Red High
Red High!
Summary: Hazzard and Gars play for Cigarettes
Date: 39 ACH
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Marine Enlisted Berthings Genesis - Deck 10
39 ACH 6285 Souls

Marine Enlisted berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two marines and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Eli Gars Hazzard Marine Bunks Triad Deck Wireless 1425
Exits: [O] Corridor

Hazzard makes his way into the berthing, carrying a dufflebag and looks recently showered by the moist hair. He looks around offering a little nod to the gathered Marines as he makes his way towards his own bunk here on the Genesis.

"That's called police brutality, on the records. Off the record though…" Eli trails off and just flips through her little book, grunting distractedly in greeting to Hazzard.

"Exactly" Gars says. "Off the recordis where you get results."

Hazzard opens up his locker and puts his bag down on the floor. One by one he brings out uniforms and hangs them back into his locker. It seems Hazzard has been to the QM and gotten new uniforms.

Eli just shakes her head and snorts, flipping through her book.

Looking over to Hazzard, Gars raises his canteen in a toast. "Congratulations, 'Sergeant' Hazzard. You did a fine job on the Persius."

"Word got around huh." Hazzard mutters as he looks over towards Gars and nods his head. "Pin's on my collar wont make me a better soldier..I'm still a Bastard in every sense, I still do what Zeus tells me..I'm just honored he puts faith in me."

Eli coughs and continues to flip through her book.

"If you weren't promoted for being a better soldier, then why the hell were you promoted?" Gars says, sitting as he is by the table. "Not for being a brown-nose I hope."

"Sergeant or Corporal…I'm still just the same Soldier, I just earn more responsibility." Hazzard finishes putting his new uniforms into the locker and wipes his mouth. "Were you a better soldier when you were a Staff Sergeant Gars, then you are today?"

Eli has to look up now, arching an eyebrow slowly and listening/watching.

"Right" Gars says and chuckles. "So you mean a private out of basics is just as skilled as you, sergeant. Is that it? If you ask me, rank should be an indication of ability. But if you feel that you're just a soldier, then you have no business having responsibility, now do you, sergeant."

Hazzard stretches the corner of his mouth. "Your not listening to what I'm saying Gars..No that is not what I'm saying, I'm saying that since last night and today, I'm still Hazzard..Still one of Zeus Bastards, I can't shoot better, I can't sneak better, and my tactical prowess has not increased with the pins..And I sure as frak was not alone on Persius." he shrugs his shoulders. "You have not answered my question though..Are you a lesser Soldier skillwise today then when you were Staff?"

"Oh for fraks sake, he's just saying he'll still have to work just as hard as he did before he got the frakkin' pins. Corporal, you don't frakkin' /listen/ you just try to prove that you know better. He's asking /you/ if you're worse than you used to be because you got demoted!" She looks over to Hazzard to make sure she translated that right before looking back to Gars. "Using your logic that rank suggests skill level, you're a lower rank so by your logic, you should get progressively shittier with each demotion." Then she takes a deep braeth and goes back to reading.

Gars chuckles and drinks some more of his water. "What Im saying is that Hazzard, over time, has gained skills and talents that now has earned him a promotion. It's not about yetsterday and today. Its about him, over time, growing into a better soldier than people around him. A month back I was Staff, a couple of years back, I was corporal. And yes, I am more skilled today than back then. Hazzard has proved to brass that he is a better soldier than those around him, and therefor, has earned some pins. I've been demoted because brass feels Im a bad soldier. So perhaps I was a better soldier when I was promoted to Staff Sergeant. Alot has happened since then, so who knows. If that is logic that cant sink into your skulls, I do believe I am beginning to see a pattern emerging amonst our sergeants." And with that, Gars drinks some more from the bottle.

Hazzard glances over towards Eli and nods his head. "You nailed it Sheriff." he then moves over towards the table and taps the deck of triad. "anyone for a game?" he asks as he settles down by the table. "What pattern is that Gars..You were one of the Bastards, you should know that I never valued the rank as much as the person. Zeus, major or Captain is still Zeus and if he asked jump, I would ask how high."

Eli just shakes her head slowly and just scans the pages of her little book.

"The pattern?" Gars says. "Well, standing at attention and saying Yes Sir, seems to be a good way to earn a promotion around here. Back on the Hoplon, people earned promotions for what they achieved and accomplished doing their jobs. Standing around like an idiot and saying Yes Sir, aint exactly what I would call promotion material. I would rather promote a man who regulary achieves in his field. But hell, I might be old school or something."

Hazzard starts to shuffle the deck of cards and nods his head slowly. "You saying I have not achieved?" he keeps a soft smile on his lips and then shakes his head. "Frak it Gars, you are a mule..Wanna play cards or not, you sourly old bastard?"

"Technically, the correct term is stubborn jackass, Sergeant." Eli replies from where she is reading her little book, without looking up.

"No, you dumb idiot" Gars says as he adjusts himself for the cardgame. "Im saying that you have achieved for some time now, and because of that, you have earned a promotion. Brass has taken notice of you, and you earned a promition for it. They trust you to be a sergeant cos you have proved to them that you might handle it. Gods, the people on this ship…" The man sighs and shakes his head. "Frak it, deal the cards, troop."

Hazzard glances up from his cards. "You really need to argue everything dont you Gars?" he mutters as he glances over towards Eli. "You wanna join Sheriff…Stake, cigarettes?"

Eli shakes her head quickly. "No thank you, I'm fine." She's reading!

Hazzard nods his head over towards Eli and then deals the cards. Once that is done he looks over his own cards and simply waits for Gars, since he is not the dealer.

Gars digs up a pack of smokes from a pocket and places it on the table as he takes a look on his hand. "Fraking cards" he mutters and begins placing cigarettes in the betting pile. With 15 cigarettes on the table, he leans back, eyes on the cards. "I'm keeping what I've got. Your call."

Hazzard eyes his cards and then looks up towards Gars and studies the amount of cigarettes on the table.. "None smoker like me huh..Well this is hard currency in a while." he murmurs and finaly places fifteen cigarettes into the pile on the table. "Well, I am a Bastard..and just made Sergeant..Why triffle with going what is good huh?" he nods his head to signal he is quite done too.

"None smoker" Gars says as he digs up yet another pack of cigarettes and places it on the table. "But like you said; Its as good as qubits these days. Personally, Im more of a dip kind-a-guy. Havent found much of it though lately… Anyways… Time to build."

A soft sigh escapes Hazzard as he watches the stakes rise higher. Now and then he checks his cards, carefully weighing his options before he adds his cigarettes, two at a time into the pile. "Well take my word for it, Corporal..This is better then cash soon enough." he picks up his cards to view them one last time as he builds his triad. "Show me, what you've got Corporal."

Gars places his hand on the table, a slight grin on his face. "Large Triad with Blues on top… Should do the trick, I hope." He then sips some of the water from his canteen.

Hazzard lets out a chuckle as he places his cards on the table. "Thinking wont get you far Corporal…Green is high baby." he says with a soft chuckle as he starts to sweep the cigarettes back to his side of the table. "Come to Papa."

Gars grin fades for a moment as he watches Hazzard gather up the winnings. But the suprise soon disappears as he shakes his head with a chuckle. "Gods damn it" he says as he gathers the cards to shuffle. "That's just pure luck, that is."

"Zeus watches over his own..And Apollo is on his side." Hazzard leans back in his chair and runs a hand over his mouth as he awaits the dealing over the cards. Once the cards is dealt he eyes them for a moment and wrinkles his nose. "Hmm..Maybe Apollo looks over others aswell."

"Whoa, easy Corporal..Ten is enough for now..gotta check my cards." Hazzard lifts his hards and eyes them for a moment and then nods. "Well, I wont dabble with the gods's choice…Your call."

Gars sighs and shakes his head. "Shitty cards" he sighs and then places them on the table. "A small mix with blue high… Damn it. Was hoping for Full Colors but the gods didnt see things my way, I guess. Maybe I should take to praying. Athena and Ares perhaps. Fitting for a marine."

Hazzard nods his head slowly as he eyes Gars's cards and then eyes his own. "Well having the balls to go for it, is all good..Problem is when you run into something far more superior.." he looks up and smiles widely. "How about another Large, with Red on top?"

"Well, sergeant. Im a marine" Gars grins. "I dont have the luxuary of giving up just because my opponent appears superior." He pauses to drink some water. "Just deal the frakking cards."

Hazzard shuffles the deck and deals the cards. "I dont only appear..I'm a Bastard, your just an asshole these days.." he says with a chuckle.

Hazzard actually discards one of the cards and picks a new one. "Apollo just loves me." he murmurs and curls his lips into a wide grin. Eyeing the new bet by Gars. He tosses in a few more smokes from the massive pot he has earned.

Fourty six cigarettes lay in the pot and Hazzard eyes his cards, humming softly for himself as he shuffles them to try and build up a decent triad. "Well, not as good as before I tell you that." he starts by placing two green three's, followed by a blue one. Then a blue two and a red one. "But I got a large one again..Green high."

Gars just tosses his cards on the table and groans. "Piece of crap deck… Why do I even bother."

Hazzard gathers up the cigarettes and leans back in his chair as he studies Gars. "Cause that is what you do Gars..You keep trying, even if you know your in for a defeat..Your perk and flaw." he murmurs as he arches an eyebrow. "You are about my equal in marksmanship..Combat wise..Yet, to can't suck it up.." he eyes the cards. "Another hand?"

"Just deal the cards, sergeant" Gars mutters. "And let me worry about loosing or nor."

"Lets see if Athena and Ares have taken a liking to me" Gars says as he places his cards on the table. "Large mix. Green high. If I dont win this hand Im frakking done with this piece of shit deck."

Hazzard arches an eyebrow as he looks at Gars and then smiles softly as he nods his head slowly. "Most likely you will..I dont have much this time..Can't runs the same play to many times in a row."
Hazzard builds his hand.

"Well, about frakking time" Gars says as he collects the winnings. "See what happens if you go up against a marine for too long, sergeant; You lose big-time."

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