Recons and Rescues
Recons and Rescues
Summary: A simple mission to search for Tyllium gets a little more exciting when a micrometeor shower takes out one of the Vipers.
Date: 55 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 11, Ready Room, 55 ACH

The Ready Room is for pilots to get their assignments for the daily CAP. Rows of seating line six deep and back to the wall. At the front of the room there is a whiteboard, star maps and a podium for the CAG or Squadron Leaders to address the room. The flags of the colonies stand along the starboard wall as well as plaques of recognition. One plaque stands above those who have lost their lives and reads:

Captain Ide 'Screamer' Kolis
May he rest in peace among the stars.
So Say We All.
'Star Screamers' - Fighting 58th

Orion walks into the room, his helmet under his right arm, then takes a seat in the second row.

Dynames follows suit shortly after, looking around with some anticipixiety. Her eyes catch the raptor pilots and she tosses a smile their way before settling into a seat.

Well, well. Look for finally decided to join the briefly? The Gold Squadron hot shots filing in will no doubt find Jocasta and Kalypso seated somewhere in the front row or something like the early birds that they are. Neener.

Captain Nikos steps through the hatch and makes her way over to find a seat in the front row. She takes the far end, and drops into it without a word, kicking her legs crossed before she turns her eyes to the forward of the room.

Micah manages to sneak in barely on time, thank you. Which isn't saying much, because he's probably at the back of the gold squadron pack. Claiming a chair in the ubiquitous third row, he slumps into his chair and tugs a notepad out of his flight suit. Click, scratch scratch. Yep, pen's working.

Rue moves into the room, buttoning up the flap on her officer's uniform as she makes her way to the podium. "You are all here because the Commander wants that red planet reconned. Specifically the rings around the planet. Calculations indicate that they may contain Tyllium, which as you all know is in short supply right 'bout now. I should think the mission objective is crystal clear. A raptor and three escort vipers will launch from Genesis, head out to the planet's rings. You will determine whether there is any Tyllium in large quantities out there. Then you will return home."

Ah, yes. Another good ol' rock(et) fuel run. Jammer's hip to the scenario and nods her head silently while failing to take any notes.

Orion idly starts to thread his pen around the knuckles of his left hand like a baton, a nervous twitch he's beginning to do a lot. I give you Pressurecooker Genesis. He listens quietly.

Micah keeps his eyes on the blonde at the podium, though doesn't appear to be taking any notes. There isn't much to remember, really. He does though, seem to have a question, and raises his hand.

"That's really all I had. Keep your eyes open while you're out there. Come back safe," Rue says, setting her hands on the podium. "Ensign St. Germain?"

"Who'll be leadin' the section, sir?" This from 'Ensign St. Germain', who shoots Fender a quick look before directing his attention back to Rue. Since, y'know, Nikos' role hasn't been explained yet.

Addie's head tips back slightly as she hears she gets to play supervisory duty in a raptor again. She glances briefly at the ceiling, then straightens, and begins the mental preparation necessary to climb into one of those again so soon.

Dynames just gives the 'Got it." smile and nod combination she's perfected since she got her wings. It's straightforward, so, why complicate matters?

Orion twirls the pen around between his knuckles like it's no big deal and, in a move that, face it, he's been practicing since he started flight school, raises his arm enough for the pen to swing against his temple as silent acknowledgment. It looks silly and rehearsed and unrealistic because, let's face it: The rookie pilot's bound to be uncomfortable and he's trying to look cool.

"Captain Nikos is there to evaluate Ms. Leto's performance," Rue clarifies, looking at Micah while she says it. "I will be monitoring from the CIC. So technically, I'm in charge. You will stay until Ensign Maru says she has conclusively determined the presence or absence of Tyllium, then you will return."

It might or might not be the answer Micah was looking for, but it's an answer. Micah nods once, closes his notebook and tucks it away. "Aye, sir."

Kalypso sits, silent, dutiful and doing her best to hide any under-lying nerves and eagerness about getting to go out on her first mission. Questions… does she have any questions? Nope. No questions. Just eager to get in a Raptor's pilot seat again. "Aye, sir."

"Any other questions?" Rue asks.

Orion shakes his head quietly. He's not saying a word.
Jocasta begins following you.

Dynames headshakes slowly, "Got it, sir." she offers pleasantly with a little thumbs-up.
From afar, Orion will say that you need to do a pre-flight check, then radio that your check is okay and you're waiting for permission to take off.

"Then kick the tires and light the fires…" Rue says, "You leave right now. Get moving."

Orion leaves for Corridor 11D [O].
Orion has left.

Micah is out of his seat on Rue's mark, like a gun gone off at a race. He might show up a little late for briefings, but he's certainly eager to get in the cockpit.

Dynames hits the deck a'runnin'.

Micah leaves for Corridor 11D [O].
Micah has left.

Dynames leaves for Corridor 11D [O].
Dynames has left.

Addie rises from her seat and shoots Rue a look. "Again?"

Kalypso doesn't have to be told twice. She's up and out and heading down to the Hangar Deck with Jocasta following behind.

Bayless comes in from Corridor 11D.
Bayless has arrived.

Battlestar Genesis, Hangar Bay B, Raptor 214, 55 ACH

The forward section contains the flight deck, with side-by-side seats for the pilot and ECO (who occupies the rear section of the vehicle during normal operations). This opens into the main body which contains bulkhead-mounted racks of electronics equipment and sensors. A large canopy provides good forward and side visibility for the crew if any, which is no doubt of considerable benefit during atmospheric flight.

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.

The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

Jocasta climbs into the ship.

[From outside the ship:]
Orion has left.

[From outside the ship:]
Orion climbs into VIPER_210.

[From outside the ship:]
Zaharis comes in from Shuttle Transfer.

[From outside the ship:]
Zaharis has arrived.

[From outside the ship:]
Zaharis has left.

[From outside the ship:]
Dynames has left.

[From outside the ship:]
Dynames climbs into Tempo_1741.

[From outside the ship:]
Micah scales the stairs quickly, and beats a path toward his viper. The ladder's already up and a deck tech waiting to hand him his helmet and get him strapped in.

[From outside the ship:]
Micah has left.

[From outside the ship:]
Micah climbs into Nemamiah_109.

[From outside the ship:]
Bayless comes in from Aft Stairwell.

[From outside the ship:]
Bayless has arrived.

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Dyna clambers aboard her Viper before being taxied to the launch tube. She fits her helmet and verifies the seal then starts checking her readouts as they close it behind her.

Bayless climbs into the ship.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah's next in line after Dynames, for the launch tubes. Hatch sealed shut and preflight complete, he's taxied to the launch tube and put on hold. Maybe he's spotted in the cockpit, flipping on some classical. Maybe not.

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Tempo to CIC, board's green, standing by for launch."

[VIPER_210: Orion] Orion climbs into his Viper, and starts to go through his preflight check when he realizes he's not even put his helmet on. He wears it, closes the cockpit, and resumes his pre-flight, then taxis to the launch tubes.

Kalypso settles into her seat, helmet pulled into place, and starts going through the pre-flight check-list. She's rather textbook about it. "It's good to be back in one of these seats. Feels like coming home again. I've got this warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach." Or that could just be butterflies. "So, looks like Captain Nikos is making room for Lieutenant Bayless." Switches flipped. One last check of her seals.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "CIC, Flask. Status is go. In the pipe, 5 5 5."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "You are clear to launch."

Jocasta has just finished installing her helmet and testing her suit seals when she turns her head and shoulders to take note of the new arrival. She says into the tin-can comm installed near her illuminated mouth, "Welcome aboard, sir."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "CIC Tempo-Away!"

[From outside the ship:]
Tempo_1741 takes off.
Lost DRADIS Contact: Tempo_1741 heads for Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Lost DRADIS Contact: Tempo_1741 heads for Space.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "CIC, Jailhouse. Boards are green, launching."

[From outside the ship:]
Nemamiah_109 takes off.
Lost DRADIS Contact: Nemamiah_109 heads for Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Lost DRADIS Contact: Nemamiah_109 heads for Space.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "CIC, Flask is away."

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask's viper is absolutely rocketed out the launch tube.

Bayless climbs aboard the Raptor and gets strapped into the rear compartment seat nearest the cockpit. "Thanks as always, Jammer… Ensign Maru, you're correct in assuming I'm gonna be scoring you on this run, so make me a proud mamma, okay?"

[From outside the ship:]
Flask_210 takes off.
Lost DRADIS Contact: Flask_210 heads for Space.

[From outside the ship:]
Lost DRADIS Contact: Flask_210 heads for Space.

[Tac1] Kalypso says, "CIC, Leto. Pre-flight checks complete. Requesting permission to take-off. (OOC: Sorry 'bout the other… such a newb. ZOMG.)"

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Permission granted. You are go for launch, Leto."

Kalypso turns her head to give a smile to the others aboard their bird and then she's moving for take-off. "And into the black…"

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] Raptor_214 makes it's lift-off and moves out the Hangar exit for Kalypso's first official piloting mission. Gods help those aboard.

Kalypso takes off.
Kalypso flies the ship to Space.

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Tempo comes out of the tubes like a bat out of hell, though she reins in to assume formation as the rest of the birds erupt from the Genesis' pod.

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask pulls absolutely stupid Gs coming out the launch tube, then reins himself in, the strike craft turning to form up on the wing which is rapidly materializing.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Jailhouse is next, and guides his viper into the 'point' of the formation with a hard burn of thrusters. He cranes his head around to gain a visual on the raptor they'll be escorting.

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] The Raptor and her crew make their exit from the forward end of a flight pod and out into the stars to join the Viper contingent they go. Fuel scouting mission is a go!

[RAPTOR_214: Rue] The fleet is a whole lot more crowded these days. Clustered together as they drift through space, the red planet with it's glittering rings looms not too far in the distance, the planetary system's sun coming out from behind it, blindingly bright.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "All right, eyes open, let's get these ladies in and out with some tyllium to show for it."

Bayless peers out the viewscreen. "Nice skids-up, Leto. Nary a shudder back here. Jammer, how're things on DRADIS?"

In the back of the bird, Jammer's busily doing her thang — pushing buttons and flipping switches and keeping an ever-watchful eye on the gyroscoping scanner of the DRADIS display. "Colonial pings only, sir," she says in that canned comm voice.

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Eyes are peeled. Forming up on lower five."

Kalypso is quiet as she takes her bird out, focused on the task at hand. She does afford herself a little smile at the Lieutenant's praise. She's had plenty of flying experience in the last year, just, not in anything quite the size of the Raptor. Those were smaller craft, more agile, and the handling is really the first thing she's noticed.

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask drifts below and to the right of the Raptor, throttling down to maintain a decent distance. His movements are still a little stiff, though.

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Peepers peepin', baby, in the seven spot."

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Dyname's Viper slides into position to defend the Raptor from back to one side, and slightly below. As much as her Diploma is screaming at her to put eyeballs all over the big red planet so tauntingly close at hand, she keeps her eyes roaming, to make sure nothing untoward befalls them.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Jailhouse guides his bird in at the raptor's twelve, heading up the little cavalcade. His eyes are on the DRADIS mostly and the planet itself intermittently, always mindful of keeping within range of their escort.

Bayless nods. "Nice to know the chromejob cavalcade decided to take an oil break. Okay, ladies, how about we find the Fleet some go-juice?"

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] The Raptor moves, keeping it's position in the formation as it follows along behind Micah's lead. Time to bring this bird in closer to those rings so that the on-board ECO can work her fuel-finding magic.

<Trait Roll> Jocasta rolls Computer_use and achieves a degree of Good (4).

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask sticks to his escort, though there is the occasional course correction and throttle correction. Rookies. He keeps one eye firmly on the DRADIS and the other on his surroundings, occasionally turning away from DRADIS to look around from his cockpit.

[RAPTOR_214: Jocasta] Meanwhile, riding bitch at the countermeasures seat in the back, Jocasta is, indeed, performing some sort of strange ritual that involves lots of button-pushing and a little finger-waving over the DRADIS screen. She's naked, too… beneath her flightsuit and skivvies.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Looks like just another escort mission, where Micah's concerned. He holds position slightly above and forward of the Raptor's nose, hand steady on the stick while Jammer gets her readings.

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] The temptation is strong, but Dyna continues to press on, keeping an eye on the universe at large, rather than stare studiously at Big Red as it spins so mockingly near her. Her Viper holds steady with the formation and the pilot sighs wistfully, hopefully soft enough that the comm doesn't pick up on it.

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "Ladies and gentlemen, if you look to your left, you'll see the rag-tag remains of the proud Colonial fleet. And, if you look to your right, you'll see a bright red planet surrounded by rocket fuel. Everybody grab a bucket. We've got tyllium."

"Well, that was easy." Kalypso says with a glance back. She's relieved over this fact. She passes a nod to the Lieutenant that's on board for the supervisory position. And then those bi-colored eyes are back forward again to view port. The Viper in front of her and the big red planet that has just become a source for fleet fuel.

<Trait Roll> Kalypso rolls Pilot_raptor and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Jocasta clarifies for the sake of her crewmates something a bit more specific in the way of red planet skinny: "It's the darker rings, sir. Tyllium-rich. The lighter colored bands are ice.."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "That's a relief, was afraid we'd have to push these things back to the barn. *chuckle*"

[Tac1] Micah lets out a whoop! "Nice work, Jammer. Let us know when you got everythin' you need, and we'll head on back."

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] For someone who hasn't flown a Raptor in a year, Kalypso keeps the bird riding relatively smooth, only a few small bumps here and there to compensate for the handling differences.

Bayless sighs contentedly, the helmet comm reducing it to static. "Nice job, girls. Nice frakkin' job." She leans forward a bit to share the view with Jo and Kalypso. At the mention of ice, she asks Jo, "Ice? Maybe we found a fuel *and* a water source?"

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion exhales contentedly, "Hell yeah. Think I'll go swimming in it."

Of course, Jammer isn't one to skimp on the skinny, and certainly one scan, while encouraging, ought to be followed up with a second opinion. She initiates a second sweep and then minds the DRADIS console, just in case. If there was a Raider lurking in the asteroid belt of their last jump where the beacon was found, what's to say they weren't followed here for the rescue? Paranoid much? Maybe just a little. But, that's okay. S'what they pay her for.

<Trait Roll> Kalypso rolls Pilot_raptor and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "You can practice your backstroke later, Flask. Let's keep it sharp."

[Tac1] Kalypso says, "Kalypso lets her own whoop out over the comms at the good news."

[RAPTOR_214: Rue] Perhaps the focus was too much on the milk-run mission. Perhaps the fact that there's little to no forewarning before it hits. Whatever the case is, the micrometeorite storm manifests first as flashes of light in the star's light before raking their way through the little group of ships. Most just get a nice scare as their ship controls jerk around in their hands, but Tempo's viper fares less well, the power fluctuating before the console sparks and it goes out, leaving her to drift.

"Whoa," Kalypso says, hands quickly working to keep the Raptor steady in the face of the micrometeorites that suddenly start pelting down. There's more bumping and bouncing as the controls jerk in her grasp. "It's okay ladies, got it under control."

[Tac1] Kalypso says, "Leto. Everyone else okay out there?"

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "*thumpings then silence* Frak! Mayday-Mayday! This is Tempo, I'm dead stick and blind. Can you read, over?"

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah's voice over the comm is cut off by a shudder that jostles his mark seven, setting off a steady beeping of old bitchin' betty. Gritting his teeth, and gripping the stick, he prepares to ride it out. At least the raptor has a bit of warning, as his bird sways from side to side.

[Tac1] Kalypso says, "I guess that's a no. I read you Tempo. Loud and clear."

<Trait Roll> Jocasta rolls Computer_use and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Tempo's Viper reacts to the shower a little later than most, and it's evasives end in a flickering of it's running lights before the bird starts a sideward drift through the black.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Tempo, Jailhouse, I read you. Have you lost all power?"

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask's viper gets a nice shot of grit and debris, his vector spiraling off for a moment until the pilot regains control, fortunate there are still controls for him to regain.

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask comes to drift, turning his craft towards Tempo's and letting inertia carry him along.

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] Kalypso's Raptor bounces just slightly, moving just a little bit out of formationor what's left of the formation as everyone else deals with the storm too!and then smoothes back out. She's holding onto the controls, keeping it steady to ride out the shower and after her calls over the tac, she holds her breath.

[RAPTOR_214: Jocasta] When the microshower hits, Jammer goes on the scanner defensive and, yup, sure enough, there's a warning beep that goes up from her console.

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "We've got another barrage incoming. T-minus two minutes."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Affirmative. *little nervous, there's some clicking* What you hear is all I got. Copy, Jammer, trying to power back up."

Bayless frowns as this milk run just got less milky. "Godsdammit… go for a recon, get a frak-up in return… Leto, I don't suppose your training involved…" She then notices the alert from Jo's console, then her sit-rep. "Leto, we're may have to do an S&R on Tempo. Can you do it, or you want to swap out? Trial by fire, girl, but nothing'll be said if you want to hand off."

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Two minutes. Timer marked. We gotta slow her down. Jailhouse, Flask. I'm fixing to give Tempo a nudge, burn off that inertia in case she can't come out of that."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Tempo. Jammer, how're those tyllium readings comin'? Sooner we can get the frak out of dodge, the better. Flask, stay put."

[Tac1] "Flask" Orion says, "Holding, Jailhouse."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "*sigh* Well, I'm out of ideas."

"I…" Kalypso moistens her lips, "No, sir. I can do it." Shoulders back, eyes alert. Okay… NOW her palms are sweating. This isn't just a little run for Tyllium anymore. Someone's life is on the line.

[RAPTOR_214: Rue] Tempo's poor viper's console bleets once, then a single line of text comes along the top of the screen: Abort, retry, fail.

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "Jailhouse, Jammer. Reading's confirmed. Engaging in ess and arr."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "CIC, Jailhouse, we've encountered a micrometeorite storm en route to the planet. Confirmed positive on tyllium readings, though Tempo's lost power and is adrift."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Jailhouse, CIC. Understood. You doing a rescue?"

Bayless nods. "Your call, Leto. Now get that Viper out of the frying pan so we can get the frak home." She stays leaned forward in her seat, her teeth clenched, but trying to maintain a brave front for the two in the drivers' seats.

[Tac1] Kalypso says, "CIC, Leto. Moving in for ess and arr on Tempo."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Confirmed, CIC. We have another storm incoming in roughly one point five minutes."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "*little more anxious* How's my heading, Jammer? *under her breath* Please, tell me I'm not coasting into big red's gravity well…."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "I'm putting a Raptor team here on alert, regardless. In case things get sticky."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, CIC."

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] The Raptor's position shifts. Kalypso would wipe her hands off, but she's wearing gloves, so there's no need to even try. Her hands are steady in spite of it and once she has Tempo's Raptor in her sights she starts heading that way for a rescue.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Tempo, Scorch. We're coming in to haul you home, stand by."

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Tempo's Viper continues to coast lifelessly with the pilot inside looking around with an understandably consternated look on her face. her frame sags, and she nods, probably for her own benefit.

"One and a quarter," comes Jammer's canned voice from however many feet over the new kid's shoulder. No pressure. She's still all-eyes on the DRADIS screen and minding Tempo's drift.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah swoops in lower to take point on the raptor again, eyes on the DRADIS and the viewscreen in turns. No sense getting distracted.

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Copy that, standing by."

[Flask_210: Orion] Flask forms up directly behind and below the raptor, following it in and keeping his eyes peeled.

"No pressure," Kalypso says through her mask. Great reintroduction to the Raptor box office here, really. Ahem. So much for a cakewalk in and out mission.

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] The Raptor moves into position, not perfectly smooth now. There's possibly some degree of nervousness going now with the pilot is affecting her skills a little. Inspire confidence! Once close enough to Tempo's drifting ship, there's a metallic CLINK! as the tow-cables are deployed.

[Tac1] Kalypso says, "Tempo, Leto. Tow cables are away. Ready to get back to the barn?"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "What's our ETA on that storm, Jammer?"

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "*nervous chuckle* If it's no trouble, Leto, be much obliged!"

[RAPTOR_214: Rue] It may not be here yet, but the telltale glintings of the edge of the burst are starting to fill the air. A smaller micrometeor pings off the port side plating of the Raptor, even as the tow commences.

[Tac1] Kalypso sighs with relief, "Meteors are in-coming. Tow cables are in place. Ready to bring her in."

Bayless frowns and responds off-comm, "Too damn soon, from the sound of it. Leto, clock's running down, we need to be out of here yesterday."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Leto. Jus' keep it steady, we've got your back."

"Hauling Ass, Sir," Kalypso says. Time to put the Raptor back into gear and get back to the Genesis!

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] The Raptor is put into motion again, this time with Tempo's Viper in tow. Steady she goes and with as much haste is safe to utilize while dragging the other pilot's ship along behind. The approaching meteor shower is more than enough to put a fire under things!

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah throttles back to leave enough room between his bird and the raptor, in case the storm sends him veering out of formation again.

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "Incoming in ten… nine… eight…"

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Tempo's controls dead, her bird under the control of her fellow pilot, she has little to do in the grand scheme, as her eyes have their own limited faculties in the situation. With resignation, she watches the planet recede as she is towed back to the Genesis, a little embarrassed, now that the 'dead stick and out of control' is taken care of. As the countdown starts, she hunkers down in the seat. Be just her luck at this point that a rock comes through her canopy.

[Flask_210: Orion] Orion forms on Micah, following the other pilot's every move as best he can. They did not teach him to handle a situation like -this- in flight school.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah braces for impact, as it were. Hand steady on the stick, he strafes out ahead of the raptor and lets Orion bring up the rear.

[RAPTOR_214: Rue] The pinging of more micrometeors accompanies their fleeing the scene. Apparently, they're moving to the edge of the storm, though, because the hits are less severe than last time.

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] Don't stop. Keep going. Those inside of the Raptor would certainly be noticing that the ride isn't nearly as smooth as it was before. Whether by the added weight of dragging the other ship, the pings of the micrometeors, or the way Kalypso's hands are shaking on the controls, it's a little more bumpy of a ride. She's got her teeth clenched as she keeps following Micah on the way back to home base.

Bayless cautions Kalypso, "Easy, Leto… we're getting clear, no need for full-burn at this speed. Jammer, how soon till we're full-clear?"

[Flask_210: Orion] Orion tries not to think about the pocket-sized hellstorm he's basically flying adjacent to. If he could see his knuckles through his flight glove, they'd be white, clutched to the stick and throttle ever so tightly.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Leto, CIC. I've taken the opportunity to clear the portside deck for your arrival."

[Tac1] Kalypso says, "CIC, Leto. Copy that."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Pelted by rocks, Micah grits his teeth and peppers the thrusters to compensate. They're clear of the microstorm quickly enough, and he slips out ahead with a flare of afterburners.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "CIC, we're clear of the storm and RTB."

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "Looks clear."

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "All points, this is Scorch. Excellent job, everyone."

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Dyna endures the pelting as well as can be expected. She white knuckles the sticks throughout, and just trusts the Raptor to bring her home. Then she can crawl under her pillow in Gold Berthing and die.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Leto, you are cleared into the break. Portside landing bay, hands-on approach, checkers are green. Call the ball."

"Right. Right," Kalypso says in response to Bayless, swallowing down nerves. When it was just an easy 'in-and-out' mission, she was fine. Now some of the reality is sinking in, but she's holding it together. For now. She listens to the comms, keeps bringing the ship in. There's the Genesis and the awaiting landing bay. She's coming in perhaps just a little to hot, realizes, compensates and makes her response back over the comms.

[Tac1] Kalypso says, "CIC, Leto, I have the ball."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah rolls to port and veers off to do another go-around, and let the raptor with the extra load in first.

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] The Raptor and it's cargo are heading in just a little too hot. Towards the port side bay they go, even as the pilot seems to realize she's coming in too fast and attempts to compensate. Raptor and Viper are coming in for a landing.

Kalypso flies the ship to Battlestar Genesis.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Coming in a little hot, Leto, ease off."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Eeeeeeeee….!"

[Tac1] Kalypso says, "Frak. Sorry! Wide load, coming through!"

New DRADIS Contact: Tempo_1741 arrives from Grid Alpha.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Tempo_1741 arrives from Grid Alpha.

[From outside the ship:]
Tempo_1741 zooms by overhead.

Bayless advises, "Ease it back, Leto… easy…"

[From outside the ship:]
Tempo_1741 comes in for a landing.
New DRADIS Contact: Flask_210 arrives from Grid Alpha.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Flask_210 arrives from Grid Alpha.

[From outside the ship:]
Flask_210 zooms by overhead.
New DRADIS Contact: Nemamiah_109 arrives from Grid Alpha.

[From outside the ship:]
New DRADIS Contact: Nemamiah_109 arrives from Grid Alpha.

[From outside the ship:]
Nemamiah_109 zooms by overhead.

[From outside the ship:]
Nemamiah_109 comes in for a landing.

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Is that the collision alarm or Tempo?"

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] The Raptor does ease back, but maybe not -quite- enough. It's far from a perfect landing, but at least it's not catastrophic. The ship skids a little upon making contact with the deck, going forward and dragging the poor Viper and its pilot along behind. When it does come to a stop, Kalypso lets out a breath and sags forward on the controls.

Kalypso brings the ship in for a landing.

[Flask_210: Orion] Orion braces himself. Carrier landings… this never, -ever- seems to get any easier. Small bay, large strike craft, not all that much room for error. He sticks down, eases up on the throttle, and realizes that at some point he stopped actually breathing. Some point after he actually lands in the ship.

Kalypso just stays there, slumped forward over the controls for several heart beats. Not a word. When she does move, it's with shaking hands to power down the Raptor.

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Breit bounces around a bit in her seat as the landing is a little more energetic than the manual usually advises. As Tempo's bird comes to a stop, the pilot herself ragdolls in the safety harness and just…. breathes. Hard.

Bayless jerks a little with the touchdown, but is otherwise unrattled. "Leto, Jammer, everything five-by-five?" She breathes a sigh of relief as everyone made it back in relatively one piece, but the trembling in the pilot seat gains the squad leader's notice. "Brought her down, Leto. Little smoky, but she's down. Tempo too. Nice work." She then grins. "Wide Load."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah's the last to strafe in and touch down. His are often a little hot, and this one's no exception. It's not uncontrolled though, merely feisty like the pilot himself.

[From outside the ship:]
Flask_210 comes in for a landing.

[From outside the ship:]
Dynames climbs out of Tempo_1741.

[From outside the ship:]
Dynames has arrived.

"Five… five-by-five, Sir," Kalypso says. Her breath blows out and she sinks back against her chair. That was less than perfect. "Everyone's in one piece. I… think it's going to be a few before I can walk." She smiles shakily and lets out a little nervous laugh. "Mission accomplished?"

[From outside the ship:]
Dynames has left.

[From outside the ship:]
Dynames climbs into Tempo_1741.

Jammer gives a thumbs up toward the cockpit of the Raptor and then confirms with an audible, "Nothing on fire back here. Looks like the deck isn't dented too badly. Any landing you can walk away from, right, sir?"

[Tac1] Tempo laugh's weakly, then, "H-home again, home again, jiggity-jig."

Bayless nods to Jammer. "Frakkin' A." Then to Kalypso, "Yeah, we got it done. We oughta hop out and check on Tempo." She starts to unstrap from her seat, then works to get her helmet detached.

Kalypso nods and slowly pulls off her helmet. Her hair is shaken loose and with a little bit of a wobble in her knees, the Raptor pilot gets up. "Definitely fuel and possibly a water source and everyone is in one piece," she says. Now it's time to go back to the berthings and recover. She nods to the Lieutenant and her ECO. "After you ladies," she says, gesturing to the door.

Bayless nods approvingly and makes her way to the hatch.

Bayless has left.

[From outside the ship:]
Bayless has arrived.

Micah climbs out of Nemamiah_109.
Micah has arrived.

Orion climbs out of Flask_210.
Orion has arrived.

High above the deck, on one of the catwalks that ring the barn, is the form of the company Psyche. Evelyn's forearms rest on the top railing, a porcelain mug in her hands that has some absurd cartoon printed on the side. Blame the Chaplain for that one. She doesn't talk to anyone that passes, she just watches intently as the birds fly home. As the pilots filter out. Evelyn waits for one in particular, and when she finally spots him, she's slinking back and then she's gone.

Dynames climbs out of Tempo_1741.
Dynames has arrived.

Jocasta climbs out of RAPTOR_214.
Jocasta has arrived.

Eve leaves for Aft Stairwell [AS].
Eve has left.

Jocasta is the last to exit the Raptor, popping the seals and removing her helmet only when both boots have greeted the hangar deck proper. She's then wiping residual sweat from her brow and heading for the aft stairwell, en route to the ready room for a debrief.

Orion taxis his viper off to one side, where it essentially becomes the deck crew's problem. Climbing out of the craft proves to be a bit harder than the other times he's done this, on account of hands that, out of the requirements of his job, have done the opposite of going shaky: they're just too steady and stiff. He'll get used to it. He climbs out, drops to his feet, and pulls his helmet off and looks to Dynames viper, as well as the pilot.

Micah tugs his helmet off and waits for a crewman to clamber up the ladder and help him get unstrapped and unseated. There's a word or two exchanged about some damage to the ship's exterior, and he pauses a moment when he spots someone flitting away on the catwalks. Firming his jaw, he clambers down the ladder and makes haste toward the raptor and its 'wide load'. The viper, that is, not Kalypso.

Dynames takes a few to crawl out of her Viper, probably squaring herself away. Finally emerging, she makes it down the ladder in one piece and is immediately beset by deck crew who want to know what she did to their bird. Her cover comes off, and she tries to explain as best she can what happened, while her wingmates converge on her, and her saviors rush off to debrief.

Kalypso has her helmet tucked under her arm and now that she's out of the ship is doing her best to walk without that wobble in her knees. She makes her way over to the ship she towed in and it's pilot. A cursory look at the damage to the ship, she looks to the pilot. "Glad you're okay," she says. Lips moistened, she nods with a shaky smile, "See you at the debrief." And then without waiting around, she's following after Jocasta.

Jocasta leaves for Aft Stairwell [AS].
Jocasta has left.

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