Mr. Ramov

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin as Aleksandr Oleg Ramov

Name: Aleksandr Oleg Ramov
Callsign: Callsign
AKA: Alec
Age: 49
Branch: Civilian
Faction: Civilian
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Civilian
Position: Politician
Rank: None
Ship: Carina
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Alec Baldwin

Pre War

Aleksandr Ramov was born and raise by a couple of engineers on Caprica. Never benefitting from a luxurious life, but not one of poverty the young man quickly found his calling. Directly after School he took into higher learning to became a tutor himself, earning degrees in both Psychology, Politics and Litterature.
While teaching at Cap U, he also became politically active.
Opposing many of the ideologies of men such as Tom Zarek, the Caprican Professor offered his views and political input in TV debates and became noticed by Richard Adar.

Political Career

At the age of 40, working as a Professor at the Cap U, Aleksandr Ramov were active as a pollitical expert during Television debates.
Five years later, Professor Ramov terminated his work at the Cap U and began working for President Richard Adar, as an advisor. Specializing in evaluating political opponents, along with a cadre of specialists within the goverment.

During the War.

When the Cylons struck, Professor Ramov was onboard the Carina on a vacation with his wife Elana Ramov. The news of what had transpired, the death of their fourteen year old son, drove Elana to commit suicide. Aleksandr found his wife, in the bathtub in their suit of the Carina.
For the first near two months of the war, Professor Ramov remained under the radar, mourning for the death of his family.

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