Colonel Reed Jameson Carter
Ioan Gruffudd
Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Jameson Carter
Name: Reed Jameson Carter
Callsign: Hera Actual
AKA: Alias
Age: 36
Branch: Tactical
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Department
Position: Former Genesis Watch Officer, Former Commander, PAS station, Current Hera Commanding Officer
Rank: Colonel
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Ioan Gruffudd

Biographical Foo


Reed Jameson Carter was born on Caprica to a privileged family, and early on showed he had excellent intelligence, and entered the Colonial Military, joining the Military Sciences. His first assignment was on a team of researchers looking into a condition affecting Marine personnel on an Aerelon base. In the end, it was revealed that the condition was Fluorescent poisoning as a result of the interaction of the building materials of the base with a deposit of unusual minerals running under the base proper. While the higher command was none too pleased with having to do major reconstruction of the base, Reed did distinguish himself in finding the cause of the poisoning.

Later in his career he came to the attention of the people overseeing the Terraforming project and joined the team as one of the scientists. After some molding by the previous leadership in preperation for his retirement, Reed was promoted to Captain and given command of the PAS station some seven months previous. Shortly before the Cylon Holocost, he was promoted to Major. About a month after the holocost, the PAS was destroyed in a Transverse Hyperlight Implosion triggered by Reed to buy the fleet enough time to escape a crippling Cylon ambush that had crippled the station beyond tactical salvage. He was seriously wounded in the resulting evacuation from the PAS station and spent three days in a coma, following Gastro intestinal surgery from Cylon gunshot wounds. In this action, he was awarded the Silver cluster medal for heroism.

Reed was recently tasked with the refit of the Hera, an Argo class Viper training craft that was owned by John Fulton and converted into a personal Yacht before being handed over to the Colonial Military. Refits are slow going due to the low priority of the work, as the Hera is fully operational unlike many other ships in the fleet. After his actions in retrieving a critical piece of Colonial technology, and actions in attempting to rescue the Destiny, he was promoted to Colonel.


  • Planetary Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Leadership

Distinguishing Features

  • Large abdominal scar from surgery.


  • Revealed to have had a serious relationship in the past, terminating with her death. Details unknown to most.

Preferred drink

  • Non alcoholic Gramble juice and club soda over Ice.

Family & Childhood

  • Known to have a family on Caprica. Last visit described as a vitrolic nightmare. He left the visit early and presumably hasn't been back since he took leave before settling into his current asignment.
  • Reed has admitted having one brother and one sister, both younger, and to being the only sibling in the Military.


  • Extensive college education in several scientific disciplines


  • Silver Cluster medal for heroism on the battlefield.

On the Grid



"I went from Research Scientist to Foreman overseeing the final construction of this station. This is a promotion. Really."


  • Reed has confirmed the beginnings of a relationship with Major Rhea Zimmermann.


I'm awake, I'm awake.
Dorky Leave pic snapped on Virgon
This outfit was destroyed along with the rest of the PAS. Some think that's a good thing.
Framed poster in Reeds Quarters. Destroyed
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