Vice Principal's Office
Vice Principal's Office
Summary: Eve gets called into Salin's office to answer a sticky question.
Date: 92 ACH
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[Intercom] Pass the word, Lieutenant Sloan to the XO's Quarters.

At this particular moment, Salin is seated behind his desk, tunic tossed idly to one side. There's a small PDA on the desk and he seems to be reviewing something listed on it, while jotting something down on a piece of paper.

The guard outside pokes his head in, announcing, "Lieutenant Sloan to see you, sir." Before disappearing and being replaced by the Company shrink as she steps through the hatch. She's already talking as she emerges, "You know, it rather has the ring of being called to the principal's office when being summoned rather comes out of the blue. Sorry, sir, I was in the midsts of laundry." She explains, perhaps as to her delay in arriving or the fact she's dressed in offduty tanks. Already early pregnancy has rounded out her belly some.

When the guard announces Eve's arrival, Salin simply lifts a hand, motioning for her to be sent in. Then, as she enters and speaks, he's not looking up from his PDA and paper until a few more notations are finally made. The pen stills agains the paper and a hand lifts to motion towards the chair, "That, in a way, is a good analagy, Lieutenant. Have a seat."

Eve frowns just a hint before the smile blooms again. "Yes, of course, thank you." She murmurs, moving around to the offered seat and sinking into it carefully. She's patient, in waiting to find out exactly why she's here, not jumping the gun by asking.

Finally, Salin's lifting his eyes to settle them on Eve as he begins to lean back in his chair. Hands clasp together atop the desk and he's giving a slight nod of his head, "Lieutenant, it's been brought to my attention that Ensign St. Germain might be causing a distracting to your work with his constant visits to your office."

Eve tilts her head slightly. "All due respect, sir. Saint Germain hasn't been inside my office since the a time when I spoke to him of the pregnancy, at which time I was off duty and had my Co's permission to have that modicum of privacy to spare the news. The few other times he's visited sickbay, was during my appointed break times. All of which were during Condition Three. I assume that's acceptable, but if you find its not, I'll put a stop to the occasional practice." Calm. Composed. Sort of unlike Eve. She's not fainting, afterall.

Listening, Salin is giving a quick nod of his head, followed by a quick flash of a smile, "That's what I needed to know, Lieutenant. A concern was raised and I had to look into it, and it was better to go to you, then to Major Zaharis. I see no reason why you should have to put a stop to it."

Eve smirks ever so faintly. "I don't suppose you'll tell me who raised the concern?" She asks, a dark brow rising with the question. "As a professional curtesy."

There's a soft chuckle and Salin is giving his head a quick shake, "You know that I can't do that, Lieutenant. People need to be able to come to Command and address concerns, without fear of their names being passed along."

The smile reforms fully on her lips. "But of course. Thank you for addressing me directly. I hope next time my name comes across your desk it will be for more pleasant subjects." Eve speaks easily, though as she does, her hands curve over the shape of her stomach, subconciously, in a protective gesture.

Salin's offering another soft chuckle as his head bobs in agreement, "I saw no need to involve anyone but yourself, Lieutenant. Much can be solved by going directly to the source of the issue, rather then involving others." There's a quick smile and he's giving another quick nod, "And, let us hope you are right. That's all I needed. I won't keep you from your laundry."

Eve gives a nod, "Sir." She says, by way of parting, a hand on the arm of the chair to help her rise.

That nod is returned and Salin's offering a quick smile, "Lieutenant. Enjoy the rest of your day." Eyes lower back down and he's resuming the task of PDA to paper work.

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