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Teams Players
Caprican Buccaneers Jane Argos, Audrey Thalassa
Picon Panthers cell-content
Aerelon Argonauts cell-content
Tauron Bulls cell-content
Aquarian Aces Mariska 'Sage' Gionis
Virgon Vultures Calvin Michael Lysander
Sagittaron Hornets cell-content
Scorpia Stingers Jarred Rellik, Andrea 'Andi' Kerry
Libris Daredevils cell-content
Gemenon Giants cell-content
Canceron Capitals cell-content
Leonis Liberators cell-content

RDM Pyramid

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Rules and Regulations

Playing Regulations

Pyramid is a close quarters ball game played on a pyramid-shaped court, hence the name of the game. The objective is apparently to score points by getting the ball into a goal at the top of the pyramid. Pyramid can be played one-on-one or in teams.

Players can take no more than "three paces" without passing, shooting, or rebounding the ball off of one of the walls. The outlined areas in the corners and the center of the arena are "neutral zones". When a player places the ball in these zones, other players must back off and may not make contact.

Full contact is allowed (when the ball is not in a neutral zone), and once a player has been tackled, they must pass the ball. How this is handled in one-on-one games is left unspecified. The game is won by the team with the most points at the end. However, under what circumstances the games ends is also left unspecified[3].

There are versions of pyramid for one, three or five players from each team on the court at once. The play area is consistently referred to as an "arena" and the corner with the goal as the "head". Apparently each team starts out in one of the corners besides the head and then vie for control of the ball. The initial ball placement is not defined, but a face-off is mentioned tangentially later in the article with no details.
Court and Team Sizes

While teams can consist of upwards of eight people, it is probable that the sport is played with players rotating on and off the court between plays.

The pyramid court where Kara Thrace and Samuel Anders first play (regulation-size in spite of its makeshift layout) is not much large than a tether-ball circle. While unlikely to support up to 16 players at once, three players per side are a probable arrangement. Non-professional play (high school and collegiate, for instance) may have fewer players than the professional teams, indicating a skill factor needed to play with a large number of athletes.

The ball is cantaloupe-sized, probably the same size as a Soccer mini ball. The ball's size, combined with the cupped structure of the goal mean that outside (towards the side-lines) shots are quite a bit more difficult than inside (towards the center of the arena) shots. However, the more inside a player gets, the more likely the defensive play. This defensiveness is why pyramid is so physical: battling over the good shooting space directly in front of the goal.
Pyramid X

A game called "Pyramid X" which looks like the pyramid goal is set up in Joe's bar. Samuel Anders comments that it is nothing like the real thing.

Wiki Pyramid

This new incarnation of the game bears some resemblance to basketball or Rugby, and seems to have been more thought out as a sport than it was in the original show. Formal games can be played by two people against each other, or up to at least three on a team at once. "Pick-up" games played one-on-one may also be common.

The revised version includes triangular fields located symmetrically on the ground, their sides approximately one meter long. These are the 'safe' fields. Whenever a player touches such field with a ball, no attempts to take it away from him can be made.

The "Caprica Buccaneers" were a professional Pyramid team that survived the Cylon sneak attack on Caprica because they were out in the mountains high-altitude training away from the major targets. The character Samuel Anders of the Buccaneers led the remnants of the team and other survivors as a resistance militia against the Cylons who were repopulating the city of Delphi.

Admiral Adama also refers to the "Picon Panthers" as his favorite Pyramid team; this may imply that each colony had their own Pyramid team rather than particular cities as both teams thus far are named for entire colonies.


The Genesis rules are as follows:

1. Sports for doing anything with the ball.
2. Agility to bypass or get around someone.
3. Unarmed to trip, elbow or full contact on someone.
4. Strength to get off someone or muscle someone to the side.

You need a (Great) 5 on Sports to make a shot into the goal.

The following are the rolls on the game:

+roll Sage/Sports=Ramiro/Sports

+roll Sage/Unarmed_combat=Greje/Unarmed_combat

+roll Sage/Strength=

+roll Sage/Agility=

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