Ramiro III

Dane Ramiro's Journal, Entry 3, 19 ACH

Had to take a few minutes of a break. I thought of what to write here to cheer up the air a little bit.

That's when I thought of this massive display that Wulf put on trying to give me dating advice.

First and foremost I'll say this. Until the rituals to Apollo have passed, women are purely off limits for me. I've got to keep myself pure for the ritual. It's very important that I do so.

It was pretty funny, though. I'm eating wings and in walks Wulf. A few seconds into the conversation he starts talking to me about women and dating. Apparently, his main advice into the matter, is to do the following.

1. Find a woman that you want, regardless of rank.
2. Step up to her, put your foot down.
3. Say something along the lines of "Damnit woman, you and me are going to get it down for the romance."
4. If you avoid getting slapped or charged with harassment, you get the love.

Something tells me that Wulf doesn't think about step 5, which would probably be what to do if charged with harassment or slapped. What a character.

So I'll put it on the record. I myself an a hips guy, I like blondes and brunettes. I won't name any names, because that could be disastrous if we get a bunk-thief or an inspection. Lords I could imagine Farkas reading it outloud if I deserved it. Never gonna happen. Let's just say that I wouldn't mind if I took one of three or four girls out to dinner. Back to the point. I tend to like two things that usually fall in the either-or range. I either like a strong, intelligent woman that fascinates me or a bright-eyed optimistic sort that makes me want to never forget to enjoy life. Long hair is a plus, Pyramid fan is a definite plus.

Am I dating anyone now? No. It's been too long. Admittedly a year. But there's no hurry. I've got a war to fight. Wulf disagrees with me on this concept. But at the risk of making this entry dark, I'd reply to him that there's only so much of us left. I can wait on love. What we need now is safety.

But one can hope, right?

The major problem with finding dates when you're in the military is not wanting to mistake being "given vibe" for anything else. Relate back to Wulf's four step plan. Barking up the wrong tree could be painful, and right now I want to keep my nose clean.


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