Red Light, Green Light
Red Light, Green Light
Summary: Salin, Rhea, and Zaharis are back in the JAG office. This time isn't about ovaries. Mostly.
Date: 44 ACH
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JAG Office Genesis - Deck 11
44 ACH 6285 Souls

The office of the Judge Advocate General is a normal office room in appearance, with a pair of desks and a bookshelf in one corner containing legal texts and reference materials. Each desk has a computer terminal on it and built in set of drawers. Across from each desk is a pair of chairs for interviewees to be seated. Also along part of the back wall are a row of grey, metal filing cabinets.

[Intercom] Pass the Word! Major Zaharis, Major Zimmermann to the JAG Office. Major Zaharis, Major Zimmermann to the JAG Office.

Within the JAG Office, Salin is seated behind his desk, reviewing a memo that's crossed his desk. His desktop terminal is on and if one were to look closely, there's a schematic of the Carina displayed on it, more specifically, of the large lake that currently resides within the confines of the ship.

Zaharis steps through the hatch, duty shirt on and buttoned. He heads for Salin's desk without so much as a "boo" to the legal aides up front, rapping his knuckles on the faux wood. "Yes, dear?"

With out looking up from his desk, Salin lifts a hand and waves towards one of the chairs. "Come into my humble cave, Jesse. Have a seat." There's a soft hrrm and then he's giving a quick nod, finally looking around, "You seen Reed's suggestion yet?"

Rhea comes in from Navy Offices.
Rhea has arrived.

"Laketown?" Zaharis nods, folding himself into the seat and resting his arms down on his knees. "Looked over most of it. Didn't have much time, got into a rather involved discussion with the XO. He wants to talk to you by the way. So. Memo."

Ungh. Salin offers a slight grimace before shaking his head slightly, "Dare I ask what the XO wants?" A pause and he's lifting a hand to wave slightly, "Wait. Lets save that for later. I'm not sure I want to know at the moment." The terminal on his desk is turned so that it can be seen by all, "I've been thinking about Reed's proposal. It would solve quite a few problems."

Rhea marches into the JAG office. Brows arched at the both of them. "At least you didn't mention my ovaries this time. There's been far too much official discussion about female junk these past few days." Anyway. She starts this off briskly. "I take it this is about the Carina planning?"

Zaharis smirks at Salin and nods, looking at the computer screen as he gently rubs his thumb by his temple. A glance up at Rhea. "Actually I brought up fathers in the deal, since nobody's given a damn about them either." He looks back at the screen. "Solve my problems, Salin. Do it."

Salin shifts his attention over towards Rhea, giving a soft chuckle before offering a nod, "No. No ovaries this time. Though, I did get a marriage proposal out of this directive. Go figure. You're right though, this is about the Carina Planning." Casting a look over towards Zaharis, he gives a quick nod before looking back to Rhea, "Well, there's Jesse's opinion. What are your thoughts as someone far more knowledge in those type of things."

Rhea arches a brow at Zaharis, but she nods. "This plan doesn't seem to give a damn about either parent involved. Or the child. The only goal seems to be creating some facsimile of what the commander thinks a 'family' should look like." The air-quotes are audible and filled with disdain. She shrugs to the CMO. "Any father worth a damn is going to work to make sure his kid is taken care of. And they have rights the same as the mother, after a kid is born."

Zaharis doesn't answer Rhea. He gestures to the screen. "This more solves housing problems than my issues, though our rapidly disappearing water stores has been pretty high on my shitlist, so I approve. We're probably looking at having to contruct a secondary medical facility. Have one large, one small if we can wring the resources out to do it. This settlement would be a good place to do it."

"Alright. First off, this is a gender neutral discussion. No ovaries and no penises allowed to influence the discussion." Salin's offering a smile to each before he's settling back in his chair, "Now, Laketown solves our water issue and a housing issue. After doing some thinking and after our conversation last night, where we determined that a Battlestar isn't really a place for infants or pregnant women, I had a thought. What about a satellite garrison outside of Laketown where families could be transferred. Could be setup to to coordinate with the different departments on a variety of tasks."

"I need to hammer away hard at the whole water issue, though that's another matter entirely," Rhea says. "A battestar's reclamation system is one-hundred percent effective. Genny's no different in that respect. But draining the lake will give us more drinking and bathing water to work with for the Fleet as a whole, which I'm all for." She nods a little at the idea of a garrison. "Not a bad idea. It would allow women to keep working on military concerns through their pregnancies, as they can." She regards Zaharis. "Somehow, I managed not to do my son irreparable harm even though I wasn't confined to bed for nine months. Come to it, Salin, that's not so different than what I did when I was pregnant. I arranged a transfer off the battlestar I was serving on and headed off to the Scorpia shipyards."

"I could get behind that." Zaharis nods, first slowly and then more emphatically. "I'd been under the impression that Rhea knew the difference between not having pregnant women on a combat vessel and strapping them in bed for nine months, but since I was obviously wrong I'll restate. This is a good idea. And good for the children as well, since I'm about to have to fight an XO who wants to keep children onboard the ship."

There's a soft laugh and Salin is nodding, "It was your comment last night, Rhea, that made me think of this. Effectively, this could be considered a 'shore based' assignment." He's letting the comments about strapping people down go unmentioned for the moment. Looking towards Zaharis, his brow arches up quickly before he blinks, "Uh .. what!? Wait. The XO wants to allow children on the Genesis?"

Rhea snorts at Zaharis. "Your clarification is appreciated, Doctor." Another snort, as to the XO. "I'll fight him with you on that, Jesse. No decent parent would want their kid on a ship like this unless it was unavoidable. It's a frontline vessel. Even in peace time, there are a hundred little things that could go wrong on a battlestar, and I'm technically versed on all of them." She waves a hand. "I suspect the XO is getting rather desperate about this matter. If we bring him something reasonable, I think he'll back us on it. I get the impression he's no more happy about Regas' directive than we are."

"Not even to mention the fact that we have no natal or pediatric care capability." Zaharis rubs his forehead. "But yes, that's what the XO wants. I don't want to put his words in his mouth but I told him I would submit a formal stance against it and I will. I don't know if Fotilas will go for giving a transfer over…he was against me on the whole thing…but if there's a way we can also transfer work over to be done Carina-side it might appease him."

Fingers tap lightly against the desk and Salin is simply giving a slight nod of his head, "Alright. Apparently I need to speak with Fotilas, or rather, he needs to be speak with me, so I can bring this notion of Laketown and how it'll benefit both the civilians and the military, if you're both for it." There's a pause and he's taking a breath of air, holding it and then exhaling, "A couple of questions. One. Rhea, do we have the supplies and manpower to undertake a task such as this? Two. Jesse, do we have the medical supplies to effectively stock two centers? The Genesis and Laketown. And Third. How the frak do we drain a lake?"

Rhea nods to Zaharis. "Keeping anyone officers, and enlisted, working over their within the military chain is the key. I don't think he would've objected to stationing pregnant women and children on the PAS." She sighs. She misses the PAS. "But. The station was easier to deal with in a lot of respects. A military satellite would give personnel over there room to work and keep things tidy. As for kids on this ship, I'll talk to the XO. Seeing Reece here this week may've given him the impression it's more doable than it actually is. I'll explain why I try to keep my son as far away from Genny as possible, under normal circumstances." A flitted look at Zaharis, but it's back to Salin quickly enough. As for the lake, she shrugs. "It's not that hard, actually. It'll just take some man power. Standard structural engineering work. Don't fret, Salin. I'll get 'er drained for you. And I've got the manpower. It's one of the few things I have enough of right now. The PAS had a crew of some of the finest structural engineers in the Fleet. Major Carter's men are mostly under me now." Another look is flitted at Zaharis. Smirk at your peril, Doc.

Zaharis does smirk. He makes a point of smirking. Right at Rhea's FACE. Then it goes away and he looks back at Salin. "It'll be tight. But we have equipment from the Persius that won't fit in our bay and it'd just be going to waste. And if there's going to be another housing group like this, they should have a care facility within easy reach. The clinic they have is already in pain from low capacity."

Listening, Salin givs a nod of his head to each befoer he lifts a hand to rub at his face once more. "I'm aware of the structural engineer's capabilities. They constructed my Justice Building over on the Carina. Good work. Alright, I'll let Regas and Fotilas know what we're going to do. I don't think I can authorize this under the Office of the Civilian Liasion. Somehow think I'd end up strung up by my toes." Looking to Zaharis, he gives a quick smile, "I forgot about the Persius. Then again, I havn't seen their store list. So, it sounds like we have the necessities needed to make this a reality, if it's authorized."

Rhea makes a "Hmph" sound at Zaharis. She comments no more on any former PAS personnel and their relative positions under her person. She nods to Salin. "If I were you, I'd run it by the XO personally first. Then you boys can memo Regas. We can all manage our manager, as they say. The commander can't complain if we're solving his problems for him." She nods to Salin. "I can get you the Persius' inventory lists, if you like. The ledgers were very well-kept." Her tone gets a little soft. She clears her throat.

Zaharis gives Rhea a brief glance but his expression says nothing. He nods to both. "Sounds good. Salin, I'll forward you the data you'll need from medical to prove to Regas that we can do this on my side. You can toss it in for good measure if you want. We'll be ready to hop soon as the greenlight's on."

"Ya, I plan to speak with the XO first, get this authorization and thoughts on it. Then, it can be sent up to Regas' and we'll go ahead and get started." Salin leans forward as he speaks, settling his hands on he desk, "And please, if you can forward over the data, I can include it in my discussion, to show that we're capable of supporting a satellite garrison." There's a nod to Zaharis, "Please, Jesse." Lifting a hand, he's turning the terminal back towards him before powering it off, "That's all I needed to know. Just wanted to make sure you both thought it was a good idea."

"I'll get you it shortly, Salin. I'm moving my son back to the Carina tonight, I think. No point in using the extra day since I don't need to, and I think he's eager to be home. I'll take a look around when I'm there, do a little informal walk-through. Should give me a better idea of how much material it'll take. I don't think it'll take much. Let's get to work, gentleman." With that, she takes her leave of them. Rather briskly.

Zaharis stands as well. "Get that up to you a few then, Salin. You still owe some decent coffee over there in Carinaville, don't think you're off the hook." He smirks and turns to go, himself.

Rhea leaves for Navy Offices [o].
Rhea has left.

"Thanks, Rhea." As she leaves and Jesse rises, Salin gives a soft chuckle, "I haven't forgotten, Jesse. We'll get over there and have a real cup soon enough. Need to catchup with Fotilas before I think about heading over there."

"Yeah." Zaharis seems about to comment on the Fotilas thing, then he apparently decides to keep that 'not putting words in mouth' promise from earlier. "Let me know how that goes. Talk to you later." He taps the hatchframe with this fingers and slips out.

You head towards Navy Offices.

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