Reeves' Rifle Test
Reeves' Rifle Test
Summary: Reeves tests his riflery and D'Artanion's resolve
Date: 15 BCH
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D'Artanion looks up as Reeves enters. She is sorta on duty so rises to give the man a salute, "Sir." When Rooster turns to head off, she waves after him, "Later, Gunny." She refocuses her attention on Reeves and nods toward the range, "Are you here to certify, sir? Or is this more for fun? If… you don't mind the question, of course."

Watching the marines finish up their qualifying shooting, Reeves runs a hand through his hair as he studies the weapon rack with rifles for the qualifications. "Call me Reeves, or Orlando..Its not like there are any superior officers about…" He says with a soft chuckle as he looks over towards D'Artanion for a moment and then back towards the weapons. "Soo Sergeant, you know if any Pilots have qualified yet?" he murmurs as he looks over towards D'Artanion. "Your a Marine..Could you report my scores to Captain Gaelan?"

D'Artanion's smile eases and she nods, "Thank you. I am Amalina D'Artanion. I'll answer to a variety of things so long's they aren't obscene." Her glance flashes to the rifles and she shrugs, "Dunno, to be honest. I've been up'n sickbay all week." Stepping out of the way, she motions you to the weapons locker, "Sure, I'd be glad to. Pick your poison… I'll set up the target for you."

Reeves picks up one of the standard issue rifles and looks it over. "Shit, I have not fired one of these since basic training…Rarely have much use for it in a Raptor ya know." He moves over towards one of the stands, puts the rifle down. Checks over the gear, shooting glasses, ear plugs and then finaly loads the rifle but keeps it on the stand, til the Sergeant is behind him once again. "I guess I owe you an apology by the way."

Lifting a new target from the box, D'Artanion moves to mount the target, then leans over to wheel it into place. Locking the mechanism so it won't slip, she turns to survey you briefly. She is looking for safety equipment and when she is satusfied that you are taking proper precautions, she steps back out of your way. Reclaiming a chair, she gets ready to watch you shoot, "Oh? What for?" Although her tone remains light, a cautious curiosity underscores her glance.

"Lying.." Reeves mutters as he puts on his glasses and then picks up the rifle in his hands. He brings the rifle up to his shoulder and takes aim. "Soo five shots huh?" he asks before he squezes the trigger.

<Trait Roll> Reeves rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
<Trait Roll> Reeves rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
<Trait Roll> Reeves rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
<Trait Roll> Reeves rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Reeves rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

You say, "Lying?" She pauses to watch the shot, one brow lifting slightly. Your comment has clearly taken her by surprise, "Can't recall any time you've lied to me, Reeves." Now, her tone is mild, though the curiosity mounts, "Yeah, five shots, please."

Another shot is fired, once the boom quiets down Reeves chuckles softly. "When I said I only wanted the massage…Sickbay." he mutters over his shoulder, before he stedies his arm once again. "Frakk, it has been to long…"

D'Artanion nods, her gaze flickering from the rifle's barrel to the target, though she knows that the bullet will have already made it's mark before her eyes can arrive. "Ah… that." She moistens her lips with the tip of her tongue, then shrugs and crosses her arms, legs outstretched and ankles crossed, "Take your time, there. No cause to rush." She relaxes a bit, slow amusement sparkling in her gaze, "So, are you apologizing for the lie, for the comment, or for the intent?"

"I'd lie again if I said that I have no intentions..Frakk, you are a stunner Sarge.." Reeves mutters, moments later he squeezes off the third round. He lowers the rifle just a little to study the target. "I'm apologizing for the lie and the comment..I can't apologize for being a man." He brings the rifle back up to take aim once again.

A blush slowly rises to color D'Artanion's cheeks and she lowers her gaze a bit. For a while only the sound of the rifle's going off break the silence. Then, softly, "Thanks, Lieutenant." Her tone is soft and almost gentle, "I'm not rightly sure how to answer that, to be honest. I'm not looking for entanglements just at the moment… I could say it's because I'm new to th' ship and that'd be partly true. The rest?" She inhales a bit, then releases it, "Truth is, I burried my husband and daughter about two and a half weeks ago. Can't… think about men as men for a bit, yet." Lifting her hands, she runs them slowly over her cheeks, the gesture possibly lost as she is sitting behind you.

Another shot is fired.

"Sorry to hear that…" Reeves says over his shoulder, as he steadies his aim just a little, seemingly satisfied with the latest hit on the target. The seems to have a deep breath before each shot, keeping his breath just the moments before and after he fires the gun.

D'Artanion nods, "S'okay. Thanks for sayin'." She watches the shot, then, her gaze remaining as steady as possible. "Nice shot." Where to go from here? Slowly, her eyes drift back to you and she remains quiet awhile while you ready the final go. "I'd be pleased to meet you for coffee sometime, though. If… You do that sort of thing…" Faint amusement returns and the smile grows once more, "Y'know… Coffee and talk without referencin' body parts or pressure."

Reeves lets out a soft laugh, just as he squeezes the trigger for the last time. He hits the target but it is not overly good. "Frakk." Having shot his five rounds he puts the rifle down, unloads it and secures it before he turns to look at D'Artanion and curls his lips into a soft smile. "Amalina, as a matter of fact, I do drink coffee…And have I refered to your body part or pressure a single time today…besides the pressure your putting on me that is."

D'Artanion winces at the final shot, "Frak. Sorry about that." As you move closer, she looks up at you, the amusement returning and the look absolutely unrepentant, "Got me, Orlando. Have you?" She rises then and moves around you to wheel in the target. Taking it to where Rooster was, she fills out a form and signs it, then tucks it away. "I'll see to it that Captain Gaelan gets this." Bending, she files the target away and when she rises, her gaze flickers to you, "So… Coffee then…?"

Reeves keeps the mischevious smile upon his lips as he follows D'Artanion as she moves over to pick up the target and then come back with it. "I assume a public place, like the Taproom…Perhaps some pie to go with the coffee?" he arches an eyebrow and sticks his hands into the pockets of his flightsuit. "But, I must stress this…Wrongway has us on a bat crazy schedule as of late..This whole Pandora Incident..Soo if we set a time and I dont show…I need you to give me a raincheck."

D'Artanion nods, "Yeah, that'd be a good idea. Thanks." Her glance flashes to the door and she nods, "Yeah, s'okay. The Gunny's been drilling the Marines like mad an' I've been in sickbay. Things're settling up there, so I might have a hair and a half more time then you all." A shrug and she looks back, her smile returning, "Fair enough. Though if you don't show, you're buyin' the next time. Deal?" Her eyes sparkle a bit and she tilts her head, "An' if I find out you'n Troy've got some fracked off bet about me? I'll see to it that neither've you can leave the head for at least half a day…"

"I am alot of things Amelina…But I do not bet on women, it is a loosing bet." Reeves murmurs as he takes a step closer towards the Sergeant, as she stands there. He sucks on his upper lip for a brief moment and then smiles once again. "But, if I heard you are -offering- me coffee the first time then?" If possible, his eyes seems to darken just a little bit more, as he stands there.

D'Artanion nods, her tone easing toward laughter, "Fair enough. Just sayin'." She watches you take that step and one brow lifts, "Nah… Sorry. The first time's scorpis (dutch)." Noting the shift in your eyes, she clinks twice and frak if the blush doesn't return just as strongly. Stupid Picon coloring. After a moment, she clears her throat and glances to the door over your shoulder, then back, "I…'d best get back to sickbay. And turn your scores in. Scuse me, Orlando."

Reeves adds some moisture to his lips, by letting the tip of his tongue part his otherly wise closed mouth. "If that is what you wish to do Amalina, I wont hold you.." he slowly brings one of his hands up, to brush a strand of hair away from her face. That is unless she moves away or shy's away from the index finger.

If she notices the touch of your tongue to your lips, she does not let on. A corner of her lips twitches into a smile and she sidesteps the touch deftly, "Please don't." Her tone is bordering between patient irritation and pain, "Coffee? Fine. Conversation? Awesome. But, let's leave it there for now." A blink and she moves to slip past you, "Excuse me, please."

Reeves takes a step to the side, to give the space needed as he nods his head slowly. "Don't wear yourself out, in the sickbay Amelina..I'm looking forward to that cup of coffe and meaningful talk." he says with that soft smile on his lips. "Soo..I guess a Take care Sergeant, is in order."

It seems quiet banter is much more her speed right now. Slipping by you, she turns a quick smile over her shoulder, "Thanks. I'll be a'right." More quietly, she nods, "Me too. Catch you later, Lieutenant. Don't wanna see you in sickbay though. Least, not as a patient." She tosses you a wink, then scoots out of the door.

Reeves lets out a soft chuckle and nods his head, before the Sergeant heads out the shooting range.

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