Proof & Impressions
Proof & Impressions
Summary: Debrief, baby. Lex + Ramiro are called into the Offices to chat about the cylon six pack destroyed during their last mission.
Date: 67 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 14, Marine Offices, 67 ACH

This room serves as an all-purpose command post for the Genesis detachment of the Colonial Marines, and is manned round-the-clock by HQ staff. Drab desks, replete with office supplies, computer terminals, and headsets take up the majority of the space. White boards with hasty scribbles denoting the day's duty shifts dominate an entire wall. There's a small arms locker at the far corner of the room, furthest away from the hatch, blending into a row of filing cabinets. A wireless panel is close to the hatch, sitting below a draped Colonial Marines flag.

There is a slow nod to Shem as he lifts the paperwork, "The two I just summoned may have some good information for you in regards to that." Stepping over to the Lieutenant's desk Gaelan sets down the AAR from the mission, indicating the added tidbit about the tubes that were destroyed.

"Yes, sir," Shem replies. He pulls the report over and starts reading. He has a disassembled pistol laying on the desk.

Ramiro steps into the marine offices first and turns to the Desk Sergeant. Signing the logbook with his information, he nods and then turns towards the desks where Major Gaelan and Lieutenant Shem are seated. Unsure as to who the source of the page is, he moves to a respectable distance away and stands at attention, giving a slowly snapped salute.

Pvt Lex enters the room after Sgt Ramiro. She's wearing sweats, clearly offduty. She's a little slower coming through the hatch and making her way over, given a very slight limp. Damn you, bullets! Hold on, Ramiro, and stop making the Pvt look bad. She pulls up beside Dane and salutes as well.

Gaelan motioning to the pistol he grins and comments, "I bet your MPs are glad to have those back in their possession. We still need to discuss some of your recommendatoins, so far all of them look really good. Just need to clarify some things in regards to that." Hearing the commotion behind him he takes a look at the Sergeant and Private. Lifting his hand in a quick salute, "As you were." Turning completely to face them he comments, "First of all, I wanted to tell you both thank you for doing a damn fine job in regards to the mission. It is unfortunate that you took some injuries, which you will be recognized for, but I am glad to see the casualty list was absolutely minimal. Secondly I have read the attached report and I want you to bring myself and Lieutenant Shem up to speed on just what you found. Then I will let the El-Tee make a decision on passing that information up the chain to Major Zaharis and Command." A brief glance goes back to Shem, before looking back to the pair.

Shem looks up from the report at Lex and Ramiro. He stands, almost abruptly, and steps to the side to vacate his chair. "Go ahead, sir," he says, offering his chair to Gaelan.

Ramiro eases his tightened 'attention' breathing to relax. His posture sags to stand at ease, his hands moving to rest behind his back in a comfortable posture. He sidesteps just a little, legs at shoulder width as he forms a relaxed square stance. "Thank you sir." Ramiro nods at the assesment of their work and the praise. Ramiro looks to Lex for a moment. "Private Lex was the first on the scene…" He offers, turning the spotlight on Lex first.

Lex's eyes go to the Major as he speaks. She nods slightly and drops the salute, returning to a more relaxed, if slightly lopsided, parade rest stance. She glances to Ramiro as he defers, then nods, wasting no time before lauching into a report. "At the order of Sergeant Ramiro, I popped open a large container to check it for supplies, and found a six pack of tubes containing bodies. The bodies were two sets of three, a trio of identical Asian females, and a trio of identical older males. Either dead or…" She hesitates over the last word. "Inactive." Lex was present on the Hera when the exchange of information regarding 'skinjobs' was bandied about. She clears her throat. "Sir." Can't forget that part.

Gaelan glances to Shem and waves his hand dismissively at the offer as he comments quietly, "It's your desk." Looking back to Lex as she begins the report he nods slowly as he comments, "I trust you can remember what these people look like well enough to give a detailed description? Also who else have you told about these findings?"

Shem reluctantly reassumes the chair and laces his fingers on the desk.

"Private Lex and myself were the only with access to the container. I have included the confidential note in my report. Aside from those who have had access to the report I've told no one about the incident." Ramiro replies. "I assigned Private Lex to the container in the event of a rigged trap for safety purposes. Upon discovering, she called me directly to the scene." He pauses. "The female was in her mid to late twenties I would say. The male in his late sixties, early seventies. Grey hair over black. We were unable to take pictures due to incoming Centurions and the need to escape. I ordered the container destroyed, in which Private Lex complied. I can identify them by sight, sir."

Lex nods. "Sir." Affirmative. "I never forget a face." Or an explosive. But that's not revelant. "I have not discussed any mission details with anyone outside of this room, sir." The private's attention remains on the Major. She hesitates, then notes, "I could try for a likeness. I don't draw. It would have to be… sculpted." If you like creepy dead looking cylon busts… hey, something to mount on your wall, Gaelan!

Gaelan nods slowly as he looks back to Shem then back to the pair, "I want you two to sit down with the Lieutenant and I want this discussed in detail." Looking back to Shem, "You have the lead on this, Lieutenant. Get the information, contain it and get it to Major Zaharis in Medical. I don't need this getting around the decks on what was discovered. I have to go to Medical to visit some of our injured, but I will be back and we can continue our previous discussion." Looking back to the pair of enlisted he nods to them and gives them another quick salute, "Fine work Marines. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. Now if you will excuse me."

Shem nods. "Yes, sir." He stands again and salutes.

Ramiro watches Gaelan and returns the salute as the Major exits from the debriefining. "Yes sir, thank you sir." Ramiro replies, looking to the chairs in front of Shem's desk. Taking the one on his side, the right side, he slides into it slowly and sits straight-backed only after Gaelan has passed him and Lex. He's still managing a wound to his abdomen. He looks to Lieutenant Shem and maintains good posture.

A chair, huzzah! Lex salutes the Major, and nods, then moves closer to Shem's desk to claim a seat in front of it. She doesn't sit until the S2 does, or indicates the chair. "Sir."

Gaelan leaves for Corridor 14D [O].
Gaelan has left.

"Go ahead." Shem gestures to the empty one that Ramiro hasn't taken. He tugs the front of his pants up slightly as he himself takes a seat. "First of all, I want to reiterate what the Old Man said. You're not to talk about this to anybody." He poses the question to both. "What did you do after you discovered the bodies?"

Ramiro looks to Lex and then back to Shem. He nods curtly. "I will not even discuss this with Private Lex." He confirms. Clearing his throat, he continues. "I had a dead marine on my arm, sir, and under thirty seconds or so to get to the Raptor to get out of there. I called in the find over the wireless and was told that it was to my discretion. Only myself and Private Lex at the scene, both of us wounded, I decided that to take one of the…" He chooses his words. "…sleeping triplets, I would have to leave behind the body of Private Howes. Per my report, that's when I ordered the container destroyed and we went for the Raptor."

Lex takes a seat, careful as she settles into it. She nods once to the S2's reiteration of the classified status of th topic at hand. She nods and picks up where Ramiro left off. "I destroyed the container's contents with a grenade, and re-joined the raptor carrying us out under heavy fire."

"How did you report the discovery over the wireless?" Shem questions, looking to Ramiro.

"I was present on the Hera the day of the Nebula crisis and heard the rumor of skinjobs." Ramiro confesses. "I didn't want to raise rumors so I referred to it as serious intel, sleeping live cargo."

Lex nods silently, confirming that.

Shem runs his fingers over his chin once. He exhales. "Alright, that's the best we could've hoped for." He glances between the two. "If anybody asks, you're to tell them that you found some racks of toasters that seemed to be about to activate."

Ramiro nods tightly and responds to the officer. "Yes sir. Dormant Centurions."

"Not a problem, sir." Lex agrees. No problems with a little creative truth telling for the good of the Corps et al.

Shem asks Lex, "You say you can sculpt the likeness of these things you saw?"

Ramiro turns his head, looking in Lex's direction. He isn't smiling, as this is a serious request, but the oddity of a composite sculpture is new to him.

"Yes, sir." Lex nods, eyes on Shem. "Creepy sleeping busts upon request. I'd just have to dig up a little malleable material. Clay is best. G-4 would work, but that seems impractical." A bit.

"Draw what you need from supply to make it happen," Shem replies to Lex. "If you need something from somebody outside of this department, have them call me." He cautions, "This better not turn out to be some damn amateur variety show, private."

Ramiro swallows, looking towards Shem as he talks. Eyes shifting to Lex again, he keeps his posture straight-backed and remains silent during the exchange.

Lex shakes her head, "No, sir. I wouldn't waste your time. I'll have it for you ASAP." The blonde seems assured in her ability to deliver. One does not frak up when one has volunteered a service to brass.

Shem nods slowly, once, eyeing Lex. "Okay. Do the male first." He frees his attention back to the pair. "You guys might not be comfortable with all this spook stuff, but it's necessary, for now. Any concerns or questions?"

"I'm sure the only questions I have I don't have security clearance to receive answers to." Ramiro replies, nodding politely to Shem. "No sir, as long as the orders continue to come down, I will maintain an attempt at rumor control."

"I always do the male first," Lex replies, somehow remaining completely stoic. "Necessity trumps comfort, sir." Every time. Almost every time. Mostly. "No concerns." No questions either, it seems. The private knows where her pay grade is. It's way down here below all that stuff.

He's got that stare. Shem nods to Ramiro. "Good." Then to Lex, with an additional nod. "I'll be in touch, then. You're both dismissed."

Ramiro stands slowly and salutes Lieutenant Shem. Turning only when the salute is returned, he steps aside and pushes in his chair. He then turns to head towards the door.

Lex nods, then stands. She takes a moment to be sure she's on her feet steadily, then salutes. "Thank you, sir." And then it's to the hatch and away.

Shem pushes himself upright and returns the salute. He remains standing, watching them leave.

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