Reaching Across the Aisle
Reaching Across the Aisle
Summary: Ramiro pays Corporal Gars a visit. Then he bumps into Lex.
Date: 32 ACH
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Main Brig Genesis - Deck 14
31 ACH 6285 Souls

Looking a little worse for wear with tired, dark circles under his eyes, Ramiro steps into the brig. Walking down the row of cells, he stops at Gars' with a clipboard and a small digital cassette recorder. He taps the bars. "Corporal." He addresses him. "I've got what's probably really good news for you…" He adds, smiling quietly.

Sitting in his bunk, leaning his elbow at the pillow, Gars eats his dinner as Ramiro comes in and walks on over to his cell. Looking up, mouth full of food, he just gives the man a glance before turning his attention back to his meal. "What can I help you with, corporal" he says as he pokes around in his meal.

Ramiro taps a new set of insignia on his duty uniform. Chevrons. "Sergeant now." Ramiro states, pulling up a chair and sitting in it. "I'm here to inform you of a few things. First of which is that it looks like you very well might be getting out of here…and soon." Ramiro starts, watching Gars eat. "The second is that I've been asked alongside you to start preparing MOUT training for all of the marines. You're the man with the experience. Simple as this. When we're in MOUT there's no rank, we simply have to find a way to get us all working like killer ants." He pauses. "That, and this is a joint project…which means I'll be needing every bit of your experience to help me too."

Gars comes to halt in his eating, even his chewing slowing to a complete stop, as he with a quirked eyebrow looks up at Ramiro as the visitor informs him of the situation. When Ramiro is done, there is a brief moment of silence before Gars finally swallows and begins to chuckle, sitting up straight in the bunk and placing his meal to the side. "Sergeant? Fram me…" he shakes his head. "And you want me help you get our marines into shape?" For some reason, Gars' chuckle turns into a laugh. Grinning, Gars wipes his mouth with his hand as he looks on over at Ramiro once more, "Alright… Sergeant… What exactly is it that you want me to do?"

"You misunderstand me, Corporal. We are both being asked to do this by Major Gaelan…as a team." Ramir replies, grinning on one side of his face. "So it's not so much about what you get to do for me, it's about what we get to do for the corps. You weren't selected by me, you were selected by the people that know your experience is a wealth." He pauses. "So I ask you, what would you like to do?"

Gars listens and then chuckles with a grin as he gets on his feet, starting to pace in his cell, scratching the back of his head as he moves about. "Well you tell me, sergeant" Gars finally says as he stops to lean his back up against one of the walls. "What needs doing? Are we supposed to prepare them for an assault? Or are we just going over basics? Or are we looking for new tactics? What is the frakking purpose… Sergeant?"

"The purpose is to find where our weaknesses are and seal those up." Ramiro replies. "We need more field coordination. Another part of it would be that we're more a band of survivors than a band of brothers. So in MOUT we need to learn how to stop being so sloppy and in turn…" He shrugs. "Get ourselves on the right page."

"Coordinate the troops and kill cylons" Gars says, remaining leaning up against the wall, arms now folded over his chest. "Is that it, sergeant? You want marines that can hunt cylons?"

"There isn't any specific mission in mind." Ramiro replies, standing and keeping the recorder on. "This is an overall thing. I, personally speaking, think that we need to stop focusing on what we should be doing mission-wise, and instead focus on how we handle the orders we're given. That means CQB, that means field exercises, that means teaching troops out to peel in twos and know instintively how to form the right firing line."

"What you need, sergeant" Gars says and leaves the wall to slowly head on over towards the bars that sepparate Gars from Ramiro, "is simplicity. Simple orders, simple tactics, simple structure. Make it simple, make it happen, as my Drill Sergeant used to say." Gars steps up to the bars and grabs them with both hands as he leans against them. "It comes down to give you, the squad-leader, the means to easily identify a target and get your troops, your rifles, to fire at the enemy you point out. This is not about two's and individual skills. It's about getting the squad to kill what you need killing, sergeant. And since I've been in here for quite some time now" he says as he takes a look around the cell, "I've been giving it some serious thought, believe it or not. And I think I know how to bring these Cylons down quickly and efficiently."

"Good…." Ramiro stands, moving to stand outside of the bars. He pounds a fist on the bars. "…that is exactly what I was hoping you would say." Ramiro grins. "Look…I know you don't like me. We've got two different views but we both know that we'd lay our lives down for the survival of these people. So what do you say we make a deal?" Ramiro pauses. "We get the troops together and train them how to think. You're the fear of the gods and I'm the conscience and moral. Good cop, bad cop. You show us how to blow these frakkers up and I'll work my everlasting willpower and patience into their bones and we do this as a frakking team." He grins. "…and no more calling people Tits, huah?"

"Sergeant, just remember one thing" Gars says and then taps his own stripes, "It may say 'corporal' on my shoulder, and it may say 'sergeant' on yours, but up here…" Gars then moves his finger to his lobe, "… I am still 'Staff' and everything that comes with it. And my first 'suggestion', sergeant, concearning my new assignment; I would advice you to inform our Marines, that this uniform no longer stands for protecting civilians and their way of life… This uniform means we go and hunt the enemy. You want my help on this, then we set out to create Killers. Mean, cold blooded, killers. We are at war, sergeant; We aint got time for any liberal pacifists. We need warriors… And they need to realize that."

[Intercom] Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the fleet.

Ramiro taps the bars with his clipboard and then makes a few notes. "Well just remember one thing, Corporal. I outrank you now." Ramiro replies. "Let the nightmares begin." He turns with a chuckle, starting towards the door. "The only place your official rank isn't going to mean shit is inside of the MOUT. You wanna show people you're a Staff in the head, you show them there and earn that leadership factor. Our mission is the survival of the human race. If that means we bust our ass to get tanks of tyllium, then getting those tanks is the survival of the human race. Think about the long term game, Corporal." Ramiro pauses as he nears the door, knocking on it. "I'll have the guards get you some writing material. Setup some notes for me. I'll be back soon." He says, as the guard opens the door for him. Promptly, Ramiro exits.

Gars simply shakes his head, ever leaning against the bars of his cell, as Ramiro leaves. As the hatch closes behind the sergeant, Gars simply shakes his head with a sigh. "That boy will get Marines killed one day… Brass never learns." And with yet another sigh, Gars turns to head on over to his bunk to finish his meal.

The guard on duty responds to two knocks from Ramiro. Looking rather tired and haggard, with a clipboard, Ramiro eyeballs the floor as he walks into the corridor. The guards close the door behind him. He's now wearing the rank of Sergeant.

Gars simply shakes his head, ever leaning against the bars of his cell, as Ramiro leaves. As the hatch closes behind the sergeant, Gars simply shakes his head with a sigh. "That boy will get Marines killed one day… Brass never learns." And with yet another sigh, Gars turns to head on over to his bunk to finish his meal.

Corridor 14A Genesis - Deck 14
31 ACH 6285 Souls

In marine duty gear, Pvt Lex makes her way down the corridor, and pulls a sharp turn and heads down the other way again. As Condition 2 is set, she glances up and drops her hands on her hips. Pace, pace.

Ramiro hears the pacing as he enters the barren portion of the corridor and looks up. "Nico?" He looks up, blinking a few times. He clearly looks like he's been through hell today, perhaps it was Gars. "You okay?"

Lex turns at the voice, and when her eyes light on Ramiro, she strides toward him. A braided tail of her hair sweeps over her shoulder as she approaches. She pops him in the arm with a fist about the time she notices the new pins. "Good to see you alive." Pause. "…Sarge." She glances around briefly to see if anyone else is around.

Ramiro grins as he's popped in the arm, not seeing anyone further up the corridor. "Yeah you b'lieve that? Frakkin promoted." He pauses, talking quietly. "I've been on a nonstop track since the PAS I was praying you weren't aboard. I barely made it out of there alive myself I…" He starts, smiling weakly to her.

"Praying?" That brings an amused little quirk to her lips. Nico shakes her head slightly. "I barely made it back to the Genesis when the Condition 1 came across." She nods, eyes on the pins. "Nice." She shifts her weight, but doesn't quite reach out to touch him. Her hands drop to her hips again.

"Hey…I pray." Ramiro replies, grinning softly to her. "…deal with it or learn to like it." He looks up and down the corridor before quickly tilting her chin up to him and kissing her lips softly. A bold move for the socially awkward sniper.

Marines kissing while on duty. Shame! But, hey. Lex returns to kiss with a soft little sweep of her tongue to deepen it briefly before she steps back. A slight blush pinks her cheeks, and she reaches up to sweep fringe from her eyes. "I'll deal with it." Breathe.

"Good." Ramiro quickly looks around, making sure they're safe. Turning back to her, he smirks and starts walking. "You disarm bombs, I pray. We've got quirks." He looks to her. "I heard Major Carter was wounded. I was on my way to see him. You want to come along? They've been running me all over the place and I've got a few hours before I'm off duty, but after that I'll be in the Obs deck.."

"You go ahead." Lex shakes her head slightly. "I spend as little time around the brass as possible." She raises her eyebrows slightly. "I have do go log some hours on the range. You can find me when you're off if you'd like. I'll probably be in the gym after."

"Allright. Expect me to come by the first second they let me off duty, allright?" Ramiro says, turning as he reaches the stairwell. He smiles back at her. He's on duty, not much he can say or do more than that.

Lex nods once as he turns to look back to her. A smile answers Ramiro's. She spins on her heel and heads for the range.

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