Reece Zimmermann
Reece Zimmermann

Masam Holden
Masam Holden as Reece Zimmermann

Name: Reece Zimmermann
Callsign: n/a
AKA: Zimmer-Spawn, Sprocket
Age: 12
Branch: n/a
Faction: Civilian
Organization: {$organization}
Department: n/a
Position: Military Brat
Rank: n/a
Ship: Carina
Homeworld: Scorpia
Actor: Masam Holden

NPC civilian. The only son of Major Rhea Zimmermann, chief engineer of the Battlestar Genesis, and her late husband, Logistics officer Capt. Ephraim Zimmermann. His father was killed in action aboard the Battlestar Persius shortly after the Cylon attacks.

Reece is a military brat. Born at the Scorpia shipyards, where his mother was serving at the time. He later bounced to Picon, where his father was posted at Fleet Headquarters. He moved yet again about 1 year BCH, back into his mother's care on the PAS, when his dad was assigned to the Persius. He remained there in the days following the attacks, until the station imploded. In the wake of all that he was shuffled off to the Carina. He now lives there in reasonable stability, in a townhouse with a contractor friend of his mother's, Dr. Adele Pike.

Apart from the death and imploding of important things in his life, Reece is a fairly typical 12-year-old. His hobbies include video games, Pyramid and trying to bum cubits off his mother.


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