New Toys
New Toys
Summary: The scene opens with Taylor and Cress discussing something in the General Lounge. It ends with the discovery of something that will occupy the Flight Deck for a long time.
Date: 16 BCH
Related Logs: None.

General Lounge Genesis - Deck 9
16 BCH 2185 Souls

This large lounge/recreation area is here for the personnel of the Genesis. As any place where Officers and enlisted seem to come together, there are places for each. The Officers areas are more lounge-like and the enlisted have a couple couches, tables and chairs. Various computer games are here as well, including some foosball, driving or flying, shooting, etc. Along one wall a long counter has been setup with snacks, drinks and a sink.
----—< Condition 3 - Duty Area >-----
Contents: Cress Taylor Triad Deck Wireless 228

Exits: [O] Corridor

The shake of her head..the dismissal. It breaks the heart. He looks away to the mug of coffee resting on his knee. He tried. "I don't listen to rumors. I'm more concerned with you personally. But.." He keeps his voice low enough that nobody else would be able to hear, though one of the Raptor Jocks glances their way - the lack of conversation noted. Taylor seems to be on the edge of saying something when an orange and blonde streak flashes by the hatch, boots thunking. Moments later it returns and stops, Taylor watching the whole time. Its Zachy. She jogs into the room and stops by Taylor, stooping beside him. The youngin' whispers into his ear and his eyes look..confused. She steps away and nods to Cress. "Sir." Taylor glances at Cress as well, then back to Zachy. "Are you godsdamn serious?" The Specialist nods, out of breath. She eventually jogs back out and disappears down the corridor. The Chief looks to Betsy and blinks.

Cress looks over to him again, about to say more, but Zachy's entrance has completely taken her off guard and the conversation is sadly, slightly derailed. Her lips falter, speechless, uncertain, as she finally just watches the woman jog away and she looks back to Taylor, "…Berk… what… what's going on?" She asks, worried and quiet, but there is just a small line of hope, as the man doesn't seem to be in a panic.

The Chief finally looks away and glances to the pilots. Most are watching them to see whats up with the DC. "Something worth staring at?" he gruffs at them, jaw hardening. Nope, he doesn't have much fear. Most turn away back to their drinks and card games. Those eyes fall on Cress once more. "Have you been over to the Pandora yet?" Its a grave question, hushed.

Cress shakes her head quietly, "No, no… Not yet. Not really my position, unless someone gives the order. Why do you ask?" She inquires curiously, a press of thoughtful line coming to her lips as she studies him somewhat closer, her body sitting up straight and a hint of adrenaline pushing her mind into a better level of wakefulness and willingness to work.

"Its a bloody mess. Literally. We haven't finished cleanup yet. But..somethings been found. Think you can handle the sights? Its okay to say no, but I need to get over there.." Taylor drains his coffee and rises, his eyes not leaving her.

Cress seems hesitant a moment, but then she looks him over and nods quietly, standing and giving him a half smile. "I… I think I can do it, if you can get me authorized to go over. You need the help, I'm there." And though she doesn't add his name or a rank, the tenderness in her voice says she means to go as a personal support, not simply as a professional curiosity. He should not be alone.

"I think I need you over there for help. The Colonel can have my ass for it later if he wants it." He motions for her to follow. "C'mon.. just.." Taylor looks back as he heads for the door. "Try not to look at anything too closely?" As in, the walls and floors haven't been cleaned up yet.
Cress nods quietly, swallowing back and trying to look like she feels confident going into this whole matter. She reaches one hand up, squeezing his bicep gently before they head for the door together.

Docking Bay Pandora - Docking Bay
16 BCH 2185 Souls

The docking bay of the Assaultstar Pandora can hold atleast three raptors and a couple shuttles. This is separate from the Hangar Bay which holds the viper squadron.

Contents: Cress Taylor

Exits: [HBC] Hangar Bay Causeway [SH] Shuttle Transfer

Special: +lhelp - Local Help Available

It really is a mess. The Pandora's Flight Deck is scorched, destroyed and exploded. Its amazing there is still life support. Burned hulks of shuttles and Raptors are scattered in various areas and tools look as if a toddler distributed them on his own to the floor. Meshing with the burns and tears in the floors and walls, deep crimson stains are everywhere. Likely she's heard the rumor that 800 people died. Quite a few were probably here on this flight deck. A pair of MP's block their way. The Chief approaches one and speaks to the man for a moment, Berk motioning to the ECO. "Thanks, Sergeant," he allows. The man is more quiet here. Even the work seems a bit more subdued. Like working in a graveyard. "Cress, stick close." He even sounds more reverent, offering an arm around her shoulder.

Cress isn't going to be sick, she isn't going to be sick. Betsy just has to keep repeating that through her mind. Her stomach twists, though, and if she could go any paler than her normal skin, she just did. She breathes shakily, through her mouth and not her nose, as she walks along side of him and looks across the deck for a moment before very, very strongly just looking where he directs. "Yes, Chief." She murmurs, it the only real words she can manage for the moment.

"Most of whats left now is mechanical. Graves detail has already been by for the most part." They /think/ they have everyone. Or the pieces of everyone. The Chief steers her around dark pools and drops. "Just keep eyes forward," he whispers, leader her on further into the Flight Deck. "Zachy said its right up here.."

You head towards Causeway.
Causeway Pandora - Causeway
16 BCH 2185 Souls

This hangar bay is a mess. Whatever ships capable of being in use has been put to one side. The other side simply has scrap, which is loaded on Shuttles and Raptors and taken off to be smelted down or redistributed to useful storage areas.

Contents: IC_Builder Taylor PHANTASM_1190

Exits: [U] Bridge [D] Docking Bay

The Causeway is still a mess, it's going to need some more clearing. Engineers have moves the crap that needs a crane, but there's piles of dead ship lying everywhere still.

"Mechanical. Of…of course." Cress' eyes follow a long bloodstain against the wall that looks far, far less than mechanical damage to her, but she forces herself to look away as they walk through the wall. "So, can I ask what Zachy reported that made you run off here quite so quickly? And what assistance I can provide? Not to be complaining about work, Chief, I'm glad to help, but…" Well, her brain needs some sort of distraction at the moment.

Taylor just continues glancing into bays, the pace slowing with the amount of destruction back here. This were a bit more clean near the entrance..which really is just a relative description. For a moment, the Chief ignores the LT. But eventually he slows to a stop and looks around. "She said there's something funky about the hanger.. in her own special way." Taylor turns a bit, looking at each of the individual bays. Destroyed ships, scraps, slag. "I have to admit.." His eyes finally find Cress again. "Something here is off. I mean, look at some of these scrap and wreck piles." The man motions to one in particular thats simply huge.

Cress steps over to the pile of wreckage, her frown tugging deeper than before. "…That… is far larger than even a raptor. Is… is it two raptors, possibly? The damage…. It seems impossible to be two birds, but…" Betsy admits quietly, looking up and down the wreckage and, finally, she begins to walk a slow circle around the mess of stuff, surveying it from all sides.

"Yeah. But that doesn't mean its anything good." Taylor doesn't step closer but instead lifts a hand in her direction. "Be-Lieutenant, don't touch it!" He shakes his head. "We don't know what that is." He looks high over their heads to see if it could be collapsed roofing but most of the deck seems intact. "Just..don't touch it." He begins looking around for a whiteboard. Something that might tell him what was occupying that bay.. but everything's been cooked at the workstation. "Ever seen something big enough to occupy a bay like that? I don't think I have.."

Cress shakes her head quietly, "No…. no. Nothing. Nothing even back on Picon or our previous assignments. Have you all… reported back to the Fleet about.. this? Asked if they were aware of any special projects on the Pandora?" Looking at the massive heap of damage is far, far easier than bloodied walls and hallways. She doesn't touch it, but she leans down, trying to get a sense of it's underbelly, see if she can look underneath and confirm that it's all one ship, not the wreckage of two.

The pile of Debris sits there, ominous like a pot of boiling water with the handle turned outward, instead of inward. Unsafe.

"Reported back? Hades, El-Tee. I don't even know what it is, yet, other than a big scrap heap. Could be a couple pallets of fifty megaton nuclear warheads under there for all we know." He takes a few hesitating steps closer and stops. A passing PO3 is nabbed by Taylor. "Petty Officer, I want you to find Captain Zimmermann in Engineering. Probably here on the Pandora. Tell her that the Chief has something hinky in the hanger bay that I want her opinion on." The PO nods and runs back off. "Lieutenant, all I do is report what I know up the chain of command. No idea who reads my stuff or why. I'm just the boots on the ground." A few sideways glances and he finds a couple long strands of rope. He takes it and begins tying off the area surrounding this particular bay.

Cress nods quietly, "Fair enough. So… yes. Wait for permission and start digging then. There's got to be -something- under there, and we won't find out without testing." This, no matter the danger, appeals to the scientist in her, at least. She doesn't dive in without any sort of order, but she has slowly moved around to the other side, leaning close, still trying to see if she can catch anything on a closer inspection of the pile between them. As he goes for the rope, though, she pauses and moves back, doing her best to help him tie things off. Two hands are better than one.

The end of the rope pulls as it goes up, who knows, something in the superstructure, or whatever causes the scrap to shift, a section of metal pieces slide, then fall over with a loud clatter and crash. In that instant, a creature is revealed, an undead horror holding a Scythe, leering at the humans, eager to deal out the death it inflicted to the crew of this doomed vessel, and it's SMILING!

When the rope catches..sigh..Taylor isn't the most 'aware' guy in the Colonies. "You're right, but I at least want a demo Marine handy just in ca-" The begins shifting and Taylor looks up. "EVERYONE TAKE COVER!!" his voice booms, echoing the length of the flight deck. The man simply leans and scoops up Cress, half carrying half running with her to dive into another bay as things collapse. Crewmen and various other people scatter in all directions, diving behind hulks just in case the looming and creepy pile of scrap explodes. But it doesn't and Taylor peeks over towards it from the other bay, staring at the face. " Okay that's a little creepy." Only on a Marine ship.

Cress screams. She can't help it, alas, she screams. Fortunately, Taylor isn't quite frozen on the spot, and soon the little ECO finds herself being scooped up by the bulky deck chief, her arms around his throat instinctively and head hiding against his chest as they run. She might have gotten the idea to run sooner, but he's faster than her in this instant, and on his instincts alone. She just does what she can to help shield his chest with her front, so their backs might be what mutually gets the worst damage, as he rushes out of the bay, "What the hell?" She growls out, her voice cracking with tears she won't let herself cry, but she's genuinely terrified, if just for a few moments. She turns her head slowly, looking back, half panting as adrenaline beats through her…"wha…"

The pile slowly shifts some more, and pieces fall off and yes, it's the outline of.. something. A ship of some kind, far from the standard craft. and are those point defense cannons on it, and missile ports waiting to be loaded with ordinance?

He's spent enough time on decks to know when to haul ass - and who generally won't when giant piles of slag collapse. Or something. Or maybe he's just got that natural hero-thing… even if it was wasted on something that didn't go boom (thankfully!). "What the hell, indeed, Miss Cress.." He blinks a few times and the thing collapses more. Another quick hide before he looks back out again. "Oh..Dear..Gods.." The man steps out of the bay and looks up over the ship. "Lieutenant.." He beckons her forward. "Frak that Raptor in Alpha Bay.. Want a better project?" Taylor's eyes trail over the thing. Guns. Missile racks. The size of it! Nobody is sleeping anytime soon.

Cress doesn't even get settled back to her feet, though she looks steadier, the initial terror having passed, now just a bit of shocked awe crosses her face as she stares over the thing revealed by debris. It's like nothing she's seen before, and it's formidable. Indeed, screw putting easy repair panels in some Raptors like they were discussing. "I… I'm not certain that's… publically fleet… Endorsed. It's certainly not a part of… Standard regulations." And then, though it's the most vulgar thing she's said in a long time, she murmurs quietly, "Zero would cream himself if he saw this."

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