Pandora's Finest
Pandora's finest
Summary: Desusa's scout comes in for a meet. She delivers the goods.
Date: 15 BCH
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Setting: Recovery Ward / Genesis Battlestar

The marine captain finds himself swamped with paperwork today. Hexagonal pads are stacked over a nearby chair, and he is currently reading from a thick file folder. An occasional nod is given to each page after he finishes reading. A medic in here was kind enough to set a small juice-looking pitcher and a glass for him to drink from. Restricted diet an all that.

Restricted diet. Frak that. The private has other things in mind. With one of those nice sickbay robes over her uniform and her feet in those lovely sickbay floppies, Lakis comes back into the recovery room. There is a small, nylon bag in her hand and the hint of smoke around her once she approaches. She must have stepped out of the area to grab some nicotine.

Desusa can smell the coffin nails a mile away. "You must not upset Cpt. Zaharis, Lakis," says Raul, giving the incoming private a small look from the corner of his eye. His focus is kept on the info folders over his lap.

As the Private nears the Captain's bed, she begins pulling the curtain around it closed. "He said I could smoke in the corridor," she explains and then sets the nylon bag down near his feet. A slight peek out of the curtained area and she is pulling out real food. Two hamburgers and fries. Raising it up, she waggles the burger, "How's this for a meal, Cappy?"

Desusa gives the nylon bag a once over and then a small smirk. "Gods, I knew I brought you over from the Defender for a reason," he grabs the bag and shuts the folder closed. MMMMMM. "Now, this looks decent enough." He digs out a fry and shoves into his mouth, "Yes. The right amount of grease in them too." He rolls the bag closed and slides it over the make-shift desk he's got on his side. "How are you holding out, Private."

Lakis parks her butt on a chair near the bed and holds the drippy burger in her hands. So much for etiquette, "I could eat a horse and chase the rider right now," she does lift her bum leg up though and rests it on the bed. A big dose of burger is shoved into her mouth and she chews with full cheeks.

Desusa nods and looks around for some sort of napkin. "Mind your manners while we are away from home, twinkle-toes." He throws a clear rag at her. He then picks up a small sheet and asks, "Know if Colonel Rollins or Major Walls where rolled in here?" (CO and XO of the Pandora respectively.) He has to ask his scout, cause, he's pretty much tied-up to the gurney right now and doesn’t get a chance to wonder around like Lakis.

Lakis grunts at the rag and wipes at something that has fallen on her robe lapel. Then she uses it along her lips after swallowing, "I haven't seen either and we could hear Walls for 20 kliks," she looks around too, but basically only seeing curtain right now and cocks her head to listen for any incoming medical staff. "So, when we getting off this tub and back on our own ship? I heard they were doing some fix-ups over there."

Desusa looks at another part of the report an nods, "I don’t have command deceased reports here. Dammit." He shoves the page under the pile and browses thru another page, "Well… most of the squads are scrapped. We don’t have enough folk to fill the ranks," he sighs a bit, "The viper squadron is also crippled. Half the equipment was lost. No engine power. Defense systems are in the head. Mayor Silva (Company CO) is MIA like the rest of the command line." He rubs his eyes with his fingers and shakes his head. "I have absolutely no clue as to /how/ we are getting home without even a skeletal crew for the Pandora." He shuts the folder once more and reaches out for his juice. "I haven’t spoken to any of in the command line here to see how the situation is gonna be handled. guess we are stuck until HQ can manage some sort of replacement crew, I figure." He takes a drink and adds, "We are pretty far away from home base, so any transfers from there are gonna take a long while."

Lakis isn't liking the sound of that, "That frakkin' sucks," which is a good base reply. Using her tongue to pick out something in her teeth and then taking a large bite again, chewing and getting it down her throat finally, "I met some Captain Gaelan when we were rescued. Then he came in here too. Took my smokes away, luckily the Doc said I could have them back. I was afraid there would be a knockdown right here."

Desusa lofts a brow as he drink, "Mmmm, you met Pietr already, eh?" He smirks a bit as he shakes his head. "We've been here three days and you have already gotten on Captain Gaelan's bad side." He drinks some more before serving himself some more juice. Giving the glass to Lakis before getting another for himself. "Peitr and I are great buddies. Did some great work on the outer borders of Caprica with the insurgents a few years ago." He takes a small whiff from the juice served and quips, "Be nice to him, twinkle-toes." Lakis is like a daughter to the Cappy, so, she gets a lot of leeway with him.

Lakis takes the juice as she listens to her Captain, "I was nice. He kinda got in my face about not telling him anyhing. But since it was above my paygrade," she smiles, giving the old man a wink. "I don't think he liked that much," she finishes off the hamburger and lick her fingers. "I'll be nice." She uses the rag then to wipe off the rest.

Desusa nods once to all that. He knows she'll follow up those directives. "Now, was Old Spooky and the landram recovered? Please say so, cause those where our top priority items in the can." We needs good news. Please!

Lakis reaches for a few fries and then leans back in the plastic chair, doing a little bounce with it. "I haven't got over there yet. But, I should be released out of her soon," another look around and she lowers her voice, "Frak, Zeus, you know they'll be licking that thing if they see it. So I should hear some scuttlebutt soon enough."

Desusa folds his arms in front of him and nods. "As soon as you do, try and find out." His head leans back over the wall on the top of the gurney and he ponders, "The start-up sequence is very complicated according to our pilots, and they where trained 'specially' for that task. Wouldn't feel right if one of the air-monkeys in here tried to move fly it." He kinds shrugs and says, "Guess our big secret effort to run the Armistice line failed miserable."

"Maybe the Hermes had better luck, we can only hope," Lakis chews on a few fries now, "Aye, the last thing we want is someone over here poking around that thing with no clue. I think a couple of our pilots are here somewhere too. Some over on that station. I'll see what I can find out, if they don't come over and tell you anything. These interns will do anything for a good frak," she could be kidding.

Desusa knows she is not kidding, but, in some missions they have run up, it's the best tactic. "Well, you know I hate that course of action, so, I leave that venue open for your own pleasures, twinkle-toes." He snickers and takes a small drink. "The reports in here are very sketchy, but it seems engineering here still hasn't figured out if the bombs when out or if it was just plain luck that the system went haywire."

Lakis grins somewhat and then gets up to take care of the carnage they left behind after the food. "If you get sick n' all, just say someone held you at gunpoint and made you eat it," like they'd believe that! "I heard they shot someone on the bridge when they went up there. Probably that logistics chick, I knew I didn't like her for some reason. Crazy bitch." She balls the paper up in one hand and shoves it in her robe pocket, "You should have let me airlock her."

Desusa shakes his head and says, "Not our call to judge people, Private. We only carry out sentence." There's a small smirk after that, and the he pulls out the hamburger and begins eating. "Gods, this tastes awesome," he then looks at Lakis between bites and adds, "don't forget to kill the chef afterwards." He winks.

Lakis lets off a quiet chuckle, "I can probably take him out," she finishes off the juice she was given and sets the glass back on the tray holding the other. A light wipe across her mouth with the back of her hand. "I'm going to head off for another smoke and see what I can find out." Zeus and his sneaky snipers.

Desusa savors another bite. "Yuuu do dat," he says between bites. He'll dispense of the corpse afterwards.

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