Red Planet - Surface
Red Planet - Surface
Summary: Marines go down to the planet for some recon.
Date: 59 ACH - 01/11/09
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Hangar Bay B (#1110RXaFJ) Genesis - Deck 7

59 ACH 23817 Souls

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.

The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

[Intercom] Pass the word. All Mission marines, report to Hangar Bay B.

Hazzard comes in from Aft Stairwell.

Jocasta climbs into RAPTOR_214.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

Bell climbs into RAPTOR_214.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

Slowly making his way down the stairs is, well one of the SST members, since he is clad in a ghillie suit. Rifle in hand, he makes his way down to the hangar deck as he checks his pouches one finaly time as he moves over to report in for duty.

Nodding with his ghillie hood down, Ramiro motions for Hazzard to get into the Raptor. "Allright, everyone saddle up." Ramiro says, slipping inside in the first position.

Along with a young marine medic who has picked up the nickname of 'Checkers', two more marines head into the Raptor. One has a heavy duty bag in his hand that clanks when he sets it down on the deck.

Hazzard seats himself, securing his weapon for transit, before he straps himself on and fishes out the pack of gum he sparingly uses only for the Raptor flights. Gum placed into his mouth, he then offers it to the other Marines before he gets to the next scheduled tradition of Raptor flight

Jocasta sits in the back of the Raptor in her flightsuit, helmet on, seals checked, going through her preflight regimen diligently.

Making sure the observation post is locked down into position, Ramiro stows his rifle and looks like a costumed character in his large ghillie suit. Double checking the seals on the equipment that's coming over, he has a ski mask of sorts over his face. "Allright marines lock in, stow your weapons…" He pauses, a small clicking sound is heard as he checks a compartment. "…when we hit the dirt unless otherwise ordered, SST's going to be first out. Let's set a perimeter around the landing zone." Ramiro sits, relaxing his muscles.

Bell is loaded up and locked in. Securely. She's a groundpounder, and still doesn't quite take to these fangled flying contraptions. She nods along with Ramiro as he gives them the prelims. "Gotcha, Sarg," she puts in, though that's her only contribution.

The other marines take a stick of gum from Hazzard. They mainly remain silent, except for the Medic who rechecks his gear and starts whistling a tune out of Tauron.

"How large a perimeter..We talk close range or do you want an outer cordon of a few hundred yards?" Hazzard murmurs as he packs his gum back into one of the pockets and then leans back to get what may be the last sleep her gets for a few hours.

Kalypso is finishing up her own pre-flight check-list. Don't mind the rookie Raptor pilot, or the Lieutenant that's sitting next to her for observational purposes. Yep, just taking some Marines down to do their thing. Nothing worth getting all jittery over, not that this prevents her palms from sweating inside her gloves. Seal check. Helmet check. "How's it lookin' back there Jammer? All settled in?"

[Tac1] The comm crackles as CIC comes over it, '214, Genesis. You are clear to launch when prepped. Zero-two-seven reports the spot for your landing area (coordinates given). Prepare for some heavy growth down there. No hostiles reported.'

[Tac1] "Wide Load" Kalypso says, "CIC, 214. Initiating launch."

Ramiro smiles beneath his ski mask as he leans over and cracks his head against Bell's helmet lightly. It's tradition. "Ten meters out. Bell you're taking twelve, Hazzard on two, Myself on ten,…" He motions to a few of the other marines. "You two are at four and eight. When the all clear is sounded I want you two to remain behind with the Raptor." Ramiro looks to Bell and Hazzard. "Us three are going to recon forward, Bell you'll be taking rear on this one."

After a few last minute checks, Jammer gives the thumbs up to the rook in the box office and replies, "We are green and ready to go, Kal." There's no 'take her out easy' or 'play it cool' or any other sort of 'this is how you should do your job' assertion tacked on after that. The countermeasures officer just smiles and gives the new girl a nod.

Kalypso takes off.

[RAPTOR_214: Kalypso] There's a slight shudder as the Raptor lifts off the Deck and then it's up, up and away! Out of the flight deck the bird goes with its crew and "marine cargo" and into the black!

As the raptor lifts up and veers away from the ships in the fleet, the medic suddenly looks green around the gills. Checker's hasn't been on a real mission yet. Shuttles are bad. Bouncing Raptors make him ill.

Bell helmet-bumps Ramiro back. In Marine solidarity. Hey, they're both still alive. Maybe it's lucky. "Twelve. Right-o," she says, a little unused to bringing up the rear, but it's not a point she's going to complain about.

Hazzard opens up an eye as he looks over towards Bell and studies the woman for a moment, as he chews on his piece of gum. He remains silent for the moment, the orders are given and he does intend to get some sleep done before he lands. A quick glance is cast towards the medic and shrugs his shoulders. "Dont sweat it doc..The Ares is the best there is, you can't find a better Raptor pilot alive." he murmurs and then leans back to get some well deserved z's

Jocasta might not be giving suggestions for how to fly to the Rook, but the older officer up front is. Meanwhile, Kalypso is just nodding. "Right, right, got it," she says. She unconciously wipes a hand on her pant leg, but it really doesn't do any good with those gloves on. Damn, she wasn't this nervous the last time… but then, last time hadn't been quite as smooth sailing as ws intended. Prayer to Ares for confidence and strength, and Kaly keeps on flying, guiding the vessel towards the looming red planet. This ride? Not nearly as smooth as her last flight out either. There are wobbles, jostles, and pity for those passengers who are getting motion sickness back there. "Smooth her out, Wide Load. Not so tense, relax your shoulders." Kalypso clears her throat, "Right. Right. Sure, sure."

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "DRADIS clear. Colonial contacts only."

[Tac1] Genesis says, "The comm from CIC is heard again, "Copy that, 214. DRADIS is clear.""

[Tac1] The comm from CIC is heard again, "Copy that, 214. DRADIS is clear."

[Tac1] "Wide Load" Kalypso says, "Moving in for approach to the planet's atmosphere."

"Recon, once we get into the tree line we're going to fan out in a line." Ramiro says, continuing the arrangements. "Hazzard on my left and Bell on my right. I'll take down the center. We'll all creep forward. Watch for anything, just because we haven't been here doesn't mean there's tripwires." Ramiro says, pointing to Meris and two marines that seem to be fading into the background. "Meris I want you twenty feet behind us with the MG. We're not authorized to fire, but if we get stuck up there, we're gonna need your cover." He pauses, looking around them. "Do not fire unless ordered. Let's show the CIC we can hold our trigger fingers when it counts. Huah?"

"Hooah," Meris echoes gently, nodding once in firm comprehension. "What are we expecting, sarge?"

Bell makes a squeaky "Eeep" sound as she's jostled but she doesn't complain. Verbally. Her scrunched face and pointed *look* up toward the pilot is a complaint in and of itself. She sits back, rolling her own shoulders. Not *quite* as pale as she was a month or so ago on these jaunts, but some de-tensing is still in order. "Huah!" she pipes. Psyching herself up.

Going through those rings are still fun. As the Raptor closes in on them, those colors become brighter and the rocks that move along them, that much closer. Two shepherd moons are seen in the distance as they rotate among them.

"Mmhmm.." It is barely audible but Hazzard gives his approval to the orders given as his head is jostled around as the motions of the raptor makes his body strain against the straps holding him in place. His head hangs down towards his chest, as if asleep, yet the chewing of the gum may indicate he is not fully gone just yet.

"No known hostiles, but I want everyone watching from tripwires, wildlife, dangerous fauna, locals, sharp sticks, spiders, sinkholes, and Cylons." Ramiro replies. "It's daytime local but it still should be darker under the canopy. Watch your footing and move slow, the thinness of the air is going to be an absolute bitch down there. We move slow, we move cautious, we record and return to the LZ with our findings."

Through the pretty rings they go and then the pull of the planet's gravitational field is eventually felt. Kalypso cuts her eyes over to the man in the seat next to her, but doesn't say anything. Nice and easy… she doesn't have a busted Viper in tow this time as an excuse for a bad landing. Towards the drop site and oh, yeah, there's plenty of foliage. Worse comes to worse, that can be an excuse for a bad landing.

Kalypso flies the ship to Red Planet.

<Trait Roll> Kalypso rolls Pilot_raptor and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

[From outside the ship:]

<Trait Roll> Kalypso rolls Pilot_raptor and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

While Jammer may have her helmet on, she's still doing her best to keep an ear to the Marine orders, just in case any improvisation might be needed once they get on the ground. The ride in the back isn't any smoother than it is in the front, but she's endured worse, most definitely. When the landing fails to result in all of their screaming and fiery deaths, the countermeasures officer says: "Good job, Kal. Good job."

Bell makes a soft "Oooo" sound as they transverse the rings, blue eyes wide. Those *are* pretty. She braces herself as they come in for a landing, though it doesn't jostle her too much.

Kalypso brings the ship in for a landing.

Once the atmosphere is breached and the Raptor drops down lower. Skimming across the jungle-like areas. It isn't long before two vipers join them. No one is taking any chances today as those ships plan on kicking any butt that may be lurking here.

Meris nods firmly, taking a last moment to double check magazines (the ammunition sort, not the nudie women sort, you sickos), pockets and gear.

Maybe it's just all the foliage that gives the landing cushion, but it's definitely nice and smooth as far as landings go. Kalypso even let's out a little whoop of triumph over it. "Happy hunting, boy-os," she calls over her shoulder to the Marines, "We're here."

Ramiro, to avoid catastrophe, goes silent. His lips are moving in his typical pre-drop prayer. Touching his hand to the prayer beads around his neck, he looks up with a whispered. "So say we all." He looks up. Standing, he grabs his heavy back and his rifle, reaching for the door control. He pops the hatch and heads out, moving to his position.

[From outside the ship:]

[Tac1] "Wide Load" Kalypso lets out a little whoop. Must've been a good landing. "CIC, 214. Safely landed at the drop point. Troops are away.

Hazzard unstraps himself, picks up his rifle and then with a yawn makes his way towards the hatch to follow Ramiro out into the great wild unknown.


Landing Area (#98RXF) Red Planet - Surface

59 ACH 23817 Souls

The surface of the planet has the harsh enviroment of an overgrown jungle. To the south, less than fifty feet away from the landing spot, the growth is heavy and thick. It's possible a path was here at one time, but has now grown over again. It'll take awhile for it to be cleared. To the north, the body of water sparkles like an amethyst gem under the odd sky of blue and reddish land. Rocky edges make the trip to the water a little periless as the rocks are slick with moisture and the growth of a red algae substance. The water itself has the lasting taste of salt. It even permeates the thin air.

Exits: [BP] Blocked Path [PA] Pathway

[SH] Shuttle Transfer


[From RAPTOR_214:]

Bell unlocks and loads, getting her rifle in hand and prepping to exit the Raptor. Bringing up the rear.

It isn't just the foliage, it grows definately thicker as it creeps from the seaside, to the jungle. There is however a large, sickening crunch when the Raptor lands though.

Meris does as directed, hustling out of the Raptor, then hanging back, bringing the machine gun down from its sling around her shoulder to the ready position, keeping a weather eye out behind them all. Hey, if she's at the back, she's making sure nobody comes up behind them.

Bell is in the back. Which is kind of nice on this particular, as it means those in front of her will hopefully stomp the more annoying foliage in their path. She holds her rifle up and at the ready, blue eyes wide as she takes a long look around. Gaze sweeping the area in a scouty fashion.

Once outside of the Raptor, Hazzard becomes a new kind of man. Using the tools the Marine Corp has granted him he makes his way into the jungle at what ever speed possible due to the fauna. Aiming to position himself at about two o'lock if the raptor nose is twelve, with about ten to fifteen meters away from the large ugly bird.

Marines streaming out to form the ten meter semicircular perimeter, Ramiro creeps forward over the slick rocks with a scowl. Doing a sweep of the treeline, he narrows his eyes. The crunch beneath the Raptor is a bad sign, quickly glancing to check the gears. They might be getting left behind for later pickup if the LZ is bad. Moving toward to his position ten meters from the landing zone, he motions for one of the rear guard marines to check the Raptor out. He gives a hand signal for radio silence as well.

Something ooozes now around Bell's boots from under the Raptor. Two ton Raptor. A quarter ton turtle. Turtle loses. The jungle, as it is aptly called. Is just that. Encroaching toward the sea, it is thick and impenatrable. Looks like you're gonna need machetes to hack out any type of path for any kind of recon watch.

The wind picks up a little, carrying the heavy, salt-filled air with it. Waves lap against the algae covered rocks. The air is cool and sharp, considering this is mostly jungle and water. The other marines pile out finally, Checkers in the back, then to the side as he loses his lunch. The clanking sound heard before? Hacky things. Come get your hacky things.

Hazzard is not about to go weed hacking just yet, he is trained in these sort of situations and preferes to leave as little trail of his pasisng as possible. Besides he is just acting security for the moment, with his rifle in hand.

Seeing the Raptor set down, Ramiro turns to watch the two marines that are acting defense get into their positions. Scanning and finding nothing, he gives the signal for clear, motioning for the non-recon marines in the back to set up their defense and basecamp. A little chitter sounds from his mouth as he hand signals for the recon to fall into position and start to move forward.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

Kalypso settles back into her seat, frowning at that crunch sound. "Wonder what the frak that was," the woman says. She doesn't get any praise for her good landing from the Lieutenant sitting next to her. What was his callsign again? Poet? She turns in her seat to look back at her ECO, "So, Jammer, you wouldn't happen to know anything about some mysterious stick figures that wound up in my journal would you?" Might as well make small talk while the Marines do their thing.

Bell looks down at the ooze under her boot. She holds back any audible sound of disgust, but her nose wrinkles a lot. Icky, turtle. Her rifle is slung back, though it's kept in a position where she can draw it without much fuss. She flits over to get herself a big hackin' knife.

The advantage to being six and a half feet tall is that under normal circumstances, Meris can see quite a bit further, over low shrubs and small walls and so forth. Today, the issue is rather less that she can see more, and more that she has to duck to avoid low hanging foliage. Still, the crouching walk is good to build up those thigh muscles and burn some fat, ladies!

[From RAPTOR_214:]

There's not much for a Raptor crew to do when they're on the ground, so when Jammer's completed her landing protocols, she merrily takes the opportunity to remove her helmet and engage in a little casual conversation. "…stick figures?" she asks with a grin. Gods, she already looks guilty! "No. Can't say that I do."

<Trait Roll> Lex rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Bell rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Good (4).

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).

<Trait Roll> Meris rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Chitter sounds? That could be considered a mating call in some areas. Off in the distance a 'kiki-koo kiki-koo' is heard. There is also something large moving from the south-east point of the jungled growth. Slow though. Over head more sounds are heard, returning that other call. Then something slaps Lex on the helmet. It slides down over her face shield. Looking like rotten eggs. A secondary barrage does the same to Ramiro's head gear.

Local fauna, sensations in forms of scents and the likes. Hazzard idly chews on his gum as he lets his gaze wander over the various positions he'd place himself if he were setting up an ambush for a group of unsuspecting marines.

Ramiro brings his rifle suddenly up towards the higher tree line, dropping to his knee and scanning. Contact of some sort has been made. Safety off, he pans, attempting to select a target of some sort. Mentally cursing himself, he looks for signs of movement. The rotten egg splatters against the hood of his capelike ghillie suit, running down the side.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

Kalypso's helmet is removed too and her hair shaken out. One eyebrow lifts up and the woman skeptically adds an, "Uh huh." Good old Lieutenant Poet gets a sideways look as he chuckles under his breath. Kalypso's eyes only narrow. "Sir?" "Don't look at me, kid. The drawings were already in the book when I saw it laying there." And so it's back to Jocasta, "You sure you didn't see anything? Not that they didn't make me laugh, but, I'd like to… thank the artist." Meanwhile, outside the Raptor, the Marines are getting egged??

Oh, what's this? Machetes. Lex snags one and slings her rifle over her shoulder by the strap just as something slaps into her face shield and oozes down it. She uses the machete to scrape it off her face shield, and also takes a knee to minimize her potential target size. "Deja vu," comes a mutter from the blonde. Don't ask her to explain that.

Meris casts a quick glance upwards, although she keeps the machine gun pointed in more of a south easterly direction. Big sounds, big gun. It makes sense.

Hazzard tilts his head as he studies that thing out there moving in the growth. There is radio silence soo he spares a glance over towards SST leader and with hang signals indicates the direction and the number of contacts, namely one. He also offers a slight wave over towards the Raptor before he gives the direction of the 'thing' out there again.

Bell's gaze lifts as the…something hits Ramiro and Lex. Nose wrinkling some more. That's just gross. "Something big's moving from the south-east, Sarge," she tells Ramiro, from her point at the rear. "Not coming on too fast, though." She gets her machete into a more comfortable grip.

Monkeys. Everyone should have one or six. There are six now, on a large overhang of a tree. They make sounds as if they are laughing at those below. Here comes more of those things! Yum. Duck!

Those damned monkeys are making alot of noise, bringing alot of attention to their position. "Heading?" Ramiro says to Bell and Hazzard as he starts to fan out to the center. Deciding it best to not enrage the monkeys by shooting one of them, he moves to the center position of his earlier "T" shaped recon position. Motioning for Hazzard and Bell to watch for the contact, he takes a knee at the tree line, looking inside.

Pvt Lex takes a position behind Meris after another brief gear check. She secures her rifle, and looks up at the huge female marine. It's like having your own personal meat shield. Which is helpful with monkeys flinging poo. "It's all fun and games until someone straps you into a G-4 vest just to see how far the chunks go." Threats won't ward off the simians, but at least it makes her feel better.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

Jocasta lays her helmet aside on what scant blank space there might be available on her console in order to free up both hands and shake out her ponytailed hair with a little exhausted huff. "Well, if I see anyone wearing a mask and wielding a pencil, I'll let you know, eh?"

As the order is signaled, Hazzard does his best to without hacking like there was no tomorrow, to get into position. As Lex speaks up he looks over and shrugs his shoulders, before he once again looks out into the wilderness. Using well adapted hand signals he motions the direction of the target, which is off towards the water line. "Frak that thing is huge." he murmurs for himself.

Meris is a farm girl at heart. If there's one thing she's familiar with, it's poo. Not usually being thrown (unless by pitchfork), but still, it apparently doesn't faze her too much. She absently flips up the backsights of her machine gun, checking the action, before lowering them again with a soft click, all the while peering out into the jungle.

Good thing there are no wild pygmy's with sharp sticks. The area is quiet except for the trees shaking from those little furthings running about. As others stand around, it looks like it is up to the two lackey marines along to begin some jungle hacking.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

"You do that," Kalypso says with a small grin. Alright, no such luck on figuring out who the Stick Figure Bandit is yet. She still lifts a suspicious brow glancing between Poet and Jammer. She'll find the culprit. Oh, yes, yes she will. "How'd the rest of Air Wing Boxing go last night, after I ducked out?"

Smiling at something Lex has said, Ramiro keeps his head in the game and slides his machete off of his pack at the small of his back. Looking in the direction of this large thing, he turns his head and points the two lackey marines to maintain defense. Doing a scan of the foliage, he's thankful for his ambidexterity right now. Gripping the machete in his left hand, he pauses. He tries to get a glimpse of the large thing that's moving before turning his eyes back to his angle. "Bell. We need a better look at that thing." He motions for her to scout it. "No contact."

Bell nods in agreement as Hazzard's signals about the south-east thing. She glares up at the monkeys. Ducking…whatever it is they're throwing. She gives Ramiro a half-hopeful look. Are we engaging the monkeys? Wouldn't it be fun to shoot them? Pretty please?

Checkers decides to go and collect some samples. Science and medical like that type of report.

It looks like the monkey's are tossing small eggs, as they crack when they hit. No poo yet. Lucky!

"Its a fraking turtle Dane." Hazzard hisses over towards Ramiro. "A huge fraker, but still…looks quite dumb too. Slow moving." he adds as he straps his rifle to his chest and brings out his machete and pistol instead, as distances in this terrain wont mean much and he rather go silent if need be.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

Oh. That. Jocasta's jovial disposition suddenly sours as she searches for some sort of excuse to avoid talking about it. She does offer a brief, "Nova got the best of Captain Nikos." but, surely, that couldn't have been it, eh? Wasn't Jo bucking at the bit (in her own quiet way) for a fight?

"Keep an eye on it." Ramiro hisses. "If it keeps heading after us we'll have to put it down." He waves, cancelling the order to Bell. Rifle's grip in one hand, he hacks into the underbrush in front of him, clearing a path for himself as quietly as possible, choosing weak, thin points in the growth for slicing. Careful to watch for wires or load bearing points as he does so, recon begins. To hell with the monkeys.

There is little so undignified as wiping goo from your face shield. Lex forbears. Having a rifle and a machete help. Of course the nice thing about bringing up the rear is there's a less foliage to fight with. Bonus.

Trying to make his way without to much hacking, Sergeant Hazzard weaves and zig sags in his path as the recon mission begins. As he is ordered to check for traps, it is a slow and methodious trekk into the jungles of planet 'Red'. Now and then he makes sure he still has visual contact with Ramiro on his side.

Meris is following pretty much in Ramiro's tracks, only having to duck, squeeze by, and cut a little extra space every now and then. The machine gun is slung back over her shoulder, giving her both hands free to work.

Bell pouts when they're not ordered to fire upon the monkeys. A monkey head mounted in the enlisted bunks would've been kind of awesome. But, on she goes. Blue eyes sweeping off to the sides and behind them. Machete whacking any excess brush left behind by the Marines ahead of her. There's not a lot for her to whack. She's a small-sized Marine, and is just behind Meris, which keeps her path pretty clear.

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

It takes them about an hour, but hacking finally makes a path. A path that has been there for awhile from the looks of it. It's overgrown, but it can be seen that at one time it was kept more open to move deeper into the jungled area. (Go PA)

You head towards Pathway.


Pathway (#1721RXF) Red Planet - Surface

59 ACH 23817 Souls

The overgrowth is still thick along this area. Ropes of vegetation hang down from the height of the trees above. Some of the leaves and vines hold a sticky substance that clings to clothing. Oddly enough, instead of suppressing heat that would be found in some jungle environments, the weather is cool to the skin.


As they make their way through, the ropey vines hang down in front of them. There is one of the simians now, upside down and just swinging back and forth as he watches the new and interesting creatures. The chattering goes on, telling them all about it. Whatever that is in monkey talk.

Keeping the forward scouting at a crouch that will more than likely hurt in the morning, it isn't the most strain that Dane's had in the last forty-eight hours. Breathing heavily and sweating once the canopy is broken into, he takes a moment to catch his breath in the thin air. Taking a knee in the center of the formation, he sticks his machete into the mud and scans the inside with his rifle. Watching closely, he takes a few moments to let them all rest as well before he gives the hand signals to stay low and move forward, ready positions. This means crouch with your weapon out, watch for danger. Eyeballing the monkey, he lets his rifle hang and pulls out his silenced pistol, pointing at it as he creeps forward just in case.

Hazzard isn't to concerned about monkey, nor turles. So far neither species has killed a marine as far as he knows, but then again he has not spent to much time studying the various kinds of the two. Instead Hazzard methodiously continues on his work, making his way forth scouting for the Gods alone knows what.

Meris slides her machete back into its sheath, nudging it back round on her belt to sit behind her, out of the way. She pulls the machine gun back down from over her shoulder, dropping to a crouch with the barrel angled slightly upwards. Not really in monkey-killing position, but rather more in not-shooting-her-fellow-marines position.

Lex crouches and moves forward with the rest, hand on rifle, scanning for contacts. In the back of her head, she's mentally cataloguing some turtle recipes. She keeps her eye on their ass since she's back there.

Bell is starting to breathe a little heavy as well. She's in good shape and not hacking as hard as some of the Marines around her, but the air is thin. It's an adjustment. She flits into position on Ramiro signal, putting her machete up and slipping her rifle out. She gets low, eyes flitting about. Squinting to try and penetrate the thick foliage.

The monkey suddenly swings and leaps toward Ramiro. The ghillie-suited marine looks like fun! Hopefully he can latch on to those strips of fabric and find out what is underneath.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Mid-air. The monkey drops like a rock onto the ground in front of Ramiro. It doesn't even twitch. The double tap of rounds shot it in two. Monkey goo flies out on those nearby.

The metalic sound of the mechanism, and the damped crack of the gun going off makes Hazzard look over in the direction of his squad leader. The red mist of dead monkey almost frozen in time for a split second before it takes up its new position in the hierarchy of the Red planet as fertilizer on the ground. He is about to proceed forth when he instead freezes himself and sinks down into a low position, melting into the under growth to check something out.

Seeing Hazzard do so, Ramiro slides his pistol away and reaches down with the machete to slide the monkey's throat. Better safe than sorry. Rifle not in hand yet, he holds up his right hand to signal caution, motioning for everyone to take their watch. Still crouched, he raises his rifle and scans, trusting his SST member to know what he's doing.

NO more Mr. Nice Monkeys! Seeing their little buddy killed raises a helluva ruckus up above. Vines shake, rattling of sounds go off, close and in the distance.

As Hazzard checks the ground, which is rather soft in spots there is another movement stalking in is direction.

Meris shifts her aim over towards Hazzard, straightening some to try to get a better look at her target. Maybe Hazzard insulted her drapes or something.

Bell's head whips around, more at the sound of monkey being deadened than of Ramiro's silenced pistol. She grins, offering the Sergeant a little thumbs-up. Nice kill, right there. She then goes back to scanning from her angle. On the watch for more ninja monkeys. Her eyes lift upward at the vine-shaking. Wary.

<Trait Roll> Meris rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Meris lifts the machine gun into the ready position, peering down the barrel. "Sarge," she calls out to Hazzard, the tone soft but urgent. "Big cat. Stalking you."

Having spent along time alone and in the wild, Hazzard reaches down with his hand..Poo, some form of animal left droppings on the ground and he smears some onto his suit and uniform. Disgusting is just another way to survive in the wild, and if he smells like the world around him the better. As Meris calls out, Hazzard remains crouched in a low position but he places a finger on the trigger of his pistol.

King of the Jungle. Meet your match. The cat pauses there, it's amber eyes watching through the foliage. Huge paws stands till, with razor sharp talons. Nostrils twitch. Dead monkey. Mm. But the other things are unknown. It doesn't move.

Ramiro reaches down into the dirt and grabs the dead monkey in his glove. Quietly, silently, he hefts it and does a quiet baseball swing, throwing the freshly killed monkey off into the distance. "Cmon girl…." He whispers. "…take the easy meal…"

The King of the jungle, presumably, stalking him..Monkeys going haywire in the trees around him and a very uncertain path ahead. Hazzard is not to fond of his choices at the moment, but decides to stick to his duty and job. Ignoring the cat for the moment he goes to work on the area before him..It seems Sergeant Hazzard has found something, probing it with his knife, he like the cat tries to make as little noise or movement as possible.

Overhead there isn't a wisp of sound. Predator in the area now. When the monkey parts are flung off, the undergrowth rustles and the amber eyes disappear as the cat backtracks to find the food.

Meanwhile…Hazzard needs to roll Agility.

Bell turns her blinking from the monkeys toward the big cat. Hands tightening on her rifle. Ready to do some hunting, if it's called for.

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Staying in position, kneeling and watching with his rifle, Ramiro eyeballs the movement from the jungle cat and waits for a signal from Hazzard. Remaining quiet, he stands guard.

Cat heads off and Hazzard lets out a sigh of relief..and then the ground before him vanishes under the presure of his knife. "Frak" he lets out as the ground under his left foot crumbles aswell. Crouched the Sergeant manages to lean back and place his weight on his right foot and grabs a hold of a nearby tree to avoid falling into the pit that now reveals itself before him. "Found a trap." he says, in a quiet voice that should be loud enough to carry over to atleast Ramiro.

Ramiro blinks slowly. Traps mean either very smart monkeys or very smart something else. "Mark it, not too obvious." Ramiro says loud enough for Hazzard to barely hear. Looking around him for more sings of traps, he motions for Lex to move up and Meris to stand overwatch. Kneeling, he slides forward slowly in the dirt, taking a better look.

Lex scans around again briefly, and glances back as Hazzard plays peak-a-boo with a pit. At the signal from Ramiro, she nods briefly, then moves up, careful of the ground she moves over.

Meris nods acknowledgement, the barrel of her machine gun rising up a few inches again for safety's sake, while she stands up straight, scanning the area.

Bell slinks up on Ramiro's signal, though she's careful to keep a cautious distance from the pit. Not wanting to topple into it. And she's still trying to watch the perimeter for violent monkeys, cat or another jungle critters.

While the Pit is in attention from the two marines. The path that moves in an easterly direction has more signs of movement, or something had passed that way not too long ago. Big cat foot prints can be seen if one looks close enough.

"Looks natural." Hazzard remains crouched as he looks down into the pit, reaching into his suit he pulls out a plastic stick with green'ish fluid in it. He breaks it, and then shakes it quickly for a second to make the fluid glow before he drops it into the pit.

A splash is heard way below somewhere.

"Any sign of tunnel?" Ramiro asks, watching to the east. Taking out his map, he marks the location and slides his map away. Confident that there's nothing just yet to explore, he takes the advice that it's a natural sinkhole and motions the squad to progress to the east.

Meris doesn't move just yet. She's taking up the rear, as it were, and that means her job is to watch for danger while the point men move out. She keeps eyeballing the eastern area warily.

Bell is off to the side, keeping her eyes peeled for hostile beasties.

Lex stows her rifle over her shoulder and pokes around with the machete, eyes scanning for any telltale signs of traps, explosive or otherwise. You never know. The blonde crouches low, ignores a spattering of monkey blood on the ground, and lets her senses attune to jungle fu.

Nothing jumps out at them. The place has gone eerily quiet. Only the sound of the wind moving the viney ropes back and forth as the sun has set and a shimmery look comes to the jungle world. Swaying vines look like something real from a distance.

Hazzard shakes his head. "No clue Dane." he murmurs and then movse off as the signal is given to proceed eastwards. This time he is very alert to where he puts his feet.

You head towards Ruins.


Ruins (#1718RXF) Red Planet - Surface

59 ACH 23817 Souls

This area finally opens up to a 30 foot circle. Moss covers the white, limestone stones that were once a building. All has been aged and torn down, leaving bits and pieces. A half of a wall is still standing and below the ground coverings of creeping moss, there looks to be a line of stepping stones leading further to the north.


Bell comes in from Pathway.

Ramiro comes in from Pathway.

Lex comes in from Pathway.

Meris comes in from Pathway.

Something large and black lies up on one of the moss-covered stones. A huge cat-yawn as the lazy amber eyes watch those coming into the area. It's tail flicks slowly back and forth.

Meris eyes the cat back. Yeah. Staring match. Take that, puss.

Hazzard comes in from Pathway.

Ramiro eyeballs the remains of the former building from the edge of the clearing, motioning for a stop. Staring for a long moment at the sign of an actual building on a world he's never heard of, he raises his rifle and scans the area. This is unexpected indeed. Looking over the stones to the best of his ability for signs of an entrance or a trap. Squaring his jaw, his rifle's muzzle sways, scanning for other targets.

Bell comes to a stop, also eyeing the cat. Though, unlike Meris, she endeavors not to make eye contact with the large black thing. She looks to Ramiro, and the other Marines around her.

Flick. Flick. Flick. The huge black and red cat doesn't seem to be moving, maybe you disturbed his sleep. One large paw stretches out and he just flops over on his side again.

If Hazzard is suprised to find ruins on this forsaken planet he does not show it. Infact on each planet he has set foot on so far has had building on them. Still with only the pistol in hand he crouches down as the order to halt is given, keeping an eye on his perimeter and side of the 'T' formation.

Evidence of some kind of former occupation. That's… not what Lex expected. Buildings aren't her thing, though, so she keeps an eye on the ground cover, slowing to a halt with the other marines. You never known when those pesky demo skills are going to come in handy.

Night drops like a heavy curtain and the scattered clouds over head pass along as lazily as the cat sleeps. The eerie quiet comes through again. The wind whispering along across the stones sounds like muted voices.

The cat doesn't seem to want to move, and the team is a recon group. Ramiro makes a judgement call. Raising his left arm, he spies a path heading to the north as well. His hand moves in a circle counter-clockwise, signalling to stay inside of the treeline and rotate around to the north. Turning his head to Bell, he pulls out his camera, motioning for her to document the find. Sliding his camera away, he nudges Lex. Pointing to his eyes and then to Bell, he quickly marks his map and starts to circle slowly.

Meris lowers herself to a crouch, noting quietly, "Don't cats usually come out at night?"

Bell nods to Ramiro, slipping her rifle up for the moment. She won't trouble cats unless cats trouble her. She gets to work, equipment out, getting their little discovery doc'd without too much fuss. She tries to concentrate on the work and ignore the eerie, spooky oncoming night.

Hazzard glances over towards Meris and then lets his gaze travel over the area again before it is time to move once more. Considering there is a huge predator in the area, he keeps a finger near the trigger of his silenced pistol.

As if to answer Meris. Only the females. Two more cats move in to sit on either side of the stone the male is lying upon. Their sleek forms look like velvet under the splash of moonlight that lightens the circle area. They are more alert and watch the odd creatures who have arrived.

To Ramiro: 'We knew you were coming.'

Ramiro's eyes watch the two female jungle cats for a moment, blinking slowly. Capturing the image in his mind, he makes a mental note to consult his Chaplain if there's some connection. He then turns, eyeballing the surroundings to provide cover, rounding carefully around the site to the north as Bell documents the site. He suddenly stops, watching one of the female jungle cats as it yawns. Lowering his rifle to not point at it, he simply stares.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Religion and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

Ramiro spends 1 luck points on Add to religion roll on Red Planet..

At the nudge, Lex moves, following the silent directions passed on by the hand signal. She watches her step, and continues moving around to the North. The other marines can watch the trees, she's got her eyes on the more immediate area. She places her feet carefully, and tests the ground for give with slowly placed, constant steps. She keeps moving until ordered otherwise. If everyone looks around, and suddenly Lex is gone, get a rope!

The cats just watch. They don't move to follow as those band of marines take to the north path.

You head towards North Path.


North Path (#1619RXF) Muskeg - Surface

59 ACH 23817 Souls

The stones stop here and give way to an enclosed length of grass. Each side has stepped ramps that lead to ceremonial platforms or small temples, the area itself is in a captial 'I' shape. The 'I' shape 'hallway' leads toward a broken wall and the stepped ramps look to be some seating for those attending.

At the end of the grassy area, a round stone has been placed and a small circular inner area has been carved inside it. It sits against a wall that is crumbling and has mostly fallen over to be covered by more vegetation. As part of the stone wall rises upward, there has been something carved within. But time has seem to worn it down to barely discernible etchings. To the left of the area, there looks to be an open area that has been covered by more vegetation.


Religion or the scientific fact to explain why these buildings are here in the first place, does not bother Hazzard as he continues along with the rest of the squad. "I wonder where the frak the people who built these things went." he murmurs.

Were they followed by the sleek kitties? Who knows. Nothing seems to be moving. The wind blows across the ruins once more. Muted cheers? Voices? What is this place anyway…

Lex is getting both the heebies and the jeebies. She scowls, and continues on her way. The thought of land mines warms her little heart, and chases away the creeps.

Bell's eyes are wide. Extra-alert, extra-jeebied. This place *is* high on the creep factor.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of BeyondTerrible (-1).

<Trait Roll> Meris rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Lex spends 1 luck points on Holy mother of perception, save me from myself..

<Trait Roll> Lex rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

<Trait Roll> Bell rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

As the marines peel around to the north, Ramiro blinks, simply staring at the cats. Keeping his thoughts to himself, he slowly, nearly reluctantly turns to follow on the path to the north. Turning to see the temple, his eyes blink widely beneath the mask of his ghillie suit. Darkness falling quickly, he motions for Bell to document this site as well as he scans for signs of danger. Creeping forward slowly, he stops on one knee at the beginning of one of the ramps and lowers his rifle. "Lords…" He says quietly, looking over the place, pulling out his camera and taking some silent pictures. "That, Sergeant, is something we're not going to be able to find out ourselves." He says, pausing to stare at the round stone in the center. He takes a takes a picture and then stops, shaking his head a little bit, motioning for the rest of them to stay back, quite emphatically. He takes a deep breath, rises, and starts to head towards the center. He's stepping very, very carefully.

Meris squints at the layout, wrinkling her nose. She eyes Ramiro, joking, "Sarge? It kinda looks like a court for that Pyramid game, huh? You think the cats play?"

"The Panthers" Hazzard murmurs as he comes to a pause and looks out over the area with a tilt of his head. "Frak me." he adds after a moment, and then glances over towards Meris. "It's just a saying, Hughes." he murmurs and then moves after Ramiro. "Dane?"

Bell documents as instructed, eyes still very wide. Perhaps starting to wonder what built all this, and other deep questions she's not used to filtering through her Marine-y brain. She stops dead in her track, eyeshifting about.

The whispers from those here are heard too. It seems though most of the place has crumbled down, the acoustics are still very good. Even a few hundred feet away, from one end to the other. Try to figure that one out in a marine-y brain.

It takes Pvt Lex a while to notice anything's amiss witht the Sarge. She's busy doing her thing studying the ground cover and surrounding area. It's only the question from Hazzard that has her glancing back over her shoulder to see what's going on with the others. Her eyes fall to Ramiro briefly.

Motioning behind him in the direction of the recon squad, he motions for them to stay back and cover him. It's an odd gesture for his style, but he seems to be following something that he's seen. Not pulling his flashlight to avoid killing his night vision, he lowers his rifle probably a little more than he should, approaching with caution. "May we approach with strength of spirit, purity of heart, and correctness of action worthy in the eyes of the Lords." He whispers, a traditional religious matter of approach, he heads further in carefully.

Hazzard does as ordered and remains put, crouched down he switches from pistol to rifle as he acts as sentry, trying to wrap his mind around the fact that someone has been playing Pyramid here. Now and then he looks at Ramiro and just shakes his head slowly.

Unfortunately, there is no answer for the SST Sergeant, maybe he's lost his mind. The wind calms down some and the night sky is seen overhead. Not alot can be done in this kind of darkness now.

Ramiro slides his camera away, lowering his rifle to rest and point downwards. Taking a few moments to look around, he gathers his vision of the area from the inside and then turns, heading slowly back towards them. As he walks, he gives an 'all clear' signal, motioning for them to head back to basecamp. "Let's head back, we'll fan out further in the morning. Hazzard you're on Observation setup." He says as he walks.

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