Summary: Reed and Reighner meet after the PAS Jump
Date: 2 BCH
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Viewing Deck Support Station PAS - Deck 4
2 BCH 2235 Souls

As the rings on the station rotate slowly, it is never really felt, but the viewport allows a wonderful viewing of space. Here, the four, large panels give a showing that is worth just sitting and watching the stars float by. Seating is more of a lounge, than a theater type. All couches are bolted down, but extremely comfortable for sitting and relaxing. There is even a mini-refreshment bar along the back wall, which is self-serve.

Contents: Reed Reighner Wireless 944
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Reighner stands in front of a viewport, peering out into open space, drinking a cup of coffee. The other hand is stuffed in his pants pocket.

Reed enters the viewing deck, looking about briefly and approaches Reighner, stepping to the viewport, to look out at the stars, folding his hands behind him, silent for the moment.

"Congratulations," Reighner mumbles, glancing sidelong at Reed. He sips his drink slowly. "Quite the accomplishment."

Reed smiles a little, "Thank you. I received authorization to inform you on StarSeed, but not the Engineering Testbeds the station was designed to work out for the project."

Reighner nods slowly, aware of the impact of the advancement. "Are they going to use this station to do the colonizing, if we ever get to there?"

Reed chuckles, "Oh no. The ships actually being used for colonization are still in classified computer simulations. Though I'm sure our advancements will give them better data to continue the designs." He looks at one of the viewport struts, placing a hand on it, thoughtfully.

"Ah," Reighner acknowledges. He lapses into a silence, taking another sip.

Reed turns slightly, looking at Reighner, then back to the viewport, lifting his hand from the strut and looking out into the stars, still contemplative.

Reighner glances sidelong at Reed. He takes a deep breath, exhaling audibly. "How have you been doing, major?" he asks, with a touch of tempered seriousness.

Reed considers, glancing to Reighner, then looking back to the viewport. "It's very strange. It's been the better part of a year I've been working in secret on a revolutionary jump technology, knowing that it was going to come down to what happened yesterday." He looks to Reighner, "The entire reception was a ruse, of course, everyone was invited or ordered off the station for the virgin jump, to risk as few people as possible."

"Of course," Reighner replies. He glances down at his coffee. "I remember when I got my MD. Worked seven years for it. I remember feeling like I had lost some part of myself on that day."

Reed looks at Reighner, "Really." He lifts a hand to his temple, touching the bandage, "Well, it wasn't perfect, but it worked. And now..I feel different. I feel like I've really gained something. It's a visceral feeling that I understand what it is, but only now do I really have a grasp of what it feels like."

Reighner makes an understanding noise. "Life accomplishment."

Reed shakes his head, "No." He smiles, "I'm the Commanding Officer of a vessel. Yesterday, for the first time, she and I went through an emergency, a trial, and we came through it successfully. The Navy is all about the connection between a vessel and her commander." He shakes his head, "I never felt that in the eight months since I took command of the PAS, putting her together, having the work done, overseeing it, bolt by bolt." He turns, looking at the viewing deck, "I do now."

"The fire?" Reighner asks.

Reed looks to Reighner, "Hmm? Oh the fire, the fire was minor. Weapons wiring burned up and a console exploded. Easily fixed, and mended so it never happens again, no. If that Jump drive failed, and there was a chance of that happening, this station would have been irreparably damaged and they would have found my body, charred and halfway phased into the deck platings.

Reighner nods slowly, without words to add to the observation. "Want a drink?"

Reed smirks, shaking his head, "No thank you. I spent last night after the jump putting out fires, getting my burned head looked at and then getting drunk for the first time in months. I've recovered, hydrated, tended to the hangover and now I want to just keep myself on this even keel, going without alcohol so long then going back to it for one night really threw me off." He takes a breath, "Never thought you could feel a vitamin shift in your system, but there it is. Anyway, how are you, what about Meyer?"

"I'm okay," Reighner replies. "Tired, as usual." A pause. "I haven't heard anything about Meyer since Jesse took her off my service. Our lab's developing a screen to check for other infected, but even without that nobody else seems to fit the constellation of symptoms."

Reed nods, "Doesn't sound like a massively prolific bug then." He nods, "Have to head down there and poke the CMO till he gives up some information." He then looks at Reighner. "Why don't you take some rest? You're not on a timetable for anything but Meyer. All your work so far has been on you. The only job you're really tasked for is prepping the labs for the crews arriving. Or is that your timetable? Millions upon millions of cubits of lab facilities with no waiting, you want to cure cancer on your own with the resources of the PAS labs yours all yours, "He pronounces the next as if he were reading from a paper, "Muahahahaha."

Reighner laughs. "I always have two or three side projects, it's true. Collaborations." He runs a finger along his eyebrow. "Which is another reason the blackout is bad. How is the investigation?"

Reed considers the question, "Not fun. I think the most I can say about it is it's disturbing and I last got an update about it a few days ago. It's a mess and I'm glad that I'm not in it past sitting here on my station offering support where it might be asked for." He thinks, "I can say that I firmly do believe in the blackout protocol. It's not frivolous, and believe me, I'm interested in seeing it released. I have a very important set of data and reports to file with our handler office for this project."

Reighner sips contemplatively. "You think it's necessary to shut down the scientific and command channels?"

Reed nods, "Yes, for no other reason than those channels are made to be versitile, and powerful. They could be coopted. We're locked in tight and it's a valid security procedure. Inconvienent, yes, but valid."

Reighner sighs. "Very well," he mumbles. He swirls his drink around. "Are you coming on or going off?"

Reed shrugs, "Going off really. Just taking a last check around before logging off duty in.." He looks at his timepiece, "Fourty five minutes ago."

Reighner smirks. He asks, from out of nowhere, "Are you married?"

Reed reaches up to his collar, opening his duty flap, to show himself mildly off duty, "Nope. Planning on trying to set me up?"

"I don't know anybody who would settle for you," Reighner answers with a lopsided grin. "No, I was just gauging how understanding your theoretical wife must be. For you and me, it seems that we're doomed to long hours."

Reed looks at Reighner slightly affronted, kinda. "Hey, I'm a great guy, just ask me. Eh, anyway, leave is more fun without a wife along spoiling your pickup lines."

Reighner smiles. He drinks his remaining drops. "Come on, I'll walk you out."

Reed chuckles, nodding, "Okay." He starts walking, "So, I'm sure you're looking forward to getting back on the air as it were."

Reighner nods, pressing his lips together as they travel toward the door. He absently taps the palm of his hand against the mug. "Seems these days you can't get anything done without a wireless link to the colonial network. Plus, I can't get my Pyramid scores."

Reed chuckles, "Yes, and you know, I heard that Dr. Gaius Baltar is going to be interviewed by Colonial News Network, speaking out about lifting the AI research ban."

"Baltar, hmm?" Reighner asks, sounding not very familiar with the name. "Well, it's about time. Such a backwards ban. Research and science merely open doors, and it requires our conscious decision to go through them."

Reed nods, "I think they're going to see about putting it to a Quorum vote, part of the whole fortieth anniversary of the Armistice."

Reighner nods agreeably. He stops at the fork past the entrance. He tilts his head down one side. "I'm going this way."

Reed nods the other way, "I'm going to retire. I'll see you tomorrow, Doctor."

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