Pyramid Event
Pyramid Event
Summary: It's the Pyramid Stars against Genesis. They get their butts whupped by a Sister.
Date: 76 ACH - 1/28/2009
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Sport Courts Carina - Main level

76 ACH 23817 Souls

Pyramid courts are here for those who enjoy playing and watching the sport. There is also a court for Racket (a tennis-type game with dual-rackets) and a mini-golf area. There is also tiered seating area and benches for people to sit and enjoy watching those on the courts.


Ramiro got word of a rematch from Sage, and he wants it bad. Very bad. The last game was so close, and with the work he's been doing lately he's in deep need of an escape. Arriving with his play-gear in a duffelbag, he's already dressed and ready to go. Stopping at a bench, he starts to pull on his arm guard and look around.

Greje kicks up a sneaker behind her, grabbing it in her hand and slowly leaning forward over a sideline bench. Which, well, might be where she ends up sitting, but she seems pleased enough to be out and about, stretching and ready for a game. "Hypsoi de to melat'ron — Hymen O Hymen O Hymen-ae-e —" she sings lightly.

Sage is jogging along toward the courts. She looks like she is late for this. From the look on her face, she probably overslept. Catching the ball as she enters the court. Glancing around, that winsome smile comes up. "Losers are here, I see." She heads over near Andi and tosses her the ball.

Greje grins as Dane comes over, "Hey, Dane!" she smiles at him.

Lysander is making his way towards the course at a much more leisurely pace. Looking around at the others for a few moments, shaking his head a bit. "Such a nice group of people," he remarks, a bit absently.

Micah actually shows up this time, not wearing jeans and steel-capped boots. Sporting navy fatigues and the regulation t-shirt tank top combination, he looks like he's here to play ball, not watch from the sidelines.

Meris may be spotted from some distance as she makes her way towards the court, brushing back her hair with one hand as she goes. "G'day," she greets quietly as she approaches the benches. "Who's playing, eh?"

Andi snags the ball, bending into it when it connects with her abdomen. She wasn't particularly ready for the pass, looking a little distracted as her counterpart looks like he's going to be too late again to take part in the game. "Yeah, well. Guess they like the abuse." She spins the ball against her palm, before slapping it dead with her other hand.

Sage crouching down, she begins retying her shoelaces. Her head comes up to glance around. "Looks like they only brought two. I can sit this one out so Lice can play, he needs all the practice he can get."

Zaharis arrives somewhat late, though that's hardly strange behaviour for him. It took him a long while to walk from the shuttles to the courts, and by the time he finds a seat near the front he's already quite tired. Under his off-duties he still wears something tan, his arm and most of his upper body covered by tight material. His face, now unbandaged, attracts a few stares and not because it's pretty to look at. Which he ignores, settling in to watch the teams get ready to play. No foam finger or anything, sad.

"Ha… Ha… Ha…" comes Lysander's reply to Sage's words, looking around for a few moments, "Got the experience that counts, darling," he remarks a bit lightly.

Very rare is the occasion Bayless is in anything short of her fatigues or a jocksmock, but the pyramid game prompted her to opt for her duty blues. The people assembling in the court elicit a smile from the Raptor driver, a bit of nostalgia for the old days.

Ramiro flashes Greje a broad grin, dressed in his pyramid gear. Complete with an official uniform and everything. It is, of course, of his high school team, but he's ready to go. Setting down a few bottles of water at the staging area, he looks over his shoulder at Sage. "You playin' sister? I'm gonna need someone to keep that little Titan off of my back." He grins, nodding upward as Sage. "Just muscle her around a little bit, she folds."

There are certain stereotypes that Adele fills quite easily, but 'sports-fan' is not one of them. However, here she is, dressed like a day at the office. Maybe she didn't go home to change, or maybe this is just her casual attire. Her stride is purposeful, her gaze alert - she is looking for someone specific in the crowd. And that person stands out quite readily nowadays; just follow the gazes of the people who are trying not to look like they're staring. Adele ignores them as well, and settles herself swiftly into the seat to Zaharis' right. A quick kiss upon his uninjured cheek accompanies a quiet, "Hey."

Meris doesn't take a seat, electing instead to remain standing. At the back, naturally, partly so she can lean comfortably on the back of the rearmost seating, and partly because she makes a better door than a window and if she sat in front, nobody behind her would be able to see a thing.

Micah is tugging on armguards and kneepads whilst checking out the competition tonight. And, for that matter, potential teammates. Spotting Ramiro passing by with water bottles, he slaps his shoulder lightly with the back of his hand. "Nice t'see you playin' again. Who's our third?"

Sage straightens up and eyes Ramiro, "Watch it, Sniper shot, you still owe me a drink. I figured this was the only way to get you back over here. My butt didn't do it," she grins over at Lice. "Only the locker rooms, sweetie." Glancing over the crowd moving around she can't miss Meris and waves her way.

Greje isn't wearing anything official, herself, "I was hoping to, but I guess we'll see how many people show u —" She turns, and her words leave her, her mouth just sort of hanging open as she stares at Sage. That's Mariska Sage Gionis, over there. Just sort of… being over there. You'd think Apollo himself just walked into the room.

"Hey." Zaharis moves his head as Adele kisses his cheek. He flicks his eyes towards the courts and smirks slightly. "Seems like they're having trouble figuring out who's playing. This is almost better than a game."

Rhea comes in from Carina Park.

Ramiro looks to Greje and then smiles back at Sage. "Well if you were so understanding of boundaries on the court you would be forced to play so dirty." He grins, the trash talking begins. Nodding to Micah and waving him over, Ramiro moves to sit next to Greje. He says it loudly. "Don't get stage fright. She's even shorter on the court than she is from the stands."

Andi grips the ball between both hands, lifting it high over her head to drop down behind it, stretching her arms. She has the uniform, but no protective gear. Protective gear is for wussies. Or military. Or people with more common sense than Andi, herself. "We're having a tea party again, aren't we?" She barks, walking towards the court, she holds the ball out and makes kissey noises. "Here puppy puppy puppies. Who's here to play? We can make nice after the blood shed. We need three to take on the professionals. Don't be shy, 'cause shy never got anyone far on the court. Let's GO!"

Bayless glances over to Zaharis, nodding in silent greeting to the CMO, at present the only familiar face she sees. At present, she's content to stand off to the perimeter of the court, watching the assemblage.

"It's like one of those old comedic duos," Adele agrees with Zaharis, her attention following his to the court. "In triplicate," she adds. She and Zaharis are seated in the front, probably because this is where they might expect Reece to want to come sit.

Lysander just shakes his head a little bit as he listens to all the others, looking rather lost in thought for a couple of moments. But then again, he usually does when there's a game to be played.

"Frak off, marine." Sage replies goodnaturedly. She then steps forward with Andi, "Bring it on down here, boyo, we got your number. It's TWO. And it's mine." She shows two fingers toward Ramiro. "I'm playing for that shirt!" Turning a bit, she moves her hands to get the crowd going, "Two! Two! Two!" Such an exhibtionist.

Greje has completely forgotten to put down her foot, and as she stands there trying to make words go again she vaguely resembles a flamingo. "Uh-h…" she manages, trying to get out some sort of greeting, evidently. "Heh!" she finally gets out, and almost trips over herself trying to step onto the court.

Micah smirks as he watches Andi strut, and trash talk about tea parties. Shy?! Micah's not shy. Micah's here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. He pushes away from the bleachers where he'd been doing a few upper body stretches, and drops onto the bench next to Ramiro. "Didn't know you played, Sister," he calls out to the flamingoing Greje.

Rhea strides along the perimeter of the court, her 12-year-old son, Reece, in tow, scanning about for a seat. She spots Adele and Zaharis, offering them a wave and angling in their direction. Reece does not wave. It would interrupt the crossed-armed, vaguely surly expression the boy has pasted on his face. It takes /work/ to frown in a properly teenage fashion.

"Kick his ass!" Meris calls out in encouragement. Whose ass, and to whom she's speaking are subjects ripe for debate, but at least she's getting into the spirit of things. "Make the little bastard bleed!" Or maybe that's not entirely the spirit of things.

Zaharis chuckles quietly at Adele. "Well if you were feeling really charitable towards the competitive spirit of your ship, you could go play." He's chosen a seat that keeps the right side of his face angled towards most of the crowd. He gives a slight nod to Bayless as he notices her, even if there's no real recognition in his eyes, and looks back at the court. A little slouched in the seat, he moves his shoulders when he notices them, painfully rolling them back. Noticing the two showing up he says to Adele, "There's Rhea."

Sage keeps motioning with her hands, "Yea!" Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Clap. Clap. Clap. Get them fired up. We Will! We Will! Rock You! (

"Allright let's do this…" Ramiro says, offering a fist-bump to Micah as he stands and starts to follow Greje towards the cage that they'll be playing in. Stepping inside, he stretches his arms over his head and smiles towards Sage. "Well you got me back here, too bad this is gonna go different this time…" He grins, turning to look at his teammates. "Who's got center?"

Bayless grins at the competitive spirit in the room, which is what she's attributing the trash-talk to. Otherwise, she finds herself a seat with a good view.

"And… well, that /looks/ like Reece," Adele mumbles quietly to Zaharis, jerking her chin in the youth's direction. She lifts her hand to hail them after a moment of looking over the pair of Zimmermenn. "And I think I'd be less effective on that court than you would, even in your state." She turns to regard the court expectantly as Meris' voice bellows. "Did it start?" Already, she's lost.

It's definitely a bigger crowd out there, than last time they did this. Micah's pushing to his feet shortly after Ramiro, fist-bump returned with a quick mutter of 'good hunting'. Because that's how PILOTS do things, yeah? This ain't no marine show. "Greje, you want centre? Ah'll take left." He rolls out his shoulders and ducks into the cage.

Lysander shakes his head a bit as he sees Sage's work on getting the crowd fired up. "Overly dramatic there?" he comments as he moves to take a place where he's supposed to be for this fun. Glancing around, he smiles for a couple moments.

Andi watches as Sage plays to the crowd. That's her specialty afterall. Andi? Andi is more of a meat and potatoes kind of gal, and you can leave the sauce for your momma. She's here for the game, more so than the crowd. And the fact that you get to knock the shit out of each other tends to help. She bends over, leaving the ball in the center for Lysander to step up and do the jump. He's taller afterall. that was never her gig. She does, however, point at Micah. That's who she's taking this game.

"Not yet," Zaharis says, keeping an eye on the players on the court and smirks. "They still seem to be walking around randomly and flashing brightly coloured parts of their bodies. Tends to happen in certain ecosystems, with the right combination of hormones."

Sage has done her little thing to get the crowd riled up, so she steps back over, "Always. Trademark." Turning back, she makes a point to Ramiro, you me you me. Lice gets the Sister. "Don't hurt the Sister, Lice. You'll be feeding Zeus with a straw." And she begins to set up.

"We miss anything?" Rhea asks with a semi-strained smile as she joins Adele and Zaharis. Reece, wordlessly, goes to plop down next to Zaharis. Far from his mother. Rhea sighs softly, though she doesn't comment, just seating herself next to Adele. She does add, rather firmly, "Manners, Reece. Say hello." The boy grunts "Hey" under his breath. Fixing his eyes on the pre-game.

"I'll take right then…" Ramiro grins, running a hand through his hair. "I'll guard Sage for now, I'll have to figure out in the fray what I'm going to have to do with the other three feet of height difference. Maybe I'll catch up on all those normal people height things she missed out on. Like putting stuff away in cupboards." He grins, getting into a stance to start the game. He reaches out to shake with Sage and the others near the middle and finds his position. "Hey…check this out…" He says before putting his hands to his lips and letting out a loud, shrill whistle. He points to the crowd. "BSG! HUAH!"

Greje is still working to try to get her heart to stop beating so damned fast. But soon she stops letting herself get distracted by the professionals and she looks between her teammates, "… Sure, sure, that's fine," she agrees meekly, hustling to her post. Sage gets another nervous sort of smile, a half-laugh.

Lysander nods a bit as he hears that. "Will do." He shakes his head lightly at Sage's words, "You know me, fair play's my middle name." Glancing to the crowd again, for a few moments, he does a little fast jog, intended to put some extra pressure on his right knee, before he moves into position again.

Micah lets out a whoop and a wolfwhistle to go with Ramiro's shout. He's grinning like an idiot, and absolutely ready for this game to start. Once he spots Andi, the you-me-you is given with two fingers, and then he's backpedaling to get into position.

"They lower the cabinets when you make enough money." Sage shakes the hand of Ramiro, "Good luck," a grin to Greje and she is off on her spot.

In the line of ChEng, Hot Blonde, CMO, Sulking Kid, that puts Reece on Zaharis' left side, the scarred-up half. Zaharis gives the grunting boy a brief look and gives him a light clap on the back. "Good to see you, kid." He lets his arm come back to normal resting place with a well-hidden wince, then looks over at Rhea. "Hey. You haven't missed anything."

Andi runs a hand down her face and gets low, waiting for Lysander and Greje to do the jump off. In the meantime, she's smiling at Micah with almost a feral expression that says 'you're eating backboard.'

Greje draws her lower lip into her mouth a moment, then smiles at Lice, giving him a nod as she slowly lowers into a ready half-crouch, one hand on her forward leg, her other hand raised toward him, ready. Sort of.

"You know…I heard a rumor that if you tap a midget on top of its head she turns into a hundred cubits…" Ramiro says quietly to Sage as he moves to guard her on the right side. Lowering himself into position, he watches her, waiting for the game to start.

"Only the beginning of what is sure to be some very enlightening commentary from our resident Pyramid player ecologist," Adele answers Rhea, gesturing towards Zaharis. She leans back in her seat to regard Reece with a pair of lofted brows. "Hey back," she returns with a brief smile. Straightening up, she gives Rhea an encouraging shoulder bump.

Micah eats backboard for breakfast, his return grin says. Lowering his hands to his thighs, he keeps his head up and his focus steady on the pro. And don't let that lazy posture fool you, it's all coiled muscle waiting to spring.

Lysander gets into a similar position as Greje, offering a nod and a half-smile. "Ready whenever you are," he remarks.

"I don't come that cheap," Sage grins and waits for Lice to get himself into place along with Greje.

Reece Zimmermann grunts again, reaching back to pull up the hood of the Picon Panthers sweatshirt he wears. So he can use the hood to enhance his sulking image. A look at Zaharis moderates his expression, though. Some people maybe, just maybe, have bigger problems. "Glad you made it out, Doc," he says. Rhea smiles faintly as she watches the pair of them, shrugging to Adele. "Ecologist? You writing a paper on Pyramiders in their natural habitat, Jesse?"

<Opposed Roll> Greje - Sports versus Lysander - Sports

<Roll1> Greje: Superb <Roll2> Lysander: Great

<Result> Greje WINS by 1.

Aw crap. "Lice! She's a Chaplain, not a girl. Stop oggling!" Andi quips, talking smack to her own teammate. Because that /has/ to be he lost that to a girl almost half a foot shorter. "Frak." Its a favorite word of hers during these matches, its a wonder that Reece was allowed to see a second one that Andi was playing in. Certainly not a role model, this one. She's moving to get in Micah's way, and make a pass hopefully impossible.

Greje nods slowly to Lysander, then gives a "Huh!" as she jerks her chin downward in a signal to go for it, shoving her fore foot into the dirt and twisting her torso to shoulder him backward as she grabs the ball from the ground between them, grabbing it in her right hand and rising in the same motion, pushing Lysander with her side and back as she twists, one step, two, her back now againt him as her arm comes across to pass the ball to the Left— Micah. Keeping her back to Lysander to try to keep the floor clean for her teammate.

"You too, kid," Zaharis gives Reece a brief half-grin. Scar lines shift over his cheek. He leaves Adele and Rhea to have their fun at his expense, this being his duty as a man, and gestures towards the court. "So who are you betting on, Frizz? We've got the pros and we've got the ho-…" He chokes off the thought. Talking to a twelve year old, shift vocab bank! "…yo-yos."

Well, doesn't seem like Lysander was quite as ready as he said, because he loses the fight for the ball, and watching the passing attempt being made. Covering any possibility for a return pass to the Chaplain, he still gets off a comment to Andi. "Less talk, more action?"

Micah kicks off as soon as Greje's hand's on the ball, sprinting to get out in the open for a pass. Knowing Andi's going to be on him like white on rice, he pivots on one foot to back into the smaller woman's shoulder— and hopefully stymie her attempt at interception.

Sage is also on the move, duck, dodge and weave. She works to get past Ramiro and heads to get herself open for the ball, should Andi get it and choose to pass it her way.

Reece is the Zimmermann-Spawn. And he's sitting next to the CMO. He's undoubtedly heard worse. He doesn't look at his mother. Or Adele, by association. He half-opens his mouth to answer 'hos.' But Rhea's still lurking over there, and he's not /quite/ that brave. "Yo-yos?" he snorts at Zaharis. Shaking his head. Weak, man. Real weak. For her part Rhea says, "I've seen Captain Karthasi play. Smart money's on her team."

<Opposed Roll> Sage - Agility versus Ramiro - Agility

<Roll1> Sage: Good <Roll2> Ramiro: Great

<Result> Ramiro WINS by 1.

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Strength versus Andi - Strength

<Roll1> Micah: Great <Roll2> Andi: Good

<Result> Micah WINS by 1.

"Hey, it rhymed." Zaharis smirks, watching the initial struggle for possession. At least, he thinks that's what's going on. "Yeah, you want to bet on Karthasi? I think I have to go with the pros. I'm a conservative like that. You're on, then."

Ramiro pats Sage on the head as she passes, grumbling something in disappointment as she tries to get through his defenses. He sticks on her like white on rice on a paper plate next to Reed. Screening her for passes, he turns his head to watch Micah get passed to. Raising one arm high above Sage's head, he gives the signal as he nears one of the goals with Sage.

Micah ain't a military boy for nothing. He manages to shoulder-shove Andi out of her impending intercept, and snags the pass from Greje. With his back to the pro still, he dekes right and then tries to peel off to the left. Looking for.. looking for.. and there's Ramiro, right in position. He attempts to sling the ball off at the marine, unless Andi gets in his way first.

Andi meets Micah at a full on run, hitting his shoulder and trying to jostle past. Her face is already contorted with pain, but its good pain, baby. As he gets the ball, she might not be able to intercept, but she's rolling around him to try and stop him from passing. She's short, but she's surely going to try to smack that ball away.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Micah - Sports

<Roll1> Andi: Great <Roll2> Micah: Good

<Result> Andi WINS by 1.

Bayless has pretty much remained silent as she watches the game alongside the other spectators, enough to make the others wonder if she was even still there. Since Zaharis is the only person she knows, and him only tangentially, she hasn't tried to start up a conversation. Shy Raptorbunny.

Sage must have been a cheerleader in her highschool days, as she can make a jump if needed. Seeing Andi snag that ball, she does a "That's it, right there!" Rocketing off her feet into the air like some little pygmy on crack. As she hits the court, she is moving for that loose ball.

Greje has been trying to keep Lice off of center for her teammates to get position for a shot, but as Sage trespasses from right to left toward the ball, she peels off of her partner to dart for the ball, trying to use her proximity to that side of the field to beat Sage to it.

Lysander has been staying close to his opponent, but he starts moving forward a bit now that the ball is free, moving for a good position to be in if a teammate gets hold of the ball. While still making sure Greje's not too far away, in case Team Genesis gets the ball.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat versus Sage - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Ramiro: Fair <Roll2> Sage: Poor

<Result> Ramiro WINS by 2.

Micah is a little too slow getting that pass off, and grunts in surprise as it's slapped away from him. Being considerably closer to the ball than Andi's teammates sprinting in, he attempts a dive and recover.

Adele is content to leave the boys to their betting, and whatever it is that boys do during pyramid games. She keeps her attention on Rhea. "You're looking good," she observes with a grin. "How do you feel?"

What's that? Lysander left Greje undefended? Ramiro runs forward after Sage and for a moment it seems that Sage, Greje, and Ramiro are all going for the ball. However, as they three are about to collide, Ramiro reaches out to Sage's hip and yanks hard, sending the two of them stumbling, leaving the way clear for Greje to get a hold on the ball. Hitting the dirt with a thud, Ramiro's already starting to get up.

"You're a wuss like that, you mean?" Rhea teases Zaharis with a crooked little grin. "You're on." She leans forward a little, to better watch the game. And Greje. Expectantly. The chaplain *best* not disappoint. "What're we wagering anyway, Jesse?" The ChEng spots Bayless, offering the Raptor pilot a polite nod. In an 'I've seen you around the way' sort of recognition. Her boy is just watching the game, absorbed, almost forgetting to look sulky as he gets caught up in the action. Almost. To Adele, Rhea answers, "Better. Abdomen's still a little tender but it's mending. Going to be on light duty for a few more days, so I'm playing console jockey. Which isn't my preferred sort of work, but I can hack it for a little bit."

Rough yank, good thing she has her knee guards on. Sage is going to miss that dogpile as Ramiro grabs her and sends her rolling off to the left with a good smack to the court. "So, that's how we're gonna play it, eh?" With a half a roll she is back on her feet and looking for the ball.

Who said anything about playing nice? Andi certainly didn't sign on for 'nice'. As Micah makes a sprint past her for the ball, she puts out a leg and tries to trip the poor pilot.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Unarmed_Combat versus Micah - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Andi: Fair <Roll2> Micah: Terrible

<Result> Andi WINS by 3.

Greje keeps on task as Dane takes down Sage, since Micah still looks tangled with Andi, from her perspective, and she's got a little freedom. If she trips up his dive, she'll be able to snag it, but if he gets there she can just run past and around center to get back to Lice.

Greje keeps on task as Dane takes down Sage, since Micah still looks tangled with Andi, from her perspective, and she's got a little freedom. If she trips up his dive, she'll be able to snag it, but if he gets there she can just run past and around center to get back to Lice.

..and that would be a -crack- as the 'poor pilot's' face meets the ground. Or it might just be an elbow or a knee, but either way it inspired a 'frakking OW' from Micah as he goes down. Nope, not getting that ball.

Zaharis glances absently at Bayless when Rhea looks that way. He did already nod to her, so she gets a mild 'I swear I know her name somewhere' smile before he looks back at the ChEng. "Oh, are we betting actual stuff? Fine. If I win, I get your portable music player for a month." He sniffs. "Name your terms, loser."

Greje snags the ball and pivots, jumping and sending a shot toward the goal from just left of center.

Lysander frowns as he sees how things are going, and hurries back to be on the defense, frowning as the shot is made before he can get in the way. Hurrying towards the goal, in case the shot would be missing, and need to be picked up.

<Trait Roll> Greje rolls Sports and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).

Bayless glances briefly to the other spectators with a grin as they struggle to remember who the frak she is. She then looks back and winces at Micah's faceplant. "Ouch."

Sage watches that ball sail across the court and land in the hole, "Frak. Who invited the Sister?" A laugh and she is heading back to her spot. "All right team, that was one for them. We've let them have enough."

Andi reaches down to help haul Micah back to his feet if he'll allow, now that the ball is out of play. She may be dirty but she's not a scoundrel. As Lice goes to get the ball, she's interposing herself in a nice pass position. "Chaplain's got the Gods on her side. I say that's an unfair advantage." She gets low, waiting for the pass in.

Greje stops by Micah before getting back for the next tip-off, "Hey… are you alright?" she asks, crouching by him to offer him a hand up if he needs one.

Pushing himself up and brushing the dirt off of him, his play was a legal one. It's a very full contact sport, and he's using his size advantage over Sage the best he can. Nodding towards the other team, he stops by Greje and Micah, grabbing their shoulders and giving them a shake. "One down, two to go…" He says, leaning in to whisper to them before heading back to his position for the grab for posession.

What's a little blood, anyway? Are they military men and women, or wusses? Micah's already peeling himself off the court by the time Andi and Greje come to help him up, and there's an awkward grin for the chaplain. "Aye, ah'm fine. Frakking nice shot you've got there, sir." He peels himself off the court and dusts himself off, then backpedals into position while holding Andi's gaze.

Getting hold of that ball, Lysander looks around for a few moments, before he fakes a pass in Sage's direction, then sending off the pass towards Andi, rather quickly.

Ramiro whispers to Greje and Micah.

Rhea snorts at the CMO. "Big talk, Zaharis. Okay. Fine. You wanna play that way? I win, you have to find me a large bar of real, dark chocolate. Deal?" Her son eyes the pair of them. Almost allowing himself to be amused. Then, he remembers he's sulking. And he pointedly scowls and glares straight ahead of him. Whether anyone notices him doing it is open to question.

Greje smiles and stands, looking pleased that Micah's alright before getting that 'huh?' look on her face and then nodding to Dane, hustling back toward her partner at center as he gets the ball.

<Opposed Roll> Lysander - Sports versus Greje - Sports

<Roll1> Lysander: Superb <Roll2> Greje: Fair

<Result> Lysander WINS by 3.

Sage sets up, giving a slight chin up as the ball is faked her way. Once it is off to Andi, she is moving to intercept Ramiro from even trying. Atleast, she hopes…since it was such a beeeuuutiful pass.

<Opposed Roll> Sage - Unarmed_Combat versus Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Sage: BeyondTerrible <Roll2> Ramiro: Good

<Result> Ramiro WINS by 5.

If Zaharis notices Reece peeking out of his shell, he doesn't show it. He squints at Rhea. "You PMS'ing?" He smirks. "Fine, chocolate it is then." Of course, he's already behind a goal at this point, as Greje just got a point. He shifts on the seat, trying as usual to find a way to sit that doesn't put too much pressure on the burns under the tan pressure garments he's wearing.

Well good, while Micah is making eyes at her, she's looking at the ball. As Lysander bumps it back into play, Andi looks ready for the pass, trying to put her form in front of it before the pilot can.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Micah - Sports

<Roll1> Andi: BeyondSuperb <Roll2> Micah: Fair

<Result> Andi WINS by 4.

Bayless looks back to Rhea's offspring, noticing his apparently dogged attempts at being visibly unhappy. She leans forward and stares at him with a creased brow but a crooked smile, in an attempt to make the little one drop the veneer of pissiness.

There's a bit of juking and dodging where Ramiro and Sage are, and Ramiro's keeping his eye on his pairing. However, when the headfake happens, he judges in the wrong direction and Sage turns her head, slamming her temple into Ramiro's padded elbow. It'll hurt like hell, but clearly an accident. Ramiro reaches out quickly, grabbing Sage's arm to keep her up. The crowd lets out a collective 'OOHHhh…' when it happens. "Frak…you okay?" He asks quickly.

And.. there it is. Micah's off again like a shot, at the slightest indication that pass is headed for Andi. He's intending to use his height to his advantage, and spring for it in midair— but the wily little pro is just quicker on the draw and he's left empty handed. Which means he's going for the check.

Greje makes a swat for the ball, but it gets straight past her while she's getting her head back into the game. She digs into the dirt and gets on Lice again, trying to muscle him out of position with her shoulder as she turns to keep her eye on the ball.

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Unarmed_Combat versus Andi - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Micah: Great <Roll2> Andi: Superb

<Result> Andi WINS by 1.

Keep her up? MyohMy lookit the Stars! Sage's head does a axle tilting spin from the temple slam and then her knees look like they'll just jello right out from under her. A weavy wobbly look to Ramiro. "Only if there is three of you…" Grin.

Andi isn't strong, she's fast, which is likely why tripping Micah works instead of full out body checking. Now? Now she's just able to get in front of the ball before like a quick little bunny. And then he's trying to hit her? Oh no no no, my friend. Andi steps out of it, having the benefit of fully expecting it. The ball gets slung at the far goal with a wicked little smile on her features.

<Trait Roll> Andi rolls Sports and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb* (10). *CRITICAL SUCCESS***

"If there were you wouldn't have a chance in this game." Ramiro hears the goal go through and looks to Andi. He flattens his lips and kneels down beside Sage for a moment, checking her over. "Well it didn't draw blood and you guys scored. I'm sorry Sage…" He offers a hand, standing. "…my fault."

Rhea's eyes narrowly wryly at Zaharis. "The fact that you're tracking my cycles disturbs me, Jesse. I think we spend too much time together." Her tone is teasing, though she watches his shifting with some concern. But, he doesn't seem to require her aid, so she doesn't offer it yet. Reece, for his part, continues to scowl in what he deems a properly brooding, affronted way. Until he notices Bayless looking at him. He flushes when he realizes he's scowling in her direction, offering the Raptor pilot a half-wave. It does distract him from his pissy veneer. For a moment.

Nodding as he sees his pass go through, Lysander starts making his way forward. Not fast enough to avoid that incoming shoulder, though, and he has to take a few steps backwards to steady himself. Then he sees that shot on the goal, and blinks a few time when he sees it go through. "Wow! Great shot there," he comments.

With a shot like that, there's not really any question why Andi's the superstar and Micah's a stick jockey. He couldn't have stopped that if he grew a few extra, telescopic limbs. "Frakking—" The rest of it devolves into something nice girls probably shouldn't be subjected to, as he slams his fist into the mesh cage. Which also hurts. Ow.

Aha. Reese reacted. Bayless presses her advantage by wiggling her eyebrows at Reese. Both at once, one at a time, with no discernible pattern.

"I'm good, Mike, really." Sage lets out a huff of a breath. She grabs onto that fancy shirt he wears and lifts herself up. And she missed the hot throw from Andi as the crowd went wild. Bending one knee and then another, she works on getting back into the game. "Thanks," and she begins walking to her spot.

Zaharis is monitoring Reece out of the corner of his eye. But the kid's flirting with chicks and the CMO approves of this, so he doesn't interfere. He snorts back at Rhea. "Was that a confirm that I'm actually right? If so then I definitely have to agree on the time together thing." He rolls his shoulder carefully, watching the game again. "One to one." He lowers his voice to say something to Rhea more quietly.

Andi is doing what she ought to, and following up behind Micah as that's the man she's supposed to guard. Of course, it also makes it convenient for a little bragging. "Aw, don't worry tiger. You'll get 'em next time." And then she's moving to swat the angered pilot's butt.

Zaharis whispers to Rhea.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Agility versus Micah - Agility

<Roll1> Andi: Superb <Roll2> Micah: Good

<Result> Andi WINS by 2.

The severe rattling the goal cage gets when that ball slams into it leaves the priestling momentarily wishing she were wearing some sort of protective gear, as she was halfway to jumping to try to get that from going in. "Lords, -I'll say,-" she agrees with Lice, briefly grateful to still have a hand attached to her arm as she leaves her partner to dash for the bin and get the ball, twisting to pitch it long and low to Dane, hopefully before her partner can get on her again.

Rhea whispers to Zaharis.

<Opposed Roll> Greje - Sports versus Lysander - Sports

<Roll1> Greje: Superb <Roll2> Lysander: BeyondSuperb*

<Result> Lysander WINS by 2.

Did Micah just get called tiger? And get his butt smacked? Andi's the recipient of an utterly withering look, and then he's wheeling around to block the pass as Lysander contests Greje's recovery.

Rhea murmurs under her breath to Zaharis. Though aloud she says, "I confirm nothing." She puts an expression of feminine mystery on her face. Which dissolves into a dry chuckle a moment later. She also watches Reece out of the corner of her eye. But, anything that distracts him from being Emo Boy is good by her. A faint smile is offered to Bayless. Reece, for his part, is just eyeing the Raptor pilot. Trying to determine what she's doing with her eyebrows. He arches his, and lowers them, trying to crinkle them until they 'v' down over his nose. Then he tries to raise one while keeping the other lowered. This takes some effort, and absorbs his concentration for awhile.

Watching Sage carefully after being called 'Mike', Ramiro keeps his head in the game but decides to be less rough for the moment. Trailing his eyes towards Greje as she goes to get the ball, he starts to move across the field and then growls as the pass is intercepted. Stopping in his tracks, he gives a quick look back to Sage, gauging a better defense. "Take him down, G!" He calls out.

Zaharis makes a face back at Rhea. He doesn't watch Reece directly, knowing that at that age he'd be embarassed as hell himself if he turned around and found two adults watching him wiggle his brows at a hot girl. He uses the Reece distraction time to ask the ChEng something else, quietly.

Zaharis whispers to Rhea.

Sage closes one eye, that works. Seeing the ball get passed, she starts moving again. This time she is moving off from Ramiro and toward an area she can get open for the shot or stop the shot. It's like being on a bad high. Tracers!

Lysander follows after Greje, doing whatever he can to stop that possible pass. Which includes waving his arms around in the air in front of the opponent, and all that. And it seems to work too. "Nice try," he offers, as he gets the intercepting done, and looks around quickly to see where his teammates are. Perhaps taking a moment or two too much doing that.

Bayless continues the eyebrow waggling for a few seconds as Reece joins him in the activity. Then out of the blue, she sticks her tongue out at him playfully, like a kid his age would.

Take him down. Greje will -try.- She plants a foot on top of the baseboard of the goal and gives a shout as she shoves herself up into the air and flings herself at him, trying to shove him down from behind and reach around to knock the ball loose.

Rhea whispers to Zaharis.

<Opposed Roll> Greje - Unarmed_Combat versus Lysander - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Greje: Fair <Roll2> Lysander: BeyondTerrible

<Result> Greje WINS by 4.

Rhea eyes her boy sideways, her own brows arching, but she manages not to laugh or otherwise call attention to the fact that she can see him. She leaves him be, watching the game, muttering back to Zaharis with a shrug. Reece spends a few more seconds concentrating on the eyebrow trick, but he can't quite manage it. So he just sticks his tongue out back at Bayless. He can't help but chuckle a beat later.

"Sure," Zaharis replies quietly to whatever Rhea mumbled to him. He keeps his eyes on the game, pressing his foot against the floor as he again shifts in the chair. Yes, that's getting painful. But he's determined to see who gets this goal, and whether he gains a music player for a month or has to go chocolate hunting.

That's not exactly what Lysander expected, and so he goes down as Greje comes flying in from behind him, and falls forward, grimacing a bit in the process. There's also a few words shouted that probably shouldn't be repeated. That hurt!

Andi looks at Micah in a 'what?!' expression, which breaks into a nymphish grin as she's off to get back in on the action. That spry little priestling will be the end of them. As the ball gets knocked from Lice's grasp, Andi drops her head to barrel in after it. She's going to go in low and fast for the ball.

Bayless giggles and smiles at Reece tossing the raspberry right back at him, and the following chuckle. "There's the smile. Knew you had one."

The ball that was being passed to him is now loose, and Andi's going for it. Ramiro considers the situation, especially her last play, and sudden cuts, running towards where the ball is on a crash course with Andi. Perhaps feeling a little guilty, however, he simply tries to muscle his way in front of her to get the ball first. Less of a crash and more of a block.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat versus Andi - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Ramiro: Great <Roll2> Andi: Superb

<Result> Andi WINS by 1.

Soon as the ball's loose again, St. Germain's off like a shot. Andi, eat dust! Hopefully Greje can recover it and loft off a pass, as he's booking it for one of the goals.

Ramiro spends 1 luck points on Keep Andi from getting the ball..

Sage decides it is time for the Sister to go down! Getting into the thick of things, crowds cheering, head ringing and using one eye for the area the ball is in. Ankle biter! Sage goes to trip the Priestess.

Greje barrels over Lysander, tumbling with some awkwardness over him but curling into a roll looking more like something practiced by the Initiates of Ares than anything related to Pyramid, her arms even rising to her sides as she kneels up out of the roll and digs her sneakers into the dirt, rushing Andi. Unless she trips over a Sage.

<Opposed Roll> Sage - Unarmed_Combat versus Greje - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Sage: Terrible <Roll2> Greje: Great

<Result> Greje WINS by 5.

A brief hitch-hitch of the priestling's knees indicate the small hop that's the only notice given to Sage suddenly behing underfoot. She snags the ball, pivots, passes to Micah, who seems to have a nice free shot by now.

Apparently Ramiro wanted to Tango, as he gets in Andi's way, the two of them end up doing a little dance that's all elbows and flailing limbs as she tries to get free of him, grumbling a, "Are we frakking or playing?" She tries to jostle free, in a completely unfriendly like gesture.

"Whatever," Reece mutters to Bayless. Trying not to smile. But he's amused now, and can't actively return to Emo Mode. Rhea studiously avoids interrupting him, though she does shoot Bayless a little grin and nod of her head. Thanks for that.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Unarmed_Combat versus Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Andi: Fair <Roll2> Ramiro: Terrible

<Result> Andi WINS by 3.

Micah spends 1 luck points on to help score a goal.

Lysander mutters a bit as he starts getting to his feet again, muttering something about trains. Stepping forward, a bit shakily at first, before he starts hurrying back, this time in Micah's direction, as the pilot seems to be the one to stop now. He's probably too slow at the moment, though.

Micah backsteps and springs to catch the pass one-handed. And, while he's not being contested for it, goes weapons hot and slings the ball at the goal.

<Trait Roll> Micah rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Sage goes for the sweep! Annnnd the Priestess does a leap over her. So much momentum there puts the player into a small spin on the court and then she topples over like a Top running out of gas. "Gods, I suck today.." she lays there staring up at the fake sky. "You hear that, Apollo. Serious suckitude."

Bayless smiles at Reece's failed attempt to return to frowny-face status. Rhea's nod of appreciation gets one of her own.

Taking an elbow in the face with a grunt as Andi scuffles with him, he rolls onto his stomach in time to see her amble away. Pushing himself up and nearly colliding with Sage again, he springs up. Ramiro stops with his arms wide to avoid Greje as she barrels past. Seeing the aim is true from Micah's shot, he raises an arm and points in Micah's direction. "YEAH!" He howls out, clapping his hands together roughly a few times. While not being a part of the finesse game, he's sure been a part of the physical game. "Maybe you should be nicer to me." Ramiro chuckles, offering Sage a hand up.

"Ouch. Flies on a windshield." Zaharis comments at the pileups on the court, and makes an appropriate fly-squishing sort of sound with his mouth. He nudges Rhea's arm and smirks, commenting loudly enough for the people behind them to hear. "Your PMS medication will arrive shortly, madam." Then he looks at Reece, turning his head stiffly. "Hey, Frizz. Think you're mom's going to hang out with Dr. Pike for a while. Paint nails and braid hair, you know how they are." Shya, right. "Feel like taking a walk with me?"

And the crowd goes wild!! ..well, not really. But a few loud cheers probably go up from the section where the pilots are seated. Micah drives a shoulder into the goal post as he wheels past it— looks like frustration's not the only thing to incite him to violence. Ramiro is clapped on the shoulder as he backpedals past, and a grin's shot at Greje for her lovely little pass.

Andi gets herself untangled with a groan, just in time to see Micah score. Not as brilliant as her own shot, but true just the same. "Aw. See, there you go tiger. Now next time, try it when you actually have heat on your ass." Lysander's close enough to take the ball for the team, if he'd like. Or she's close enough to do the pass in.

"He wants me to be nice, did you hear that?" Sage is just having this little convo all on her own here. Seeing the hand, she whaps it away. "I can get up on my own." She gives him a funny look now, "Yeah, I remember you now." Rolling up with a slight grunt, she steadies again. "Didn't we frak on the bar?" And then she is heading off to her spot.

Greje gives another brief hop after that goal hits home, evidently pleased. She hustles back over her course and this time actually stops for Sage. She's about to say something encouraging about Sage being -wonderful- and her being -sorry- and is she -okay-, but the star power has her voice going missing again and she barely manages an awkward-looking wave, seeing that Dane is helping the woman up. She nods to Micah on her way to try and cover the pitch.

"Thanks," Rhea says dryly to Zaharis. Smirking quite a lot. She won. "I'll have to split it with the captain. Assuming she's in the mood for chocolate. I don't know what her body clock's on." The nails and hair thing earns a snort from the ChEng. Not that she argues it. She nods to her boy. Permission given. Reece /tries/ to look like he doesn't require the OK from her, but he waits a beat before he nods to Zaharis. "Yeah. Okay."

Lysander takes a few moments to shake his head, as if clearing it a bit, before moving back to get hold of the ball, and pass it over in Sage's direction now. Moving for a fast pass this time, it seems.

Again with the tiger. Micah mock-snarls on his way past Andi, and jostles for position once again while he waits for the pass. It's pitched off toward Sage, so he focuses on.. well, getting in Kerry's way for the time being.

<Opposed Roll> Greje - Sports versus Lysander - Sports

<Roll1> Greje: Superb <Roll2> Lysander: Good

<Result> Greje WINS by 2.

Wait…did Sage just say. Ramiro blinks, looking at Sage. "Wait what?" He blinks, looking to his team to where the pitch will be as he moves back to guard his opponent. Blinking, he stammers a little. "Wait, Sage I…" He gets out before the snap happens.

Greje sees Lice ready the pitch and darts in to swipe it almost directly from her hand, running two more paces toward Dane and Sage before she pivots and hurls a snapped toss toward Micah, grunting with the force.

Zaharis has lost his bet, both with Rhea and with his own body about how long he can sit on a hard chair like this. He glances at the game continuing on the court and then stands up, much more awkwardly than he sat down. He holds onto the back of the chair for a second or two and then nods to Reece. Leave the wimminz to their wimmin stuff.

Maybe Andi's just itching for a good fight, or maybe she's just trying to keep at least one of the opposing team occupied so maybe /someone/ can take down that little Priestling. As the pass heads towards Micah, she's going after him, without holding back, their skulls be damned.

Pass? Pass?! Sage sees that look on Lice's face and begins to head in so she can grab it quick and make a move for the goal. Whatever Ramiro is stuttering, she pays little attention too. She does have a nice black and blue bruise forming along her temple though. Her eye will be lovely tommorrow. As Greje grabs that ball, she is just stunned.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Unarmed_Combat versus Micah - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Andi: Fair <Roll2> Micah: Poor

<Result> Andi WINS by 2.

"No I'm pretty sure that was Anders from the winning team." Ramiro taunts Sage as he turns to watch the pass thrown at Micah. Looking to Sage quickly, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Sprinting past Greje, he approaches Andi in an attempt to pick up the loose ball as her hit on Micah is successful.

Reece stands, slouching after Zaharis, though he waves to Bayless before she goes. Offering her a two-fingered salute that he deems cool. His attempts at cool aren't much better than his attempts at brooding. But he's young yet. Rhea sticks around, likely watching the game with more attention than Adele, but she goes quiet. Blending into the crowd.

Micah, on the other hand, is failing at life today. Or at least, failing at holding his own against a girl half his size. The tackle sends up a catcall or two from the pilot section in the bleachers, and Micah's pitching facefirst into dirt. Again. With a growl, he tries to kick out Kerry's feet and knock her down before she can sprint away.

Lysander blinks as he's pass is intercepted yet again. "You're really having a good night now, aren't you?" he remarks to Greje, before he hurries over in the direction of where the ball went, getting into position to try some interference if the other team's gaining the ball and making a pass.

Bayless grins and sends a salute in return, a somewhat less formal version of the Colonial standard. To Rhea, "Sorry if I intruded. Can't stand seeing a young one unhappy."

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Unarmed_Combat versus Andi - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Micah: Mediocre <Roll2> Andi: Fair

<Result> Andi WINS by 1.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Sports versus Lysander - Sports

<Roll1> Ramiro: Mediocre <Roll2> Lysander: Great

<Result> Lysander WINS by 3.

Sage looks a little lost out there, she definately doesn't have her act together now. Seeing Lys get the ball, she begins to round around one of the players so she can keep them off him while he tries for a goal or passes.

Andi does an awkward little wobble not to get caught up by Micah's feet, only barely managing not to be ensnared by him. As her team mate has the ball, its her job now to make sure that it stays in their favor. Micah's down, so she's open for a pass, and open for a little smack talk as well. "Sorright, tiger, you stay down there and take a nap. I got this."

Rhea shakes her head at Bayless, crooking a grin. "Nah. It was welcome, believe me. He needed the distraction. He's going through a lot right now, and I'm not sure how much I'm helping it. Anyhow. Jesse'll look after him. I think he just needs time to take things in. You head up the Raptor squadron, aye? Think I've seen you about the Air Wing. I don't get down to pilot country that often. Can be scary for the non-natives." She winks, to show she's joking.

Greje is only still for a second, watching the pass until it drops free and Dane sprints for it. She half-crouches, drawing to one side before darting to the other, trying to be free for a pass if Dane should get the ball. But he doesn't, and her efforts to get back toward Lysander are stifled somewhat by Sage— she digs in and dips down for a burst of speed to try to slip around her.

Zaharis slips off, leaving Rhea with happy chocolate thoughts.

Zaharis leaves for Carina Park [CS].

Lysander gets hold of that ball again. And since most of his passes today has gone wrong, he moves forward a few steps, before sending away a hard attempt at a shot for the goal.

Micah's efforts to take Andi down with him are met with yet more failure. He can't quite seem to get a grasp on the slippery fish, and only succeeds in getting filthier in the process. Growling, he scrambles back to his feet with a scuff of boots in the dirt, and sprints off after the woman with murderous intent. Tiger him, will she?!

<Trait Roll> Lysander rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Bayless grins and nods, watching the spectacle as she answers Rhea, "Yeah, we're quite the rowdy bunch, us. And yes, I run Ares Squad." A handshake's offered. "Rachael Bayless."

<Opposed Roll> Greje - Agility versus Sage - Agility

<Roll1> Greje: Fair <Roll2> Sage: Superb

<Result> Sage WINS by 3.

Sage manages to do something right, she stops the Priestess from going for that ball. When Lice makes a hole in one, a grin comes up and she looks a bit more of herself now. Walking past Lysander, she gets a handslap, "Nice one. Let's take this."

Rhea reached out to give Bayless hand a firm shake with her own calloused paw. "Rhea Zimmermann. I dwell in the Engineering lair. It's a darkened cave I don't venture out of that often. The machines aren't rowdy. At least, it's our job to keep them non-rowdy, so that's what we aim for. Sometimes I almost forget this place used to be practically a floating Pyramid arena." She smirks. "Kind of nice to be reminded."

Andi turns when the shot hits true, giving a little 'whoop' for the good guys, of course. "Looks like we're tied." Which means she has to go back to covering Micah again. Where is…aha. She spins, getting right in his face, and boy howdy did she eat garlic for dinner just for this occasion.

Another goal goes in and Ramiro manages to stop near the mesh caging. Slowing his progress, he spits into the dirt and grunts after the goal rings out. "Damnit…" He says under his breath. Slapping Micah on the back, he pauses near Greje to put a hand on her shoulder. "Allright let's take this one, gang…" Ramiro hollars out at his team before eyeballing the pros. One thing can be said. It is a close match. The next goal wins. Clapping his hands together, he moves again to cover Sage. So far she's been mostly nullified by his defense.

Bayless smiles. "Heard about this and had to come out. I used to roadtrip to Argonauts games with my friends back in the day."

Greje is playing pyramid with Sage Gionis. It only really hits her when suddenly Sage Gionis is standing in every direction she can conceivably try to go. It's certainly a distracting thought, and only the rattle of the cage reminds her that Lysander had the ball. Oh. She smiles sort of geekishly as Sage as they break, then turns to look at Dane, nodding her head lightly before hustling to get the ball out of the bin.

Lysander raises one fist up in the direction of the crowd when his shot goes in, grinning a little, "Let's go finish this one up now. Getting in the position to block passes once again, or go down trying.

Nonsense. Andi's garlic can't possibly compare to eau du sweaty viper jock. Micah makes a point of backing up right into the pro, just to jostle her a little, after Lysander scores the goal to even things up. "Look sharp, crumpet," he mutters at Kerry, a firm nod given to Ramiro as his teammate passes by.

Sage turns to look at Ramiro, "Oh there you are, I thought you left." A smile toward him now. "I still want that shirt." She crouches slightly to keep an eye on her opponent now. Looks like she is back in the game or her head atleast.

"Last regular match I saw was more than a year ago, when I was on leave on Picon," Rhea says, eyes getting a faraway look in them. "My husband had Panthers' season tickets. He used to take our boy all the time…" She shrugs. "Anyhow. Glad this is still around for Reece to see once in awhile, at least. Argonauts? You from Aerelon, then?"

Andi is merely going to take Micah out of a passable position. Sweaty doesn't phase her. Maybe she likes sweaty. She's going to give him something to occupy his mind other than scoring that final goal. Like, hopefully picking his ass back up off the flpor. As he back into her, she's putting a foot between his legs, then going to wrap him up to take him down with a twist. Well. That's the plan anyways.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Unarmed_Combat versus Micah - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Andi: Poor <Roll2> Micah: Fair

<Result> Micah WINS by 2.

Greje comes to crouch by the bin, hand on the ball, cheeks a little flushed with the exertion of the game as she takes a moment to try to stare Lice down a little. Faking the pitch to Dane, the swivels and jams Lice with her shoulder as she suddenly swings her arm around the other way and pitches low to Micah.

"Of course you do…we had a winning record." Ramiro smiles to Sage sweetly, reaching out to pat her shoulder playfully. Looking back as Greje takes the snap, he suddenly bursts forward to shove Sage down on his way towards the goal, hoping he'll remain open.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat versus Sage - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Ramiro: Mediocre <Roll2> Sage: Poor

<Result> Ramiro WINS by 1.

Bayless nods. "Yep. Born and raised. Grew up in this little village, Osiris Falls. My folks ran a garage and convenience store. Used to help 'em out every summer." Her smile fades a bit. The things she just spoke of seem so far away now. Another life.

<Opposed Roll> Greje - Sports versus Lysander - Sports

<Roll1> Greje: Fair <Roll2> Lysander: BeyondSuperb*

<Result> Lysander WINS by 5.

Sage might as well stay on the ground. She's become friends with it and bonded with it. The court is still hard as she get shoved down, loses her footing and falls with a skid. Ungh. Who knows where the ball went now. She's not going to even look, it could be more painful than her scrapes and bruises.

And good timing on that pitch, too. Micah's just breaking away from a little tussle with Andi, who's trying to get between his legs. Literally. He stumbles but manages to stay on his feet for the dash away— and then Greje's stripped of the ball rather handily by Lice. Frak. Back to playing interception on Kerry.

Interception specialist. That seems to be Lysander's working title, as he sneaks the ball away from that attempted pass. "Thanks," he offers, turning his head for a few moments, before he attempts to send the ball over to Andi again.

Rhea nods to that. She's not exactly smiling, herself. "I'm from Sagittaron. The Hornets never did too much in the league to road-trip over, but I managed to see one game when I was a kid. My dad was a mechanic in a shipping company garage. He saved up some cubits, got us tickets and passage on a shuttle to the capital to watch them play. They got hammered by the Buccaneers, of course. Still seemed like the greatest thing in the world when I was ten. I was just a little younger than my kid is now. Gods, that makes me feel ancient." Not that she seems to mind that feeling too much.

Andi is intent on getting it before Micah this time, backpeddling away from him to put as much distance between him and her as possible so she's as open as she can be. "C'mon baby, come to momma…" She mutters beneath her breath, trying to get open.

Greje actually laughs at the thanks she gets from Lice, and then she's moving again, making sure to stick to her partner, giving him a little shove to try to knock the aim off on that toss, but getting there too late to do much.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Micah - Sports

<Roll1> Andi: Great <Roll2> Micah: Mediocre

<Result> Andi WINS by 3.

Bayless nods somberly. "I pretty much spent most of my life on Aerelon. Only time I ever left was for the Academy… and even then I was stationed at an air base back on Aerelon."

Maybe it was that knock he took to the head earlier, but Micah's just not as quick on his feet today as he ought to be. Andi snags the pass before he can even get /in/ for the intercept. So, he tries for a tackle into the boards.

Sage notices Andi get the ball and she's yelling from her spot on the court, "Go for it!" Ow, that hurt. Her hand pumps in the air, go team.

<Opposed Roll> Micah - Unarmed_Combat versus Andi - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Micah: Fair <Roll2> Andi: Poor

<Result> Micah WINS by 2.

"I enlisted right out of high school. Never went back to Sag," Rhea says, for her part. There's a touch of regret in her voice, though it contains little love for her home colony. Her eyes drift back to the game, eyeing movements of the ball.

Ball in hand, Andi looks up to get her positioning and go for the goal. Instead, she just catches sight of Micah barrelling towards her. "Oh fra.." The 'k' falls of sometime around her body gets driven into the boards, and her breath whooshes out of her with a pained expression. Its not a pyramid game if someone walks away with a limp. The ball slips from her fingers, starting to roll away fast.

Ramiro skidddds to a stop seeing the pass intercepted and the return pass to Andi. "Frak…" He says under his breath, looking to Sage. Greje, still by Lysander, he turns on his heel and boosts forward. Legs pumping across the court, he has every intention of getting that ball. "Greje get open!" He calls out.

It's not really a mean-spiriting -whump-, but a whump's a whump when it's a flyboy twice your size. Rolling away from Andi, Micah scrambles for the ball and attempts to lob it off to the chaplain if it's not knocked away first.

Rhea settles back to watch the match, quiet, hazel eyes faraway from the Pyramid field.

Rhea leaves for Carina Park [CS].

Greje does as she's told, lowering her stance and jetting away from her partner, and then to one side, trying to lose him and catch that ball low near the goal.

Lysander was starting to move away from where Andi had the ball, but winces a bit as he sees the hit to the boards, before he starts running for where the ball is rolling, before he sees that he can't reach it, and hurries for Greje, attempting to trip her in the process.

<Opposed Roll> Lysander - Unarmed_Combat versus Greje - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Lysander: BeyondTerrible* <Roll2> Greje: Fair

<Result> Greje WINS by 5.

Andi pushes off from the boards, peeling herself off is more like it. She doesn't take anything in this game as mean-spirited. Its the nature of the game, afterall, to run each other into the dirt. Besides, you don't play this game if you can't stand a little pain. "Stop that Chaplain!" Frak covering Micah, she's going after Greje. Hard.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Unarmed_Combat versus Greje - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Andi: Good <Roll2> Greje: Great

<Result> Greje WINS by 1.

Sage is on her feet now, and she is moving to try and intercept the sister also. "What is she made of?" A grunt as she tries to catch up now.

Ramiro hops over Micah, hot on Andi's heels as Greje is about to get dogpiled. Looking towards Sage, he grins and smiles to Greje as time seems to slow down for him. If the Chaplain's going to win this game, better against Sage than Lysander. That, and he's sick of hitting girls. With that, he tackles towards Lysander, giving Greje some room.

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat versus Lysander - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Ramiro: Mediocre <Roll2> Lysander: Poor

<Result> Ramiro WINS by 1.

Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap. It's written just -all- over her face— but nonetheless she snags the ball, jumps up and over Lysander, swerves to avoid Andi's ferocious charge, the pivoting leaving her facing the goal as she tries to toss it in before Sage can get on her.

Micah did his part. Pass lobbed off to Greje, all he can do is sprint out into the open in case he needs to retrieve the rebound from her shot.

Lysander misses that tripping attempt, and mutters something. Getting ready for a new attempt when there's an incoming Ramiro making sure that's not possible. And so Lysander goes down, muttering something more under his breath.

<Trait Roll> Greje rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Sage is going, going, going…frak it, she leaps to intercept that ball from going into the slot. But she doesn't make it. The ball goes spiraling in and the Genesis team wins.

Andi was running, then walking, then doubling over when Greje makes that point. "Remind me next time…to have her annoint the ball." She stands up, with a hand pressed into her ribs from that last hit from Micah. "And she stays firmly on the bench." Andi points at the priestess accusingly, but a smile is plain on her features. Its all just a game, and gets left on the court. Mostly. Jarred might get bruised later. "Good game." She says with a groan and a stretch.

Aaaand that's game! Micah lets out a sharp WHOOP as Greje scores, and sprints over to slap her on the shoulder. "Great work, both of you. Good job playin' defender, Dane, couldn't have taken it without you." He's off then to shake hands with the opposing team. Andi receives a mutter as he reaches for her hand.

Micah whispers to Andi.

Hitting the ground with a thud as the crowd erupts at the final play. The goal is scored. The Genesis vs. Pros series is now tied. Ramiro lays in the dirt beside Lysander and slowly pushes himself up. That elbow to the face from Sage will bruise. Grunting a little as he stands, he helps Lysander up and moves to start shaking hands. He gives Micah a big grin then leans in to whisper something to Greje. Looking to Sage, he inspects the pain-stain he accidentally left her.

Ramiro whispers to Greje.

Sage lands with her hands on the backboard and then she turns to see the Sister. A smile is given, "You should have played professionally, Sister." Walking toward the woman, intending on shaking her hand. "I didn't catch your name, I'm Sage." Oh yeah that bruise is lovely now.

Andi shakes hands with Micah, then pulls him in to slam shoulder to shoulder in a friendly but rough manner. Whatever is said, gets a laugh and a returned muttered reply.

Andi whispers to Micah.

Andi makes her rounds, patting people on the shoulder giving her congratulations or her 'good games, we'll get 'em next time's to people. True to form though, she doesn't stick around long to deal with fans and the like.

Greje gives a jump, herself, bouncing happily until Micah stops her with a slap to her shoulder. "Good work, Micah, Dane," she grins, sweaty, but happy. And then Sage Gionis is talking to her, and she gives a nervous sort of laugh, finally finding words as she smiles at the Real Live Pyramid Star, holding out her hand eagerly to shake hers. "I'm, uh… um, I'm Greje," she finally spits out, face flushed. "I… uh, thanks," really blushing, now, and seeming to forget to let go of Sage's hand, "It's really an… honor to be able to play with you. I'm a big fan," she confesses. Because it wasn't obvious. "I… uh, I was a U-Cap Trojan for a year… just third bench, I only started in two games the whole season, against teams we couldn't possibly lose to."

Micah smirks at Andi, and turns to slink out of the court. Nope, no schmoozing with the pros, and he already slapped his teammates on the back. He returns to the bleachers and begins peeling off elbow and knee pads.

Sage laughs and lays her hand over the other woman's as she continues to hold it. "It was very nice meeting you, Sister Greje. I heard you come over to the ship sometimes for chapel services. Hopefully we can get together and pray."

Somewhere in the dispersing crowd, a certain Lieutenant is bustling her way toward the bleachers. She and Micah converse for a few moments, there's a chaste little kiss on the cheek, and they both filter off in the direction of one of the local restaurants.

Ramiro can't help but pay attention to Greje and Sage, stepping over, seemingly ignoring the conversation, he takes a moment to look at Sage's quickly forming bruise with an apologetic look on his face.

Greje nods her head breathlessly. "… Of course! Of course…" she manages to get out, "I'd be happy to serve you in whatever rites you want to see," she offers, looking briefly toward Dane, then back to Sage, "I used to listen to the games on the radio. I got to the point where I didn't even need to wait and hear the commentators. I knew a Gionis take-down when I heard one," she grins. "I hear Dane got treated to one recently."

Sage glances to Ramiro and she smiles, "Don't worry about it Sniper Shot, I've got a hard head." Not that she won't have a heck of headache. Glancing back to Greje, she finally lowers her hands. A small chuckle, "We all have our good days and bad. He's a good player for a marine." Another quick smile, "I'll let you two get going, I need to go find some ice."

"Again…" Ramiro replies. "I'm really sorry about that unlucky hit." Ramiro says with his hands on his hips, watching Sage. That doesn't mean he doesn't grin a little at her calling him a good player. She's a pro, he's not. It feels good even though he didn't get to touch the ball this game. "Take it easy Sage. I'll be back around here soon and we'll hang." He smiles and nods to her before looking to Greje. "Well well well…you weren't lying were you?"

"Oh — it was — it was nice meeting you," Greje appends sort of awkwardly to the conversation, seeming about to consdier saying something else, but then thinking better of it. If she keeps talking she'll just keep talking. "Huh?" she asks Dane, completely distracted. "I try not to make a habit of lying, except where necessary to maintain ritual purity." See? Her mouth's moving again, and she barely knows what's coming out of it. Really dumb-sounding stuff, in fact.

Sage smiles to Ramiro and nods, even though he's promised that before. Walking toward the exit, she makes her way out as one of the player medics comes up and finally gets close enough to check her out. They both then head toward the clinic.

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