Ensign Pepper Peters
Jewel Staite
Jewel Staite as Pepper Peters
Name: Pepper Peters
Callsign: None
AKA: Pep
Age: 21
Branch: CiC
Faction: Navy
Organization: {$organization}
Department: CIC
Position: Support
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Hera
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Jewel Staite

Biographical Information


The early years

Pepper Peters was born on Caprica, the middle daughter of a well-to-do Caprican Military Family (yes, all capital letters). The family has been military, on both sides, for as far back as anyone can remember - so the discipline and values of service were instilled in Pep from the time she was old enough to blink. It's rumored that her family gave a good bit of backing to Space Station PAS, which was destroyed after the Cylon Holocaust. Thanks to familial connections (and family money), Pep had the chance to travel on Hera before it became part of the Colonial Fleet. Captain James Fulton (now deceased) was a close friend of the family and routinely hosted cruises through the stars for Pep, her family and select friends.

Pepper has always been known as one of those ultra-polite people, very proper young women - at least, that's what everyone who's known her since she's served on Genesis thinks. As a child, she was inquisitive and honestly didn't suffer from middle-child syndrome. She did, however, go through a period for a few years where she drove her parents crazy - the two years after her 15 year old syster was killed in a sporting accident. Her older sister married a politician and settled down to become a mother of four on Caprica, thereby continuing the family tradition of service to the government - just not in the Colonial Military. When it came time for Pepper to do her familial duty, however, she settled down and did exactly as was expected - even excelling at her studies through Naval Basic and Officer Candidate School, and taking on more responsibility so that she'd be better prepared for work on a Battlestar CIC. It's no secret, to anyone, that she's bucking for her own ship one day.

Story since IC

Ensign Pepper Peters was a bit of a surprise to Commander Tarik Regas when she showed up on his doorstep, literally. Given his long history with her family, he always considered her to be a younger sister, niece, and even daughter all rolled into one. He watched her grow up, after all. She settled in as his Aide - actually taking care of the XO of the time, Colonel Jameson Fotilas as well. Given her penchant for an almost uncanny knack for knowing when one of them needed or wanted something, she quickly developed a somewhat spooky reputation. However, given her inherent politeness and usually sweet disposition, her eccentricities were quickly overlooked. Everyone aboard Genesis knew that she was utterly devoted to both the CO and XO. In fact, there were even rumors floating around, half-serious, that she and Fotilas were "an item." Neither of them addressed the rumor, let alone confirmed or denied it. It seemed as though she was here, there and everywhere when it came to the CO and XO, directly on their heels - except when one of them was about to make a move to get rid of her. That's when she'd mysteriously disappear, seemingly without a word being said.

Distinguishing Facts

  • Aide to Colonel Reed Carter
  • Adopted Daughter of Tarik Regas
  • Caprican Accent


  • Caprica University - Computer Sciences / ROTC
  • Officer Candidate School (OCS)

Military Service


  • CIC: Hera
  • CIC: Genesis


IC Events

  • 17 ACH:
  • 82 ACH:
  • 96 ACH:



Pepper is one of those Ensign's that is on top of everything. She is here and there and constantly a the heel of the CO (Regas) or the XO (Fotilas) as their aide. They do tend to try and duck her on occasion. Pepper's father is an old friend of Commander Tarik Regas and he looks on her as a younger sister or daughter. Pepper is the middle daughter of three. Her oldest sister married a politician and has four kids, living the high-life on Caprica. Her youngest sister was very athletic and a vehicle crashed ended her life at the young age of 15.

Pepper went through her schooling with flying colors. Officer Candidate School, Navy Basic, and further training to she could work well in CIC on the Battlestars. Pepper was then assigned to Battlestar Genesis, much to the surprise of then, Colonel Regas, who wasn't expecting the young woman to show up at his 'doorstep'. Her entire family has been military farther back than she can remember. Pepper's parents and older sister are also rumored to having given a lot of backing to the Space Station PAS. Pepper is very polite, quick on her feet and knows when to vanish if she is getting on Command's nerves by her nitpicking.

Misc Fun.

Pepper also has that uncanny ability (it seems) to know some things before they are needed. (Think Radar on M*A*S*H) — Either that or she carries a ton of folders with her. No she can't read minds or tell if the cylons are coming.

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