Pre Domestic Violence
Pre Domestic Violence
Summary: Lex and Ramiro have a fight.
Date: 77 ACH
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A sweaty Lex is seated on the mat stretching out after a treadmill jog to nowhere. She's wearing her sweats, long blonde hair pulled into a tight tail. From the looks of her, she's been in here for at least an hour. Possibly more.

The door to the gym opens and Ramiro steps inside. Wearing his sweats as well, and sporting a small duffel bag, he pans around the empty Gym and easily spots Lex. Walking over in her direction, he stops near her, looking the treadmill over. "Hey…" He says quietly, looking to her.

A towel still hangs from the arm of the treadmill, and Lex's duffle is on the floor. A bottle of water, half empty, pokes out the top of it. She bends in a forward, legs in front of her, to wrap her hands around her feet. She speaks to her knees when she says, "Hey." She turns her head to regard his legs.

"Missed you at the game yesterday." Ramiro says, looking down to her. He's being just flat enough to either be concerned or perterbed. Watching her for a moment, he moves to stand on the treadmill. "You've been pretty distant lately…you wanna talk about it?"

The PFC takes note of the tone, and through her eyes move slightly up, to his knee, but she doesn't sit up from the stretch right away, not until it's finished. "I want to spar." She pushes up off of the floor, hooks a thumb toward the mat, and snags a roll of tape from her bag. "Let's go." Lex turns to move across the mat, taping up her hands as she goes.

Ramiro watches Lex move towards the ring. Opening his bag, he pulls out his gloves and some tape. Heading towards the ring, he grabs his mouthpiece just in case and starts to wrap his hands in the cheap tape. Pausing to climb into the ring, he leans against the turbuckle as he works. "We won…by the way. Three of us beat a bunch of pros. Everyone loved it…"

Rip, wrap, wrap, wrap. She flexes her fingers to test the tape job, then starts on the other hand. "Did you?" Her eyebrows rise a little. "Sorry I missed it." The tone is a little hard to read. She finishes with her hand and tosses the tape toward her bag. She pulls on some gloves. "I was a little busy elsewhere." She nods to him. "Let's see what you've got, Ensign."

"Yeah? I thought you were off duty…" Ramiro replies, finishing his taping. Pulling on his gloves, he straps them into place and looks to her. Apparently he is a little disappointed. Moving to the center of the ring, he gets into his boxing stance. "…PFC.."

<Opposed Roll> Lex - Unarmed_Combat versus Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Lex: Mediocre <Roll2> Ramiro: Good
<Result> Ramiro WINS by 2.

The slight flush of recent exercise and the sheen of sweat hides it admirably, but Lex is a little sluggish on the offensive. "I am. So are you." The jab is a little slow, and the other arm drops a little, leaving an opening.

"I meant yesterday, while I was playing pyramid." Ramiro replies, quickly turning to the side and responding with her jab with one of his own, aimed at her forehead to avoid hitting her nose. "Everyone else was there…"

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat versus Lex - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Ramiro: Fair <Roll2> Lex: Good
<Result> Lex WINS by 1.

Lex's upper body tips back just out of the line of the blow, one of those last minute 'oh shit' type reactions. She taps his wrist out to the side lightly with her failed defensive arm, steps in, and throws a hard right. It's the kind of shot that could, if it connects properly, put a man on his ass. "You seem pissed." The words are grunted through her teeth.

<Opposed Roll> Lex - Unarmed_Combat versus Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Lex: Fair <Roll2> Ramiro: BeyondSuperb *CRITICAL SUCCESS*
<Result> Ramiro WINS by 4.

Bringing up a glove to block the attack, Ramiro easily sidesteps her haymaker. "Least I'm paying attention." Ramiro says, squaring his shoulders a little bit. He decides to work her body a little, throwing a glove towards her ribs. "Should I be pissed?"

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat+2 versus Lex - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Ramiro: Great <Roll2> Lex: Great
<Result> DRAW!

It must be the Ensign upgrade that makes Dane so quick on his feet. Lex rallies just in time to turn into the punch, deflecting it partially to throw a shoulder against Ramiro's body to interrupt his momentum. "You think I'm frakkin' someone else when I know you'll be busy on the court?" He went for a gut shot, so she turns into his body and returns the favor.

<Opposed Roll> Lex - Unarmed_Combat versus Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Lex: Good <Roll2> Ramiro: Mediocre
<Result> Lex WINS by 2.

Distracted, Ramiro grunts as he's punched in the stomach. He starts back a little, giving them some room. He takes advantage of her low defenses, sending a right cross at her cheek. "No I'm…" He throws the punch. "…jus' wondering if you'll ever spend time with me when we aren't frakking."

<Rated-R> Bold McLargeHuge Aleks says, "…"
<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat versus Lex - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Ramiro: Fair <Roll2> Lex: Poor
<Result> Ramiro WINS by 2.

Pow. She felt that one. Lex takes two steps backward and flings an arm up, but too late. She gives her head a shake, and stems back into the frey. Her stance tightens up a little. "You gonna ride me every time I miss a match? Maybe you should pray on it." A left punctuates those words, shot to the head.

<Opposed Roll> Lex - Unarmed_Combat versus Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Lex: Fair <Roll2> Ramiro: Poor
<Result> Lex WINS by 2.
<Public> Splodey Genesis says, "James Bond and Puffy Galore."

The glove connects with his head, his face moving to the side a little bit as Ramiro brings a glove up. Stepping in towards her, he plants a foot between them and sends a two-punch combo towards her belly. "Last I checked my prayers get answered, unlike this conversation…"

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat versus Lex - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Ramiro: Mediocre <Roll2> Lex: Good
<Result> Lex WINS by 2.

The blonde pulls in close to take the momentum off of the second hit, bodying up close to Ramiro as she meets the first with a sweep of her arm. The sluggishness seems to be wearing off a bit. "Not everything can be solved by asking unseen forces for it like Daddy's favorite son." There's definitely an edge to her voice there, and Lex pulls a knee to the gut. That's not quite kosherized.

<Opposed Roll> Lex - Unarmed_Combat versus Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Lex: Great <Roll2> Ramiro: Poor
<Result> Lex WINS by 4.

Ramiro takes the knee in the gut, wasn't really expecting Lex to fight dirty. Grunting, he is pushed back against the ropes. "Yeah well maybe…" He shoves her back, hard, to get her to back off a little bit. "…they give a damn about the things I give a damn about."

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat versus Lex - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Ramiro: Great <Roll2> Lex: Mediocre
<Result> Ramiro WINS by 3.

The shove is hard enough to send her over backward, her feet tangling. She goes down with a solid thud, right onto her back on the mat. Her arms slap the mat after, and she stays still for a moment, just breathes. "Maybe." She pushes off of the floor to sit up, slowly.

Leaning against the ropes, Ramiro watches her for a long moment, letting out a sigh. "I'm sorry, that was…uncalled for." He apologizes, shaking his head. "I was just…hoping maybe you'd be there." He looks to her, stepping over and offering her a hand up. It's a glove to rest on. "Nico…" He breathes. "…it's a part of who I am. A big part."

"It's ok." Lex blows out a breath and reaches up to take the hand up. "I kneed you." She stands, and drops her arms to her sides. "You have these things. I get it." She steps in, "I didn't skip it." There's a moment before she admits, "I just wasn't feeling too hot." She watches him for a long moment. "I spend time with you when we're not frakking. We're just usually armed and frakked."

Ramiro sits down beside her and looks to her. "Well then why didn't you let me know before I left?" He asks quietly, looking to her. "I really thought you were gonna come. I mean, I know you didn't tell me you were, but.." He shrugs, looking to his gloves.

Lex crouches next to Ramiro. "You missed me watching you." She nods. "Well," she drops down to sit down again. "If it makes you feel better, I wasn't having too much fun on my own." She leans against his shoulder. There's a long pause. "You want the ceremony, don't you? The temple."

Ramiro leans his head against hers. "Nico…I do." He says. "There's a part of me that feels like all the Lords have given us it would be…insulting." He says, looking forward. "The visions, the interpretations, the Omphalos…" He says quietly. "I can't deny that I feel that it's for a fact that they're the reason why we're still alive. I don't want to betray them."

Lex pulls her gloves off and rubs the back of her taped hand across her cheek. "Everything you do is practically tied to honoring the Gods. Not insulting the Gods." She pauses, and then says, "I have a hard enough time having a relationship with one person. How many supernatural beings am I going to have to worry about?" She nudges him. "You don't think about Aphrodite when you're doing that thing I like, are you?"

"Yeah it is…and no. I…have differences with the way people worship Aphrodite, which is probably why my love life is so…awkward at times." He chuckles, shaking his head. "Nico…I believe, not just raised to believe, but believe that everything in the sacred scrolls is fact. Since we've been out here, it's turned from faith to proof in some cases." He looks to her. "How can you explain it otherwise?" He pauses. "I didn't tell you a fish story, I told you the truth. Frak, I saw Hazzard protective of an Ares bobblehead." He looks to her. "It's important to me, really important. Especially now that they're speaking to us, it's important that we pay attention."

Lex looks at Ramiro for a long moment. "Part of me wants to ask why Aphrodite makes your love life awkward, and part of me is really not sure it wants to know." She peels the tape up on one edge, and flexes her fingers. "Being alive doesn't prove the Gods to me. All the things that happened haven't proven the Gods to me. You believe it." She nods. "Ok. But why does it always sound like your belief is about fear?"

"Wait…what? How much more proof do you need, Lex?" Ramiro looks to her. "We're alive still, the translations, the prophecy that tied to the red planet. The dreams and then the omphalos is there. It's not like I'm getting memos." He frowns a little. "My belief isn't about fear. It's about honor. Yes, the Lords should be both feared and respected, but what more is it gonna take?" He asks. "Meeting one, face to face?"

"That wouldn't do it either, I'd probably think I was hallucinating." Lex smiles and says, "Don't fight it with me, Dane. I believe in things, just not the Gods. I have my own moral code. I… it's just not something I'm comfortable with. I haven't been for a long time, and it took some willpower to hang out around that creepy bust you have in your bunk." Lex, heebie jeebied by Apollo's image.

"That creepy bust is Apollo. Pythian Apollo. The Lord of Kobol that four generations of my family have dedicated themselves to and whom I pray to for your safety every…frakking…night." Dane says, sounding more than a little pissed off. Pulling off his gloves, he starts to rip at the tape. "You know maybe there's something other than bombs that you enjoy and dedicate your life to so I have something a little more concrete to piss on…" He pushes himself to stand.

Talk about ramming a hot button. Nico sits back a little at the change in posture, back to pissed. She pops up to her feet, shoving herself up off of the floor. "You're welcome to pray for me, you holier than thou ass." Blonde marine getting angry. "I didn't know your prayer was currency. Maybe you should think about honoring something other than an idol, and stop judging me for being a good lay, a frakkin' better marine, and independent minded."

Ramiro stops, his back to her. Staring forward, he lowers his head a little bit, and takes a few deep breaths. She pissed him off. It's obvious. "You know what Lex?" He says quietly, turning to face her. He grits his teeth a little in a silent seething. "At least I have the balls to really care about the things I love." He lowers his eyebrows at her. "You know, from the front lines…not from the armchair like a frakking coward."

<OOC> Ramiro puts on a helmet.

<Opposed Roll> Lex - Unarmed_Combat+2 versus Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Lex: Superb <Roll2> Ramiro: Poor
<Result> Lex WINS by 5.

Her lips part slightly as Lex sucks in a soft breath. A few strands of pale hair sweep across her cheek, falling loose from her tail. She doesn't bother to sweep them away. Her pale blue eyes are locked on Ramiro. It's his last statement that gets her, and Ramiro's only warning is that soft intake of breath before her hand locks on his shoulder, and she pulls hard enough to spin him to meet the incoming right handed punch. Though her hand is still taped, the gloves are on the floor. Closed fist, meet jaw. She's been holding that in for months, and Ramiro is the unfortunate soul to meet PFC Lex's very high threshold for stress. And also? Ow.

Ramiro takes the hit in the jaw and it nearly dislocates it. There's an audible smacking sound that echoes in the gym, and Ramiro's legs buckle. Lip splitting in the process, he stumbles in a clockwise motion to land on one knee. Bracing himself on the floor with one hand, he blinks a few times to try to avoid toppling over in a dizzied manner. In silence, he takes a long drawn out moment to regain his vision and his resolve.

The pop of her knuckles is also audible, though the pain is quickly followed by a glorious half numbness that lasts only a few seconds before the throbbing begins. Lex's knuckles are nicely raw, but she doesn't notice. "You never call a Sagittaron a coward." That public service announcement is a bit late. "My heretical family is just as dead as yours. We both have pain. Deal with it." She slowly uncurls her fingers, though she remains standing. Her breathing is just a little unsteady, and a slight flush rises to her cheeks. "I'm not less worthy because I show it different." Love, that is.

Ramiro says, dropping his gloves onto the mat as he stands, turning to face her. Now it's getting real. Moving around his jaw slowly, thankful that teeth didn't get knocked out, his head manages to ring a little bit. He doesn't move to hit her back. "Deal with it huh?" He asks, giving her a set of angry eyes. "You know…I am dealing…with it." He says in bursts. "My family is dead. They would want me to survive. They would want me to do my best. Nico, I don't know what I'm doing but I'm not even initiated and I've translated a prophecy. I'm not a god Nico, I'm just me. I'm Dane. I'm scared. We are being exterminated." He pauses. "Exterminated. My family died cockroaches and the Lords that I pray to are helping us survive. That's…all I've got, allright?" He points his finger at her. "YOU deal with it. YOU haven't dealt with shit. So you're pissed at the Lords of Kobol for…" He stops himself, gritting his teeth. Oh that's going to burn her. "…Nico…" He knows an interruption is coming. He drew the daughter card.

PFC Lex watches the blood drip from Ramiro's lip as he speaks to her. She watches it trail over his chin, and then she closes her eyes. Slow, deep breaths occupy her full concentration. She doesn't move, though her hands remain clenched into tight fists at her side. Slowly, they loosen. Breathe, breathe. Her hands tighten again. She doesn't move. There's a definite and visible struggle for control.

"I'm sorry…" Ramiro says softly. He wipes at the blood at his lip, getting the tape on his hands stained red in the process. Taking a deep breath, he breaches the subject. "…I know you're mad at them. I know how much my belief must be a test for you. Even being near my idols and prayer beads." He says quietly. "If she were here, I'd still marry you and I'd love her like my own. I love you, Nico, and…" He pauses. "…I'm stuck here. Because…I refuse to lose hope. I refuse to lose hope for you, and if I need to be that sole source of hope for you I will." He turns, walking towards the ropes. He stops at them, leaning against the ropes for a moment, his back to her. "You know ten minutes before this conversation I was pissed because I thought you thought I was stupid for being religious. Now I don't know what to do, because the truth is that you're angry at the gods…"

While Ramiro speaks, Lex puts piece back into place, so what when he trails off, she's able to reply. "Yes, I'm angry." That's obvious. "I gave her up, and I moved on with my life. Making due and moving on is what we do. Adapt and overcome. Being a marine is the only thing I ever really wanted. I got it, and I didn't let a drunken roll in the hay stop me, even after I got pregnant." She finally opens her eyes. "Something gets messy, you simplify it." She unclenches her fists, and shakes out the fingers of her undoubtedly bruised hand. "I have the marines. I have bombs. I know how they work. It's predictable. There are rules." She shakes her head. "You blow it up, you go home. You diffuse it, you go home. Home's gone, everything I ever did was gone, so now what do I have? I have my hands, and I have you. I'm not sure if you're crazy or not, but you're part of my family now. The ceremony is just a formality. Jerk."

"Not to me it isn't." Ramiro says quietly. He turns to face her. "The ceremony is myself committing myself to you in the eyes of the Lords so that when we are dead we have a place in the afterlife that's just ours. After what I've seen…" He pauses. "…I can't be so sure that it's just formality. Words spoken. Look a little deeper Nico. I believe in all of these things. I didn't ask you lightly. I believe that it's for existence." He pauses again, folding his arms. "Nico…I believe that people can corrupt idols. I believe that the Lords are watching us. I believe that prayer changes things." He pauses. "But I can't marry you if you don't respect the things that I believe, as much as I don't want to say it." He flattens his lips. "Skeptical? Fine. Distant? Fine. Angry? Fine. Disrespect? I…" He shakes his head. "…it feels like spitting on my parents' grave."

Lex swallows, and slides her arms crossed. She glances down, in thought for a moment. When she looks up again, her eyes go to his. "That's your, Dane. If you think…" She clears her throat, and says, "If you think you can't be with me, now is a pretty good time to figure that out. I'm not going to change because you think I'm disrespectful. My opinion doesn't get an edit. Not when it's asked for."

Ramiro raises his eyes to her. "Frak…" He says under his breath. He looks around, his mouth open as he suddenly finds his brain locking up. "Nico…" He looks to her. "Faith is my bomb. okay?" He blinks, stepping towards her. "I got books on it. I got bomb making tools and kits and a big knowledge of it and I frakking…" He shoves her shoulder with that sort of grunt that he's pissed, but not pissed and frustrated. "…wanted you at the pyramid game and I started thinking that maybe you just wanted me when you wanted me, not when I wanted you back." He looks down to her. "Is this…making sense? Because I just…need you to understand that faith in the Lords is as important to me as bombs are to you. It's not complicated to me, baby. It's simple for me." He pauses. "What if it was your decision, to walk away or not? No pain, no loss, clean break." He looks to her. "You still in?"

"There is no clean break. Not now." Lex glances down at her hand, and says, "I just told you, you're it." Her arms drop to her sides again. "We should get some ice." She moves to step out of the ring, and retrieve her duffle, shoving things inside of it. "I have to go have a conversation with medical anyway. I'm late."

Dane blinks at her, turning to quickly follow her. "Wait…late?" He quickly slides out of the ring, following her. "Like…late-late?" He suddenly smiles broadly, then the smile is replaced with a serious look. He grabs her arm. "Nico…" He looks to her. "…you're it too." He pauses. "Not because you said that. There's no clean breaks. I know…" He swallows hard. "….frak it. Let's get married and we can do the follow up rites as they come. I'm sick of this waiting for the perfect situation. We're going insane sleeping away from eachother and it's pissing me the frak off…" He says, turning to head with her towards sickbay.

Lex slings her duffle over her shoulder. She reaches up with her raw hand to pull the band out of her hair, and secure it on her wrist. She ruffles her fingers through her hair, ignoring the slight swelling. She takes a hit from her bottle of water, and glances up as she's ushered toward the door. "In the morning. I just want an ice pack right now. And my rack. I'd say I was sorry about your face, but you pretty much deserved that."

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