Player Problems

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "I'm sorry. I thought I'd try to stick around here longer, but this game is a joke, the staff are corrupt and incompetent. Screw this place."

OMGFLOUNCE! (Sorry, had to be said. -G/S/D)

Because we do plot points.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "Staff are the CO, the XO, and the Co of the other ship. The other ship was transferred from Reed's alt to Reed, and then he killed the alt. That's sketchy…"

I guess Fotilas was forgotten about at being XO for a few months, until he told me he had too many RL events up and coming. He posted the reason. We agreed he would step down. He even gave a thumbs-up on Salin being made XO. Now I know the IC rumors running rampant that he was made XO, because he was sleeping with Pepper. That honestly never came to mind. I had two ideas of who would step in as XO. Desusa - Salin - Desusa is swamped by RL. Salin is around. I need someone who is around. Rhea would have preferred playing with engines. Rue certainly doesn't want that responsibility. Zaharis didn't want it. Gaelan may have wanted it? But he also works on a better level with the Marines. Those are the list of higher ranks on the grid. Choices were limited. If it looks like Staff Pets, it isn't. Regas would just as soon kick Salin to the curb as anyone else.

From Zaharis/Nicholas: I admit I was one of those who saw Salin's promotion and went 'Aroo?'. I might have preferred to have seen a recruiting post go up for an XO, and let people who aren't staff pitch some character concepts. I don't have many frustrations on the game overall, but one I do tend to have is that I feel that smaller characters and their choices don't really have an impact on the staff-decided storyline. Having staff in all three Big Positions of Power reinforces that. I've mentioned to Genesis about being a little 'eh' about having staff in too many positions like this, as recently as when we were discussing putting someone in a military PR liaison post, and she agreed to put someone into that who wasn't staff.

From Greje/Snatch/Drusus: I really understand the urge to have staff alts playing characters in major positions of power in the fleet. Staff are committed to the game in a way no normal PCs are, and I think it serves the purposes of the game for staff to make sure that there isn't a change of command anytime a player suddenly gets overwhelmed with RL stuff or gets bored and moves on. That said, those PCs should be in place to facilitate continuity of plot, not BE the plot in and of themselves. Of course it's perfectly fair for the staff to want to have fun with their PCs, too, I have no problem with that at all, they should just be circumspect about how it looks to the rest of the players.

From Rhea/Bell/Timon: I'll admit I went 'Aroo?' as well when I saw Salin put in the XO spot. As Zaharis said above, I really would've preferred to see the position opened up for application/character concepts (I don't see how railroading would be a problem, as staff have the power to stop it if it happens), so someone new could have a shot at it. Or at least a 'Would you be interested?' query to the qualified PCs (don't get me wrong, I didn't want it and wouldn't have taken it, and I don't know if Rue or Zaharis were asked or not. It just appears the full rounds weren't OOCly made.). I'm of the opinion it's an important position to keep in PC hands, for various reasons, including giving smaller characters more openings to affect the larger storyline, as Zah outlined above. I'm not spazzing over it, personally, but it drew a 'Huh?'

If this really is such a major contention with players on the game. I'm sure Salin will back up and sit as JAGman again, with no problem. No one is here to railroad anyone in the game, but it seems that is felt. Now, granted, people pitching Character Concepts for the XO can lead to someone into the slot that is going to railroad. I want someone in there that has a level head. Otherwise, this will just cause more problems and people bitching about the XO. This can be changed, it doesn't need to have people go frakking spastic. Coronis/Salin is about as neutral as someone can get. But if people feel he isn't, I'm sure he will step back and allow someone else in the slot.

From Z/Nick: I don't think "people" are going frakking spastic. I know there's some contention and I do encourage staff to sit back for a second and consider how things look from another perspective. Things aren't always as transparent as we want them to be. I do think the playerbase mixed OOC and IC hardcore here, considering Salin/Pepper/Regas and Salin's sudden promotion. It could be very easily seen as IC/OOC lines of favouritism crossed (and I have no OOC problem with IC favouritism…that's life and IC conflict/nepotism/corruption is absolutely valid and awesome for story…-but- when it's staff alts involved it's a little hairy). Plus at the same time another staff alt becomes a Colonel, so all IC control of what the fleet does is in the hands of staff who are also controlling the game's long-term goals. Nobody's accusing anybody, but I think it comes down to the perception of this from the playerbase being a little funky, and that's not something to get defensive about. It's just something to address.

From Rhea/Bell/Timon: Perspective, I think, is what's most needed. To an extent, you're never going to get away from the OMIGOD STAFF-ALT feelings, but I think anyone in those positions should make an effort to mitigate them. Sometimes that means you lose out on cool stuff you might've gotten with the same amount of effort as a regular PC, but them's the breaks. Taking a step back and looking at a number of things (not just the XO spot, but ships and rank as well) with a cold eye would be all for the good, imo.

From Paris/Solon/Tychon: My issue with the CO-XO-CO thing is not merely that there are staffers in these positions. I don't come from BSP, I don't know who Coronis is to innately dislike him/her, etc (I do have issues with IC_Builder/Reed in terms of staff ethics but that is a different discussion). The problem I find is that there seems to be an intensely tight RP clique at the top of the command chain, that it's basically the 3 big brass + Pepper, and then occasionally some RP with the department heads, and then dropping down very quickly from there. So many times I look at +where and some combination of those 4 people are together essentially in a private area. I don't begrudge staff wanting to play notable characters on the game they run (although I disagree with Greje that's strictly advisable or necessary - anyone can do it as well as anyone else, staff is not inherently better, its just that they choose to set it up in this way and not give other players much OOC info, so staff HAS to do it), but I find that because of the way they RP, the military RP itself suffers. There is no sense of involvement, no larger game experience for me here. There are the people in charge, there are the air wings, the marines, and then there are a bunch of people playing essentially meaningless (plot-wise) filler characters who can engage in social RP And in those 4 divisions, there is an obvious imbalance of plot focus, involvement, etc. The air wing and marines get to do combat scenes and then they essentially join the last group doing social RP. And social RP is fine, but for some people it won't hold interest eternally. I think this is expressed somewhat in some of Kalypso's comments later down in the log. I'll note that I felt this even when I was RPing in the Air Wing - we got to social RP with each other but there was no 'bigger' RP to be had. Rue has her personal RP with Regas, her private drama with pregnancy, but her offerings to the Air Wing seemed stale and non-interactive (examples range from that very first mock combat where she basically threw an uber NPC that humiliated some of what were supposed to be fairly veteran pilots, so she could sit there and jot in her notebook and say how much we needed improvement, to the 'Numbers' log, where there was literally almost no intereaction, no recognition of specific PCs doing specific things, just a generic 'Im gonna lay down the law and you're gonna listen' scene'. I'm not saying she's a bad player - we had one single one-on-one RP very very early in my time on the game and it was fun, I enjoyed the RP - because it was actually interactive and I was actually a meaningful part of the scene. But that was the only scene I ever had like that. Otherwise it feels like there's a gap between the 'top' people and the rest of us, where we're there as filler, or just so that the officers can show off or yell. I really do not know if this is an issue that can be addressed on the game or not - I think its just inevitable that some people are going to very quickly get bored with the current structure of things, because it leaves so little room for most people to really be involved. I could actually keep writing about this, as I have a whole additional rant for how Solon has played out so far… but I'll save it for the meeting, I guess.

From Micah/Karan: I don't much care, myself, who sits in the XO or CO or commanding officer positions, so long as they earned their position IC, and they do their job. Which, by and large, doesn't seem to be a problem on here. I will however agree with Paris on one point: involvement. I do sense a disconnect between the higher ups, and the average 'filler' PC. The way I see it, is we're all akin to title sequence, and at the very least, supporting characters on an episode of BSG. Not redshirts in the background. I would like to see more recognition for character accomplishments, such as promotions and commendations — this has started to happen a little in the air wing, which is great. I'd like to see far fewer high-ranking people. I find it a little unrealistic, and I also find it limits the ability of other PCs to advance.

From Castillo: I agree with Micah/Karan points about advancement, recognition, and being top heavy on ranks. I'm not so concerned with a disconnect from the higher ups and the rest of the military playerbase in the sense that the CO/XO has to directly interact with them. Really, that should be handled by the officers in areas of responsibility that filter stuff down the chain of command. That's assuming that we're really being honest about being military focused roleplay. Department and section heads should be ICly communicating a lot more with their subordinates than they are now and their players OOCly committed to doing so, this also applies to senior NCO characters that supervise other PCs. I do think there is a disconnect as it comes to the IC 'vision' for the fleet. Being a newer player here, it's hard to gauge exactly what our goal is and what our resources are (like +lhelp menu in the mess hall). I have been getting an impression based on posted logs and such, that there isn't much of a sense of urgency or survival, which I would think would be a occupying the minds of the fleet. Rather, the focus seems to be on personal relationships; there's nothing wrong with that as relationships are one of the focus' of the show. It just seems to be lopsided too far in one direction at the moment.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "People are constantly noticing staff pets."

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "Plots are run insanely, with people being dragged over to sit in rooms for 3-5 hours waiting for other people to do things. They never get told the event is over. they're forgotten about."

From Castillo: I really don't have a dog in this hunt. I can comment on one of the events I attended which was the Cylon boarding. I'll also preface this by saying I'm only griping about the '+event' and not with roleplay in general. In my particular circumstance, I was assigned to guard the CIC for the event which was particularly boring. The extent of my participation was posing standing around until Salin tried to sneak out, but that was my involvement in the scene. From an IC perspective, it was thematic, but it makes for some boring roleplay. Dovetailing into this, we had the standard Marine detachment essentially being in the thick of things and then the pilots got involved in patroling the decks. I would have much rather preferred playing a more central role in the scene, rather than be relegated to handling something that could have been NPC'd. My initial experience with that event biased my desire to attend the subsequent events because I didn't want to chance that I would be on CIC-babysitting duty and not be contributing to or involved in the roleplay; I'd rather just read the log and roleplay the aftermath.

No one expected you to stand in CIC and babysit. That is marines off screen. It's your decision to be there, you could have been in the corridors hunting down things.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "Case in point: Red planet. Raptor team lands. Drops marines off, then sits for 3 hours, trying to roleplay ANYTHING."

This was not Red Planet, which was a plot for the religious folks. We were told about those who weren't told the event was over. It was an oversight and they were apologized too. It still seems to be a thorn in peoples sides though.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "They check +where and see the event is OVER. nobody bothered to tell them."

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "Space strippers. Mafia people. That went -really- well on the last game. it's why it was shut down. here? Let's go! Even the goddess is getting in on it. This won't end well. It has nothing to do with battlestar galactica, either."

This seemed to be a contention with people. Which has been cleared up. The so-called Mafia plot is not something I knew about, I read it on the rumors when everyone else did. As for the 'space Strippers' — that is also Player ran, not Staff. And no I don't have one.

Note from Zaharis/Nicholas' player: I confirm that the strip club (not the "mafia") is player-run. It came from me asking Genesis if it would be worth it stirring up some civilian plot/events/etc. She said yes, so first Corinne's player and I worked on a musical type getup for Spotlights. Then I noticed Evan and talked with her about getting events going at the strip club. This led to two more PCs coming into the picture as strippers to spur RP in Envy. Which was fun, until people began complaining that things were active, and suddenly three in-game strippers who weren't even played daily were OMG TAKING OVARRR. I'm not sure how people providing an avenue for RP is so complaint-worthy, but it has died a bit since then. So, perhaps Orion et al are happy now. The mafia thing, however, is not mine, so hopefully whoever started it will also speak up.

Isabeau posted after I asked her too. Some also feel there are no 'Slick Mafia Bosses' on the game. Which in truth, there really isn't. If they are just a couple shadowy people disliking her making laws into affect, that's fine. But no, at this point, there is nothing like a major criminal Underworld, but people were free to begin building one. However, now, that will just become more Space Mafia. Which I will now veto. This is not Aquaria.

Zaharis/Nick: There are two 'criminal' PCs, and my alt does some shady things as well. I think there's a huge difference between a couple black marketers and a theme sphere of Organised Crime. The former adds some spice. There is no society in existence where things aren't gotten illegally or on gray market, and considering rationing right now I think these two PCs are justified. "Organised Crime" however, I just don't think is feasible given we're barely 90 days into all this. I think that it would help if staff/players brainstormed and set some more solid theme on exactly how the civilians are organised and functioning right now. Part of the problem is that it's just so fuzzy.

Paris/etc: Just going to comment here that I'm… I guess sort of in the opposite position of most, in terms of the civilian/military issues. For me, the military RP has been a failure since day 1. I've never had fun. I tried one character, didn't get much out of it. Now I have a new one, and even despite custom-tailoring him to be relevant to what seems like the main plot, he feels similarly out of the loop and boring. Paris is not my 'civilian alt'. He's my main character, and he's the character I've succeeded in having fun with (and creating fun, at that) on the game. Clearly I'm not part of any group complaining about 'strippers in space'. I love the civilian RP. But I realize its fad-like, and is going to die off. And then I'm left wondering what will be left to play. To me Civilian RP is interesting because the players are actually free to define their own concepts and make themselves 'important'. It doesn't take any more than saying you are, and RPing well, for it to be so. But when it dies away, I'm nervous of what will be left for the 'average' player, the sort of person who is not part of the command clique, or who might not even get to be in one of the combat branches (I think its absolutely ridiculous the way you restrict Viper pilots- why tell people they can't RP something they want to RP? Why tell one pilot who took an IC death because of +rolls that he basically can't re-app. Why force people to play nuggets when there's clearly very little interest in it?)

Micah/Karan/: I'm just going to comment briefly on the Air Wing situation Paris mentions, though I'm sure Rue and/or Addie can speak for themselves, so don't consider this official. But. There was a point in which we had a glut of viper pilots, many higher ranking, who did absolutely *no* RP with the rest of the wing. There's only so many times the active people can log in and see these characters holed up in private rooms, before it starts to get irritating. So I *believe* the decision to close down new viper pilots — and recently reopen them to nuggets — was done so that advancement through the ranks could be IC. So that in order to play billy badass the viper pilot Lieutenant, you need to actually demonstrate some commitment and accountability to the wing.

As for the Air_Wing. I didn't limit it. When I did allow people to make LT's and Ensigns, I got smacked for it. People coming in with GREAT in piloting, I got smacked for that too. When I see FUDGE as so random, it rarely matters. There were too many. This person didn't get promoted. ETc Etc ETc. Same for Marines, I was asked to keep it below Sergeants and Gaelan would check the person coming in. But now Rue is gone, so that is a side point.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "This game can't really be run with the staff that exist. genesis has never even staffed before. Most of the sane players from Pacifica joined knowing fully well that Alora is crazy and the game was going to be a disaster."

I've never said otherwise, that I had staffed on games. I've played alot, since 1993. This was my one-shot idea to try and do better than most MUSHes. It seems most feel I've failed. Which is fine. Bringing up Alora from BSP — and stating that I'm crazy — is stemming from someone who is feeding Orion information and no doubt is harboring a hate-on for me still. If people joined the game knowing full well it was going to be a disaster, that isn't saying much for those old players.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "The pax people came over because they had nowhere else to go."

Now they had no where else to go. Homeless and joining a game they knew was a disaster and going to fail.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "I believe you also changed #1's password at some point. This game is a sandbox and the only reason it's been running is because of the momentum gained from having good players with nowhere else to go. It won't last."

This is just spewing rhetoric. Yes, I changed the password. It's my game, given freely to me by Faraday. If anyone wants to ask her, they can do so.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "You can't even manage the stat system. I ask for help rearranging my stats. Instead, you give me XP."

Since Orion knows little about the stat system, yes it does mess it up on the sheet if things are added that are not there. I'm not Queen Coder, when I gave him XP he was very thankful and surprised. I guess that changed to something else to complain about and how incompetant that I am.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "You boosted one character from rank 1 to rank 4 for free and would've given him a bunch of other skills if I hadn't protested. Other character, you gave him 3 Xp instead of saying 'don't move your stats around'"

I'm not sure WHO he is talking about by boosting someone from rank 1 to 4. Someone else will have to point this one out. As for not moving stats around. Orion was one of the major ones of complaining of how he did this or that wrong in chargen and wanted something different.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "I am. I hate watching sandboxes like this. And why did you change #1's password?"

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "hint: The code wasn't actually entrusted to you, per se."

This is from someone that has no idea what went on between Faraday and myself. Feel free once again to ask her. She handed the game over to me and it really is entrusted to me.

Faraday: I turned over the old BSP DB freely, in the hopes that the old BSP folks would have fun again. The only reason Gen had to change the #1 password is because it had been a year since BSP was running and I /forgot/ the password :)

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "What happened to your co-goddess?"

In this I am assuming he is meaning Faraday, who was never my co-goddess. It's just more misinformation being fed to him, as he is so well connected with someone out there.

Faraday: I was never a co-goddess or any sort of staff at all (apart from an occasional fixer-of-bugs-in-my-own-code).

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "Common sense says that it would be illegal for a player to do that. For a staffer to do it is reprehensible. These are not NPCs. They're staff alts. If they were NPCs they wouldn't be player objects. They'd be @emitted."

We're sorry we have actual PC's that RP. I guess we must apologize for this.

<Public> The Hulk Daddy Eli says, "Fulton based on what I saw didn't give the ship to /Reed/, a different command officer did…so that was out of his control there. It would've been an alt-conflict had Fulton stuck around based on what I can see so…- And not always Orion, you seem to be reading more into things that aren't actually happening."

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "make that five pages."

These are the people who need to step up. If half the grid is that upset.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "some people are worried you're spying on them."

THIS is an absolute NO-NO on this game. No one spies on anyone.

<Public> Not France Paris says, "Ok… I'm going to just add my tow cents here. I personally don't care what plot devices are used to get which characters what. We're not a competitive game (at least I think not?), we don't have resource pools and limits on who can have what, so that itself isn't so much the problem. What I am going to say is, since the first day I've played here until now… I've seen suspicious stuff based around Reed, his alts, and his staffalt. I like the game, I like RPing here, but I do NOT see what he contributes, other than having his own little special circle of RP, his own ship to play on. His staff alt seems to basically veto everything that comes his way, particuarly if it has anything potentially to do with his own RP. Now I'm not throwing up my hands and wanting to say I quit here… but I know A LOT of people have problems with him. Orion has expressed them, I'm expressing them, some others might join in a sec here… When doing plot stuff recently, I've specifically been +mailing you Genesis because I fear if I put in a +request he'll just deny it."

We worked this out in pages. Everyone wants something for nothing and I guess I'm too lenient. That would be my biggest flaw here.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "Or did. i forgot his name. it's logged. he was a know-it-all NCO on the other game."

Big deal, he was Geller on BSP. He's never denied it. This is also another flashback of people having a major hate-on on BSP. The US vs THEM syndrome that it came down too.

<Public> Splodey Genesis says, "I'm still curious about who complained I changed 1's password."

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "There's a reason I haven't mentioned who told me."

I'm sure this one wants to remain anonymous. Whereas I have little to hide.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "You probably don't realize this, it being your first time staffing, but when you have to change #1's password, something very serious just happened."

<Public> Splodey Genesis says, "I'm amused someone must have tried to log in with it."

I'll state this ONCE. If someone tried to log into Number ONE, who knew the password of before, you will be banned. I hope whoever did this had fun finding out it was changed.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "While we're at it, were you aware that when people page you things, they're not meant to be A) Broadcast onto public or B) Forwarded to other people, when those other people are the one's being spoken about?"

In this, he is speaking about Chione leaving, I believe. He said she was upset about Micah having an allergic reaction to her prank of cigarettes laced with pepper. I already figured it, before he told me. He also told me a bunch of other stuff, which I could care less about, but certainly won't be spreading here. Not my call.

Chione: Actually, Micah and I have talked about the matter, and as anyone can clearly see I did not leave the game. I did take a bit of a respite due to RL issues and stresses. There were several factors involved, some which Orion was aware of, some which Orion was not. And no, Genesis, you did not figure it. Micah and I had a pleasant conversation when I logged back in and I vented about a good many stresses. As I said, not all were entirely about this particular game. Yes, it is a little worrisome to me that a paged conversation can be so easily mavved to the public comm, but that is a code issue. I do not know how you handled it afterwards; if you apologized to those who were logged on at the time. I just know that you never apologized to me for that faux pas as Orion did.

<Public> Splodey Genesis says, "And if you are spouting off for Addie or Rue, they know how to talk for themselves."

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "No. Totally not. But you keep coming back to Addie and Rue. Why's that?"

These were the only two co-goddesses I had in the beginning. Rue poked at Code. Corbett did the WIKI. It seems whoever is spouting bile to Orion, had no idea. They stepped down, it was posted, we all moved on. I never asked why, I was never told why, I didn't get a hate-on for them because they chose not to staff. On some things we didn't see eye to eye, it's normal.

<Public> Sassy Kalypso says, "Yeah… while I have loved the interpersonal RP with many of the other players here, it's not worth this. I wanted to just find a game to have fun on and while that lasted for a little while, it's had it's good moments… but those were (almost) entirely within the sphere of the Air Wing and the wonderful players there. I've had some great RP with a few others outside the Wing, and I really did enjoy the development that my character started to make… but one of the big reasons that I haven't played in the last few days is frustration. I had a couple days of due to RL and maybe that downtime was what I needed to see that there are some very serious problems with this MUSH."

That serious, but no one said anything. Instead it was all whispered and talked about somewhere else. Which is the norm for MUSHes, then people explode and leave. Another normal for MUSHes, this doesn't come as any big surprise to anyone.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "I laugh every time I talk to someone and hear "Why are we even PLAYING here?""

This is the dumbest thing I've heard lately, in all honesty. Yeah, why are you?

<Public> Not France Paris says, "I mean I pretty much know that the whole civilian movement happened because the non-special people were bored with the RP the game was offering."

Ok, this special and non-special people are just a bunch of spewing. I've never gave one person something that someone else didn't also get something when they asked. I've bent over backwards letting people do what they want, letting them move the game plots and handing out this and that for people. I even moved Tychon's XP over to Paris. I let Paris have a ship to play with, because I was asked every moment I turned around 'You said I could have a ship'. No, he didn't get a fleet ship. He got a shuttle.

This also stems from Zaharis speaking to me about if the Civilian Ships were going to be destroyed like on BSP. He did not want to start something over there and have them go poof. I told him, not that I was planning to do. He wanted to get the Civilians up and running, because they had been sitting there in stagnation. He did this. Then we all get blasted for making RP for people. This was his idea, not mine. He took manager of Spotlights and then someone made a stripper for the Private Club and people started moving in that direction. Now the Stripper thing has been so beat down, I doubt he even cares any longer if they have RP on the Civvy ships or not.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "Gen, i'm still here because you don't have enough experience to know that you're supposed to ban someone who's doing this."

This is so silly, it still makes me laugh.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "Because #1 is controlled by someone who has no idea what she's doing, sadly."

Because #1, is running the game. I guess that object must do alot of things when I'm not around.

<Public> Not France Paris says, "I just logged into this, I had never planned on ever venting or admitting to any of my frustrations."

Not the attitude to have about things, it just makes it worse in the long run. Which it has become.

<Public> The Hulk Daddy Eli says, "O_o Then maybe people should go the forum and post all their issues/concerns/discontent so people can read them, speak up if they feel the same and discuss things in a mature adult way so changes can be made as normally happens as a game is growing?"

Here Eli is right, we do have a forum.

<Public> The Hulk Daddy Eli says, "I just…really don't get blow ups like this…if you want change, you work towards effecting change. You don't…Iunno, this is just very immature to me…"

Once again, correct. Too immature on a channel.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "People like Genesis don't change. i've seen this variety of goddess a billion times."

Not sure which variety I fall under. Maybe…let's see. Treason from DM, Madb and Morrighan from SI, Jessica Rabbit from Denver, I could go on…and on…and on…

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "I told the player you said that."

Yes, he did, wanting to cause malicious intent. I have spoken and apologized to Manny, if she felt that way. And she didn't. She thanked me for apologizing though, even though she was aware it wasn't meant to harm in anyway.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "The reason why that hasn't struck you is because that's the variety of game this is and the type of goddess you're being. It's the 'playground' kind of sandbox. This isn't even vitrol. I've seen this a billion times."

I can only say that it isn't.

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "So if I was being logical about this, I'd have shut up. I clearly care enough TO rant. Otherwise I'd have just logged out and not come back, like I've done with so many other games run by this type of goddess."

<Public> Good Ol' Boy Orion says, "Shadowed Isles being my favorite example."

This would be Madb and Morrighan.

<Public> Sassy Kalypso thinks there's a root to this that involves some people having higher expectations of staff. Because when you put yourself in the possition of being the leader, you open yourself to all kinds of criticisms. Staff are expected to behave on a higher level of conduct. Staffing is a thankless job, as is running a game. You take the good with the bad, and sometimes the bad is… well, from personal experience it can be REALLY bad… basically, there's a line you have to draw when you're in that possition of 'leadership and power' on a MUSH.

Yes they are. We have a Golden Rule posted for this on the Game.

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