Summary: Regas and Fotilas discuss tactics.
Date: 3 BCH - 11/16/2008
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CIC Genesis - Deck 11

3 ACH 3735 Souls

The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Genesis. This CIC is designed in a triangular formation, with one point pointing directly forward, while the other two point port and starboard. The forward point of the CIC triangle is where the tactical consoles are set up. Dead center, a large, clear display panel is suspended from the ceiling, green gridlines showing a map of nearby space. Under this, a large table is set, providing more tactical displays, a wireless handset, and a large, DRADIS console.

Both port and starboard other watch stations are set, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose - helm, weapons control, communications, navigation, damage control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls.


The mood in CIC is still dour. The usual 'pep'of those stationed here isn't present in the force it usually is. A mixture of anger and sorrow floats about this room as equally as it does the rest of the ship. All except for some of the Marines - which for all intents and purposes might as well be Fotilas. Him and the TO, Kist, were up late through third shift pouring over charts, maps, books, and all sorts of material. Here and in the Ward Room. Currently, the man is standing at teh plotting table with an open book of celestial navigation warnings going back over a year. A pencil perched in his right hand, he's making notations on a navigation chart.

Regas walks into CIC, looks like he grabbed a few winks atleast. Heading over to the comm station, he checks on a readout that was laid there. "Excellent." He says, "Atleast some good news." Making his way to the center area where his XO stands, he looks at the charts. "Anything looking promising?"

"Colonel on Deck!" Fotilas calls lightly as Regas enters, his gaze lifting to the man for only a moment before he goes back to work. Fots has been back to his quarters apparently because he's now got his sidearm on. "Aye, sir. Sounds like you've got some of your own?" His brow rises to the man before looking back to the charts. "I talked with Major Carter last night about the capabilities of the PAS Station. Got a quick rundown on Dust Off, as well. Got me thinking about how we might exploit some of the spatial anomolies in this quadrant…"

"That's what I pay you for," Regas answers and then nods to the other, "We'll have to take care of that too," He then picks up the handset above his head and opens the Colonial Band, having had the ships bands scrambled to any outside interferance or poking metal noses.

[Colonial] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "This is Colonel Regas. Space Station PAS prepare for docking on incoming Flattop. Five more sublights are being brought in. We'll need offload capabilities handled. Regas out."

The XO's voice drops. "Don't seem many of us are going to be getting paid for /anything/ anymore. At least not in cubits." There's a dry smile that flashes across his face. He pauses as Regas continues with his announcement. "Good news," the man finally allows when he finishes. "Sir, I wanted to ask this before a meeting.. Are we planning to perform any SAR duties for people left on those planets? Try and recover any military personnel? We've got about a week before radiation blankets them."

[Colonial] A voice says, "Understood Genesis, we'll be ready. Individual ships contact docking control for approach vectors."

Regas still holds the handset, "Yes. I figure we've got 3-5 days here, maybe less. But, I'm not pushing my luck. I want a spot for those ships to hide and where we can jump in and out of," he looks back to the nav chart and where the XO was making his marks. "My old instructor used to say, the best offense is a good defense. Anything that disrupts those bastards is the place we'll be. You know how Ragnar is in one of those anomalies? Those will be our new jump points."

[Intercom] All hands. I need every available person who can work, to be working. If you are not on your scheduled shift, you'll need to report to areas for offloading. Until we are prepared, there will be little sleep for any of us, but you will be rotated out for sleep schedules and meals. This includes Civilians. Security needs to make sure they are also helping. The botanical is a wreck, but we can save the foodstores and other items. Clean it out, people. Regas out.

"Agreed. I think we should save this location as a fall-back point. Last place we go to ground if necessary. They don't know we have it. Yet." He pushes the book aside for a moment. "I've already got Kist looking into the armories we have hidden all over the system. But Ragnar might be a good bet. Which means we should probably expect Cylons to guard it. Might be best to assume from now on that they know what we know." He takes a long breath, looking up to the Colonel with his last. "You intend to hide the sublights up at Ragnar?"

Regas shakes his head. "Too open. I don't think we can afford to bring the sublights, they can't jump, but we can save people. What we will do with them, is set the trap." He hangs up the handset now and rests his hands on the table as he looks it over.

"Actually sir? I think we can.. Carter mentioned that when the FTL drives are powered, the rings have to move on PAS to their forward positions. This generates the drive field.. Sir, that ship is five times the size of Genesis.." Fotilas' smile turns a bit sly. "Colonel.. We could, theoretically, pack the sublights inside the drive field of the PAS and haul them around like a trailer. Might take a few jumps. But its doable." A pause. "In theory." The XO's eyes fall down to the chart with Regas, though. "But I'm all ears. What do you have in mind?"

Regas rubs along his chin, which is in need of a shave now and he scratches, "That is untested. I certainly don't want to do it with anyone on board. Plus, what if it blows the rings? Then we are in deeper than we need right now. I'll have to give that alot of thought."

Fotilas nods once. "It /is/ untested. And true, it might blow the rings. But Carter seemed to believe it was possible. It might be worth looking into." The XO looks about the same. Little more tired but he seems cogent and alert. "But what are you thinking? You said you wanted to use the sublights for a trap?"

Regas gets his attention taken by Pepper. Imagine that. Whatever she brings up to him, he looks over momentarily and then nods, "Have Supply take care of this." Glancing back to Fotilas, he watches the XO for a long moment, "Beacons. So we know if they've been here. Or here. Or Here." He just randomly points on the map.

Fotilas glances to Pepper as she arrives, the man giving her a quick smile. Always so friendly, those two. But his attention to hte Ensign is very brief and he looks back to Regas as the man speaks. "Beacons, sir? I assume we intend to strip these ships into shells with engines before leaving them anyplace." He sighs, looking back towards the map. "Sir, I'm a logistician by trade. I /hate/ giving anything up. Would it be time better spent to harvest buoys off the Arm Line and replace them at strategic points? Like the communications one the Cylons tried to take out a few days back.."

"XO, we are going to strip them of anything we can use. Then we are going to put one here." Regas points to the other side of the planet. "And leave another here." Pointing basically to their own area. "If we find debris or no ping from it, we'll know this place has been compromised." He pulls up another chart and lays it down. "This is our first check," and he points to the Tauron complex. "Most likely it has been hit, but it is far enough out, that we'll be able to tell without alerting half the Cylon fleet." He taps another area, "This is the Gemenese ship yards, the Tauron colonists kept destroying the supply lines here. So it is a floating salvage area. We'll check this out too."

The XO dips his head. "Aye, sir. Though its worth mentioning that the Cylons may pick up on it and leave some of their Centurians abaord. If we come back into the area they may alert their fleet." He cracks his neck and looks to where the CO is indicating. "Alright. Looks like a set of good positions. I'll have Rue get on it as soon as possible. Figure we'll want Raptors to scout it before we sail a sublight into the area?"

Regas begins explaining his own tactics as he points out various areas. If his XO knows his charts well and he should, he'll see what is behind the man's brain. Each area holds some type of cluster. They aren't having their ass sticking out in the wind. "If you and our tactics officer can go over this, we'll make a route. Send out recon raptors and then move out, when it is deemed safe."

"Understood. I'll get her on it. Currently I've got her busy getting everything tied together with inventories on what all our combat is going to eat. She also reccomended we go to immeadiate rationing until we are sure of how long our food stores will hold out. I know we just got our last big drop in, but its a concern down the line." Fotilas keeps his voice low so that the others in CIC aren't overhearing this. "But I'll bring Rue in on the planning and get orders out."

"As soon as we get some numbers, then we can make a few more decisions on what we are rationing," Regas points out and then leaves the nav charts to the XO. "Alright, I'm going to get a meeting done here pretty soon, so we can inform the Department Heads. We're going to have some grouchy people with little sleep, but for now, we can't help that. Just keep them focused."

Fotilas nods a few times. "Aye, sir. I'll have Kist get you the numbers ASAP, though if there is something unexpected I may order it on my own." The XO isn't afraid to stick his neck out, apparently. "I'll be in CIC waiting for the meeting. And sir? To let you know before you might hear anything else.. Lieutenant Sloan down in Sickbay.. She's going to be overworked as the ship's shrink. I've asked her to see me for relief or to take a break. A lot of people are going to be depending on her strength. If she starts to lose it with everyone coming to her, it could have a cascade effect on morale. Thus, I've given her leave to contact me. There's no inpropriety - but I figured you should know."

"I think that is the CMO's job, you have enough on your hands. So leave it to him and let him know to keep an eye out on her," Regas imparts before getting hailed by a rushing Pepper again.

"Copy that, sir," Fotilas says, looking back to the charts. His form leans back forward onto his elbows as he pulls the chartbook back closer as well.

You head towards Corridor 11A.

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