Putting the ass in Hazzard

Light duty..

Second to none, that is our moto.
But you know that as well as I do.

The sent us to investigate a civilian ship we encountered.
Infact a minor fleet of them.
Rumors had it, they had been stripped by a previous Battlestar.
But you know how rumors go..no clear intel delivered to the grunts like us.

First ship, we run into greets us with open arms.
We are a full squad if not more. Two raptors to transport every marine and officer in.
Half naked women..
Everyone is happy..

Zeus is given order to investigate a 'skinjob' on a second ship.
He gets three marines with him, including me.
One is a Staff from the Genesis, the second is Gars you remember him right..
Third one is me..
Simple, we go in, escorted, finds what ever a skinjob is..report back.

We didnt have a clue what we were sent into..

No open arms here.
Instead we faced an angry mob, wielding weapons of various sorts. Bats, pipes.
Frak I could envision a pitch fork in the midst, and torches.

Suddenly a shot rang out, Staff went down and Gars opened fire.

I wont bore you with details.
The incident ended with us, terminating the Captain of the ship..Two clean shots by Dane and me..
15 civilians dead or injured, by Gars's weapon before Zeus managed to stop him.

You know combat, it is fast, confusing and fraking deadly.

Now I'm on light duty for freezing my ass off in space.
The view screen fractured, as we took out the Captain of the ship..I was caught unaware, guess my mind was elsewhere..
Thank you for that one..
Suffered a massive concussion, and woke up to find that I'm on psych evaluation.

How the frak do you tell a navy shrink, that you are a sane person?
Yeah doc. I line up the shot, see the color of the marks eyes, the smile on his or her lips and then just squeeze the trigger.
Watch their head pop in a red haze, pack up, go home and have a beer..
A smile on my face for a job well done..
Sheez, you know the drill.
You do it too..

Anyhow, I hope you still keep the moto back there.
I did request a mission, but Major Hizz turned me down..Frak he punished me for it really..
Infact I even got shrapnel for what you did..Took the heat for Dane really..
I'm just venting..
I'll burn this, perhaps Dane and his belief has something to it..
Perhaps this will reach you..

I'm beginning to think you did the right thing..
Little makes sense in how things are ran around here..

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