Lifelines Pt. 3
Lifelines Part 3
Summary: Conversations with, about and over Major Carter. Some might need attention later.
Date: 32 ACH
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Private Room Genesis - Deck 13
32 ACH 6285 Souls

This is a private room set up with oxygen and power connections, prepared to house special recovery cases. The room itself is unremarkable, meant for patients to be wheeled in, locked into place and connected to monitoring and support systems. Guards at the door are optional, depending on orders, but the equipment here is normally connected to the monitoring stations in Sickbay.
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… This is a continuation of Lifelines Part 2 …

Reed continues to lay there, not really reacting to anything, his hold on the hand in his steady and unchanging, but there's a grip there.

McKenzie would be rather impressed with Zaharis if she had a clue about the care he's taking with his patient. Really. She nods to the man as he leaves, but does not turn from her conversation, one sided though it might be. "So. When you return from your hiding place, we'll have to scheme a little, okay? I'll bring hot chocolate, or that red drink you fancy. What was it? I don't remember. Some juice thing. I was going to have the bartender at the Taproom bring you some special on your birthday. But, I couldn't figure out how to find out when that is. Not without sneaking a peek at the records. Didn't do that, though as it'd be illegal. Thought about asking you when it is. Didn't know if you'd tell, though. So, when you come back out of your mind, you'll just have to tell me, okay? Unless you want to risk me just guessing." She lifts her other hand and rests it on the back of yours. It is a warm touch, gentle in it's way. "Reed. Jameson. Carter. Did you know that you have a rep in the fleet? Thet man who came from /Science/…" She says that word with a certain emphasis, "… to become a Major. Kind of a miracle man. Everyone wanted to serve with you. Did you know that?"

Reed doesn't indicate of he knew that or not, but he simply holds McKenzies hand and lays there, not responding.

McKenzie is seated in a chair next to Reed's bedside. She is holding the Major's hand and he actually seems to be holding hers back, which is nice. She is facing him and talking quietly. On the other side is a rolling tray where someone has set up a laptop that is hooked to various equipment. One of the doctors could probably explain it's significance, but McKenzie's specialty isn't in the medical field. "So, anyway. Yeah. You have a rep, Reed Jameson Carter." She pauses then and her smile is faintly wry, "So, you know? Saying your whole name is awkward. I'm used to calling you 'Major'."

Reed is laying in the bed here, unconscious. He's connected to machines recording every bodily function he has. heart, brainwaves, the whole thing. He does seem to be holding hands with McKenzie, though what kind of meaning that has is still up for debate. On the whole, he's fairly boring to talk to these days, but people are still doing it.

There's a rap on the door that leads into the private room before Desusa slowly pops his head in. "Major Carter," ha asks in a soft voice. Very unmarine-like. He sees the LT having a one way chat with the other major and he nods simply saying, "Excuse me," as he begins to pull back out.

McKenzie glances up at the rap and when the other Major pokes his head in, she lifts one hand to wave him in, "Come on in. Reed Jameson Carter and I're having a bit of a chat, but you're welcome to join in. He's not answering my questions today, so it's not like you're interrupting the vital flow of information or anything." She motions with her chin to another chair, "I'm told that saying the whole name's a good thing. Which is why I'm doing it. Feels odd, though. Kind of disrespectful." Turning back to the patient, she smiles a slight smile, "Now, you know that I do respect you, right, Reed Jameson Carter? You're almost the only person who that's true of. Other than some of the others in CIC. It isn't a given with me."

Reed remains motionless and inresponsive, but one can be sure it's mostly the coma doing the non talking.

Desusa accepts the invitation with another small nod before he enters and closes the door. "How's the major, doing?" He looks to the LT with a slight frown, as he tries to figure out who she is. A daughter? A wife? A sekret lover? He knows very little of Reed, but he decided to make some time to visit him while he's here in the Genny. He moves carefully over to the chair he was motioned too, but doesn't sit. Instead, he looks at the various gadjets monitoring Reed.

Or none of the above! Hah! McKenzie gives the new Major a once over, then looks back at Reed, "Ask him yourself, Major." She nods to the monitor above the man's head where brain function is displayed, "You can sometimes get him to react by what you say." Turning her attention back to the man on the bed, she adds, "So, Reed Jameson Carter. How are you doing?" As usual, the man is mum on this and any subject. Looking back, she smiles, "So. Anyway. He's okay. Other than hiding out in his brain. When he comes back, he'll have a lot of questions to answer. Like… What's it like to be locked up in your own mind." She lifts her chin once more. "I'm Maureen McKenzie. Lieutenant." Which answers one of the man's questions at any rate.

Desusa gives the female here a short look over before he nods to her, "Major Raul Desusa. Pandora CO." He now takes a seat and looks to Reed as he lays there, motionless. "I still don't get it. You say we are supposed to call him out by hi whole name?" He eyes trail back to McK.

McKenzie lifts her chin in greeting. Seems she uses that habitually, "Good to meet you, Major. I'd tell you what my position is, but I haven't the foggiest, really. Not since the PAS went up. I was Watch Officer and gunner." True regret fills her gaze and she looks away to hide the worry that is there and gone again. "Came in to ask the CO here what the new situation is going to be, but he's keeping tight lipped about it." And everything. Slowly, she nods, "Yeah. According to the doctor who was in here, hearing his entire name makes a difference. It certainly does seem to cause some changes on the monitors. Watch." Leaning a bit forward, she speaks to Reed, "You don't mind if I use you as an example, do you, Reed Jameson Carter?" Sure enough, the gamma wave indicators spike a bit when his name is spoken.

(<OOC> McKenzie notes OOCly that she won't make any other assumptions about Reed's condition or the reactions. "I feel kinda safe about that one as it has been demonstrated in RP." :D )

Desusa watches the gamma monitor jump a bit and ahhs, "Oh. I see." He leans closer to the monitor and ponders the reaction a bit further. Afterwards, he eyes move to Reed and he clears his throat a bit, "Majo… Reed Jameson Carter, this is Desusa… ehh… Raul…" he sucks on his front teeth a bit. This is so awkward, "Good job on the evac of the PAS and…" He looks to the female LT a bit awry, "Can he actually hear me?"

McKenzie nods, though she gives the Major a grin, "Yeah. He can." Lowering her eyes, she indicates the hand that still holds hers, "I wasn't sure either until I told him a few things. Y'know? Like that he's my CO and he has to come out of there. Then, he tightened his hold on my hand and hasn't let go." She turns back to Reed and adds, "Which makes me happy, Reed Jameson Carter. I'm glad to know that you're listening. Can't wait to hear all about the wacked out dreams and impressions you've had while out of it."

Desusa watches the exchange between Reed and Mckenzie for a bit, saying nothing. The marine now looks at his timepiece breifly and brings his right leg over the left. "You resigning your commision to move to the Carina or what?" He asks Mck, trying to drive the conversation elsewhere. Seeing Reed like this doesn't make him feel too good.

You say, "Who, me?" She looks and sounds startled at that prospect, "Uh. Why? Is Reed Jameson Carter moving to the Carina?" A look of panic touches her gaze and she looks down at the man lying there as though he could answer for himself. No dice so she returns her attention to Desusa, "That would be awful, sir. Honestly? He's a way better officer than my last CO. He was…" She stifles her initial comment and substitutes, "Uh. Difficult."

Desusa lofts a brow at that, "I don't know what Major Carter's plan are, Lieutenant, I was asking you." He gets a strange sensation here about Mck's reaction, but refrains from commenting on it. Not his business.

McKenzie looks at Reed a moment, then drops her gaze, "I would have to think on that, Major. I came from a…" Once more, she licks her lips, as though it gives her time to think. "Uh. Not a great set up. The Major here?" She indicates Reed with her chin, the gesture a familiar one, "Yeah, you, Reed Jameson Carter…" Just to let the man know he has not been forgotten. "Well. He's the best CO I've had. So, I'd like to know what he's doing before I make up my mind, sir. Sort of get all the pieces of the puzzle in place. Know what I mean?"

"No," states Desusa in a noncommital tone. "Reed Carter's career is his own, and I don't think it would be fair to you to follow someone else's route," states Raul. "Unless, there are ulterior motives for you to follow him," is the last thing he says before looking at Mckenzie. His face is blank.

McKenzie looks over at the man, her expression going blank, "I am sorry, sir, but I don't see that as anyone's business but my own. Until I make that decision and make it known." Her gaze remains emotionless and steady, "As for ulterior motives? Forget it. The Major's a good and worthy CO. I'd follow him anywhere, sir. Frak, I'd die for the man."

Desusa lets out a small grunt and with that, buries whatever he was going to say regarding that subject. "Well, I am certainly glad to hear Major Carter has officers that are so devoted," states Raul. Another glance to his timepiece and he gets to his feet. "I hope he makes a fast recovery," says Desusa as he begins to leave the room.

McKenzie does notice that whatever the man was going to say. Yup. She watches him as he starts to leave and there is a lot of her that really wants to ask about it. Frak, in the old days, she might even have done so. But, Reed has had a civilizing influence on the firey red-head and she holds her peace. Instead, she nods, "He has a lot of people pulling for him, sir. He'll be fine."

Desusa opens the door rather quietly and slips out. He came here to check on Reed, and since that task is clearly done, he lingers here no more.

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