Summary: Snipers go on a little recon.
Date: 25 ACH 12/8/2008
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Nyx Airfield Leonis - Surface

25 ACH 6735 Souls

An Airfield stretches out to the West. It is also claimed by the enemy. From this vantage point the small, metal objects move around near the entry gate.

Contents: Ambrus Bell Lakis Ramiro

Exits: [N] North [CP] To Caste Park

[T] Tower


Having been dropped off, Ramiro creeps forward over the snow with his rifle ready. Motioning for Ambrus to act as Lakis' spotter and for Bell to follow him, he crouch-walks towards a ridge. Nearing it, he slides onto the snow and holds his rifle by its strap and crawls towards the edge, pulling out a pair of binoculars quietly.

Heavy weapon over her shoulder, Ambrus moves along in the snow, hopefully like ninja. She sees Ramiro's motion and gives it a nod, turning to follow along with Lakis through the blinding white. She pulls her binoculars from their place securely strapped to her body, and lifts them once she's found a place to settle and be still.

Bell is armed with her rifle, traveling as light as a Marine ever does. Which isn't particularly dainty. Her binoculars are out as well and she sticks near Ramiro. Watching. Surveying. Keeping as quiet as she can.

Lakis moves along as low as possible, until she gets some distance so she can take up an area. Once she finds one that looks good, she goes down on her belly and sets up. Blending in nicely, if everything works like it should out here. Lights are pinpoints in the distance, it seems they don't care about blackouts.

Whispering to Bell, Ramiro slides a small map out of a bracer on his wrist and pulls out a pen. He glances to Bell for a silent moment before turning back to the airfield. "Allright, lets see what's out there." He clicks the night vision on his binoculars and starts to scan for targets, and lords forbid, human survivors. "Mark their defenses and get it all back to basecamp."

Nothing can be heard from this far away. But the lights on that runway give a nice view through scopes that are on the weapons. The main tower shows movement inside and down below. The double guard of Centurians move along like metal soldiers back and forth.

Ambrus braces her elbows, keeping the binoculars up. She breathes deep and steady through her nose, keeping the rising fog of her breath to a minimum. "Got contacts below," she whispers. A moment as she counts the number of Centurions that she can see, before she rattles off the number in a whisper.

Bell nods silently to Ramiro, peering through her field glasses toward the lights. To see what she can see. At Ambrus' words, her aided-gaze flits in that direction. She bites back a curse.

Lakis speaks quietly into the lash mic, "I show..five..2 kliks north."

Taking the waterproof pen, Ramiro starts to make notes on his map for what he sees. His scarf around his face keeps his breath from showing. "Excellent…" He whispers sarcastically as he makes the note. The whisper can be heard to Lakis. "…can you get a fix on the tower? Any signs of civilians?" He asks, turning his head to Bell. He nods in the direction to the northwest. "There should be a building over there, can you get any of it from here?"

Ambrus keeps watching the area below them, lips pursed. her head turns very slowly, skimming the view of the binoculars across the airfield in search of more things that shine. Or things that don't.

Bell scans for more deadly metal objects as well. Wouldn't do to be caught by twenty when you're expecting five.

Lakis continues to scan and watch, "No friendlies.." she murmurs quietly. "I see two in the tower." There is a slight pause then as her scope sweeps once more along the lower area.

Bell peers, her lips moving as she counts. Then recounts. Just to be sure. "I see your five, Lance," she says softly into her mic. "Plus four on the ground below the tower, and two up in the tower proper. Can't see to the building, Corp. Too far. I don't see any civs, either."

Prone in the snow beside Bell, Ramiro pauses for a moment to think. "Allright let's slide back and the relocate to the west and try to get an overlook on the three story and the RV park. There's gotta be a reason for all this security." He says to all of them quietly, either through his lash-mic or by voice. "We should take advantage of this sleet, it'll mask our heat signature." He pauses, sliding away his map and checking the rad-bracelet. Lakis and Ambrus, take point."

Ambrus lowers her binoculars, winding the strap securely around her arm. "Copy." She pulls her rifle off her shoulder and into her hands, straightening up from kneeling into a low crouch as she backs up from her position.

Lakis rises up too, taking point and she begins to move off. Lovely weather we're having. Cold air. Thin air. She'll probably just die from bad lungs somewhere out here. "Frakkin' hell..cooped up on a battlestar too long."

Bell makes a face, as to the sleet making their heat. It's definitely masking hers, on a personal level. She shrugs her shoulders. Trying to eek some more warmth out of her cold weather gear. To Ramiro, she nods. Holding herself ready.

"Cover my back." Ramiro says quietly to Bell, waiting for Lakis to make some distance. Only his eyes visible through his ghillie suit, he still gives her a silent look before sliding back a few meters in the snow. Creeping after Lakis, he steps in their footsteps as his ghillie suit's bulk brushes over their tracks, masking them.

Poor Ambrus is up in front, creeping along. As quickly as one can creep and not get one's head blown off by cylons. She keeps heading west, pausing every so often in her steps to check around her.

Lakis makes it about a hundred yards and then she pulls up. A stretch of pine trees makes up a wind break and the boughs are heavy with snow above them. Dark in them there woods…she puts up a hold signal with her fist and then crouches down. With the wind blowing, she has to uncover her ears to be able to pick up anything. Raising the binoculars, she begins a slow scan.

Only then, there is no reason to be silent. The sound of rotating gunfire is heard. The sound distintively from a cylon armament in the distance. Hidden somewhere, the binoculars can't pick out anything. But the marine goes prone and very still.

Bell gives Ramiro a little nod in return. And then, off she crawls. Toward the sound of Cylon guns. She makes another peering sweep through her binoculars. Trying to focus on the direction of whirring death sounds.

Silently laying prone, Ramiro lets Bell scan for the target as he turns his attention in the direction that it came from. Attempting to judge how far away it was, having heard similar cannon firing before, he controls his breath.

Ambrus flinches very slightly at the sound of fire, but not so much that she loses her cool. She draws in a silent breath, dropping even lower into her crouch. The binoculars come back up, even if it's near impossible to see.

Lakis goes into cover mode as the little private begins to look closer…closer…and the last shot is heard, reverberating off the wooded area.

"I can't see nothing but those creepy eyes of theirs," Bell murmurs softly into her mike. And she hears them, of course. Clinking, ominous metal strides. "Maybe…three, from my vantage point."

Eyes forward, Ramiro's ghillie suit makes him a snowy bush in the clearing. Moving very slowly, he lays prone beside Bell, providing her some cover from the wind as well as camouflage. "Ambrus get down. Nobody move. We do nothing till it's clear." He gives the order, letting the spotters and Lakis observe. "What are they shooting at?"

"Trying to see, Corp," Ambrus mutters into her mic. She's still peering into the binoculars, trying to see the source or the target of the shots. "Dark as the bad side of a black hole out there."

Silence, except for the wind beginning to howl again. The pine trees shake and snow splats down on the ground in heavy clumps. Lakis finally lets out a slow breath. When she can no longer make out anything along with Bell, and then rises up, beginning a slower hunched movement to whatever they were shooting at. She sweeps the area slowly, finally noticing the disturbed ground where the Centurions were and then the edge of some ravine. Her head lowers and she whispers into her mic. "Come ahead."

Bell moves ahead. Trying to make as little noise as possible as she creeps along. Practically holding her breath now.

Crouch-walking slowly, one leg over the other, Ramiro continues to cover their tracks as he turns, watching their rear. Controlling his breathing, he keeps his ears finely tuned for sounds of danger.

From what can be seen, ten to twelve humans lay in the ravine. Possibly more underneath, but the snow has piled thick and then layered with more bodies. The blood looks black in the darkness, until a gleam of ice shows through and then the splattered area is just some horrific sight of a mass grave. Corpses lay with eyes wide open, some in shock, not realizing this would happen. All the female marine can do is just stand there and stare as the wind blows the strands of her ghillie suit around.

Bell sucks in a breath when she's near enough to see the bodies. Blue eyes wide. Horrified. She breathes in deeply through her nose. Doing her best to keep her bearings. She succeeds, more or less. Though she can't do much more than stare herself.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Bell rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Good (4).

"Get down…" Ramiro says into his lash-mic as he creeps forward and sees the bodies. Frowning beneath his mask and his scarf, he scans the woods with his scope, looking for signs of Cylon movement. They can't be that far away. Mouthing a curse to himself. "…Lak. B? Anyone moving in there?"

Bell swallows. Blinking. It's a beat before she answers, in a barest whisper. "There's…there's one of them that's not dead, Corporal. Not totally. I can hear…something down there. Over the wind."

Lakis comes out of her little reverie and crouches down, her ear bent to hear anything. But all she gets is wind and nothing is sighted that she can see. Glancing to Bell, she jerks her head back to the ravine, "Frak.."

"Where?" Ramiro asks Bell softly, turning his scope to the mass grave. He doesn't like it one bit, but he's accessing the deep resources of his willpower to keep him from going into shock mode. Too much danger, way too close. "Lakis keep on lookout for company. You are not weapons free."

"In the ravine…I can't pinpoint exactly which one," Bell replies in that same hushed tone. Her knuckles tighten around her rifle but she nods, not firing. And doing as little to call attention to herself otherwise as possible.

"Right," Lakis mutters and then moves off to keep them covered so she can get a wider swathe to watch. Her hands are shaking some as those bodies just flash in front of her for a minute and she has to bite down on her cheek to get her mind clear again.

Breathing in slowly, Ramiro lays down on the snow and begins the painfully slow process of creeping over to the edge of the ravine. Looking for a path to slide down and listening for alerts from Bell and Lakis, he creeps in for a better look.

Bell creeps along. Eyes sharp. And very wide. Toward the bodies in the ravine.

Lakis rubs along her eye and continues to watch the area. It's quiet except for the wind making some howling sounds above the trees. No metal things incoming, which is good.

Crawling slowly down into the rivine towards the sound of the breathing, Ramiro disappears down inside. Pulling out a medical kit from his thigh pocket, he prepares to cover the girl's mouth with his hand and whisper. "Be quiet. Friend. Human."

The girl doesn't do anything but flutter her eyelashes and then she is rather still, but breathing. Passing out from her wounds.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls First_aid and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Ramiro spends 1 luck points on Add to first aid to save girl's life..

Bell holds her breath. Waiting, watching. She seems to want to look away, but is half-fearful to. As if that'll kill the poor girl.

"Corp, let's hurry the frak up here. I got an itch on the back of my neck," Lakis mutters into her lash mic and keeps scanning.

Putting shock pads over the wounds the best he can, Ramiro decides the bleeding's about as stopped as it's going to get. "Coming out…" He says, sliding the rest of his spare medical kit away. Giving the burial pit one more glance over, he says a quiet prayer and picks up the girl. Rolling her out of the pit, he climbs out and fireman carries her, kicking snow over any spilled blood. "Lakis, cover tracks and blood. Bell…lead us back to the LZ." He whispers into the lash, starting to move.

Bell blinks at the girl. Scarcely daring to believe she might not be dead. Numbly, she nods to Ramiro, flitting into motion, scouting a path back for them. Concentrating on moving ahead. Easier not to freak out that way.

Lakis gives a nod and does the best thing she can for this, shaking the bows of the trees to drop snow and spread it out as well as possible. She keeps to the same tracks as they went in. Before long they are just ghosts that came and left.

((Time Elapse))

The raptor the extracted the sniper team returns, Lakis and Ambrus heading off once landed. Hopping out, Ramiro looks to Bell. "Help me with her?" He asks, moving to take the girl's legs. Having already made sure that she wasn't carrying any electronic devices that that could be traced, he hefts her feet in his hands. They seem to be extracting a very damaged late teenage girl from the Raptor.

"Got her, Corp," Bell says, hefting the girl's head while Ramiro supports her legs. The young Marine looks pale, and not just from the cold. But she shows no small bit of relief to be back.
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Hustling at a jog, Ramiro brings the girl to the door of the bunker and calls inside. "Medic!" He tries to keep his voice down as much as possible. He shoves open the door with the back of his boot.

Bell hustles the girl inside with Ramiro, being as gentle as possible. "I wonder if there are anymore back there…" she speculates. Half to herself.

The call for a Medic got the Medic / Doctor and it would seem that Craven's already slipped into a pair of scrubs and is just in the process of slipping a pair of gloves on his hands. He's over in the corner of the bunker that's been setup for triagef and while he doesn't know exactly what to except, he's got a variety of items set aside to cover several circumstances.

Helping carry what appears to be a late teenage girl, she's been bandaged as best as possible but is suffering from at least two gunshots to the stomach, one to her arm, and another to her leg. Dressed in civillian clothing, Ramiro looks to Bell and nods to her. "I don't know. I didn't see any more breath." He hustles towards Craven. "Doc, wounded civillian!" Ramiro says with urgency. "She's hurt bad…"

"We found her in this mass…grave…thing the Cylons had dug," Bell informs Craven. Because if she's creeped out, she might as well spread it around. She watches the girl, chewing on her lower lip. "Is she going to be okay, Doc?"

There's a flicker of his eyes to Ramiro and Craven is motioning towards the table, "Set her down. Cut her shirt and pants to expose the wounds." The question as to what the frak a Civilian is still doing on the planet, will have to wait. Eyes shift over towards Bell and Craven shakes his head slightly, "Can't say. Not till I see what I'm dealing with." He's turning then, lifting a needle containing Morpha, "Private, there's a bag just beneath the table that contains an oxygen tank and mask. Turn the valve to on and bring the mask up and settle it on her nose." The needle is set down and his fingers are moving to check for a pulse.

Ramiro guides the girl onto the table. Shrugging off his ghillie suit and kicking it away, Ramiro simply leaves his ski-mask on to avoid getting the blood from his hands on it. Pack and rifle are shrugged off as they're all standing over the injured body of a civilian girl. Pulling his knife from his hip, he turns it backhanded and cuts softly at the girl's shirt, pants, and the long sleeve of her arm. Putting the knife away, he rips open the shirt to expose her skin. Biting the edge of his gloves, he pulls them off and throws them and his ski mask by his gear.

<Trait Roll> Craven rolls Medicine and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Craven spends 1 luck points on Boost my good roll to save a dying girl.

"Okay, Doc," Bell says, scrambling to do as she's told. She's less evidently freaked out with an actual task to focus on. Turn valve. Check. Mask up and in place. Check. Like she's going over a little mental list to keep herself focused.

And so, Craven went to work on trying to save the little girl and for a couple of hours, he does nothing but that. Finally, he steps away from the table and a hand lifts to dab at his forehead, careful to not get any blood on his face, "There's little else I can do without a proper facility. She's somewhat stable, but it's going to be touch and go for the next little bit." A shake of his head is offered along with a sigh, "If I could get her back to the Genesis, she'd live. But, we're just setup for field wounds. Massive trauma like this .." He simply trails off then.

Ramiro, having since washes his hands, face, and cleaned some of his gear, rises to his feet. Brushing an arm over his cheek, his sleeves rolled up, he smears some of his camo paint. His five o'clock shadow having grown since the morning, he looks to Craven. "…we're not gonna get a proper facility." He pauses, looking over the girl. "…we're the best chance she's got. We lookin at prayer this point forward, Doc?"

Bell adds nothing. The private it out of her depth here. She just stands back, arms crossed along chest tightly, watching the girl.

Lifting his gaze to Ramiro, Craven gives a slight nod of his head, "Prayer wouldn't hurt about now, Lance. I'm going to monitor her condition throughout the night, give her the best chance that she has. I'll have the Gunny take over in the morning."

"Allright…" Ramiro says quietly, watching the girl closely for a moment before he turns and walks away towards where he stowed his gear. Grabbing it, he squeezes Bell's shoulder and gives her a comforting look. He opens his mouth, about to say something, but chooses not to. Turning, he heads to where his sniper team is and stows his gear, running a hand through his hair.

Bell reaches up to pat Ramiro's hand as he squeezes her shoulder. A bit of comfort in return. She then goes off to her own corner, where her gear is stored. Sitting quietly. Waiting and still watching the girl they brought back.

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