Pandoras Box
Pandoras Box
Summary: Ramiro receives a box and opens it…finding issues.
Date: 55 ACH
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Sitting alone in the quiet barracks near the back is Dane Ramiro. Sitting sidelong in his bunk which is built into the wall, he's practically in birthday mode as he's digging through a large cardboard box. Ripped open with "D. RAMIRO" stenciled onto the side, he's smiling as he quietly digs into the package and starts fishing around inside.

Lex walks into the berthing for perhaps the first time in weeks when most of the marines aren't either on duty, at PT, or sleeping. Her time in here is ridiculously limited. Just now, she's returning from some corner of the ship with a stack of five textbooks and manuals. Obviously it's been another study session. She comes up behind Greje. "Excuse me, er…" The garb throws her off for a second.

"It's free marine country…" Ramiro calls out, barely able to look up from his box. He simply doesn't. Going silent with that dead stare of his as he pulls out a sealed envelope, his eyes gloss over in a wet sheen that he quickly blinks away, sliding the envelope beneath his pillow. Breathing deeply, slowly, he puts his marine face back on and continues going through the box.

Greje turns as someone else with more call to be there comes past, "Ah!" she says, quite brilliantly. "If Dane's inside, will you tell him I've gotten back safely from the temple on the Destiny," she requests quietly, then lifts her head, "Oh, I think I hear him. Do you mind if I step inside?" Not wanting to step on the privacy of the other marines.

"Maaaan! Is it true?" Ver'Krugen says as he steps inside the berthings. "Is there a civvie ship out there full of sex-crazed womenfolk??!!" as always, the mans mouth if stuffed full of chewing tobacco.

The blonde private steps through the hatch into the berthings as Greje moves a little to turn and address her. Sneak past! She turns once inside, and keeps going with a nod. "Yeah, his bunk's back here." She jerks her head toward the marine with the box, then turns to walk that way, having to go past Ramiro's to get to hers. "Oh, lords. Yes, but they're way above your pay grade. You should see the getups on them. Sheer and all trimmed in—" Pause. Lex shoots a look back at Greje, then continues in, mouth. Shut.

"They're all trained assasins, 'Krugen. You ever see a girl dressed that skimpy that likes marines that much, run like hades." Ramiro says. Lex walking past comes through his peripheral vision and he turns to look at her. "Hey Lex…" He says with a strange look, turning back to his box. He's not yet seen Greje. "…so you wouldn't believe what's come my way…"

Greje follows Lex a step or two inside with a grateful sort of smile. "Dane," she calls, once inside, and once she's spotted him, "I've been to the Destiny and back, and I'm fine," she reports tersely but warmly, "But I've got to go -change- again and get to a meeting. I'll see you afterward," she tells him, then turns and disappears in a flutter of golden robe-trim.

Ver'Krugen steps aside as Greje hurries past him bacn on out. As the hatch closes, he turns a wide brown grin of chewingtobacco and teeth over towards the others. "Well, now, Sergeant… Looks like you're halfway in on that piece of ass. And they say women dont feel the need like us men" he chuckles.

Lex reaches up to stow her stack of books on her bunk, which is the upper in row 7. She probably shouldn't have glanced over as she did that, because one slips off the top, skims past her ponytail, and smacks into the floor. Mutter. She gives the pile a shove, then turns to pick up the manual that fell. "If the Sarge had the stones, he'd be more than halfway." Oh, marine banter. "Nice face, can't say much for the body, though. A little thin." She cradles the manual in her arm, and wanders over within conversational range of both marines.

Ramiro looks up in time to see a whisp of gold fabric. "Allright!" He calls out, a smile on his face followed by a look of relief. He gets an annoyed look on his face, shooting a death glare at Ver'Krugen. "Please don't talk about Sister Karthasi like that." He says, and then gets a strange look on his face. He didn't see the outfit. He then turns to Lex. "You too allright?" He asks, looking to the books she'ss dropped. He pauses for a long moment. "You…want some help with those?"

"Thin, round, wide, tall" Ver'Krugen grins as he moves on over to his bunk. "I dont mind either way; just as long as she spreads 'em far enough, and dont pass on over any STD's, then Im all for it" he says and all of a sudden starts to hump the air and spank some imaginary piece of ass. "Come on sarge" Ver'Krugen grins, "Even priests feels the need. She's a Wohooman and she liiikes it good" he spoofs and keeps humping and spanking the air.

"I could almost see her LZ, Sarge. Woman walks into Marine Country like that, somebody's gonna comment. Don't be so sensitive just because she's a religious fixture." There's a wide smile from Lex. "Now I see why you spend so much time on your kne—…" Lex pauses, and looks at Ver. "If we chip in for a whore, will you go away?"

"Knock it off…" Ramiro says, a bit of frustration in his voice with a shake of his head. He starts to go through his box some more, pulling out packages. "…I didn't see what she was wearing but it was probably some sort of religious garb. She was heading over to the Destiny and I just asked her to let me know when she got back." Ramiro leans down, looking to Lex for a moment and then Ver'Krugen. "She's also an officer."

"Hey" Ver'Krugen says with arms held wide. "You chip in, Im not the guy to say no to free snatch, if you know what I mean. Pay up and I will go to town, for sure" he grins. "Come on, sarge… That woman had sexual intent written all over her. You're telling me you missed it?"

Lex glances at Ramiro, regards him for a moment, then turns back to her bunk to go toss the manual up onto her bunk. "She's back."

"I'm pretty sure you're mistaken VK." Ramiro replies, watching Lex toss her manual up onto her bunk. He gives her a lifted eyebrow with a strange look on his face as he judges her body language. "For fraks sake you two…" He lets out a sigh, finally emptying the contents of the box. "…what's the big deal?"

"Sex!" Ver'Krugen grins. "What did ya think?" he says as he finds his bunk and climbs in for some rest. "Sex is the big deal, sergeant, and you've got a ripe skinny ass ready and waiting for ya."

Lex heel-toes her shoes off, and pulls off her tank-and-tee. She pulls open her locker, shoves those inside, and digs around for some clean sweats, dogtags jingling merrily as she does so. She shimmies out of her pants, shoves them into her locker, and digs around for clothes. She sniffs something yanked out of the locker every now and then, testing for cleanliness. No comments about the cartoon character thong, okay? Great. Once she finds something that smells not-dirty, she tugs the sweats on.

Ramiro turns, noticing Lex changing for a moment before he looks over to Ver'Krugen. Giving Lex some privacy, he takes in a deep breath. "Just drop it, VK." He says as he runs his hands through his hair. Lowering his head and going quiet, he sifts through the items from his package glumly. "Please…drop it."

"Sure thing, sarge" Ver'Krugen says, as his attention is aimed over at Lex and her ass and thong. "No problems what so ever" he adds, and sticks his dogtags betweem his teeth and bites down. "Gods" he mumbles.

There's a glance from Lex at Ramiro's tone. She tugs the sleeves of her sweatshirt up once all clothed again, and doesn't seem to notice VK cataloguing to find a little room for her ass in his spank bank. If she did, she obviously doesn't care. "Any candy in there?" Yeah, she's finally commenting on the box.

"Yeah…believe it or not. Beef jerkey's still good. Candy's sealed up airtight so it's still good." Ramiro replies. There's a photo album, a few blankets, books, what appears to be some sort of cloak, pyramid jersies…all sorts of things on his bunk right now. Finding one of the small number of candy bars, he takes one and hands it out to Lex, flattening his lips and looking to her with an apologetic frown.

"Candy?" Ver'Krugen says and shakes his head. He then grabs and holds up his bag of chewing tobacco. "This is all a marine needs."

Lex waves off the candy bar. "I like the little fruity ones. Helps get the smell of gibbed marine out of my nose and throat after some poor frakker trips over an IED." She's probably kidding. But maybe not. "Chew is the second most nasty habit known to man."

Ramiro blinks. "Well fiiiiine then." He says, trying to clear up the mood. Chuckling, he shakes his head and looks over to Ver'Krugen. "I wouldn't chew tobacco if someone threatened to eunuch me over it. You do realize that you were just talking about meeting girls on the Destiny right? You're going to have a mouth that smells like a bog. Put two and two together."

"Its all about personality, sarge" Ver'Krugen grins, teeth brown from the tobacco in his mouth. "All ya need is to talk some to the females, and then whip out your dong, and man… They will go to town with ya, in a heartbeat" he chuckles.

Lex looks to VK. "You ain't got enough of that either." She glances at his shorts. "… Not by a long shot." She takes a few steps closer to survey the stash in Ramiro's bunk. "Mail resume and someone forgot to tell us?"

"No…my stuff was in transit. I had a quick transfer over." Ramiro says quietly to Lex. "This is the stuff my parents forwarded to me at my new post. I got here two days before…" He trails of, holding up a wrapped bundle of letters. "One of the new ships is a moving ship. Guess what they had?"

"Hey, babe" Ver'Krugen says to Lex with his brown grin and grabs his crotch. "You straddle this package and you wouldnt climb off if your life depended on it. There's more down here and then some to keep ya happy all night long, hot stuff." He simply chuckles and winks at the woman.

<Opposed Roll> Lex - Unarmed_Combat versus Ver'krugen - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Lex: Great <Roll2> Ver'krugen: BeyondSuperb
<Result> Ver'krugen WINS by 2.

"Oh yeah?" Lex nods and reaches a paw into the stuff on Ramiro's bunk. She taps a finger on the photo album. "Better hide that before the boys start asking after naked pics of your former girlfriends." A slight smirk follows this. "Then again, maybe it'd be good for morale—" Ok. Lex turns, and faces VK. Since punching him in the face would require getting closer to stained teeth, she aims a kick for the big guy's shin.

"Like I'd keep those here…" Ramiro replies, trying to be cool. Truth is…he never had any. "VK! Frak man…" Ramiro blinks, leaning over his stash to watch the Lex-kick fail. "…will you knock it the frak out or take it to Navy country?" He blinks, shaking his head and setting the bundle of letters aside. He's going to have to find somewhere else to read those. He does, however, pull out an old pyramid jersey with the number 2 and 'Ramiro' stenciled in on it. He smiles.

Fresh and clean, it's a scary sight to behold as Meris Hughes, your friendly local brick shit house returns from the head. In a towel. Admittedly, it's a big bath towel, but still. That's a lot of Meris to cover. She's also got a second towel on her head, wrapped up in a turban to keep her wet hair up and out of her face, and because, really, she needs that extra height, just to make it a farce when she has to duck through the doorway.

"Hey" Ver'Krugen says, grinning as always, and then picks up his pillow and uses it to fend off Lex. "No need to turn violent, babe. You want it all have to do is ask, ya know." Pillowing waving back and forth to chase her away.

"You wish, you big smelly ape." Lex's violence is either really off today, or she wasn't seriously offended by the wishful thinking on VK's part. "Brush your damn teeth." She points to her chest. "Closest you will ever get, bootneck." And then she steps across the berthing, crossing Meris' path, to go back to being nosy about Ramiro's stash. "Hughes." Greeting.

"Hey Hughes." Ramiro calls out as the giant walks around. Ramiro starts taking some of the pyramid jersies, some of them from his high school team, and starts folding them and putting them into the shelving beneath his bunk. Kneeling down, he carefully takes what looks like a hooded black robe with a red sash and sets it inside as well. "You know, VK, you are a definite gent…"

"If you only knew what I am wishing for, honey" Ver'Krugen says to Lex as he returns the pillow to under his head. "Your nipples would burst!" he chuckles, grinning with his teeth brown from the chewing tobacco. He then glances over at Ramiro and winks, "Hey, sarge, someone has to set the bar, right?"

"Hey," Meris replies in general, ambling over towards her bunk as she pulls the towel from her head, rubbing at the damp hair in an attempt to dry it quicker. "No violence in here, please. Blood's a bitch to get out of your blankets."

"Not all women comparison shop, VK." Lex shoves some stuff aside and takes a seat next to Ramiro. "Not even if that bar's on the floor." She notes the abundance of jerseys. "You could have your own—" There's a long pause as she really takes a look at the interior of the bunk, "… pyramid museum."

"If you're the one setting the bar, I've got a pretty good idea that repopulation's going to go swimmingly, VK." Ramiro replies, blinking and looking in Meris' direction. Blink blink. No comment, he looks back to his package and starts putting books in his locker alongside a large picturebook that he handles like it's made out of weeping dynamite. "Hey…I love the game." He smiles at Lex a slightly tense smile.

"Nothing wrong with keeping the bar low" Ver'Krugen shrugs from his bunk. "Every woman deserves a piece of Roy, simply cos women loves Roy. Especially babes like you Lex… Not you presonally, but babes like you, similar to you that is… They sure love Roy."

Meris switches her attention to Ver'Krugen, looking him up and down once. "Which piece?" she asks.

Lex isn't seated long beside Ramiro before she glances up, and takes note of the look on his face. The subtext is rapidly becoming a text in here. It's just the plot that's a little fuzzy. Belatedly, "Not enough hard liquor in all of the Colonies." She rises, and heads for the hatch without her books. "Page me if you need something obliterated with high explosive." The words are casual, the tone is a bit terse.

"Don't say that don't say that…" Ramiro suddenly looks over to Hughes with a blink. "…damnit." He grunts, hurrying with his packing of his personal effects. "You know…I'm starting to think I'm gonna need some peace and quiet." He adds, stowing what appears to be a homemade blanket. Grabbing the bundle of letters and the one that was beneath his pillow, he shuts his locker. He locks it and stands, heading after Lex.

"Aw come on" Ver'Krugen says with a wide grin. "I was only messing around… Seriously" he chuckles and shakes his head.

Meris eyes the pair, somewhat puzzled as she digs out a set of clothing and sets about redressing herself. "What did I say?"

It's good that VK thinks Lex's exit is about him. Saves her some trouble. Lex leaves the hatch open as another marine angles to head in, and the turns down the corridor. There's a grunt from the corridor, and a, "My fault," and then the sound of pounding gym shoes making with the jogging through the Battlestar.

Gymnasium Genesis - Deck 9
55 ACH 23817 Souls

Workout areas are abundant here along with benches and water dispensers. Running machines, rowing machines and lifting. There is a place for sparring with lockers that hold the equipment. Off this area, there is an athletics court and a pool.
----< Condition Two - Public Area >----—-

Having lost her around a few corners. Ramiro's got his envelopes with him. Pushing open the door to the Gym, he peeks his head in, taking a look around for Lex.

Lex is on a treadmill, though the rest of the gym is empty at the moment. Most folks are probably down for chow. Her feet are pounding away at the belt as she runs in place, going nowhere. She's already sweating freely.

Ramiro steps over to her, thankful that they at least have some privacy now even though the room will echo. Walking slowly, he looks to her. "Lex…I don't know what I did…" He starts, probably not the right choice of words. "…did I do something to piss you off?"

There's the rhythm of her feet on the treadmill, the even beats, for probably a full twenty seconds before Lex finally says, "This didn't get complicated between us until you wanted more than sex."

Ramiro looks to the floor, arms behind her back. She's probably not looking at him, so he'll keep it from being an eye contact thing so far. "How are things complicated, Nico?" Ramiro looks up after a moment. "Really…what is so different now than it was back then?"

Would be hard to do the eye contact thing running on a treadmill. That seems to suit Lex just fine. She doesn't slow, blonde tail of hair bouncing with her strides. It takes her a while to put it into words, or maybe just a while to say it. "One of us nearly died, and then the other nearly died." There's some thought process left out in the middle there. She turns up the speed two beeps of a button. "We should call it before it gets messy."

Ramiro watches her for a long moment, thumbing the envelopes behind his back quietly. "Nico if I were in engineering that doesn't negate the possibility of both of us dying." Ramiro replies, letting out a slow sigh. "I like to think that it was because we backed eachother up that we didn't die." A long pauses sets in, his jaw squaring. "Is that what you really want?"

"It isn't the risk. The risk is in the job description." Lex is at a full run on the treadmill, her skin slightly flushed, a sheen of sweat rising up and curling a few stray strands of hair just at the nape of her neck. "I didn't enlist to fall in love with a grunt."

"What do you want from me, Lex? One moment you're saying one thing and after the Nebula everything's changed." Ramiro blinks. "You didn't answer the question either." Ramiro replies, watching her. A long, uncomfortable silence falls over him before he speaks again. "Lex if you really want to drop this, I'll admit, I won't like it but I'll respect your wishes." He closes his mouth, seemingly done. "If this is about Lieutenant Karthasi…"

It must be something about that interaction in the berthing didn't feel right. Lex finally just hops off the belt, bracing her feet on the side foot panels as she punches the STOP button. So much for a cool down. "Is it?"

"No of course it's not." Ramiro replies, shaking his head. "Look so another girl stopped by to see me." He shrugs. "She's an officer, she's our chaplain, and she's a sister. You know I'm religious." He folds his arms across his chest, letters in one hand. "I asked her to make sure she was safe on the Destiny because of rumors we can't talk about." He flattens his lips slightly. "You know just because VK says something wants to nail me doesn't mean it's true. He didn't even draw a connection between you and I."

"It wasn't what he said, it was how tense you were after it. I'm not looking for a run down of your activities with every woman you play with, no matter their rank." Lex turns from the machine to drop off the side of the equipment, and stand next to Ramiro. "You can't save everyone. But you're going to try anyway, aren't you?"

Greje comes in from Corridor 9D.

"Do you have any idea how disrespectful he was being? She's an anointed Sister of the Lords of Kobol. It's wrong to talk about even a Brother like that." Ramiro replies, a bit of his colony coming out right there. Turning his head and body to face her, he shakes his head. "…and you're damned right I'm going to try. Last I checked there were less than thirty thousand of us. I figure if there's something worth saving around these days our species might be a good thing to pick." He squares his jaw again, a bundle of letters in his hand. "I don't see what the problem is…"

Lex stands beside a treadmill, sweaty and flushed, obviously fresh from a workout of some kind. She's facing Ramiro, and the conversation seems a bit tense. "People are people, Dane. Fancy clothes and fancy words doesn't one any more worthy than another. Roy's a stupid bootneck with a tiny dick and a compensation problem. Nobody takes his shit seriously, not in Marine Country. If you wanted to be a poet, you should have stayed on the Colonies." She doesn't raise her voice, but the effect is the same. This isn't a polite conversation over tea.

Greje follows the rumor trail 'til it leads her to her favorite Fundie. She's out of garb and back into uniform, and looking a little more on the pale side than usual. She spots the pair of them there and after a thoughtful moment produces a smile that doesn't look pasted-on.

Ramiro's face goes quiet, devoid of emotion for a few moments after Lex's last statement. He hears the door to the gym open in the distance. The sound of some sort of argued words echo intangibly, but everything goes rather quiet with the movement to Ramiro's back. Dane sighs, running a hand through his hair. "Allright." He simply says. "Maybe you're right. Let's just call this for what it was while it was." Ramiro says quietly. "I've got letters to read." He adds, slowly turning. Looking a bit nonplussed, he raises his eyes to Greje and stares at her as he heads towards the door. "Captain." He says in greeting, reaching for the handle.

Lex takes a breath, and then closes her mouth. Her jaw tenses briefly, and then that marine-stoic expression ticks back into place. "Storage compartment this deck is usually free this time of day." That's a bit of a bizarre comment to make, as if she's wishing him a quiet little place to read his letters, but, of course, that isn't really it at all. Nico turns back to her treadmill, and re-starts the program. The flush on her cheeks is from the running. Honest. Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud.

Greje is suddenly overcome with that strange feeling of knowing she's wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time but has no notion why— like she stepped over the threshold with the wrong foot forward and was suddenly in a strange world where everything was wrong. Well, even more wrong than it is in this one. Dane's formal greeting puts her subtly on edge, and she dips her chin toward him in quiet greeting, casting a concerned glance in his path but not pushing company on him. She looks back toward Lex as if she'd offer clues, but she only offers further aenigmata.

Ramiro pauses, handle on the door for a moment to let out a frustrated breath. He looks to Greje and gives her a sympathetic look before glancing over his shoulder at Lex. "Thanks for the tip, Lex." He says, and then pulls open the door, letting himself outside. Shaking his head with an annoyed fleer as he steps into the hallway, he walks slowly towards the stairs.

Lex just keeps running, and running, and running. All the while she goes nowhere. My gosh, it's almost like a metaphor. But … marines don't believe in those. Oorah.

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