tells D'artanion, though he lets Gaelan make the final call on her permission to go places. He nods to Gaelan, giving Desusa a quick lookover and pressing his fingers against the side of the man's throat. To his Lieutenant he says, "Looks like a crush. Pulse is good. Get him boarded, keep his airway clear, check him for concussion and fractures. Send his status report to myself and Captain Gaelan the second it's done." The Lieutenant nods firmly, spouting off a 'yes, sir' before he moves along with the stretcher. Back to Gaelan, Zaharis shakes his head. "Have to ask the ChEng about the ship herself, Cap. But last body should be ready to lift off in about twenty minutes."

D'Artanion salutes Gaelan first, then Zaharis, "Thank you, sirs." She turns on her heels to follow the stretcher. Her expression is grim in comparasson to what it is when off-duty, though on someone else, it might simply be called 'professional'. As she walks, her economy of motion gives her a crisp, clean gait that eats the distance to the stretcher. Once there, she walks at the pace of those carrying it.

Gaelan nods slowly as he looks to Rhea and nods slowly, "How are we getting her back to our side if we can't spin up her FTL drive to jump her back to our grid?" Reaching up he rubs his face he takes an assessing look around and rests his hand back on the grip of the rifle as he adds, "I can't run a risk of someone jumping into this quadrant and boarding her. I will leave a security detail here until all your engineers have critical data secured from the ship. Then we get with the Colonel on a scrap or salvage order."

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