Pudding Wrestling 141
Pudding Wrestling 141
Summary: Eli is being nice, Gavilon is still cooped up, Nedra's still frozen and everybody gets covered with pudding.
Date: 141
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Guest Quarters Genesis - Deck 13
141 ACH 24238 Souls

The guest quarters of the Battlestar Genesis are set up in areas all around the ship, dotting locations close to major duty areas, and are constructed in different styles for the various expected visiting personnel they were constructed to expect. Close to Sickbay, this quarters is large, and set up for a family. A table with chairs along with a large double bunk, single bunk and a bathroom. A large bookshelf is built into the wall with various texts set into the shelves. The quarters are decently appointed, if a little generic and bland.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
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Nedra has just slipped into the chair facing Gav when the door is knocked on she looks up to see if she should depart the room again. A bottle of hooch sits next to her elbow, with two glasses stacked up under it.

The room is silent, Gavilon is playing a solitaire-like game with the Triad deck on the table. His icey jades are in a constant stare at the cards even as Nedra sits across from him. He shouts for the knocker to enter breaking the silence and looks over to the Ensign.

Gavilon drops Triad Deck.

Eli slips into the room, bearing a tray of dinner and some wrapped up things and a dubious expression on her face as she looks between Nedra and Gavilon then back to Nedra and opens her mouth and shuts it and then opens it again and…shuts it, snapping off a salute and wordlessly making her way to the table to set the tray with it's 2 puddings and a rest of the food stuffs on it down but not disturbing the cards, removing the silverware and setting it up quietly.

Nedra looks up as Eli enters and gives the woman a sharp nod, when the woman opens and closes her mouth a few times, she sighs and says looking down at the cards and helpfully pointing out the next move. "If you have something to say Seargeant I suggest it is air now before more awkwardness can araise."She flickers her cold eyes up to Eli's face an elegant eyebrow raised.

With all the jaw snapping this could actually bring some entertainment for Gavilon. His icey jades continuously bounce between the two as both arms crosses atop his chest and he leans back in his chair, setting the cards down.

"Nothing to say, sir, just bringing you both a meal." Eli replies with a cough as she continues to set the table, lalala, nothing to see as she carefully sets the pudding down.

Nedra looks up. "Then why was your mouth working like you was a cod fish." She points out another card. "You assumed I'd also be here." She eyes the meal, her belly rumbling. "I must admit though I am hungry, perhaps you should have brought three Sheriff." She says. "Or was this second one intended for yourself?"

Gavilon bites his bottom lip holding back from laughing. His hands quickly gather the cards and shuffles them before setting them down. He pulls his bowl of pudding -far- from the Sheriff's reach and smiles cherubically at Eli. "Thank you for the meal Sergeant, care for a few hands of Triad?" He motions to Nedra, "Ensign, any interest in Triad?" This is a mild attempt to keep the atmosphere in the room from getting too heated.

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Eli nods firmly to Gavilon distractedly. "Wouldn't mind a hand after you two play a couple of rounds." But she works very very hard to keep her tongue, she does, but it has been a stressful day, very busy and it slips out before she can stop it. "I was doing my cod fish impersonation sir, after all very little can be entertaining." Annnnd… "Forgive me, I did expect for you to be here sir but I forgot to bring the flowers to set the table more appropriately, but I also don't believe the LT here has been cleared for arctic landings even if I /had/ remembered to bring the cold weather gear so to prevent any potentially dangerous situation involving iced over launch tubes and unprepped vipers, I had to bring only /two/ meals with no extras. Do enjoy sir." Straight face, neutral tone she just looks to Gavilon and then eyes the pudding, tugging her nightstick from its holster and twirling it with professional ease, for now, figure eights.

Nedra flickers her eyes up to Eli and then back to Gavilon, she of course gives her, her full attention listening to the rather lengthy word play regarding the two having intercource. "I believe" She gives a pause. "Lieutenant that she's trying to imply we have had some sort of intercource in that bed." She points over towards it, then glances at the Sheriff. "I assure you nothing has gone on even remotely close to what you suggest. I am merely being a warm body the Lieutenant desires, while he has been trapped in this room like some violent animal. He will more then likely not wish to carry on with our current arrangment once he's released into the general population of the ship…Now you can either sit down or glare, I have no qualms with you and am grateful you have been seeing to the Lieutenant so dedicatedly." She picks up the pudding and begins to eat.

Gavilon just looks at the two wide-eyed and mouth gaping open.

Eli's eyebrows raise a fraction as she regards the two quietly and bows of her head. "Of course sir. Do enjoy your meal sir." Then she heads for the door, taking a deep breath, hand gripping her nightstick tightly and she takes up her position, still inside, but guarding the hatch, standing at attention and looking straight ahead. Meaaaal delivery and you get guarded during it, awesome.

Nedra shrugs her shoulders. "If you like." She comments then goes to lean back in her chair her hands on the tables. "As you wish." She says and goes to place her chair down, and begins eat her meal.

Gavilon is still blinking in disbelief at the Sheriff's actions or lack there of, but he starts eating his pudding, one of his icey jades staying on the MP at the hatchway. He coughs, "So uh, Ensign..How was CAP?"

Eli stands at attention. "Please let me know when you've completed 2 rounds sirs." More silence as she deals with her inner freakout.

"It was uneventful, same as the one yesterday." Nedra says going to ignore Eli at the hatch. "How has your captivity been, paced the room a few times?" She asks glancing at Eli, she frowns but simply nods. "You are welcome to join now, I do not understand this need of yours to wait."

Gavilon starts a new game of Triad with Nedra.
Gavilon deals a new hand.
It is now Nedra's turn to bet. Current bet: 0.

Nedra raises the bet to 50.
It is now Gavilon's turn to bet. Current bet: 50.

Gavilon takes the deck and shuffles them, passing out cards into two piles. "Did my push-ups, sit-ups, and took a nap" He lifts his card hand to eye the cards.

Gavilon raises the bet to 100.
It is now Nedra's turn to bet. Current bet: 100.

"Trust me sir, a round or two will be best." Eli murmurs before falling silent.

Nedra nods her head at Eli and goes to pick up her cards, she glances over them and places a marker on the tally to show her bets. "The gym would be a more, suitable place but if you have to make do…" She trails off.

Nedra raises the bet to 150.
It is now Gavilon's turn to bet. Current bet: 150.

After setting his cardhand down and marking his bet, (Payback) Gavilon thinks to himself as he slowly scoops some of the pudding onto his spoon. He keeps it low and under the table top, but to its side. A finger pulls the tip of the spoon back and he launches the spoonful of pudding at the Sheriff.

<Trait Roll> Gavilon rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Good (4).

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Eli is too busy being at attention and counting backwards from 100 to really notice Gavilon's payback, staring straight ahead until SPLAT, there is pudding on her cheek and dripping down her neck onto the collar of her uniform and she raises a hand sloooowly to her cheek to wipe the pudding off, eyeing her fingers and then narrowing her eyes.

Gavilon calls.
Betting is complete.
It is now Nedra's turn to discard.

Nedra looks up at Gav just intime to see what he's about to do. "I suggest you…." Too late the woman is on her feet reaching across the table to get the bowl before he can repeat the childish act. Anger flickers across her face. "Gavilon, that is not the way to behave, you are at the mercy of this ships crew and…The Serageant there."

A devilish, naughty-child smirk crosses Gavilon's lips as he nods to himself in satisfaction. He glances at Nedra, the icey jades burning with amusement. "Oh..well in that case." He turns to Eli and winks playfully, "Excuse me, Sergeant, are you in need of a napkin to cleanse yourself? I wanted to test the consistancy of pudding to see if it matches the batch of pudding.." He makes air quotes with his hands, "'offered' a few days ago."

Eli actually re-holsters her nightstick and sucks each and everyone of her pudding covered fingers clean before unbuttoning her first shirt, thankful for those double-tanks and exposing those developed arms as she takes her time, adjusting her dog-tags and just quiet, almost too quiet as she approaches the table slowly. "Sir." She addresses Nedra. "Let me get that bowl for you seeing as it would seem the LT is finished with his pudding, I can clear the table." She's calm really, almost too calm, icey eyes have dropped a couple of temperatures.

Nedra stands back from the table offering Eli her bowl knowing full well what is about to happen. "I'm not involved." She says quietly. "And if A single peice of that pudding touches me Sheriff I will place you on report. The lieutenant however can, deal with this how he likes." She goes to Gav's bed sits down folds her arms and picks up the book she was reading the night before.

Gavilon keeps his icey jades on the Sheriff, but lifts his cards to cover the still devilish looking grin. As Nedra walks away from the table, a puzzled look flashes across his face.

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Gavilon - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: BeyondSuperb** *CRITICAL SUCCESS* <Roll2> Gavilon: BeyondTerrible** *BOTCH*
<Result> Eli WINS by 12.

Eli takes the bowl, removing the spoon and just staring at Gavilon, mmhming distractedly to Nedra as she walks away. "You didn't have to move sir." Then sets the bowl down in front of Gavilon, grabs him by the back of the neck and then just very slooooooowly and deliberately starts to push his head down towards that bowl of pudding. "It felt kinda gooey to me sir, what do YOU think?"

Nedra merely reads her book not paying attention to the antics of her partner, or his jailer.

As soon the bowl is set infront of him, Gavilon knows what is coming. The hand has a very firm grip and he first attempts to remove it, but accepts the inevitable and even keeps his face buried in the bowl. His hands grip the table, cards still in one hand. The pudding splattered along the side of his head and chin, even running down his chest over the tank and T.

Nedra snaps the book shut suddenly. "Sheriff I would suggest you let him up, it wouldn't be very good if you drownd him, too much paper work and I try to avoid it at any costs." She says rather calmly. "I suggest my dear, you not to that again."She says matter of factly to Gavilon.

"How does it feel sir? How. Does. It. Feel." Eli even lifts the head to push it back in a few times with each word, after all, mustn't drown an officer in pudding, so he has to breathe. That would look horrible on a military record, when she finally does attempt to pull his head back up, she has a napkin in her other hand held at face level. Then she just looks over at Nedra, as if remembering she was there. Oooooookies, back to Gavilon. "Your pores are my bitches, sir. Here's your napkin."

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Gavilon rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Opposed Roll> Gavilon - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Gavilon: BeyondTerrible <Roll2> Eli: Great
<Result> Eli WINS by 6.

Gavilon reaches both hands at the Sheriff, Eli knocking away one with ease but allowing the other to take hold of the Sergeant's waist. He pulls Eli close and smears his pudding covered face all over the clothing at the stomach. Faintly he can be heard against the fabric, "Thanks for the towel Serge."

Nedra merely watching her eyes going from one to the other, the book resting in her lap. Finally she stands up and goes to the door, she pocks her head out and goes to order a change of clothing for the two children. She closes it again and merely stands there again watching them.

Eli just flails a bit actually when there is a FACE in her STOMACH and her eyes actually widen and you get to see a flustered sheriff, "What the FRA-" Then hands move to push at Gavilon's head, twisting around and there might be wrestling here soon, even as she seems to be attempting to put the man in a headlock. "THAT is not a towel." At least she has developed abs. There's that.

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Gavilon - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: BeyondSuperb <Roll2> Gavilon: Fair
<Result> Eli WINS by 4.

<Opposed Roll> Gavilon - Toughness versus Eli - Strength
<Roll1> Gavilon: Good <Roll2> Eli: Mediocre
<Result> Gavilon WINS by 2.

Gavilon struggles, but is put in a headlock. The remaining pudding on his face blinds the viper jock. He grits his teeth and handles the pressure applied, going for the Sheriff's legs with his free arm.

<Opposed Roll> Gavilon - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Gavilon: Fair <Roll2> Eli: Great
<Result> Eli WINS by 2.

Eli is just content to hold Gavilon in that headlock, grimacing and starting to tug him out of the chair with a determined grunt. Pudding wrestling.

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Gavilon - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Mediocre <Roll2> Gavilon: Terrible
<Result> Eli WINS by 2.

Gavilon falls out of the chair, his head still held by the Sheriff. Pudding smears along her bare forearms and drips onto his chest and pants. His knees hit the floor, face grimacing at the shockwaves of pain rushing through his body. He takes this time to grab his/her ankle, pulling it towards his chest and twisting it, attempting to pull Eli to the ground.

<Opposed Roll> Gavilon - Strength versus Eli - Strength
<Roll1> Gavilon: Superb <Roll2> Eli: Good
<Result> Gavilon WINS by 2.

Now Nedra gets involve. "You will stop this right now before I call the MP's in, this is such a childish act, I would not except such behaviour from my son and he's two." She says her voice loud enough to perhaps catch the twos attention. "I said stop." Now she's going over to split them up the tiny woman, getting between them if she can.

Eli waghs as she's tugged down towards the ground, actually laughing softly now, /laughing/ and twisting around as she reaches out to smack Gavilon upside the head. "You're getting pudding in places it doesn't belong sir!" Then she frowns and looks up to Nedra. "…sir, people would frown upon you wasting the MP's time sir…"

Gavilon pays no attention to the words of Nedra. He takes a blow to the head and presses it against the Sheriff's abs, attempting to cushion anymore blows. He swipes the pudding smeared on his cheek and flicks his whole hand at Eli, trying to shower her and maybe Nedra with the pudding. He tries to keep his balance on top of Eli, using his heavier weight as an advantage.

Nedra seems to have gotten a little close, and the pudding is smeared up her clean front getting her flight suit all mucky. An evil look flashs in her ice cold eyes and she looks down at the man, clearly very, very angry. "You were told I did not want to take part in such childish antic." She attempts to clean if off. "Gods." She cries. "These things are inpossible to clean."

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Strength versus Gavilon - Strength
<Roll1> Eli: Good <Roll2> Gavilon: Good
<Result> DRAW!

Eli is struggling to PUSH Gavilon off of her, damnit, squirming and then glancing towards Nedra. "I have /never/ ever seen children part of a wrestling match sir - GET the FRAK off me you HEAVY ass motherfrakker! Gods!" She shoves at Gavilon again, but she doesn't sound /angry/. "I knew pilots didn't hit PT as hard as marine but /damn/."

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Gavilon rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Gavilon's leg smacks the table leg sending the bowl of pudding to floor. He just starts laughing, attempting to keep the Sheriff pinned to the floor. His pudding covered hand reaches up and rubs the mess all over his/her face. Pudding is flying all over from the brawling two, more landing on Nedra. The sound of the bowl landing on the floor gets his attention, turning for it and picking it up with his fingers, he leaves a window for Eli to try something.

Nedra steps back again as more of the horrid stuff goes flying around, it's clear she's not going to get them to stop any time soon and their foreplay is getting annoying.

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Strength versus Gavilon - Strength
<Roll1> Eli: Good <Roll2> Gavilon: Mediocre
<Result> Eli WINS by 2.

Eli reaches towards that bowl, straining for it and squirming and shoving at Gavilon with a 'nnnnnnnnnnnng' of a strain before rolling over onto her stomach to try to make a snatch for the pudding bowl. Glancing towards Nedra.

Waist up covered in pudding, Gavilon struggles atop of Eli, pressing his body against the length his/hers. With the bowl of pudding in his hand, he puts it on the Sheriff's head like a helmet, cackling all the while. Gavilon reaches over and grabs Nedra's ankle, attempting to pull her to the ground, scooping the pudding running down the back of Eli's into a palm and tossing it at the Ensign.

Nedra is standing one minutes then on the floor joining the two of them. She gives a little cry of protest trying to get out of the line of fire, but it's no use Gavilon is far stronger then she and her fate is sealed with a bowl of pudding. "I'll get you for this." She hisses just before it hits her.

Eli has to gasp when there is a bowl of pudding on her HEAD and she looks just shocked, sitting there for a few moments. "…" She has no words.

Gavilon scoops more pudding from the back of Eli's head and tosses it onto Nedra. "So Serge..You asked me how.." He grunts, still struggling on top of the Sheriff's body, "the pudding was. I felt it…" Gavilon scoops more pudding from the floor into Eli's face, "was soo good it needed to be shared."

Nedra just sits there and takes her fate no use in making a fuss about it, what is done is done. She attempts to clean as much off as she can but it's no use her flightsuit is just wrecked. "I'm never going to hear the last of this from the Deck crew, that little black hair one is a little witch." She goes to stands up and unzip the suit, stepping out of it she lays it down on the table. Now in her shorts and tee's she debates her next move.

Eli just grimaces and opens her mouth and then she gets another faceful/mouthful of pudding and gags a bit slamming an elbow back towards the man's stomach as she takes a deep breath but she doesn't look pissed off. "Okay, I know I bought you dinner but GODS, no kinky shit…"

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Gavilon - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Great <Roll2> Gavilon: Terrible
<Result> Eli WINS by 5.

Gavilon was about to laugh but takes an elbow hard to the stomach. He flinches fully and rolls off the Sheriff onto his back. Covered from head to toe in a pudding mess, he lays there breathing heavy. Those icey jades stare up at the ceiling, then Nedra, then pine back to Eli. "Well…" He coughs, clearing his throat of flem and pudding.

Nedra takes a deep breath looking down at Gavilon. "You ready to get cleaned up now?" She asks looking to the Sheriff. "I suggest you also go get cleaned up weather it's here or your own quarters, I do not care but this mess is unaccaptable." She scolds them both as pudding drips from her white hair.

Eli rolls over onto her back, carefully getting to her feet and just looking down at herself and then back up as she looks between the two and wipes more pudding off her face, licking it off her fingers and then grimacing. "…good gods…" That is all she's going to say. Finding a napkin to wipe pudding off of poor Betty.

Gavilon watches Eli lick the pudding from his/her finger for a moment before climbing to his feet, picking up the chair and setting it near the table. He pulls the pudding covered tank and T over his head. Looking from one to the other, another devilish grin crosses his lips before the sleeveless shirt flies towards Nedra and the tank towards Eli.

Nedra catches the t-shirt bending to do so, she raises her eyesbrows and looks to Eli. "I think he except us to swoon at his manliness and faint on the floor." She says rather calmly then shirt is balled up and placed in the washing basket, along with his others. "I shall, deal with these tomorrow I have to wash some of my own clothing."

Eli catches that shirt right in the lower face/neck/upper chest region and glowers at Gavilon. "…would you like me to find you a /pole/ sir?" She starts to draw 'Betty' the nightstick from its holster before glancing towards Nedra. "I apologize about your clothing sir."

Gavilon glances at the nightstick for a moment, a hand wiping away the pudding still rolling down his chest. "I have one Sergeant, that need not be necessary." He looks over at Nedra the devilish grin gone, "Yeah..sorry you had to strip in here." He coughs and clears his throat, a pudding coated hand covering his mouth, leaving some residue on his nose and upper lip. "Wasn't the plan."

Nedra eyes Gavilon for a few minutes. "It's not liked we haven't slept in less." She informs him then looks at Eli. "I think it would be good if we got him out of here soon, I think he's beginning to suffer mentally." She goes over to the sink and begins to wash off her face and hands, while her back is turned and no one can see her, she allows herself a brief grin and a very low chuckle.

Eli idly folds that icky shirt and drops it on a chair before looking down at her body with a still somewhat troubles expression before she looks up quickly to stare at Gavilon then over to Nedra before all pudding soaked she starts putting things back on the tray she brought, occasionally licking something off of her hand.

Gavilon coughs again, "So Serge, we all gunna hit the head for a little wash and scrub?" He looks back and forth between the two, rubbing the back of his neck.

Nedra stills has her back to the two as she finishes washing off her face, she grabs a towel then wonders back over towards Gavilon, a hand goes to his back as she leans into his watching idly as the Sheriff cleans away their pots.

"Sir. With all do respect. I have pudding in places that don't get much light or air right now and I ain't really lookin' to have some kind of an intimate relationship with pudding nor would it be enjoyable for me to go to the head with a group of people just to get /pudding/ out of my ass crack sir." Eli replies respectfully. "So, I shall take away your eating items, make sure the MPs know to escort you to the right place and go clean the frak off before the pudding decides to propose." She nods politely and snatches up her outer shirt, balancing the tray carefully and then…offering Gavilon a faint curve of her lips and a chin-up. "Dude. The texture is /still gooey." And with that she's headed for the hatch. Outside of the hatch however is heard 'Sheriff wha hap-' 'Ask and I'll rip out your tongue and use it to gag you' '…yes sergeant'. And she's off.

Gavilon watches Eli leave through the hatch and sly grin parts his lips hearing the guards. He turns around to Nedra, "Well I suppose I should shower."

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