Madeline Stowe
Madeline Stowe as Laren Petrakis

Name: Laren Petrakis
Callsign: Rack
AKA: ln
Age: 44
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: Military
Department: Tactical
Position: Executive Officer
Rank: Lt. Colonel
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Scorpia
Actor: Madeline Stowe


Laren Petrakis was born on Scorpia to a middle income family. Her father was a marine in the first war with the cylons as was her grandfather. She didn't go into the marines, instead she went Navy. First to being a viper Pilot, which she wasn't suited well for and then onto Deck. She earned a Callsign 'Rack' - though no one is sure why and who gave it to her. It just stuck one day.

Through the years, she has been on various battlestars and fleet ships. Her last one was the Orion before she was sent to the went on leave and ended up on the Genesis when the war broke out. Taking up the LSO slot, she has been one who works more behind the scenes than out in front. Although, she has been made XO of the Genesis now, and that will have to change.

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