Peppering the Hera
Peppering the Hera
Summary: Pepper makes her way to the Hera's CIC and meets some of the crew.
Date: 66 ACH
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Logfile from Battlestar.

CIC Hera - Deck 2
65 ACH 23817 Souls

The CIC of the Hera is remarkably, the one area that is closest to it's original military configuration. A lower area holds the lit situation table with DRADIS console lowered from the ceiling, while the raised rear stations hold access consoles to such stations as Engineering, Power Distribution, DRADIS Monitoring, Weapons Control. It is important to note that this civilian vessel is heavily armed with point defense cannons, long and short range missile batteries, advanced ECM suite, and heavy armor plating. While this ship has been heavily modified for comfort, it has in fact been upgraded in FTL efficency, weapons systems, and sublight engines.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: McKenzie Reed Hera Bridge Wireless 424
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Reed comes into CIC, buttoned up and moving to the Command console.

McKenzie glances over her shoulder as someone enters. Seeing that it is you, she rises smoothly from the command station and steps out of the way. Saluting, she addresses you quietly, "Sir. It has been calm with nothing out of the ordinary to report."

Reed nods, moving to the command console and leaning against it, frowning, "Fine fine." He considers, "New transfer from Genesis, Ensign Pepper Peters is coming aboard the Hera, assigned to be my Aide."

McKenzie lowers the salute, her gaze settling on you. One brow lifts just a little and she nods slowly, "Oh? I'm not familair with her, sir." She licks her lips slightly, then adds softly, "You don't look terribly pleased, Major. Is something wrong?"

Reed shrugs, "She's transferred in with a three day AIQ on her. she used to be the Commanders Aide. She spent a great amount of time on the Hera when she was a Civilian ship. Family friend of Mr. Fulton. She's good, and efficient. Wasn't expecting it."

McKenzie blinks a few times, then clears her throat lightly, "Uh. Oh. Yeah, that's kind of a kick in the pants." Turning, she leans a bit against an innocuous counter and tucks her fingers into the front pockets of her jeans. "What'd she do? Or is it one of those things that won't impact the job? Cause, I really don't care otherwise. Kind of a hard way to start a new posting, though…"

Reed shakes his head, "Nothing to impact her work, no." He considers, "You'll meet her. She'll be in the Berthings as soon as she gets here." He taps the situation table. "She's highly efficient."

McKenzie laughs, her tone quiet, "You've said that twice now. I guess that means she is intimidatingly efficient? Should be a riot…" As the woman's transgretion does not impact her work, McKenzie actually drops it, her declaired lack of interest in the details apparently accurate. "So, what else is on our plate today, sir?"

Reed shakes his head, "Nothing, really. I've just finished outlining a long term plan to command." He sighs, "There's an Op for tomorrow, we're going to be on Fleet Babysitting duty till they get back."

McKenzie lifts a brow just a little, but nods, "Okay. We can do that. Anything I need to know about the mission? Or the dispersement of the fleet during the mission? I can start plotting coverage points now…" Cause it will be fun. She is leaning against a counter, while Reed is leaning against the back of the command station (I think.) Her gaze is focused on the Major.

Reed is, indeed leaning over the Command station, hands on the small situation table in the middle of the Command Deck. He looks at McKenzie, nodding, "Basic Gamma fleet dispersion. We're going to be covering the CAP, and maintaining Fleet watch while the rest of the ships take care of the mission. We'll be anchoraging the flyboys left with the Civvies, and keeping Fleet jump operation control here. Fairly standard. Feel free to plot our coverage for that pattern for tomorrow." No real details on the mission they're doing, Need to know only.

Rhea comes through the hatch, shown up by a crewman. Dressed in her blues and more-or-less polished, though there's some grease under her fingernails that suggests she's come from working on something or other. She's armed with a clipboard.

McKenzie does not need to know more than that and does not ask. Her lack of curiosity might be due to a failure of the imagination, or it could be due to a belief that if she did need the information it would be forthcoming. Faith in her CO, maybe. Or, she is just itching to get her hands back on her beloved weapons array, "Yes, sir. Nothing out of the ordinary. I'll just get started…" When Rhea enters, the woman's glance flashes to her. She offers a welcoming smile that dies when she spots the woman's pins. Standing straight, she salutes the other woman, "Major." The welcome is transfered from her glance to her tone as she does the militarily correct eyes-front thing.

Reed looks over at McKenzies reaction and smiles, "Ah. Major Zimmermann." He says lightly, then looks to McKenzie. "Let me introduce, Lieutenant McKenzie. My weapons officer from the PAS, and now granted more toys to play with to make things explode here on the Hera." He looks at Rhea, "Major Rhea Zimmermann, Chief Engineer, Genesis, and Top of the Engineering food chain. She's got the power to schedule us for our refit when she gets to us on the list. Major, what can we do for you today?"

Rhea returns McKenzie's salute, saying an automatic "As you were" a breath later. Getting the protocol stuff out of the way. The reaction seems to amuse her for some reason, and she shares a little look with Reed. "Lieutenant. It's a pleasure. I think I remember your face from the PAS." She smiles. Just a crooked curve of her lips. Not flashing her scary Major fangs. That done with, she turns to Reed. "Major Carter. I had a free moment. Figured I'd come get the rest of those specs on the modifications you wanted to this vessel." Not that that's a task she couldn't just as easily have sent a minion to do. And yet, here she is, in the ChEng flesh.

McKenzie lowers the salute when militarily appropriate, "Yes, sir. You do. Good to see you again or meet you for the first time. I am sorry, but I don't hold onto names very well. Don't take it personally if I space the name, okay?" Her expression is one of clear enjoyment as she looks from the weapons station back to the Chief Engineer. "Ah, so you are the lady with the power. Sweet. I don't think that the weapons array needs to be updated, but I won't cry if you add more toys for me to play with…" She waggles her brows slightly, then turns to focus on the job at hand leaving the two Majorly types to their work.

Reed nods to Rhea, "Of course." He tells the other Major, then looks at McKenzie, "Lieutenant, you have the Conn. If Peters shows up, have her settle in in a bunk, in the Berthings, and make your introductions." He looks at McKenzie, "We'll see how you handle settling in a new transfer. Feel free to hand the Conn off to Dreavers." He glances to the man at the Comms station, then back to Rhea, gesturing to the door, "Major, shall we?"

"One 'Z', three 'Ms', a pair of 'Ns', an 'R' and various vowel sounds as appropriate, Lieutenant," Rhea says wryly. As to her surname. "Don't feel bad if you trip over it. It's a lengthy Tauron concoction that's taken me years to adjust to. Just be grateful you don't have to signature with it." She winks. Tilting her head up at Reed. Brows slightly arched. "Wherever you like, Major."

McKenzie looks back up from the Weapons Console. Rising, she moves back to the command station, "Yes, sir. It won't be a problem. I'll get her settled." Lifting a hand, she does the salute thing once more, though it is more casual. Rhea's comment about her surname wins the woman a grin, "All right, sir. I won't worry about it. And, yeah. At least I don't have to sign it. Though I bet you weren't called 'Mac' growing up." Not that she minds the nickname, really. "Used to bug the frak outta me when I was growing up. Now? It kinda fits." Since she is not terribly feminine in mannerisms.

Reed nods, and moves to the exit, leaving CIC directly. He smirks as he goes, but otherwise doesn't comment on his Weapons Officers nickname.

Reed leaves for Hallway [O].

"I didn't have the name in my playground days, thank gods," Rhea says wryly to McKenzie. "I'm sure my nicknames would've been far more colorful than that. Carry on, Lieutenant." She returns the salute before clomping away. Hardly a delicate, feminine creature, herself.

Rhea leaves for Hallway [O].

Pepper comes in from Hallway.

CiC of the Hera is one of those places that just hums with quiet efficiency. The staff is busy doing their jobs with Dreavers at his station and McKenzie seated at the command console. The woman is clearly working on something, head bent and schematics flickering by on the heads up display. She tilts her head to examine something, then blanks the screen to begin anew.

Pepper steps into CiC uniform-perfect with a smile on her face. So what if that smile seems just a little forced and there are dark circles under her eyes. The important thing is that the smile's professional and in place, her shoulders back, chin up slightly. Unless someone's looking very closely, she seems to be nothing more than an officer settling into a new position. She's familiar enough with the CiC, it would seem, that she doesn't even look around, simply makes her way over to the Command console, pausing a respectful distance away.

After a moment, McKenzie acknowledges that creepy someone-is-watching-me itch between her shoulderblades. Looking up, she spots the woman and nods, "Ensign. Major Carter is otherwise occupied, so if you are looking for him, you'll need to deal with me." Pushing upward, she turns fully and takes in the woman's stance, smile and manner, "Lieutenant Maureen McKenzie, Weapons Officer here. What can I do for you?"

Pep dips her head, once, smile warming a little. "Ensign Pepper Peters reporting for duty, Sir," she says quietly. "Transfer into the billet of Major Carter's aide." There's no uncertainty about her, simply a quiet confidence.

McKenzie nods, her gaze lifting, "We've been expecting you, Ensign. Welcome to the Hera." Turning a little, she clears her throat. "This here is Major Carter's new Aide, all. Be sure to introduce yourselves to her when you can. Ensign Peters." Lifting her hand, she motions to a fellow seated to one side. He rises and approaches, "This here is Lieutenant Samuel Dreavers. He is our DRADIS operator." Stepping forward, the man nods a greeting and adds his own welcome. Then, McKenzie turns to the man, "You have the con." He nods and angles into position. Turning back to you, she smiles, "I'll show you around a bit. Get you settled."

Pepper dips her head to those she's introduced to, smile warmly professional. "It's a pleasure to meet you all," she says quietly. Then her attention snaps back to the Lieutenant. "Of course, Sir," she says, stepping aside for the woman. "I'm somewhat familiar with the Hera-of-old. I haven't been aboard since the change over."

McKenzie nods, folding her hands behind her back Picard-style. "That's good to hear, Ensign. You're less likely to get mislayed." Nodding to the door, she walks toward it, then leads the way out. "We'll start with the berthings."

Pepper moves in to follow McKenzie, dipping her head once, but offering no further comment.

The walk down to the berthings is taken at more of a leisurely stroll than a brisk military march. On the way, McKenzie takes the time to point out places of interest. The cafeteria, the head, the gym… Finally, the pair make it to the area set aside for crew quarters. Entering the outer area, she gestures, "That hall's where the enlisted bunk. Officers are in here." Opening the door, she ushers you in before her.

Pepper glances in, seeming, at first, a little uneasy stepping into the enlisted quarters. She does, however, step inside and look around before glancing back to the Lieutenant. During the walk down, she seemed to be attentively taking mental notes as each bit and piece was pointed out.

McKenzie motions with her chin toward the berthings, "You get to take your pick, Ensign. I know by your reputation that I don't have to remind you to keep it neat. You probably know all about inspections, yes?" She sparkles a quick smile your way, then leans with her arms crossed in front of her against the wall, "So. Any questions so far?"

Pepper looks around and dips her head, offering the woman a small smile. Though there's something that flickers when her reputation is mentioned. "I do," she says, keeping the smile pasted in place. "And you needn't worry about anything at all, Sir." There's a quiet certainty about that. "No, no questions, Sir."

McKenzie nods, "A'right. Good enough. Major Carter will get with you once he has the time to go over what your duties will be, but I expect that they will be similar to what you did for the Genesis CO." She does not move yet to leave. Being an observant sort, she may have noticed that flicker. Either that or she is just one of those people. In either case, her tone gentles a bit, "By the way? Your rep is that you are exceedingly efficient and effective. Major Carter is a breeze to work with, so I think you'll like it here. Might not be as cool as being aide to the Genny's CO, in a way… but, we're a good group. Kind of tight, if you follow me…"

Pepper's throat works for a moment and she dips her head. The smile is a little more genuine, tinged with gratefulness. "Thank you, Sir," she says softly. "I've talked with the Major in the past and look forward to working with him. I have an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the best, and I don't intend to squander it." Like the last time. Rather than emotion, there's a calm, quiet certainty to her voice. "I'm looking forward to getting to know Hera's crew and settling in. If there's anything I can do for you, at any time, you need only yell for me, Sir."

McKenzie chuckles, "Thanks, Ensign. I'll do that. If the Major doesn't have you running 'round like a chicken with it's head cut off. Which I kind of suspect. There's a lot to do here and we'll need someone who can organize. The Major's good with it, but some of us aren't. I'm okay." She winks, then turns to the door, "Well. I should let you get settled in. You're in CIC with me for the next few days. That means we'll probably take meals at the same time. I'd be pleased if you'd join me?"

The Ensign dips her head slightly. "Of course, Lieutenant," she says quietly. "How far is Hera in the process of being fully operational as a military vessel?" It's an answer she likely already knows, but it's a good thing to get confirmation.

McKenzie clears her throat and tilts her head slightly, "That depends, Ensign. We still have an inordinate amount of geegaws and fru-fru about. Other than that, we're close. The weapons array is sweet and easy. The rest? The Major is in with Major Zimmerman now going over final plans. I'd say…" She lifts her hand, finger and thumb close together, "Somewhere between here…" Then, the fingers widen to about an inch and a half… "and here. What that means in terms of time and manpower? I won't know until the meeting is over. Sorry."

Pepper chuckles softly at that and dips her head. "In other words, situation normal," she asks, arching a brow ever so slightly. "We don't know until we get there exactly what we've got left to do."

McKenzie's smile warms and she nods, eyes sparkling a bit, "Pretty much, yeah. I can see that you have the military mindset down pat." A wink and she releans against the bulkhead. "So… Do you want time to settle in? I kinda need to get back up to CIC. I can take you by some of the other places of note, if you like first?"

Pepper glances over her shoulder toward the berthing then shakes her head, smiling a little. "If you don't mind, Sir, I'd like to settle in. You're needed up in CiC. We can finish the tour tomorrow. Of course, do you need anything taken care of in CiC this evening?" The offer's there.

McKenzie smiles at the woman, but shakes her head, "Nah. It's cool. We can start working your ass off tomorrow." She winks once, then pushes from the wall. "Enjoy the evening. Hollar if you need anything. Someone's always around." Turning smoothly toward the door, she glances back over her shoulder, "Sleep well, Ensign. Tomorrow is a brand new day."

Pepper dips her head at the Lieutenant, watching her go, but says nothing. Once the other woman's cleared the door, Pep's shoulders drop just a little and she allows the pasted on smile to fall away. Turning, she reaches for her duffle and begins the process of unpacking, slowly.

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