Plan of Action
Plan of Action
Summary: Castillo meets with Pepper to discuss his Action Plan.
Date: 84-85 ACH
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Hera - Deck 2 - Situation Room

It's late evening, just after things have gone to Condition Two, and a rather tired looking Ensign is sitting at one of the seats in the Situation Room, files spread out around her in a neat mess.

Castillo is still fresh looking, though his uniform is starting to show the wear of a long shift. Having been on the Hera when the conditions were bumped up from three, one might thing he'd be a bit antsy to get back to the Genesis, but he really doesn't seem to me. "Sir?" he inquires as he reports to the situation room.

Pepper looks up and smiles softly when she sees and processes who it is. It takes a moment longer than usual, and he can see some darker circles under her eyes. "Come in, Corporal," she says quietly. "Please? I didn't mean to bother you so late, but this seemed to be the only time we could get a meeting scheduled."

"No bother at all, sir," Castillo answers. Even if it was, he wouldn't say so. Walking in further, he comes to a stop to stand opposite of the ensign. "You wanted to go over the action plan I submitted?"

Pepper gestures to the seats around her. "Grab a seat Corporal," she says, keeping her voice quiet, relaxed. "And I did. I just wanted to address a few concerns the Major had with it and make sure everyone was on the same page. It looks like an exceptional plan, Corporal." There's quiet respect in her voice. While, yes, he's enlisted and she's an officer, there seems to be the simple deference that one gives to a known elder.

The MP looks around his immediate self to get his bearings, and selects the closest seat. He nods at Pepper, "Thank you, sir." He rests the palms of his hands on his legs and lightly drums his knees with his fingertips.

Pepper pulls out a few sheets and slides them over toward Castillo. "Here were his major points of concern," she says, tapping the top line on the page. "Mainly, he wants people trained in several firearms, not just one."

Castillo leans forward at the sheet and arches an eyebrow at the firearms comment. "Major Carter really means business," he comments rhetorically. He starts to ask a question, but his enlisted to officer squelch operates properly. His mouth closes as fast as it opened. Instead he focuses on the draft's markups.

"Permission to speak freely, Corporal," Pep says in a quiet voice. "He's interested in everything from the CP M45 to the CP M58. If we can make that change, it'll have his signature."

Reed comes in from Hallway.
Reed has arrived.

Castillo looks up at Pepper and hesitates just a moment. "There won't be a problem with that, as far as I am concerned, sir. But, uh… is the Old Man OK with that?" he asks. The MP really doesn't know Regas all that well, but he knows how territorial they can be about things like that.

Pepper is seated in one of the chairs, looking a little tired, files spread out around her in a neat mess. Castillo is nearby. "As far as I know, he is," she says quietly. "I can take the concern to the Major, but ultimately, Major Carter has the say on what his people are trained with. What are your thoughts about the training? You're our resident expert as far as this is concerned."

Reed blows into the Situation Room, moving to the main board, several datachips in hand. Opening a panel, he accesses the computer, slotting the datachips, and letting the computer ponder what he's asking of it, before looking over to the two in the chairs and nodding, "Hello." He says, then flips a few switches, as some of the screens flash up with Astrogation information.

There's a nod from the corporal, seemingly satisfied with the ensign's assurance. "It's a solid curriculum, sir," Castillo answers in an even, modest tone. He continues to carry on, blissfully unaware of the Major's arrival in the situation room. "I put it together so that the Hera's crew could fend off an…" then Reed greets the two. The corporal automatically goes silent and straightens up in his chair. As he sits there, his eyes flit between the two officers.

As soon as Pep sees Reed she's on her feet, snapping into a salute. If it's a few beats behind her normal pace, well, it's been a busy night. "Major on Deck," she says quietly - as if Castillo didn't know that already.

Reed takes a remote from the console, "Yes, I'm on deck, as you were." He says, moving to the screens and clicking the remote, scrolling through some starcharts, chewing on his lower lip.

"So that the crew could hold off a boarding until a MerDet could arrive," Castillo says as he picks up where he left off. He relaxes again as he continues discussing the action plan. "The MAA has given me a bit of leeway on coordinating training activities. I've also suggested to the S2 that he look into forming an SRT unit within the MPs to augment any rapid response needs that the Hera, and other ships in the fleet, may need."

Pepper studies Reed for a moment, only looking briefly guilty, then settles back down to continue the consultation with Castillo. "That's an interesting thought," she says quietly, tapping the paper in front of her. "Are there enough Marines to have a detachment on each ship, a small SRT team of 2 or 3, or will they all be scrambled from Genesis?"

Reed turns, moving to the wireless, punching a few buttons and looking back at the starcharts as he holds the wireless to his ear.

Someone answers your wireless call. You can now use the 'private' wireless channel to talk to them.

[Private] Rhea says, "Zimmermann. Yeah?"

"No sir," Castillo says. "They would have to be scrambled from the Genesis." He clears this throat slightly and speaks in a lower voice as if imparting some grand secret. "You don't want your average marine on an SRT. They're a little too…enthusiastic… about completing their mission." He leans forward a bit and continues, "I'm not even sure if we have the personnel to muster up an SRT unit. What with all the support teams you'd need. So, I'm thinking that your standard MerDet is all you're gonna be able to count on, sir."

[Into the Wireless] Reed starts in, immediately, "Hi it's me. I'm checking to see if your people are finished with the Map instillation, to see if we can use it to plot out our SAR project for the Des-" He pauses, "Did I wake you up?"

Pepper considers Castillo's words for a time, tapping her pen on her lower lip. But then she nods, once, and offers him a soft, wry little smile. "A MerDet," she says softly, "And whatever we can handle here. I think that's part of the reason why the Major wants everyone…well rounded, as it were."

[Private] Rhea says, "No. I'm up. Been busy. Was thinking about calling you, actually. But I figured you'd be busy with the whole commander thing. Yes. It's complete. I hope it helps. All those people…"

"Roger that, sir," Castillo agrees. He looks down at the paper and withdraws his ever handy pencil - now a few centimeters shorter than when he first arrived on the Hera - and makes a note regarding the firearms training. "Was there anything else the CO wanted to address about this, sir?"

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "I know. We're both busy, and going to be, looks like. I've been thinking about this, and don't know is Asenov has an opinion about the misjump possibilities, but Other than combing the general range area… I'm not sure."

[Private] Rhea says, "Gets to be like looking for a needle in an ocean when you're dealing with screwy jumps. The FTL range of a ship like the Destiny is fairly expansive. And difficult to track. Which is usually good for us, in dealing with the Cylons. Not so good now, though. Yeah. Asenov would be the one to ask. I'll put him at your disposal, if his brain's not cooking about it already."

Pepper shakes her head to Castillo, offering a small smile. "No, Corporal. That was his one bone of contention. He said that he'd sign off if that were modified. Shall I print this out and get his signature on it in the morning?"

Castillo nods his head affirmatively, "That'll work for me." He hands the printouts back to Pepper and asks a follow-up question, "Will you be forwarding me the list of personnel the CO wants to be included in the training? Outside the security teams that is, sir."

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Well, he's got all the information I have here if the Map's functioning over there, so it'd likely be best to keep him working there, to keep him from getting lost. I'm not an engineer, but could this be traced back to the FTL repair work on the Destiny? I don't know, I know the DRADIS NAV systems on some of the ships were stripped out be Pegasus. If there's an engineering reason for the misjump, Asenov should be able to see it, and might give us a direction to look in."

Pepper dips her head to Castillo. "As soon as I have them," she says, making a note. "I'm fairly certain CIC personnel should be involved. Of course, if the enemy gets to CIC, we're frakked."

"Well, we're gonna make sure your boys will be able to keep that from happening, sir," Castillo replies with a slight grin. Pride perhaps? He makes a subtle head gesture towards Reed and says, "Unless there's something else you need, sir? It sounds like you all have something important to get to. I don't want to be in the way."

[Private] Rhea says, "I suppose it's possible. DRADIS is about the most sensitive piece of equipment on a ship. Finicky bitch of a thing. Though, if it were to do with the repairs, I'd think it would've shown up before now. We tested those systems as thoroughly as we could. And it's been jumping without any problems, under stressful FTL conditions. Something like that usually either fraks up the first time or it doesn't frak up, if you get me. I'll look over the refit logs. See if any funky readings stand out, in retrospect. And I'll get Asenov reviewing the mapping data here."

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Okay, I'm just hoping for.. well, anything that might give us an idea, or at least some direction to look in. We can extend the Raptor Recon range by using the Hera as a deployment anchorage, jumping out from the fleet in a grid pattern and deploying Raptors from here, then gathering them back up at a rendevous point." He pauses, "Tell me Reece and Adele were at home.""

Pepper rolls to her feet again, gathering the files. "We lost Destiny tonight, Corporal," she says quietly, keeping her voice low. "We jumped, she didn't jump to the same place. Quite a few personnel were aboard." Then she shakes her head. "I don't have anything else. Thank you for coming over to take care of it."

[Private] Rhea says, "They're fine." She pauses as well, her tone warming. "I called up the Carina the second we went to Condition Two. Always rattles me, having my spawn out of pocket. Even if it's just the civvie ships jumping to their designated location ahead of us. I was actually considering taking Adele out to the Destiny tonight for a some girl time. But…on second thought, I wasn't sure she'd be into it. Glad I didn't now."

Castillo nods silently at this. He then ventures an offer, "If you'd like sir, I can run a roll call report back with me to Genesis." It's about the only thing he can do in a situation like this.

[Into the Wireless] Reed pauses as well, "So am I… but I've still got people on the Destiny, and I'll be frakked if I'm not going to get them back."

Pep dips her head and pulls another sheet of paper out of her files, handing it over. "It's what we know as of this moment."

[Private] Rhea says, "We'll sure as hell try. Most of the time these things're just a nav error. If that's the case, smartest thing for them to do is stay where they area, not skip around and frak up our idea of the search area. That ship is well-supplied, and the people running it know what they're doing." Whether they do or not, she sounds confident enough about it. "We'll do everything we can to bring them home."

Castillo takes the report and folds it in half without looking at it. "Alright, sir." He rolls forward his in chair and rises, coming to attention. "Permission to be dismissed, sir?" he asks crisply.

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Agreed. From what I've been able to compile, the Destiny Military Chain of Command at the moment goes up to.. My Weapons Officer, McKenzie. She's smart. Should be able to keep a cool head." He thinks, "Any of yours?"

Pepper blinks at Castillo for a moment, then flushes. "Of course, Corporal. Dismissed. Have a good evening."

[Private] Rhea says, "McKenzie? Well. She does have a good head on her shoulders. She'll do her bit to keep things together over there. No doubt. I like her. She swears almost as much as I do." A pause. "All my snipes are accounted for. I checked heads in the berthings myself.""

"Thank you, sir," the corporal says. Castillo then turns crisply, walks to the exit, and out the situation room.

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