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You say, "Alrighty then. I just have a couple rules for these. When you want to ask a question - put in a ? - when answering or commenting, then put a ! — I'm gonna start this off here with, thanks for coming. This isn't going to last more than a couple hours, if that. I just want to make sure everyone has things answered they may be wondering about. I've heard there are some grumblings, which is fine. It's a MUSH. People are gonna grumble. People are also going to idle. Colleges are having finals before Summer, and activity is going to go down too.

To answer one question, yes I am aware of the other BSG MUSH. People are going to play there, cause it is new. That is fine too and expected. If they want to leave and live there, that is their perogative. We'll fluctuate with new and old, and some people like a smaller mush, as it gives more community feeling.

Ok, Who is first?"

Greje says, "!"

You say, "Greje, go ahead."

Greje says, "I'm almost done with finals. :)"

Genesis grins. Good.

Maerker flashes his !

Azad says, "!"

You say, "Maerker, go ahead."

Charon says, "We don't need to use OOC here, as a note. It's assumed."

Maerker says, "This could be more of a question than a comment, but it seems that I've seen some "blurring" of the IC/OOC lines during my time here. That is, some IC actions are causing some genuine OOC angst among players. Now, I'm here for RP, and some of the things I do IC'ly aren't going to be popular, therefore, what I'd like to suggest is that maybe a disclaimer be put into the login screen that specifically says we're here for RP, and not as an OOC rant-fest."

Genesis chuckles, "You are going to get that on any MUSH. It's nothing new. What I do try to strive for is that people understand: You are just playing someone. Which is why 'You step to your mark and begin to RP' - You are an actor and this is your stage. Now…even with that, we know that Hollywood is one to the biggest Dramah Fests that there is. I would appreciate people not take IC things on an OOC level and hope things are never meant to be. But that will happen too. Text is hard to know things at times.

You say, "Azad, you are up."

Isabeau says, "!"

Azad is typing his statement now…

Azad says, "Ok. As the new guy here, I'm kind of removed from a lot of the drama. I don't know why people are leaving. I see a lot of busy people who are in the OOC or AFK rooms, Hell, *I* am a lot because of my rather demanding schedule. I think, personally, big events may be the province of more than just one staffer. Big events are really what keeps the plot moving. We spend a lot of time at Condition 3 or just doing day-to-day interpersonal scenes which is fine. Not everyone can always make the (semi)-weekly Saturday shabangs. Would it be possible to occasionally take a poll to find out when people will be available to hold them?"

Azad says, "Kind of a question there, I'll admit."

Paavo says, "!""

You say, "Oh sure, that is fine. We usually shoot them out on the weekends cause most people are around or were. But with Summer coming up, that will no doubt change too. If there is a problem with this one on sat and you want to be there, just toss up in General your hours or something. Cause it is hard to make something for everyone to attend. We may hit 70 percent."

You say, "Isabeau, you are up."

Isabeau says, "Regarding IC/OOC emotional crossoverings… Maerker and Genesis are both right. We are here to RP and people should not take IC actions OOCly. That said, it is equally important to remember that; while the character is a digital construct, the player is a real honest to goodness flesh and blood person. He or she has probably invested a certain level of emotional content into that character. IC emotions and situations will affect the players. In a way, that is part of why we are here. When we are able to accomplish something wonderful, we; as people, are pleased. When bad things happen and people are hurt, it hurts RL. Some people are affected more than others. No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to avoid hurting people or at least giving them reason for pause, so to speak. Therefore, the OOC communication is paramount. While I have not been as good about this as I should be, it is important to be willing to communicate as much as the other person is willing to go with. Perhaps we could consider a +finger flag that tells others how much OOC information a player wants when things have the potential to go badly? This flag would be for Player to Player RP with the overall plots staff handle not affected by it. I do not know that it would halp, but it might remind other players that not everyone is 'cool with whatever'."

Maerker says, "hear, hear, Isa."

Maerker says, "!"

Greje says, "!"

Genesis nods. "Good one Isa and true enough, you can put that in Notes also. If you want." Paavo, you were next.

Paavo has three things, that alright?

You say, "Heh, sure."

Paavo says, "1) Well let me start with the most unpopular thing, because that's the kind of person I am. There's a real lack of interaction in things right now. It really feels like Battle Star Galatica The Few, and some other people dragged along…. This to me is mainly because of the inavailability of command staff. While people like Rhea and Reed are all over the place, and always able to get in touch with and go out of their way to make rp for others. There's a sizeable chunk of the command staff who's active maybe once or twice a month, if that. These people hold positions of power in a military organization. We have to be able to interact with them or we're breaking the rules by going over thier heads. Also it really feels like there's no interaction, and there's no (Drama got ruined I suppose needa new word ) the.. DOinkDoink from Law and Order, because you can't intereact over highly controversial instances or orders. Like I can't imagine how quiet suddenly announcing the entire fleet is running away from the Cylons is. There's a few people I know who should be livid about it, and it's pretty much…eh… because there's no way to be livid about it due to the absence of key figures."

Paavo says, "I understand reality comes first, work is more important, we're here to have fun, etc etc, all the platitudes. But if you're going to offer to cook, you gotta get in the kitchen at least some time."

Paavo says, "2) Maybe some kind of outline for PrP's (player run plots) or good/bad, what works what doesn't, might be good. I've alot of ideas I was going to run with when I first got here and I'm kind of having trouble finding my footing for them. I could be alone in this, but maybe not."

Paavo says, "3) Please, don't over do the drama thing… seriously. I've done this more years then I care to relate. Other people have as well. This always happens, there's always someone who gets their feelings hurt, someone who doesn't consider others. Someone who gets mad, some who takes things to seriously…. it happens. It happens everywhere, we don't need any kind of special notification software and please for the love of pie, don't dwell on it. Pick at that scab and it'll just get infected…. and I'm about out of sayings so I'll sit over here and be quiet."

Azad says, "!"

Genesis nods. "Yeah, I know that is becoming a problem. Reed and Rhea do a lot on the grid. Zaharis did too before his work place strangled him into seven day weeks. I had hoped when I handed off Petrakis, that she would get played more. But that didn't happen either. As for Salin, he's cardboard — er. :) He gets smacked with his firecalls a lot, due to there being a firebug. Also IC communication has to be there. Some I have no idea about cause they float between the Department Heads — Some do CC me on it also. — Just ask first or drop mail and see if that helps.

2.) I don't mind if you do PrP's, as long as it is not World/Mush changing. If you want to beat yourself up or whatever, just make sure people have some idea what is up. Post it on the TP board thingie. If you are really worried, just drop a request.

3 ) Yes, good plan.

Paris comes in from Tinyplot Rooms.

You say, "Maerker was up next."

Maerker says, "In short, I totally agree with Isa's comment on the RP and OOC communication during. Without naming names, I had an RP situation come up not entirely too long ago that would have been easier to deal with if the other person hasn't ignored my repeated pages. I went out of my way to communicate with this person, but to no avail. Without going into a speech, just remember that COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY!!! Next… Once again, I agree with Paavo. Now, I have zero room to talk about availability of the senior officers since I'm an IC Department Head with a pretty odd work schedule, but I do have to add my own concerns to Paavo's. I'm fully aware of Reed's work schedule, yet he still makes an effort to RP with what time he has here. I think I've only RP'ed with Salin once here, and that was at the memorial services for the Solaris. What it amounts to is that I think the higher ranking officers do have a responsibility to keep RP going outside of live events. Wether it's a little scene or two or a nice-sized TP. We're ALL here to RP, and RP'ing with a select few isn't very conducive to helping our little slice of BSG fandom grow."

Genesis hands the mic to Coronis a min. :)

You say, "Greje is up."

Isabeau says, "!"

Greje says, "Oddly ending up replying to Maerker. I like Isa's idea of having flags for those sorts of tastes; I personally tend to dislike planning out RP ahead of time, and will get annoyed with people who poke me over pages asking me which way the RP should go. In my mind the RP goes where it goes; I get more upset when someone takes OOC considerations into account over IC ones— this tendency has caused the sum total of all the drama I've ever come up against here. But people have different styles, and I've tried to accept that some people don't like to RP without a clear OOC idea of where things are going. But I think it'd be nice for people to know there are people who -don't- like that, as well. Yes, terrible things can happen to your character. I grow very attached to my characters, and I promise you that any time one of my characters is brought to tears on camera I'm crying on my keyboard, too. But at least for me that's part of the game. A catharsis, whether things go well or badly. I don't care, as long as the story's good."

MacGregor comes in from Tinyplot Rooms.

Genesis nods. "I'm like that too. I prefer things remain IC. But, it happens. :) Azad is up.

Isabeau is with you on that, Greje.

Greje says, "Although I will make an exception to the rule for planning a night with Sage. ;)"

Greje ducks and covers.

Genesis snerks.

Maerker says, "hear hear Greje. :)"

Warwick nods at Greje's words. Same here.

Azad says, "First of all, big nod to Paavo's statements about command staff, et al. One piece of criticism I have, something I've noticed in the past couple weeks, is that it seems like a lot of metaplot trajectory around here seems poorly circulated. I realize there are help files and there is a wiki, and we're all human and can't necessarily update things -right away-, that's understandable. But at least as someone coming in from the outside, it's felt like I spent a lot of time scratching my head coming into the middle of it asking myself, "What's the Peerless? What's the Solaris? Why are we going there again?" I'm not rejecting the possiblity that I was just a clueless n00b and didn't know how to look stuff up properly, and people ARE good about answering questions, it just felt like the recent backstory was, I dunno, hard to catch up on."

You say, "Granted that is the toughie part when things are going on. But I did try to put it on +ships, so people could see +ship <info> and it would help some. I'll see if I can make sure things are clearer at times."

You say, "Drusilla is next."

Maerker agrees with Dru.

You say, "Well that is a good question. I've been told when I push things, that they are going too fast. People can't catch up. Etc etc etc. Then you have others that are going, well hell, what are those people doing! It's going to depend on the individual. If you are not getting responses after sending them mail, then do something else."

You say, "And no, there really isn't a perfect way for that to be solved. :) Isabeau is up."

Isabeau says, "Just two comments. Firstly, I have found that it is fairly easy to get scenes with almost everyone here from Salin down to the few civilians we have by sending a +mail requesting times, then either an +icmail or a +mail to solidify the arrangement. The first is part of that OOC communication thing and the second is to be sure that ICly the character is aware. Granted, some folk are harder to pin down than others, but even they have been responsive within their RL schedule constraints. This has worked for me far better than paging. I tend to turn off most, if not all channels, but some folk don't. Pages tend to work for me, because my screen is not jumping every few seconds scrolling pages off the screen. For others, particularly those in command positions who do tend to listen to myriad channels, pages are impossible.

Secondly, I tend to give people a week to reply to mails. This is because I do not know what anyone else's schedules are week to week, but can be reasonably certain that they will be on at least a few times during the week. After that, I start sending more mails coupled with pages and generally make a pest of myself. *innocent smile* I do not have to do that very often, though."

You say, "There's a good plan to go by then, especially now when folks aren't around so much. :) I know Shem is off due to Finals and such. Which I also know he is kinda the key person right now on the Marine side for a lot of things investigatey. But I think he also has Ramiro set up for helping. +list is there for using in Mail. Dont' be afraid to use it! :)"

Paavo says, "!""

You say, "Paavo!"

Paavo says, "ME! YAY! Well far be it from me to argue with the rolling consensus that's easy to get private scenes with people by trading mails. I'm sure it is, however it would be nice if leaders lead. If the only way to get plot information, plot movement, and character development; with the people who as part of their agreement to be in certain positions… has to be done by playing mail tag. Perhaps certain positions should be reverted to staff domain as in many other mus. Where staff use a character to further their vision and direction of the game, and be available on a much more open basis. Perhaps it's just me, but I've read the recent spate of logs, and well… they really speak for themselves about what's going on."

Genesis grins. "That sounds like, we don't want Staff running the lead spots! Er. From the last time. But that didn't work and so it became a Staff spot again, sorta, basically. Anyways…Dru.

You say, "Ok, Paavo's question, we'll have coffee :)"

Azad says, "!"

Ramiro comes in from Tinyplot Rooms.

Maerker facepalms!

You say, "Ah — Yeah people aren't posting logs like they did. Whether it is interest waning or RL or just taking breaks. The Ships have been moving since they left the Solaris. ZOOM. Leaving Colonial Space."

You say, "Azad."

Maerker says, "Ramiro is here, quick everyone! Look busy… :)"

Ramiro pees on Maerker.

Genesis sticks Ramiro's nose in it and tosses him outside!

Maerker dries off and changes clothes… "Damn pets…"

Azad says, "Ok. Along those lines, this is less of a "you should do this" suggestion and more like an "I'd be open to this to spice things up" suggestion - I'd welcome some sort of MAJOR SHAKEUPS(like in the show where they discover Pegasus, find New Caprica, mutinies, etc). I'd even be willing to risk my own character in the process. Now, I realize not everyone feels that way and it shouldn't be mandatory, but if you guys did something to shake things up so we all landed on our heads for a while, I'd be logging in eagerly, dying to figure out what was going to happen next."

Bayless comes in from Tinyplot Rooms.

Azad says, "Or we can just flush Maerker out the airlock. I'd log on for that too. (J/K)"

Phelan comes in from Tinyplot Rooms.

Maerker has one of Bayless' Vipers land on Azad's head… :)

Paris notes from his position of relative inactivity/having gotten bored with the game, that he agrees with Azad :)

Bayless glances at the underside. "Ewww…"

Maerker says, "Don't worry Scorch, I'll get Haro to scrape the goo off… "_"

You say, "Ok, well, if you shake things up, then you upset someone else. ARR. :) If you have suggestions, jsut request them. If they aren't too weird - we can work on doing it for you."

Maerker holds his ! up in general regard to Azad's comment

You say, "I think Maerker is next?"

Maerker says, "Actually Dru was before me. :)"

You say, "Dru then!"

Azad thinks Dru has an awesome idea there.

Maerker says, "We have lots of interpersonal drama going on, and I do agree that the player-driven plots are what makes this game awesome. I've recently had some of the best dramatic interpersonal scenes with Dru, and I myself have some dramatics going with the frat issues on the deck. Despite these, I do think there's room for growth. I mean, the players are the very future of the game, and I feel a little bit of a "free hand" should be allowed in the creation of the plotlines :)"

You say, "Ok, well. You can't have a game like this that is Player driven. Players can help create a different outcome, but it's just set to follow space stuff. — We've also had players ask for plots and did them. The Peerless actually came out of one of those. The player that wanted to crash land, never even made it through chargen to rp it. So, we were left with our hands on our butts going, Crap what do we do NOW?! So, Charon set some guidelines and we just went with that. But we've been left high and dry too, so .."

You say, "One other thing -"

Paavo says, "!""

You say, "Ok, I don't mind that Drusilla did this plot. But as a JAG Captain, it would be big news. And heck I didn't even know. Although, I think she did send out mails to the CO, etc. Whether Shem knows or Eli knows or whatever, I have no idea. But I've seen no investigation on it as yet."

You say, "Looks like Paavo."

Genesis afks a couple for dog.

Paavo says, "That's the intro I needed… . No one knows…. I'll use the Solaris, sounds like it was a cool scene with a great memorial scene… however my understanding is that the Solaris is a drifting wreck… Are we dragging it with us if we're moving? I've done some great scenes there, one with Maer, Azad and Adelaide about stripping it down, it was at Rhea's suggest I be there. But beyond that I have no idea if there's anything happening with it. If we've left it behind? Bring it with us? … things don't seem to get out to people. You get like a half heard comment and go "WHaA?" I just heard about what happend with Dru and it sounds very interesting, but I'd think it'd be pretty much common knowledge…… Also as in relation to Peerless, there are so many hundreds of ideas you can do with a ship like that, ideas that are in keeping with what we've seen on the TV show and the desperation/sorrow of the situaiton we're in. This is something PrP's can help."

Phelan !

Maerker waves his ! again…

You say, "Ok, I'm back."

Adelaide says, "Ok I'm here!"

You say, "I don't think we dragged the Solaris along. Peerless, is, due to it being a food ship. Yes, the Dru thing, the cylon thing, the whatever thing should be shot up on the boards as 'this happened' Rumor of two people talking, whatever. The more people know, the more than can react to it. Unless Command is keeping it HUSH HUSH. Which then, they need to make people aware of that too."

You say, "Phelan"

Coronis says, "Solaris went BOOM"

You say, "Oh and AAR's are good for that too."

Phelan says, "Ok, so I'm sorry for being late.. and I don't know what I missed. Everyone is bringing up good points, and the points I want to bring up are as follows. Communication like Paavo said is rough, and not just between staff and players, but players. When the setup is that the plots are all run by staff, I feel like its just sit and wait for a plot and participate in that, without all the watercooler RP." "Yes, I have had some IC troubles before, and the worst part about that was that nobody involved talked to me oocly. I just rolled with it ICly and left everyone alone, but it felt like I was being excluded from the wing and its players. If someone had talked to me during that, or had tried to work with my character to solve the problem instead of fighting it out, it could have been a much better player evolution, but it didn't go as planned. I think communication REALLY needs to be improved.. and we have to consider either more active staff events, or frequent.. or opening it up a bit. I feel I can just watch the event calendar and wait for plots to keep up to speed." (tries to get all of this out quickly)

You say, "Granted, communication is a big key for everything. We can all do for improving that on levels."

You say, "Maerker you are up."

Ramiro says, "!"

Adelaide says, "?"

Maerker says, "I think Paavo is referring to the fact that the Solaris is still coded and able to be accessed from the Genesis Hangar Deck, meaning it's being "dragged along." And he /does/ bring up a valid point… It wasn't until after we had those great scenes aboard the Solaris that I was told she was pretty much a lost cause, and I RP'ed a lot there due to being IC permission to have a team go to retrieve anything worth salvaging. In short, I got told one thing and then something completely different later on. I even have an IC report on what we were able to accomplish written, yet I'm afraid to send it because of the conflicting information I've been given. Not only is communication important among the players, but I think it should be required by the senior players to ensure no glitches in plotline continuity like this occur."

You say, "Ok, then that is my bad, I did take some time off and the others finished it off for me. So I usually dark the ships and it wasn't done. Sorry :/ As for salvaging and two different stories, I honestly don't know what you got saying one thing and someone else saying another :/"

Coronis says, "Salvaging some things was a possibility from it."

Maerker says, "Oh, it's not the IC things I'm referring to, it's just the conflict in information that I got made the continuation of the scenes somewhat difficult from an OCC standpoint."

Maerker says, "ooc rather"

You say, "Okay. Well next time you have that kind of problem, just drop a request. I'll do my best to clear it up if no one else can."

You say, "Ramiro"

Ramiro says, "…and spam."

Ramiro says, "Now I know of all people I'm guilty of not posting logs, largely because I've been so horrible about that lately and I apologize. Call it snowball factor. After getting in the state where the first five needed cleaning and posting I got overwhelmed. I've got some 20 that should have been posted. I promise to work on that. Largely the forward momentum on the Action was stopped to get into investigations, and I've sent some IC requests to players that haven't come back yet, and I'm waiting on those. That and half of my investigation list is never on. Uff on that. I've decided to try to work around some of that via the admin. Easily enough done. I'm going to turbocharge that asap.

Here's what I think we should do with the game:

1. Investigations need to be wrapped up but we also need to really take a look at them and determine what ones can be done via NPC's, because those are getting sticky.

2. We need to make a commitment to darken up the rp. Focus less on relationship RP and more on generating non-dating drama. I say everyone here send the admin three suggestions for dramatic scenes and we all get to work on them. Granted, relationships can be really important parts to RP (I'd hate to sound a hypocrite) but it's important to also remember to make sure the general populace is tended to. It's like teeth, ignore them and they go away. I will note that I've heard a number of rumblings of people somewhat leaving and paying less attention to the game because they say it's seemed in some areas a haven for male and female characters to sleep around and focus pretty hardcore on hookup rp. I'm not calling names, but if you feel this might be one of your characters, I suggest easing back a little bit. No BS. I've heard this. Well…read for that matter from other sources. So it's being said out there. If this is a result of boredom or a lack of stuff to do…read on.

We have a cylon on board to deal with and some really good plottage, but we need to generate drama and work with the admin on making sure this can be arranged. I agree on the "Guidelines" Idea, and I've run scenes before myself and am willing to help you all on this.

Now, lastly, what we need is direction. (My opinion of course). Some of these characters are new and some of the older characters have more of a tie in to past events that the new do not. I remember hearing a while back of a possible year span or something of the sort. I vote we should do an end to season two, well…rp to it at least, and then work that in. Frankly, we need a beter idea of what we're doing. Are we still using that starmap that we found? What's the status on that? We've jumped since the Solaris but I think the amount of time it's taken to "Wrap up these investigations" has taken some wind out of the sails. I had a bit of wind knocked out of me the last time, and I've given far more commitment to the game and would like to note at this time, that I'm here to help push this game forward in any capacity. I like grittiness, and if you let me off my leash…I will unleash BSG level grittiness. *evil smile*


Isabeau eeps and scrolls up to read.

Genesis wowzas and catches up too.

Paavo says, "Scroll roll! WAAAAAAAAAA"

Isabeau has to go get her son, but will leave this window open to catch comments, "I reserve the right to comment on old stuff when I get back if I think I can add something productive to the discussion and it isn't too late." :D

You say, "Heh. Ok, yes, I do know people have a tendency to fall into 'woe is me I wubs him!' Ha. And when nothing is going on over the mush, people do get bored. And yes, I know there are a ton of investigations that when on or is going on that have never got to a point of finishing. The jump a year ahead? A possibility at some point. It helps to just start a clean slate. — As for the Season End, yeah I think we'll be doing that here this weekend. We've dragged it enough."

Adelaide says, "!"

You say, "Ok, I lost track of who is next. HEE. I think it was Adelaide."

Adelaide rubs hands together. "I just wanna quickly say I like the jumping ahead a year, it might be what this place needs….Anyway my questions concerns coming shortly."

Strat says, "!"

Genesis waits for Ade. :)

You say, "Ok, go Strat"

Strat says, "Just wanted to add that, having actually been trapped on a ship for 2 months with a thousand people, it's, uh, we're actually below our quota of torrid personal relationships."

Bayless snrks.

Genesis rofls. Yeah, I know. RL - I'v heard that they do that A LOT. Married, unmarried, whatever.

Strat says, "Yeah… like, two per person. There's a positive People:Relationships ratio."

Genesis laughs.

You say, "Ok, go Ade."

Ramiro can double up. ;) j/k

Adelaide says, "Hello my lovelies! Ok just a few issues I have here, and the first and main one is the lack of people Ic, some days it's hard to get people interested in rp…And I fully understand that you have work or you need to idle for a little while, it's frustrating to me because when I'm on I'm rpable and ready to go!

2)I had a really good scene the over day over on the Carina with some of our non-Military players and it was a blast, I enjoyed it greatly. I'd love to see more interaction between the two groups! Some days I see Isa or Lysander and a few other Civvies sat alone in a room Ic because there's noone over there, while there's people in the Roosters nest or in the lounge over on the Genesis…

3) Ok my last issues and I think this one is more a person pet peeve then anything else and I know alot of people will hiss at this but…I'm going to say it. I…Play Adelaide, noone else plays her, noone else gets to say what I do with her. I play how I wanna play and I what I do or don't do with her is noones ooc business…We all have our style of playing, some of us are rules laywers whom want to play the stern and strict officer, some of us like to go around have fun cause a little trouble and take the heat and of course you got the people inbetween…So what I'm saying is please don't judge people because of the way they wanna play a character on a game…This aint rl, because if it was we wouldn't be here…So just be considerate and if you don't like it well avoid the person, don't make snide comments or bitch about em…If you don't like it maybe someone doesn't like the way you play, please lets all tolerate and be considerate towards each other, we all love Battlestar Galactica so lets share the love!"

Adelaide says, "Bah Rams was longer!"

Ramiro says, "s'ok, most men here suffer the same complaint."

Adelaide @baps Ram

You say, "Ok, let me make this perfectly clear too. I've been accused of spying in the past. I don't. Hell, I wouldn't even know how too. Just ask Coronis, I can't code my way out of a paper bag, which is why I have him. — What you do out there, is your own biz. Sure, people may see two persons holed up and make comments, it is all in fun. What you do, you do. If you do it and get in trouble ICly - You took the chance. You take the punishment."

Paavo says, "@hide/on @set me=DARk @Lock me=me @set me=Perv"

Adelaide nods her head, up and down!

Genesis baps Paavo.

Maerker facepalms at Paavo's comment… :)

Adelaide says, "does that work Paavo…Just kidding."

You say, "Coronis also has this giant BAP thing. :)"

Ramiro has one too.

Charon says, "We do not talk about that."

Adelaide says, "Does he tea bag people with it?"

Coronis notes that you can check for DARK people in your room by doing a simple @sweep. 'nough said on that.

You say, "Did I miss anyone else?"

Azad says, "For gods' sake, HANG YOUR BOOTS outside of your duty locker!"

You say, "Ok, that looks like we're winding down. What we will do, is cut some strings here and make this Saturday as the 'Season Two Ending' - I know people are idlish. But we also can't just sit and wait for them forever either. I think we've lost all our MP's."

Maerker says, "We still have Praetoria"

Melia says, "And Eli, that I'm aware of."

Maerker nods. "I scened with Eli not too long ago, so Eli is still about."

You say, "Ok, well I do apologize that I'm not around as much as I probably should be. I just prefer to keep mostly a 'head honcho' title, keep the game open, let people play. Let my folks run some stuff and people enjoy the RP. If you have any plot suggestions, feel free to Request. We've tried to do dark before and some of it came through, some didn't, some would rather do other things. It's all a balancing act."

Ramiro says, "That's fair. I have fun here."

Adelaide loves this place. "We need more pew, pew though. I really think all the admin here are great one of the best staffed placed I've been on and you have so few as well."

Azad nods.

You say, "Oh yeah, go ahead."

Azad says, "I realize, with my suggestions, that what I like isn't what everyone else likes and that's cool. Why I give implicit permission for hilarious and terrible things to happen to/around me."

Genesis nods.

Azad says, "Just, if I wake up one day and I see head-Cavil IC'ly kicking me in the face or something ugly like that I'll roll with it. Heh."

You say, "That is a point. I always thought we should find others like they did in the Classic one. I mean come on, they can't be the ONLY ones out there."

You say, "Ok, well due to your Rank, people would know. That is a given. Who came to the office? I never saw a log on it, I have no idea what happened. You can use NPC's, if you use them over and over, give them a spot on the wiki. If someone else has an NPC just ask if you can use it. - There is very little on this Battlestar that isn't going to be rumored on anyone over the rank of LT."

Ramiro says, "Honestly, I'd like some crazy fight for your life stuff. I got this vision of Ramiro and co having to haul ass through a canyon to get away from approaching cylons in my head for a while."

Adelaide says, "And man eatting Ants. :)"

Charon says, "Ram - We've got something coming. Ahem."

Ramiro opens his mouth, looks to Gen, decides better. Closes mouth.

Strat says, "If we're putting in random requests, I could go for some extremely dangerous EV work during a space battle :D"

Charon says, "Requests are welcome. The forum is the best place to put that kind of stuff, so we have it one place to mull over"

Strat should really look at the wiki… and the forum.

Charon says, "The whole Peerless thing evolved from a player request."

Coronis says, "Both the Wiki and the Forums contain alot of information."

You say, "Go ahead, Dru."

Maerker KNOWS the rumors are abound with some of the IC goings-on. "It's par for the course. Some will be true and others won't be. :) Just remember the whole IC/OOC thing… Don't confuse OOC information with IC happenings. Bad juju there to do that."

Charon says, " for any newbies that haven't seen the forums"

Maerker agrees totally with Dru.

You say, "That's fine too. :)"

Adelaide says, "Good idea!"

Charon says, "Waltzing Drusilla."

Adelaide says, ":sings come what may for you Dru."

You say, "Ok, I'm glad we got some things aired. And please don't hesitate to toss up requests. That is what they are there for. We'll do our best to get back with you asap. Or atleast drop some kind of answer on it. — If you have Plot ideas. Do them on the Forum Board and then drop a link here and let peeps now. cross communication works too. You do it and more people will do it and it'll catch on!"

Adelaide says, "Can I ask a little more about this year skip ahead think Genesis?"

Adelaide says, "is this idea admin are kicking around?"

You say, "Uh, It's just a seed right now. We'll have to work a lot of things out, if we do it."

Greje says, "I've poked Genesis several times for plotthings, and plotthings have always subsequently come through. So really, do ask. And if she says no, ask again a few weeks later. ;)"

We pretty much broke up then :)

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