Fly-By Promotion
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Summary: Reed surprises McKenzie with an ominous box
Date: 97 ACH
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Holding Cells Hera - Deck 4
97 ACH 23797 Souls

This area is a small set of holding cells and a location for the Naval Security contingent to operate out of. The main area of the room has a large map of the Hera cross section and deck floorplans on one wall. There is a secured, hardened Small Arms Locker mounted to one wall where the weaponry for the security personnel is kept, both lethal and less lethal. There are two desks, one for the Naval security and one for the Genesis MPs on rotation to the Hera from Genesis. In front of each desk are two chairs with one chair behind the desks. A small hallway leads off the main area, where four holding cells are placed. The cells are constructed of heavy transparent Plexi-Steel with hardened metal framework reinforcing them. Each cell has a cot, toilet, and sink. Access is controlled by keycard identification and there is always a guard monitoring prisoners.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Castillo sits at the MP desk in the holding cell. Looking a little bleary eyed, he's staring at a manual on his desk. Several copies of the same manual are piled up at the corner.

McKenzie steps into the area, her gaze lifting to look at the cells themselves. With her comes the scent of almost-coffee, the beverage being served in the cafeteria to answer the need for caffeine and hot water. It isn't great, but it isn't awful either. Walking forward, she places a mug on the desk near you, "It ain't Marine brew, but…" She holds another mug in her hand and lifts it to take a sip as though to demonstrate that it isn't toxic. She sighs as she lowers it and looks into the depths, "Well… It ain't Marine brew." Looking at the brochures, she lifts a brow, "Whatcha doin'?"

The corporal looks up as McKenzie walks in. It's the scent of the almost-coffee that grabs his attention first. "Oh, hey. Um, good evening, Lieutenant McKenzie," he greets awkwardly as his brain switches gears from input to output. He looks at the mug with some interest and grabs it in his hand. "The Marine brew ain't exactly Marine brew these days," he says with a chuckle. "So, what brings you by our humble abode tonight?" he asks and then takes a cautious sip.

McKenzie steps back from your desk, her hand lifting the mug, "True enough, true enough." she finds a wall and leans against it, "Nothin' much. Just was able t' snag an extra mug an' thought you might enjoy it." Her shoulder rests against the wall so she can face you more than not. "Those for th' class tomorrow?"

Castillo nods as he take a loud inhale-sip of the hot almost-coffee. "Thanks, sir. I really needed some kinda pick-me-up," he says earnestly and then sets the mug down. Rapping his fingers against the manual he blinks for a second. "Oh, yah, you just asked me what I was doing, didn't you?" He shakes his head clear and rubs the back of his neck. "No. No, sir, these aren't for tomorrow. I'm going over the material for Saturday's class. Figuring out what to toss from the VBSS books and what to keep since the ROE's a lot different these days."

McKenzie nods, "Welcome. Glad it helps. Just seemed like you've been down here about forever." Or, almost a shift. "Don't mention it." Another sip is claimed and she sort of settles where she is, "Oh?" Her glance drops to the brochures and she nods once, "Luck with that. I'll probably try t' be there for that one too. Though again it'll depend on what the Colonel's got in mind. If he or Draevers want to go, I'll be runnin' CIC."

"Still planning on coming by for the CQC class, sir?" Castillo asks. He dog-ears the page he's on and closes the manual to be set aside. Then, he grabs the coffee cup and leans back in the chair. "More importantly, have you been practicin' the stuff I taught you the other day?"

McKenzie nods, though she pauses before replying, "Yes, an' yes, but I still suck ass." Her assessment is probably accurate, if somewhat colorful. "Still, at least I ain't worried about it an' recognize that shit like that takes a while to get the hang'f and years t' master. So, it ain't self-deprecatin’'." Lifting a brow, she looks at the manual, "You want I should let you get back t' that?"

"I'm good until I finish up this coffee, sir" Castillo replies. "I probably should just leave it until tomorrow. I gotta get up at the ass crack of dawn and run PT for these guys," he says with a smirk. Another long sip is taken and he settles back into the chair a bit more. "So how're things settling out here in officer land with the shakeup in command?"

McKenzie nods, "fair 'nough." A shrug is lifted, "Up t' you. But if you've gotta be up stupid early, gettin' some sleep might be a good idea," says the woman passing out coffee and having some herself. Slowly, she lowers the mug and shrugs, "Same's always for folk at my paygrade, though there's been a bit'f a shake up upstairs. Colonel Carter's takin' on a lot've new responsibilities. So…" She shrugs again, though it seems to be a fairly standard gesture at the moment, "Just tryin' t' do what I can t' help. You know how it is."

"Yah, that's all any of us can do," Castillo agrees after another sip. He shifts in his seat again and leans forward a little. "It's just gonna get worse once we run out of food. Riots, murder, mutiny… all sorts of fun stuff." He stifles a yawn and asks, "Maybe the cooky will figure out how to miracle that slime into something tasty."

McKenzie inhales, then nods, "Yeah, no shit. It's bad enough we've gotta fight the toasters an' lost…" She shakes her head, "so much. In under a month we'll be fightin' each other. Fraktastic." She catches your yawn and turns to try to stifle one of her own, "Shit, dude. Look what you started." A wince crawls across her face and she sighs, "Maybe. Cooky's pretty talented. Though that might stretch even 'is vast abilities." Another sip is claimed and she half jokes, "We should catch that snake that's supposed t' be on th' Carina. Snake's edible… taste's like chicken."

Castillo nods in agreement with McKenzie and takes a sip when she does. "Yah… if it was real, they'd probably have an old fashioned pit roast in the stadium when they caught it," he says. "Or would that be an affront the gods or something? I never really paid attention to all that religious business."

McKenzie grins, "That'd be somethin', yeah? Gianormous snake stretched over an open pit?" Shaking her head, she almost laughs, "Makes me almost wish th' sucker was real." She is leaning against the wall, a mug of almost-coffee in one hand. Castillo is leaning back in his chair, another mug of the same stuff in hand. "I remember back home when we'd grill snake. It really ain't bad." She takes a swig from the mug and swallows, "Course, if there's a snake on th' Carina, it's prob'ly somethin' small an' harmless. Or… y'know… Dead due to a lack of stuff t' hunt."

Castillo shares a smile with McKenzie. He was just starting to enjoy reclining in his seat when the colonel walks in. As he's seated facing the hatch, he sees Reed before McKenzie and hastily sets down the mug and springs to his feet. Coming to attention he announces, "Officer on deck."

Reed moves in, looking about, nodding once. "Lieutenant McKenzie." He points in front of him. "Right here. In front of me. Standing tall." He says forcefully.

McKenzie blinks once at Castillo's reaction, then shifts her mug to her other hand. She stops the lean and stands at attention, her hand lifted to a salute, "Sir. Yes, sir." Not daring to glance at Castillo, she moves from where she stands, sliding the mug to the Corporal's desk as she moves. It is a smallish room, so she is in front of Reed in a step or two. Once more, she snaps to attention, standing tall. Her hand lifts once more to a salute, "Yes, sir."

Castillo remains at attention. His eyes dart over to McKenzie, then back to Reed. He's seen this kind of thing before and he thinks he knows what's coming, but he doesn't let a smirk form on his lips.

Reed lifts salute, returning McKenzie’s salute, though that's far from an at ease order. He looks to McKenzie. "You've doubtlessly kept up with the recent upheaval in the loss of Commander Regas, appointment of Colonel Altair to the Fleet Commander position, and the like. Facts are with the changes I have to make a call, and I'm making it. I need an XO, and unless you can come up with a damn fine reason why I shouldn't place you in that position, it's you. You feel ready for this?"

McKenzie ignores Castillo's stoic expression. The one that does not shift to a smile or a smirk. No, her attention is on her CO. When the salute is returned, her hand snaps down into proper military position and she remains at attention and face front. "Yes, sir, I am aware of the Commander's passing and all." She does refrain from adding the 'an' shit' she might have were things casual. Her gaze flashes to Reed and she watches him for a moment as though expecting a cry of 'April Fools'. When it does not come, her gaze snaps back to 'face front', "Thank you, sir. I am ready for this, yes. I'll do y' proud, sir."

The MP's face cracks ever so slightly at the corners of his mouth. It's a brief twitch and the emotionless exterior soon wins over again.

Reed snaps out, "Wrong! You're not." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out one of the ominous boxes of Promotion hell. He opens the box, showing her the Captain pins within. "Now, you're ready to take the XO position, Captain." He holds out the open box with one hand and offers the other to shake, "Congratulations. It's time for you to gather your things together and move into the XO's quarters."

McKenzie blinks, blushing and almost relaxes into a 'damnit, Colonel' sort of reaction when he assures her that she is not actually ready. But, her expression halts and resettles into its carefully professional neutrality until she is offered the box and the shake. The smile that grows is warm; though still a hint or two embarrassed. Accepting the box in one hand and the shake with the other, she gives in and beams, "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. I shall do so this evening." There is a hint of an 'aw shucks' gleam in her gaze, though her smile remains warm.

Castillo continues to stand at attention. Now with the tradition of drive-by promotion completed, his thoughts drift to the cooling cup of almost-coffee.

Reed shakes McKenzie’s hand and nods, "In the fine tradition of the Colonial Navy of rewarding good work with more work, you're going to find this position to be something of a headache, but I feel you'll settle into it. People are watching, and now you have the position that you're going to be watched." He shrugs, "But we're all working at heightened levels now. We'll doubtless discuss more about this in the future." He steps back and nods, "Alright." He looks to Castillo, "At ease. I heard your classes are going well, Corporal."

McKenzie shakes Reed's hand, her grip warm though brief. She nods once, her gaze turning thoughtful, "Can't say I'm lookin' forward t' bein' watched, but I'll work hard, sir." Stepping back, she smiles at Castillo, then speaks to the two, "If you'll both 'scuse me? I've got some stuff t' move. I've th' early shift at CIC, so I'll be headin' t' bed after." Once more, she inclines her head, "G'night, Colonel. Corp."

Reed nods to McKenzie, "Of course, Captain." He says, then looks to Castillo, "Good. It's important to have these things started. Hera's a training ship after all. Good to see training going on."

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